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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Q’uo, July 3, 1989)

I am Q’uo. I greet each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator and thank each for requesting our service which we may humbly perform. The question that you ask this day seems to contain a paradox. This means that the questioner is on the right track, for the spiritual quest has as its signal virtue continual paradox. In this case, the paradox is “How does one be oneself while one is becoming oneself? How does one be yet be open to change?”

Firstly, we would like to express that beyond any control of your own, you are. You have no choice but to be what you are, for you are an imperishable metaphysical entity, a form of light. The beauty of your vibrations is unique to each. The balance of service is unique to each, yet each is beautiful and cherished by us. And we thank all who seek the truth and turn their face towards the mystery of infinity and the Creator’s love.

By far the greater part of the Creator is not active but resides in a state of love, which force created all that there is, and which force each of you seeks to bind into your lives more and more naturally, more and more authentically, more and more deliberately. The thrust of this thought is that you cannot help being. It is within you unquestionable, from our viewpoint, as to what vibratory complex each of you is. We realize this is not available to you in your illusion, but we assure you that you are imperishable ones and that there is no mistake that one may make that could eliminate the beingness, the consciousness of the self.

Now let us turn our minds to the phenomenon of learning. Any learning experience is a kind of ordeal. The spiritual learning experience is one of a great deal of catalyst and change, for the spiritual seeker who attempts to accelerate the rate of his spiritual growth will discover more and more how uncomfortable change can be. So it may be that in the darker moods, one wonders whether one is spiritual enough, whether one has stayed upon the road to the kingdom that awaits. One questions oneself. The discomforts of the spiritual journey are all linked to the desire to change. It is a blessing to one who serves others when that entity understands that that which he is to do is prepared for him and sits in front of his face.

The trap of those with spiritual pride is that they would rate dramatic services above the less dramatic services and those who render them. This will never advance the cause of lightening the consciousness of Earth. Rather, it is a series of paradoxes which we suggest you consider; that is, the middle way, the via media, for walking in balance with the life about one in service to others. Non-dramatic servers of others, those who tend the child, those who sweep the hearth, those who work in jobs that do not seem to have satisfaction in them, are just as capable as the most experienced seeker of bringing into manifestation within their creation the love of the Infinite One.

Now the paradox between judgment and tolerance or open mindedness is solved only by faith; that is, the faith that we are, that each is, that oneself is an I AM. All you are responsible for, in that regard, is learning who you are. Many there are who get so caught up in spiritual growth that they do not ever establish for themselves the roots of their faith. Consequently, they move from one spiritual practice to another, never getting the satisfaction and consolation of spiritual guidance and service to others in community. Thus we would say it is well to know the self well, to know what the physical vehicle that moves each about needs and to provide it carefully, to treat that instrument kindly, for it carries you about. Then one may turn one’s face to the changing, assured of who one is. For in changing, you are not changing in kind but in refinement of quality.

Therefore, the open mind, the attempt of new things, will of course bring changes within the conscious mind and the programming of the subconscious mind as well, and this, as always, will be experienced as times of discomfort, frustration, sorrow, anger or some other negative stress. From within the illusion that is the picture that the eyes carry to the brain. This is not an accurate picture, for in retrospect one may always discover that where there was catalyst for change and the difficulty of changing in order to be of more service to others, there has also been the balance of learning that intensifies during traumatic events. Thus each seeking entity must do the work of discrimination and judgment for himself. Let no one express truth to you in a way which is infallible, but, rather, allow that which is infallible, the Creator-self within, to have constant daily opportunities to center and tabernacle with the One Infinite Creator.

You would be very startled, my children, if you knew what your true spiritual temperature is. None of you knows himself to the extent that we do, simply because we may read you. We may see your vibrations and your balances in their uniqueness, in their crystalline purity. Within the illusion you do not see a crystal forming in consciousness, but, rather, you see lumps of bone and muscle and sinew, hair and various features, things very much touchable, and it is almost impossible to experience, without experiencing through the senses of the physical body with relationship to the physical world, the pain of change. In actuality, when the pain is occurring, frequently this is the time of the greatest step forward for an entity. The challenge of the catalyst has focused the attention, and, therefore, the seeker is more ready to welcome change in terms of increasing one’s polarity in service to others.

Now we realize that none of you knows precisely how to know the self. May we suggest that especially in the mated relationship, the mate which is upon the spiritual quest with the other mate functions as teacher and mirror so that that which one hears comes into the biocomputer of the mind, is filtered through subconscious biases and thus becomes a rather distorted reflection of yourself. When conversation takes place, the two seeking entities are seeking to aid each other, to comfort each other, to console each other and to learn together. Thus they become honest. They become malleable to speaking clearly on any subject.

Within your culture many subjects are considered inadvisable to dwell upon. The spiritual is a matter of life and, in this illusion, death, for that which you do within this illusion, the choices that you make here, will in turn affect your being at the harvest and the more polarized towards the light you have become, the more loving, the more compassionate, the more accepting, the more peaceful, the more joyful, the more light you may accept in joy and use. And in that term, light, we do not mean simply the photon, but, rather, the energy that is the Creator’s. The photon is the manifestation of that Great Original Thought of Love. So we would suggest that each examine the portions of experience which have caused each to feel an emotion, for emotion is a very deep and purified kind of thinking. As one gazes into one’s prejudices and biases, one has the opportunity to attempt to balance them, to acknowledge the paradox, the opposite, and to see that they are two sides of one thing, that all is one, that there is no separation.

Now one may polarize and continue changing in any circumstance or condition.

We suggest that you see the balance and walk the middle road, using your discrimination after you have heard the ideas that are presented to you, not judging ahead or during the experience, but allowing each learning experience its own shape and space and color, allowing it to sink into that portion of the mind which is far more accurate, that portion of the mind which lies below the level of conscious thought. In meditation this is done, and it is well done to be daily in meditation. The goal you seek is to be in a state of consciousness within which is preserved the feeling of unity with the One Creator, the experience of tabernacling in meditation, the experience of opening the inner door by meditation. Many times learnings will come to a seeker through dreams, daydreams or visions. These should never be ignored, but should be valued as deep indicators of who you are.

A paradox, too, is the result of a life lived in faith and service, for as one serves, one is served a dozen fold, a hundred fold, a thousand fold. As one gives, one receives in plenty. Thus the paradox is that compassionate feelings and actions in service to other entities by loving, by supporting, by sharing or by a brief smile to a stranger-these things commend you as a servant of the One Infinite Creator, yet what you receive back from the creation is a thousand-fold that which you have expressed.

Seek that inner fire. Seek to deepen the ability to worship the Creator, to give adoration, praise and thanksgiving to the Creator for all things, including those challenges which have been set up that you may learn what you intended to when you came here. You shall never be rid of your selfhood. It is only possible to be unaware of it. The practice of honesty with the self is the cornerstone of this basically analytical process.

In the case of the questioner and in many other cases the amount of learning that has been programmed into this incarnation is the maximum amount that the Higher Self felt that each was capable of in this density. Many entities, therefore, experience great difficulty and have designed that in place in the life experience for the purposes of learning to serve without expectation of return. This instrument has a great of trouble remembering that it is a service to receive, and we would remind each that those who receive are as blessed as those who give. The blessedness lies in the compassion between the two people. That which is done grudgingly is not going to polarize your consciousness towards the positive, so if it is impossible to serve cheerfully, it is well to move into solitude and meditation until one has the balance back, until one’s faith is firm, until one no longer feels despair.

Thus the illusions of illness, limitation, financial ruin and any other life disturbing patterns may well not be disasters at all but, rather, marvelous challenges that enable you to polarize thousands of times more quickly than we ever could within our density, which is the fifth, or any other density besides your own. The third density is the intensive density. It is the density of making the choice to serve the Creator by serving the self or to serve the Creator by serving others.

As you understand your biases better so may you work upon increasing the biases you feel worthwhile and decreasing the biases you feel not worthwhile. You may change your own consciousness, but again we say, your becoming is illusory, for in the ultimate sense there is no time; there is no space; there is the present moment which is infinite. Very few entities are able to dwell in the present moment, but, rather, they are chastising themselves or congratulating themselves on that which is past or worrying about that which is to come. It is well to remember that each moment intersects eternity. We ask each to release the fear of living in this illusion and to become content with whatever conditions prevail, accepting any condition as agreeable, even though it may seem to be a serious challenge or difficulty.

You are not alone, as you work towards becoming more of what you are. Basically, you are uncovering who you are as you refine yourself, for the original self that is your consciousness is the consciousness of the Creator, that great intense passionate Love which calls into being the photon and from that point all manifestations of your illusion.

There is much to be said for sheer persistence and the refusal to rebuke the self. For the more unsparing you are of the self in the attempt to realize the Creator-self within in manifestation within the illusion, the more difficulties you will experience. Allow the fact that this is an illusion to sink deeply into the mind. Think of all that there is. It is made, we are aware that your scientists have said, of atomic and subatomic particles and combinations thereof. However, there has never been a sighting of an actual mass, merely the track of the energy has been found by your scientists. They see at first-hand the depth of the illusion.

May you too realize that you are a mind and body and spirit composed of complex energy patterns, that you are sensitive to the environment in which you dwell and the universe in which you find yourself. The art of becoming is not an art that is won easily. It is a craft, and you are the artist. It is a play, and you the actor. Know yourself as well as you can, and then listen open-mindedly to all information and put it to the test within, and within you will come the answer, for you will recognize your own truth. Each entity has a slightly different path to the Creator. What is functional for one entity may be useless to another, with the exception of the practice of silent meditation and listening.

We wish you the joy of knowing, even in pain and difficulty and distress, that work in consciousness that you have planned for yourself is being accomplished fruitfully, beneficially and steadily, so that each persistent and faithful pilgrim along the way shall, by conscious decision and intention, live more and more the life of the instant which is eternal, bringing infinity into the illusory experience, bringing the vast point of view into the mind which is saddled with many words and numbers.

We wish you to be extremely nurturing of yourselves as you perceive failure within the illusion. You have no idea of how you are doing within the illusion. You will not know how you have done until you have left the heavy chemical illusion that you experience and are once again able to look at the life experience as part of what this instrument would call the Akashic Record, turning the pages of the life, gazing at the tapestry one has woven of love and sorrow and service and selfishness. May each weave the most beautiful tapestry he can. May each look to the life experience as to a poem, an attempt to write each line with grace and beauty. In this you are supported and are never alone, for the Higher Self, under any guise which you wish to call this energy, is with you as comforter and nurturer, and when despair does overtake the soul, we ask that you suspend all judgment, all discrimination of the self, and move into an awareness that one is being held in the infinite arms of the Infinite Creator, that one is in truth nurtured.

I am Q’uo, and am most grateful to each for inviting our presence. We cannot thank you enough for this honor. We look, as you would say, forward to each gathering in which we may participate as your brothers and sisters seeking the source of the same mystery which each here finds the center of the life pattern. We shall leave this group at this time in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends.


We would appreciate receiving any information that any of you might have concerning computer bulletin boards that specialize in channeled information.

We would also appreciate any prayers and affirmations that could be offered for Carla’s neck fusion surgery that will occur towards the end of January. Happy New Year to all.

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