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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories. They have been edited to remove such sentences as, “We shall now transfer this contact to another instrument.” In lieu of this, we have indicated when the contact moves from one channel to another by the insertion of asterisks. (***)


(Hatonn, December 13, 1981)

I am Hatonn and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our Infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be asked to share your meditation and we send each of you a blessing and our love, for what else could we do as there is nothing but blessing in each moment; nothing but love in every iota of the one creation.

Your streets are crowded. We feel within you the tensions and the expectations of this season which you call Christmas. We sink into gray evenings, the crowded parking lots, crowded schedules, many concerns. We find that you are not alone, but that your people, as a whole, seem to have a great overdose, shall we say, of civilization. To the simple joys of a season in which the trees are bare and the roots rest deep, so much has been added that it almost seems that it is a gaudier season than the bright colors of June. My friends, are the thoughts with which you fill your minds as beautiful as flowers, as sweet smelling as the evergreen trees which you use to help celebrate this season?

We realize that it is easy to lose yourself in the crowded maze of your civilization, and we ask you to remember that this is a season also when the trees are bare, when all has gone to seed and lies quiet in the ground, when the surface of things does not really matter. In the world of the Creator this is the season for true birth, for true nurture and for that great focused silence which brings new growth.

You will remember also that in your holy work which you call the Bible, details of the life of the one known to you as Jesus are full of times spent alone. Perhaps you cannot find a wilderness in these crowded days, but we would ask that you consider the possible virtue of finding that silence within yourself in which you cease to follow the road of everyday life and find yourself upon the trackless desert where nothing is previously set or known. Allow yourself to listen within yourself. There is a source of love which can only speak to one who asks. The content of that speaking cannot be predicted, but there are qualities that can certainly be shared: clarity and sweetness.

As you go into meditation seek for that love which is within. Do not expect the road to be already drawn for you, for the wilderness is trackless, and yet, my friends, from each meditation the way before you becomes less crowded, the road more wide, and the possibilities for love more evident.


(Latwii, January 31, 1982)

To maximize the learning in any situation, whether it be of the mind, the body, the spirit, or the emotions that are the distortions of the mind and the expressions of the feelings, the entity seeking the learning available may look to the moment with an openness and what you might call a vulnerability which does not seek any reward other than the opportunity of being of service and of learning what love the moment can teach. The difficulties for many upon your planet come when they attempt to get something in return for that which is given. This particular attitude does, then, hinder and inhibit the free exchange of energies between the entities involved in the learning situation. This attitude of seeking reward for that which is given does, then, color the situation so that love which is available in the moment to each becomes reduced and hidden, for each holds on to that which it could give the other until some sign is given that it will receive, in a balanced fashion, equivalent reward or exchange for that which it gives.

To make a long story short, seek ye to give freely; seek ye to learn love; and that which ye seek shall be drawn unto you.


(Maitreya, October 17, 1982)

We find the call this day to be for us to speak directly to one point. That is that no matter what you must do to follow the light and love which you seek, the thing left undone shall be greater. Shall you change your mind in one opinion in order to be a better group? Shall you love deeply and serve well? Shall you covet nothing, give all, preserve justice and peace? Very well then, my friends, you have only begun. Not for one moment, then, allow the feeling of a plateau to comfort you. If you seek, do not seek comfort. For seeking is uncomfortable. Joyful it may be. Loving it may be. But comforting? Never. Not if you keep working.

We answer a call, a calling which has come to us, and our answer is: take up your tutelage. Take the next step and do not seek comfort. Because you are spiritual, seek only to seek. You must know, and we shall repeat it to you, that in your own way you shall be transformed by this seeking of yours. Be thankful for the support of each other and carry on. For as you love, so shall you be given the next lesson, and the next, and the next. And as you seek more and more, so shall more and more of the creation move with you, seek with you, blend with you, feel with you and be transformed with you.

The teacher known as Jesus said, “You shall all take up your crosses if you wish to follow me.” Remove all that which is surrounding those words, which may be misinformation, and gaze upon the cross of transformation. May glory come to each of you as you seek, and as you seek, and as you seek, ever again, ever new.

You have asked yourselves, do you wish to be perfect? Do you wish to be so serious? Consider well, my friends, the potential of each perfect being, and find within yourselves tears and reconciliation upon that most inner plane where you set your face toward the rising sun and never again glance away. Fear you then the failure, the glancing away, the dropping of the cross, the mishap? Do not fear. Someone stands beside your road ready to burden you with your own evolution. That someone, whatever its manifestation, is you.


(Latwii, July 27, 1980)

It is said that we must know who we are in reality in order to become one with all that is, with each of our fellow creatures in the universe. We say to you that your identity is of utmost importance to you at this time, your true identity that resides in every cell of your being and every part of the universe. This identity is one which you have carried with you throughout aeons of what you call time and it is an identity that you shall continue to carry with you and that you shall continue to realize more and more fully as you evolve in your conscious awareness. It is an identity that is ever-expanding love. It is, at its core, love, which manifests in as many ways as can be imagined.

Each of you, as you perceive the world around you, as you perceive the means of the interaction that you share with your brothers and sisters, each of you has within your being that central source of love. Each of you perceives this in your own way. We would ask that you search more and more diligently and finely for that identity of love within yourself. We would ask you to look carefully and intently as to how that central source of love resides within your being-and more-how that central source of love is manifested in your daily interaction with your brothers and sisters, with all creatures, and all creations of your reality, for we say to you that this central source of love which is within your being is also within the being of each of your brothers and sisters and is within the being of each particle of creation upon your plane.

When you fully realize this simple fact, that all about you is the creation of the Father, when you have the understanding and the realization to carry forth that manifestation of that love on a conscious level in each of your interactions with all whom you meet in your daily life. It is this carrying into action of the realization of love at the core of your life, at the core of your identity, that is the key to your growth individually and as a people in your reality.

Each of you now seeks in your own way to know more fully that identity that is yours and how you uniquely manifest that which is love. Seek to know more and more fully that central source of your self which is love. Seek and ye shall find. Ye shall find that it is an ever-expanding joy, an ever-expanding mystery.


(Hatonn, January 4, 1976)

Is it not so that both illusion and reality, to the extent of our understanding, are made up of cycles, so that what you call the cycle of your world is rooted in meaning, the cycle of numbers echoed in the natural cycle of the creation of the Father. The ingredients of this cycle are what you call love and light. At what is known as the New Year, the future is just coming to be and the past is dead. At this time, as you would call it, you are able, even within the illusion, to see that this is so. You see, it does not matter how deep into the illusion you may go. The pathway always follows directly back to the Creator. Even though the days and the dates and what you call holidays are truly a creation of man, yet they lead directly back to the creation of the Father, to the very essence of life and death that makes up the cycle of this progression.

The infinite creation is wrought of these cycles. Treasure, therefore, the lesson of this New Year. And know that, eternally and for each moment, your past shall be dead and your future shall lie aborning before you. There is, eternally, both the night that has passed and the day that is to come, the sunset and the sunrise.

What does this mean to you? How can this understanding lead to a richer experience

for you within this illusion? The secret within the illusion is reality. The entire challenge of your life, as you know it, is to comprehend the reality around which the illusion is wrapped. As you act out your part within the illusion, you are acting out a path which leads directly to the truth. If you understand your pathway, you have arrived at an instantaneous understanding. This is not separate from your lie but at the very core. We ask that you meditate so that you may remain in contact with the reality that lies at the center of this illusion which you call physical life.

It is so easy not to pay attention. It does not seem that the cycle will end and that death as you know it will succeed life as you know it. It does not seem that you will be called to account, not for the illusion but for that mysterious center of reality that you have been nurturing all of your physical life. Yet this is so. There will come a day when the old year of your physical life will expire and the New Year of your life within spirit will succeed it. Upon that day, the past shall be dead, and the future will be aborning.

It does not happen, in all cases, when it is expected. At each moment, allow your energy to penetrate to the center of your world so that you live not only the drama of illusion but the reality at the center. And what is this reality? Love, love within all, and all within love. “The least of these, my brethren, is the same as I,” said the master known to you as Jesus. Reality for you, my friends, lies within each meeting. Even the least of those has been born in love and if you can realize this love within him, you have given him the reality within his center. Such service as this is what links you to your center, is what keeps you within reality. The consciousness of love will continue forever. Your consciousness of love will be your spiritual personality for eternity. Within this consciousness, the cycles of life and death are merely periods which seem as meaningless as the ticking noise of a clock seems in a year.

Within the consciousness of the physical illusion, life and death are weighty and serious matters, and shocking even to discuss. Within the consciousness of love, all is one and there is nothing to fear and no one to resist. All that you see is love.


(Hatonn, March 22, 1981)

We speak with the hope that the simple words which we share might kindle within the nucleus of entities who seek love the radiance of the One Infinite Creator, with the hope that they might take this kindled flame with them to their homes, to their work, to their family, to their friends, to strangers whom they meet on the street each day. There are those upon your planet who seek this love and do not know that they seek it, yet they shall recognize it when they come in contact with those who have been touched by love, and they will be nourished by this contact.


(Latwii, December 13, 1981)

We hope that each entity will take those words which have meaning with it and will leave those words which have no meaning behind. We of Latwii are humble messengers of Iight and bring our love to share with you when we are called. It is a great honor to be called. We come as brothers and sisters. We come as messengers of the One Creator. We come as Creator to Creator, for are we not all one? We leave you now in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. I am Latwii. Adonai.


Thanks so much to all those who are helping us transcribe our backlog of Sunday night meditations which provide the material for these newsletters. Book Four of THE LAW OF ONE is progressing slowly but surely and continues to fascinate us, but numerous delays and the constantly expanding nature of the material make it impossible for us to know when it will be available. It will be printed and everyone who has made a donation for Book Four will receive a copy. Our best wishes to each of you for the New Year.

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