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Light/Lines Newsletter

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories. They have been edited to remove such sentences as, “We shall now transfer this contact to another instrument.” In lieu of this, we have indicated when the contact moves from one channel to another by the insertion of asterisks. (***)


(Hatonn, March 8, 1981)

Our stories and our speeches are always and ever those attempting to give you an understanding that is very simple: an understanding of Love. And once again we shall tell you, shall we say, a parable in order that you may turn in your mind another facet of the understanding of Love and its workings in your life as you live it at this time.

Imagine yourself, my friends, as a young man at the dawn of years contemplating with some despair the difficulties and limitations of responsibility and adulthood. Imagine then a guide, a guardian coming to this young man and saying, “Come with me and I shall show you the alternative to your difficulties and your limitations.” And the young man awakes in an enchanted forest. He is cold and wishes himself better clothed, for it is somewhat chilly, and immediately he is garbed in a warm and comfortable garment. He looks about and wonders if there might be water and suddenly a brook gurgles verily at his feet. Recklessly he thinks to himself: “Well, I’ll just think myself a house.” And it is there, a comfortable, furnished cabin. Outside he finds beehives gardens, all things as he would wish them to be. And it is many days before this young man begins to realize that he is not happy in this tremendous freedom from limitation and from responsibility.

It is not many more days than that before he recalls his guardian. “Great Being,” he says, “you have shown me what it is to be free of responsibility and limitation and I now understand. I wish to go back.” And back he is in a world with responsibilities, sometimes of a crushing nature, of limitations of all kinds, and of other people.

My friends, cherish each other and understand that in each entity you view the Creator. In each entity, beginning with yourself and spreading outward through all of your life you meet Love, beings born and made of Love. It is a responsibility to live in such a world, but, my friends, it is an honor to be able to share woe and weal alike with your fellow beings in a common understanding that you are one with the Creator, a Creator of infinite Love.

How can you keep this in mind as your back bends under responsibilities you may not wish to bear, limitations and situations you might wish to be different? As always, my friends, we offer you the suggestion that time spent in meditation is time spent out of time and in the kingdom of heaven. These moments are with you through the days as you need them. You may call upon them if you but will.


(Hatonn, June 6, 1982)

My friends, there was once a great kingdom beneath the sea. Beneath the green waters and the sand lay golden doors. And some beings there were who, under enchantment, could enter that majestic world. In this world, my friends, there was no aging. There was no work. There was no ugliness or lack of any kind. All were beautiful. Each meal was a banquet, the only drawback being that the entities of this enchanted land could eat nothing.


All was laid for the people. But that which one could taste, select from, was denied. People found that though all was theirs, save this one thing, they could not find contentment or peace for they could not have this one pleasure. Those who had lived within the kingdom for some time tried to ignore this thing. They went about their lives with one part missing. But for some, that which they did not know became ever heavier on their minds.


The people reacted to their difficulty in many ways. Some chose to respond in anger, choosing at first to blame one another for their deprivation. Others chose to feel within themselves antagonism toward the deprivation itself and sought to destroy all that was associated with the untouchable, the unattainable. Others elected to attempt to forget that which they seemed unable to control. It became an accepted practice, as time passed among these people, to ignore that which lay before their eyes, to pretend that it never had existed, and to belittle any reference on the subject as mythical, as childish fairy tale, as something absurdly illogical. “For if it were true,” they said, “would we not all see it?”


Years passed. Generations grew to maturity, died, and left to their children many stories of the mythical prohibition. Entities soon came to feel a great confusion concerning this almost forgotten tale of the great banquet set before their ancestors which could not be eaten. And then there arose from time to time among these people a few entities who spoke of having some knowledge of this food. Their speakings were largely ignored. Some, however, felt a type of kinship for what was spoken, perhaps because they had retained childish ways, said many. Yet, did some knowledge continue to grow, and word spread on occasion that there was indeed such a banquet, and indeed were means known to some for partaking in its plenty.


After much persuasion, one of these who knew of the means of partaking of the banquet was able to bring others to the appointed place where such a banquet was said to have been many, many years past. To the great surprise of all present, magically, a banquet appeared. One reached eagerly for the delicious food, but as he touched it, it vanished. One who said he knew the means for taking of this reached out and picked a piece of fruit from the table, held it in his hand and gave it to the one that so eagerly reached for the vanished fruit. Amazed, he ate it.


This entity, tasting the delicious fruit, took the example of the first and offered food to another, and that third offered it to a fourth, and so on, until each at the table, in feeding an other instead of himself, was satisfied. For no food had ever been so delicious, so luscious, and so delectable.

My friends, those who seek dive in deep waters, and very quickly a golden door is opened unto them. All about the seeker who is in meditation there is glamour, there is nothing but beauty. In meditation, the seeker can look, can explore, can walk the universe, and every activity is wonderful. But, my friends, as the seeker does this, he has not yet found the fruits of his seeking.


Each who finds himself beginning to reach the table soon finds that as an entity, he is not alone. As each gets closer, he finds that to truly reach forward, he needs to share that which has been found. Each does so in his own manner. Each who has received will find the giving is indeed more fulfilling.


My friends, each of you by now is aware of the fact that your own craving for spiritual sustenance cannot be satisfied by yourself alone. Each of you has chosen a path upon which your own sustenance is derived from the sustaining of others, that your own growth occurs as a result of the efforts of others.

Consider for a moment, my friends, that structure which you call a pyramid. It is composed of a number of massive, powerful, unyielding blocks of stone, each of which to the observer is quite impressive, but each of which, my friends, is but form without function when standing alone. For it is only when each stands upon the shoulders of his otherselves that the form is produced through which each purpose may be accomplished, through which each service may be performed.

My friends, be aware that your sustenance comes to you as a result of your efforts to assist and sustain your brothers and sisters as they grow and change. Each of you must perform his or her tasks without the expectation of receiving the fruits thereof, for the fruits of service belong to another and the fruits of their service will belong to you.


Your journey as seekers is indeed one which must be pursued in solitude within the deepest portions of your being, and as you travel this path you shall find that there is a greater responsibility which shall be necessary for you to assume in the sharing of the fruits which you find on that inward journey. The seeker cannot be aided in such a manner that work is done for it. Yet, as it travels this path and removes the distortions which separate if from understanding, there must needs be a sharing of this growing fruitfulness, else the path shall not be able to be continued. For this path, though traveled in solitude, is one which unites the seeker with all, and the reflection and manifestation of this unity then requires the seeker to go out into that world which is hungry and naked, sick and poor, to point out the direction to sustenance, clothing for the soul, and the support of Creator to Creator.


The meditative journey, my friends, is so entrancing that it is like some siren beckoning sailors from their course. It can be pursued endlessly, and all experiences are good. Never forget, my friends, the one thing that is missing in that kingdom beneath the waters of your illusion in the enchanted land where the illusion gives way to the first view of reality. That one thing, my friends, is the creation. To reach for it is to lose it. If you reach in solitude to offer it to another, you manifest it, and in the world of manifestation does the enchantment become the food and drink of the spirit.


(Hatonn, March 8, 1981)

We of Hatonn are simple messengers with a very simple message, a message which you know as a message of Love, the experience of Love, the recognition of Love, the living of Love, the giving of Love. For, my friends, Love is that force which binds all that is into the one great being that we serve and call the Infinite Creator. We speak of Love for there is nothing else of which we can speak. The Love that is the source of your very being surrounds you each moment of every day that you experience upon this planet you call Earth.

The Infinite Creator has set in motion the force of Love to carry each of His creations on a journey, a journey of awakening, a journey of realizing the oneness of self with all that is, with Love, with the Creator. This journey has many routes available. Each of you in your own free will may choose how to make this journey. Each of you in your daily activities, as you go about that which is your work, meets those who are, like you, pilgrims upon this path of awakening. Each of you in your daily lives has infinite opportunities to realize that you share Love with each other in each moment.

It is for this reason that we suggest again and again that you pause for a moment in each day to sit with yourself in the silence of meditation so that the realization of your oneness with all might be made more profoundly clear in your life, for amid the hustle and the bustle of activity contained within each of your days in such great profusion it is easy to lose the sight and the feeling and the realization of your oneness with all. It is easy to forget that the force which propels you through all your activities is simply the force of Love. It is easy to overlook the most obvious of realities and, sadly to say my friends, so often is Love overlooked. So often is the Creator forgotten. Though you meet the Creator in every activity in every face in every day, it is so easy to forget whom you meet.

For this reason we suggest that meditation might be the means by which you make this connection with the foundation of your being on a daily basis. This meditation can become likened unto a fire, a light which burns within your being and illuminates your being, burning brighter until those around you notice a change in your very being and are inspired by the light that shines from your being, from your words, from your thoughts, and from your actions. In this way the Light and the Love of the Infinite Creator may find means of manifestation in your third dimensional reality, a reality that contains the Creator in every degree, but a reality which, as all illusions, hides that which is its foundation.

We of Hatonn are privileged to be able to speak these simple words to your group and thank you for the opportunity that you offer for our service to you to your fellow creatures. Open yourselves in meditation whenever possible. We extend our love and our light to those to whom these words, poor as they may be, shall be sent. We are only messengers, as we have said, of the great news. You may feel the Love. It does not come from us, but through us. May it also come through you and bless the lives of all those whose lives you touch.

I leave you now in the Love and the Light of the Infinite Creator, in the beauty of His great caring, in the joy of His creation. I am Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai. Vasu.


Book IV of THE LAW OF ONE, already 23 sessions long, may be ready sometime after the first of the year. Its length may equal Books II and III as it covers the archetypical mind and the path of the adept in great detail. Our thanks to those who have made donations to reserve their copies. Also, many thanks to those who have helped us transcribe our backlog of Sunday night meditations. All of the material in this newsletter was typed by such volunteers. Our backlog is smaller now, but we would still be most grateful for any additional help. As John Paul Typist said, “We have not yet begun to transcribe!”

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