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Light/Lines Newsletter

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories. They have been edited to remove such sentences as, “We shall now transfer this contact to another instrument.” In lieu of this, we have indicated when the contact moves from one channel to another by the insertion of asterisks. (***)


(Hatonn, May 23, 1982)

We are aware, my friends, that you seek not only to know the truth of the one original thought, but also to establish a company of people with whom you may make this pilgrimage of seeking, companions on the way, supports upon the journey. The questions of how to structure a community which is centered in spiritual seeking are ones which are impossible for us to answer, for each group of entities is a unique blend of needs. However, our own community is one based upon just such seeking, and, therefore, we may offer some thoughts which may aid you. We surely hope that this may be so.

As you sit in community you are experiencing the heart of that which community is: a shared experience, a shared ideal, a shared desire. As these moments of unity pass, and as you discover each other’s individual needs, the community becomes as complex as the entities within it. There may be one who needs sympathy, an outstretched hand, and a loving smile. There may be another who needs the understanding of solitude, the support of that solitude, and the protection of that solitude, and yet these two entities are seeking the same ideal, are on the same pilgrimage, are sharing the same experience.

There are some who identify community with those who live closely. This sharing, rightly understood, is greatly helpful, but there is a sharing of periodical community, such as meditation meetings, which is also extremely helpful, and the structures necessary to offer this community vary from the structures necessary to offer a completely common human experience. There is a greater community, the community of those who know that this group sits in circle and shares the Light, and these entities are apparently not you and they form a community also, shall we say, a community of the flock. They accept with great thankfulness the products of the service which you offer as you sit in meditation and share your energy in unity that channels such as this one may speak to you, and not only to you, but to the larger community.

And there is that one last great community without which no idea of community is complete; that is, those who do not yet know of such a community. To have a structure available for those who wish to know about such a community is a service that aids greatly in the community’s polarity towards service to others. It is well that such a companionship is open to any who wish to attend. It is well that you ask only that simple preparations of reading and study be accomplished. For there will be those attracted to any polarized group, and an entrance should be fashioned to greet them, one as full of friendliness, love, and light as the one which greets each of you.

We have spoken through instruments such as this upon the simple subject of the original thought, love, for many of your years, and in that time, many are those who have listened and have gone forth, keeping the knowledge of these thoughts within their hearts. This is a great fruit, a great bounty to us, and it is well, when you think of community, not to forget the unity, regardless of time, of all those which have sat in this circle of shared experience, who have shared ideals, and shared seeking.

As you seek, as you meditate, become sensitive to your needs; become sensitive to those who share your path at this time; become aware of the opportunities for community, not as you would model a business or a society, but as your ideals, your visions and your love show you. It has been written that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The community of that Kingdom is one of the great blessings of the shared experience of that Kingdom. Rejoice in your friends. Rejoice in the strangers with whom you may share your love and your light. And rejoice most of all because the comfort, the confidence, and the power which supports those who desire to love each other is abundant in every atom of the creation. I would at this time leave this instrument. I am Hatonn. I leave you as a voice upon the winds. But you must know, my friends, that we are always with you, as are all those who desire to aid you and hearken to your call. We leave you in that great companionship, that great community that is yours for eternity. I am known to you as Hatonn. We leave you in the love and the light of our Infinite Creator. Adonai. Vasu. Boragus.


(Hatonn, May 17, 1981)

We speak to you, my friends, of the freedom of love. Many, many times it comes to the attention of all of those who seek, that there is a concept called right and wrong, virtue or sin. This concept is much like one who willingly builds a jailhouse and locks himself within it. We are not suggesting in any way that lawlessness prevails or that nihilism is an appropriate stance for those who seek the truth. We suggest only that that which is appropriate for each being is known to some portion of that being; is known within, and the entity which seeks the counsel of society, of accepted modes of conduct and behavior without discrimination, is like unto the willing prisoner. Perfect love is perfect freedom. Perfect love is an entrance into a fresh field of flowers from the dark dungeon of fear. Love does not bind or unbind according to one man-made law.

We speak to you in this wise, because we understand your desire to go further than the surface of seeking. Therefore, it is time, if you will allow us to use this term, for each to take the responsibility for the use of discrimination in the ascertaining of those actions which are appropriate, not in the eyes of others, or of a society which is faceless, but in the eyes of the self facing the self in meditation. This is the law of love that binds and unbinds. This is the law, which, when used correctly, causes the entity to take upon itself the raiment of the co-Creator that each of you really is. Only when you choose the responsibility of seeking in love your own answers, your own formulations of questions, can you become one who acts rather than one who reads. The abilities of one who allows the original thought to energize his being are many. The ability to serve others is immensely enhanced when the seeker ceases pondering the rightness and wrongness of action, but rather takes it to meditation and releases it, allowing then the original thought of love to have a clear channel through which to work. My friends, as the new vibrations mount about you and you see both the very beautiful new things and those most disturbing of the older things occurring about you, it is very advantageous for you, if you would be of service, to take these thoughts into meditation with you, to seek what virtue there may be in them.


(Hatonn, January 2, 1983)

We wish you blessing and glory and peace. It has often been said among your peoples, “Wishes are not worthwhile. Wishing is not substantial.” And, my friends, it is this point of love to which we would speak this evening. What a great invisible web there is that connects all that there is, but in your density especially what a great connection there is betwixt each entity upon your planet. The one known to you as Jesus suggested that if an entity fed or visited or aided another entity, even one which was looked upon as not important, the entity was feeding or visiting or aiding the Creator. That is your unity. That is your reality. You are one because you are all the Creator, each shining in your unique facets like the jewel that you have made of yourself, yet each a portion of the whole that is the creation. How many times have you wished and had it become so?

We suggest to you that the faculty of hope, of faith, of wishing, of dreaming is one of the most powerful resources of your mind and that it alerts your entire being so that what you call your future is designed again and again by each wish, each desire in order that you may receive that for which you wish. In your illusion the connection between wishing and having is usually invisible, for in the illusion time walks with you like an unwieldy giant, distorting true relationships and making them appear unreal.

However, the faculty of hope operates in what you may call time/space where there is no time as you know it, and there the connection between hope and the desire fulfilled is quite plain. Therefore, the first thing we would suggest that you do is be cautious and careful in your wishes, your hopes, and your desires, for you do inevitably set in motion those things which will occur in order that your hopes may be fulfilled. You shall not hope in vain, but if you hope without depth, without heart, then what you receive shall be shallow and unsatisfying.

In winter, your plant lie has completed its hope, for each seed that lies within the deep and dark ground awaiting the biting frost is the hard shell of a living wish for lie, for growth, for service. That is the second thing that we would suggest that you would consider in relation to wishing. When you wish, hope, desire or seek there shall in natural patterns occur a season of incubation. You have planted the seed; you must now release that seeking to the hard frost of meditation and silence. In time, upon your planet, comes the spring and behold, the seed that has fallen on good ground blooms and flourishes and graces many by the richness of its flowering.

So shall your desires come to you, bloom upon bloom, ramification upon ramification, until all is a hundred-fold more than you could have wished. This is the third thing we would suggest to you, that in many cases the seed that you have planted by desire, wishing, by hope, blooms into a bloom that is not recognizable, for you as an entity will have been changed by that same silence. You will already have become transformed and you will be seeking yet further, and when you find manifestations flowering about you, it may be most difficult to apprehend the personal nature of an impersonal event. You may say to yourself, "Can this be what I hoped for?" Yes, my friends. Each thing that occurs is a flowering of what you hoped for. Each event has been incubated and has grown. Meanwhile you, yourself, have grown beyond the person that you were when first you hoped.

We describe to you a difficult road, a sometimes confusing road, but it is the road of transformation and it shall, as you continue to discipline your desires, your wishes, and your hopes for your future, begin to offer to you a great multitude of blessings, the flowering of many previous hopes and meditations. We ourselves hope to be of service to you.

Our only purpose in speaking through instruments such as this one is that in some way we may aid you as you move through moonlit nights in your inner search, through the brightest noons in your outer search, through all conditions and all surprises. We are aware that each finds inspiration in a different manner. We can only hope that we can be of some small aid to each, for it is our way of learning and growing. As we are of service to you, so our hopes come into full power and our inspiration is a hundred-fold multiplied.


(Latwii, January 2, 1983)

It is not possible to directly learn another's lesson for that entity. What occurs in your daily round of activities is a natural progression of interaction which allows the opportunities to be presented to each entity to learn those lessons that are desired. You may feel that you interfere with another. Yet, if you will observe the so-called interference you will see the opportunity to learn a lesson being presented. Do you wish in this instance, may we hypothetically query, to impose yourself upon another? If this is not your desire, how then do you balance the actual or supposed imposition? By removing the self. So, you see, what you might see in one instance as the interference with another's learning is simply your own learning seen from another perspective. Whatever your experiences within your illusion, the opportunity to learn the lessons you desire is always available. You cannot make mistakes. You may learn more quickly or more slowly, more efficiently or less. Yet, always, do you learn the lessons you desire and always are those about you offered the identical opportunity.

As one refuses to give in certain areas, then one is, in truth, refusing to give to the self, for are not all one? To bring this point more clearly home, the entity often asks on the subconscious level to know more clearly the truth of this unity. In such cases there are those presences which aid the entity by seeing to it that a certain thing which has not been given suddenly disappears within the lie of the one refusing its gift to another. This allows the entity to discover that the action of refusing to give to another is the self refusing to give to the self, for whatever action you experience in relation to another is most clearly seen as your relationship to yourself. Therefore, as you love others, the love for the self grows. As you feel anger towards others, the anger for the self grows. This is the way of the creation, for the Creator must learn from Itself, and you are the Creator which learns from Itself, whether it be that self encased by your physical vehicle or any other self with which you come in contact.


Again, we thank all those who continue to help us transcribe the backlog of Sunday night meditation tapes which provides the material for this newsletter. The illnesses which stopped our work on Book IV over the winter are healing and we are eager to get back to work. Book IV will be printed, though we do not know when, and we thank you for your patience. Book I should be available at your local bookstore in about two months under the title, THE RA MATERIAL, published by The Donning Company of Norfolk, VA.

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