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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories. They have been edited to remove such sentences as, “We shall now transfer this contact to another instrument.” In lieu of this, we have indicated when the contact moves from one channel to another by the insertion of asterisks. (***)


(Hatonn, March 20, 1983)

We show this instrument a picture of a door, a steel door with a steel handle. The walls about the door are blank and there is no designation for this place. This is a gateway. Yet impressed upon the heart of those who face this door is a phrase taken from one of your holy works, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” You who stand before this door are not only capable but are also actively and continuously monitoring your supposed spiritual readiness to move through this door. And as you see those things in your existence which may seem to you to be of a simple nature, of a trouble-free nature, you may think to yourself, “I shall not spend my time thinking and analyzing upon these portions of my life experience, for then, perchance, I should miss the thinking and the contemplation that must be done for these other portions of my life which are not simple and easy.”

There is no one barometer which says that an experience is spiritually neutral, has been handled well, or is in need of examination. However, we shall surely tell you this: each of you has many, many portions of life which are greatly, in your own estimation, in need of work. And in your own estimation, perhaps you feel the time that you have for meditation and contemplation should be spent in these areas. It is as though you are ten minutes late to an ever-running appointment with your life. You are forever behind; you are forever attempting to catch up. That which is of the spirit is not neat, nor is it tidy, and unless you are a prophet, you will not find order as you seek the love and light of the Creator. In prophecy is order. In love there is divine confusion and we come to you as messengers of love. We ask you, my friends, to look most carefully at the halcyon, tranquil, and peaceful moments that make up your daily lives. There is as much work to be fruitfully done in this examination as in the constant repetition of your penitence at being ten minutes late for your appointment with life.

Do you think love wears a wrist watch, my friends? Do you think that you could miss a portion of an appointment, a part of a ritual designed to offer you your birthright? No, that is not possible. You made a journey to a far distant land and took upon yourself a heavy chemical body. And as if this body were a ship, you embarked upon a marvelous odyssey, and you sailed, and you sang, and you observed the stars, took your bearings and headed your course as you wished it to go. And so you do now.

You cannot be late, nor can you miss that which is within you. It is an illusion that you are experiencing, that of missing, that of needing to be penitent. To recognize an error in calculation is sensible, and this will come from balancing your various emotional feelings in meditation. But to find what is behind the curtains of those good times that are not seasoned with the salt of love is also a fine thing to balance in meditation.

Have you loved as the Creator loves you? Have you cherished the joy of those about you? Have you nurtured those who do not yet know their own divine identity? Take your ship and let the wheel hum beneath your hand. Let the rigging sing with the sounds of the crystalline winds of creation. There is no need to accept those things which are unhappy without balance. There is surely the same need to examine good fortune. Until your experience sings with joy, there is more to do.

Now, my friends, we speak in most general terms and have not attempted to speak to the subjects of each entity with himself or of entities within families. These are separate subjects and the questions that come to mind as one examines these far more personal questions of the great ship, the illusion, have to do with the intensity and the rapidity of reaction to the experiences that occur. It is far easier to work spiritually with an acquaintance than with a mate, and yet the deepest work is done with mates and friends who are held in an oath of perfect honesty and perfect love, so that there are no lies, good or unfortunate, no flattery and no dodging. This is much more difficult.

When you arrive at yourself you find the most personal work of all and the one requiring the most perfect honesty. It is difficult to be responsible for your thoughts and yet, if they are unhappy, within your being shall you be balancing them. And if they be contented, within your being shall you gaze beyond those curtains of contentment to find life and joy and sometimes that which is discontentment which has been ignored, as if some leftover guest at a party had forgotten to go home.

You are in some ways many people and you stand before a door. We have described this door to you as being of steel. For though in some messages the door betwixt conscious and unconscious in the roots of mind has been called, “veil”; we call it, “steel.” Let us not deceive you as to the difficulty of what you attempt to do. On your side of this blank and featureless door you work with yourself consciously and prayerfully. If you have the will and the faith to reach in your dreams and open the door, you may see that those things about yourself, your families, and your entire life that seemed so full of contentment, had many a hidden guest. You will see that your difficulties produced much gold. One glimpse beyond the lintels of that doorway is an enormous aid.

May we ever more strongly suggest a continuing effort in meditation. And as you balance, balance all, judge nothing, and view without rancor, bitterness, or bias all that occurs. Remember that you are a creature of love. A great power created sun and galaxy and universe and consciousness and you. Center yourself upon that point and go forth with your mind filled with love and your heart full of light that you may do those things which are truly prepared for you, and may you rejoice in doing them that you may be who it is you wish to be, that you may smile and dream and laugh. For is it not your birthright to encompass all creation? And is not that creation unspeakably beautiful?

We leave you now, my friends, in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. We are known to you as Hatonn. Sail forth, oh sailors of life and know that the winds are with you, and there are those who shall always answer your call. Adonai, my friends. Adonai, vasu.


(Latwii, May 10, 1981)

The peace of which we speak is not the peace of your peoples, for your peoples have no true peace, but only distraction and the numbing of the senses. As you become able to view your experiences in a conscious and loving manner, multiplying the true peace of your existence, that vision will cut through the feelings and the preferences of those about you who do not prefer true peace, but rather the illusion. If you seek peace, know this. It is truly worth that which is paid for it, and yet it may sometimes seem like loss.

Rest, then, in your meditation, in the true peace of love, and as you find your understanding causing you to act in such a way as to cause those about you to observe a difference in your actions, understand that those who radiate love may also be counted as fools.

A great part of the peace that is true peace is service to others. Moment by moment you have unending opportunities to view your situations as opportunities to be of service, to sow a seed of calm, of love, of kindness. Again, many times you may be counted as a fool, but, my friends, it is the fools of this world who shall be in joy. Only a fool can love without judging. Only a foolish person can desire to serve those who are unlovable, can pray for those who are unattractive and cold in their misery. Be fools, then, and join a joyful host of such fools, for those who love will always be such. It is to be remembered that those ways of judging among your peoples are greatly various. It is to be remembered that it is impossible to judge, but through the grace of the inner light and love available to you, it is possible indeed to love.


(Hatonn, February 27, 1983)

You all go out seeking the adventure of learning, and so have men gone out seeking that great adventure since consciousness began. The track is irresistible and yet there are many ways by which the seeker may slow himself down. Very often the wide paths, the most traveled and the most popular, are those which accommodate those entities who desire to move at a slower pace. We are aware that each in this group desires to quicken the pace and so we would talk to you this evening about courage.

It has perhaps been suggested to you that the end of your seeking will be knowledge and understanding, that you will find the answers that you seek. Indeed, we have suggested that you will find the answers that you seek. We have never intentionally suggested that you will find a key to the understanding of those answers, only that you are heard and that answers are forthcoming. The path which is narrow is a path the end of which is the realization that you do not know anything. The reason this path is narrow is that not knowing is uncomfortable and continuing for any length of time upon a path which promises further unknowing as the fruit of your current unknowing simply is not a very delectable path and, therefore, it is not much traveled by your peoples.

But we ask you to look around you, my friends. What do you understand? Having considered what you may understand, we ask that you evaluate its importance in your spiritual quest. Are you seeking to know who you are? Very well, a noble and great quest is this, as it contains all of creation in its depth and breadth, for you and creation are one. Seek to know who you are. But if you seek with integrity you will find that your answers do not leave you smug. You do not ever know. It takes a great deal of courage to go far along on the path on which you discover the feelings and the character and the fruits of who you are and still are able to face the ultimate mystery of your identity. Those without courage will settle upon an answer and that answer will keep them from changing, or at least changing as quickly.

How much courage can you bring to your quest? Love is ever and always clearly manifested to those who quest, and that love is blinding in its power. And you know it is there, and you seek more of it. Do you have the courage to accept your conscious unknown? Surely you have spent enough hours in despair because your actions were but a shadow of what you know, as you say. You think, “My will is strong and my heart shall be light and I shall meet all obstacles with love, that love that I know, that love that I feel, that love that I seek.” And yet, these things you do not always do. You do not know. It is the seeking, continuous, balanced between seriousness and joy, fresh each day, that accelerates your rate of speed and leads you upon an ever narrower path. And this is good. For it is the narrow path, the path of courage, the path of fearlessness in the face of not knowing that will grant you more and more a sense of being able to reach into the resources of your Higher Self, of your deeper self, of your inner self, of Christ consciousness, and manifest the true joy of faith and will.

It has often been noted that justice is blind among your peoples. We would further note: so is love, so is seeking. Do not let the dimness of your mirror images ever discourage you for long. Do not let your own lack of manifestation ever discourage you for long. Do not let any error, as you may consider it, discourage you for long, for this creation is the Creator’s. You live in a creation of love and in an illusion of mystery. See far enough to find the love and have the courage to release yourself from the responsibility of certain knowledge. Those who are certain about philosophy and those things of the spiritual evolution simply have placed themselves on a slower path where they will be borne upon the shoulders of their comrades, given more encouragement, offered frequent rests, and sustained by many comforts.

Courage, my friends! You who have it shall inherit a great mystery of being as can no one who seeks certain knowledge. You seek the wind. It is invisible; it is infinite; and it will come and go when it will. Do you suggest that you shall know it, that you shall measure it, and put it between the pages of a book? Or do you instead seek to be it? Lift your wings, and soar in the love and the light that is yours for the seeking, yours for the taking, and yours to manifest in glory.


(Latwii, March 27, 1983)

As you find yourself confronting the confusions, the frustrations, the angers, the doubts and dissension with those for whom you feel love at the base of your being, know that in each opportunity lies love. Know that the difficulty of the testing to find the love develops the strength to find it. As you are in the midst of those lessons you have programmed to learn, you will often feel quite helpless and despairing. At these moments it is helpful to remember that your life is whole and perfect as it is, that you experience at that moment the illusion of difficulty for the very purpose of finding the wholeness, the balance, and the love within your being and the being of each entity around you. Be not discouraged when the lesson is difficult, but find the heart of love at the heart of your being through the faith and the will to continue. The Creator has given you each experience as a treasure, and through each experience do you then grow closer in oneness to that Creator.


Those who ordered Book Four should be receiving it some time in August. Thank you all for your patience. If you are interested in attending a workshop sometime this winter which would be focused on the material in THE LAW OF ONE volumes, write us and describe your interest, and we will send you further details. Thanks to all who are helping us transcribe our Sunday Night meditation tapes which provides the material for this newsletter.

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