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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Q’uo, September 23, 1990)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to this group in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are most happy to be asked to share our opinions and give what insight we have found to be so on the subject of the spiritually correct life’s necessarily being reflected in perfect physical health of the physical body complex, which is the vehicle for such a mentally, emotionally and spiritually whole and healthy individual.

You notice that we segregated from the person the body; that is, your physical vehicle, your personal animal, which has sacrificed its instinctual life in order that it may house the self-conscious spirit that each of you is. It is not that there is not, within the illusion, a tie there that cannot be broken and have the physical vehicle sustain life. It is simply that who you are is not that which you see in the mirror. Who you are is not that which loved ones, friends and enemies recognize as you. Your animal, having done its very best in your behalf, will surely die, and this is part of the necessary function of this vehicle, for your spirit has a great deal further to go than your physical vehicle can take you. You are beings finishing the evolution of your physical being, continuing your mental and emotional evolution, and either continuing or just recognizing and beginning your evolution in spirit.

Much has already been said concerning the difference between mind and brain, and we will not belabor that point, but say only that in addition to the brain of the body and the mind of the mental complex, there is a wisdom of the spiritual complex. Like the spiritual complex itself, it is not relative. It is absolute. It is that which is most deeply hidden within each of you: the true wisdom of spirit, the true compassion of spirit. A great deal of patience, purity and persistence is required that that spirit may awaken within you and become what it always has been without the knowledge of the conscious mind: that being your true, absolute and perfect selves. As all things are one, so do all things in spirit occur perfectly, simultaneously, and with joy. This includes any condition whatsoever.

Now let us take these three parts of the unity of your being and artificially separate them that we may gaze upon them separately, for there is no one answer to the question of healings occurring in body because they have occurred in mind or spirit. The body is an entity of instinct and reason. In the early stages it was called the tool-making animal. It, in and of itself, has a body-wisdom. If, in the opinion of the wisdom of your own body, you have done harm to it, it will react to protect itself. Thusly, those who abuse their bodies in one way or another-and this is usually done because of an underactivation or overactivation of some point of energy entrance-the body will react by causing a necessity for the body to heal. Thus you may see those who press themselves against the limits of substances which are harmful to the body, becoming ill, because they need, in a simply bodily way, a rest. If there is that in the nature which is somewhat sensitive, the body can be put in many situations, one of which occurs to this instrument as malaria, during the building of the Panama Canal. These illnesses are examples of illnesses which have to do with the bodily complex for the most part, although it is always true that the mind can control the body to the point of which that mind is capable. Thus, the first kind of illness has absolutely nothing to do with anything but circumstance.

As we gaze at the mental/emotional complex, we see that portion of the belief you have mentioned; that is, that the body is acting out the illnesses which are basically emotional or mental in cause. Your people-and we speak of those who are technologically advanced-have used the technology, not to free themselves from labor, but to become ever more enslaved by it. Light, which was to give leisure to the people of your planet, has been used artificially to extend daylight. Your particular physical vehicle is not designed to be a night hunter. Its diurnal rhythm is to wake with the sun and sleep with the darkness. When asked, this remarkably adaptable body will do its very, very best to support alternative diurnal cycles, but it is at its weakest when the schedule is not steady; that is, when there is no set time of being awake or of being asleep. This is very confusing to an animal which turns to the sun instinctively, and which controls its environment for its survival. Consequently, unless an entity has thought deeply about such a simple thing as attempting to remain upon a schedule of sleeping and awakening, an entity can induce a high degree of stress while seemingly not overworking, but giving oneself enough time to rest.

There are many other stresses through which one may put the body because of concern of an overactive imagination in a personality that swings in its attitudes and needs to a greater extent than is comfortably handled by the physical vehicle. Thusly, it is quite obvious that in many cases the mind is the parent of the illness, and the illness is the acting out of that which was refused as catalyst by the mental/emotional complex of the self. There is the cancer of anger that grows upon itself. There are the lung diseases of those who have not said the words that they must say to be healthy, have not told truths that must be told to be free of misunderstanding at a deep level in their relationships. There is the acidic condition brought about by sheer overwork which ruins your gastrointestinal tracts. Many are the illnesses that are the outworking of mental imbalance or emotional imbalance. (We use the word “balance” and not “happiness” because we, in our experience, have not found the concept of “happiness” helpful. Joy, not happiness, is a spiritual concept.)

Because the mind and body are so closely linked in many diseases, they are indeed responsive to love. You may name any emotional or mental complex distortion that has caused illness that you wish, and we say to you that that is love, poorly expressed. But the mind is not closed, and consciousness is as creative as you allow it to be. Consequently those who undertake, in healing, the will to health, and a faith that that which has been caused by their own minds’ concerns can certainly be reversed, will indeed respond to positive suggestions. Indeed, the habit of saying anything whatsoever about the self or others that is judgmental is a harmful and unhealthful thing to do, both metaphysically and physically.

The third category is the one of spirit. The cause of so many entities neglecting this portion of the characteristics of healing is their thinking of the spirit as that which is in the same relativistic configuration with regard to this illusion as the mental/emotional complex and the body complex. Such neglectful entities, though spiritual, have not grasped that each entity is absolute. What you see, hear, taste and touch will die. What you are, if you think of yourself as your body, will die. All illness is healed by the entrance into larger life, if it be done in a natural manner; that is, if one lets nature use its spiritual wisdom and decision-making ability.

It is not only those who have come to this planet to help with the harvest that have, with the aid of the greater Self, which is Love, planned the difficulties and limitations, as they are subjectively perceived by the entity within the incarnation but so has each and every entity alive on your sphere. These have been set forth by each entity for a reason. Most of the entities upon this planet are capable of graduation from this density to the next; are capable, if they wish to make the difficult choices, of learning the last lessons of unconditional love that they can learn while in this illusion. They have had their part, and you have had your part, in planning just those things you may bewail the most. If you consider it carefully you will see that your intense periods of learning have often coincided with intense periods of discomfort, anguish, and pain. It is not altogether false that an artist suffers, and from his suffering makes beauty, for that is the way of spirit. The goal of spirit is not happiness, for that suggests a static, unmoving self, comfortable and unchanging. Evolution suggests the continual cropping off of that which is no longer helpful in the process of spiritual evolution.

Thus, in order to distract themselves or in some way focus themselves away from destructive fear and concerns about the mundane and everyday world, many entities choose to incarnate with illnesses, diseases, and unhealthful situations of mind also that are deemed necessary by the self and the greater Self, in order to give to the pilgrim soul’s self the best possible chance of learning the lessons, of having the realizations and the transformations occur, that you, yourself, felt were needed in this incarnation. Many are tempted to serve before self-acceptance has opened them to the voice of Spirit.

Consequently, if repeated and earnest attempts are made in a single-minded and careful manner and poverty does not open to riches, or ill health to heartiness, it is then that one must look at one’s situation. The first realization is that this is a relativistic illusion. For instance, each in this circle is unwealthy; one, extremely unwealthy, others closer to being comfortable and without worry, but not close enough to avoid difficulty when unexpected expenses occur. Why would we, and you, sometimes choose such situations? What have they to teach us? In a relativistic world a simple geographical move to any of your civilizations that contains a large majority of people who do not have enough to eat or a place to sleep will indicate that even those in this culture that consider themselves the poorest are seen as rich by those who have even less. To one who is dying, an illness that does not kill does not seem serious. To one who has a nonkilling disease, but one which limits, those who are able to move around without limitation seem healthy.

When preincarnative choice has given you a difficulty, have faith that you are a spirit advanced enough to participate in your own destiny, that occurrences do not happen simply by chance, that the seeming poverty, the seeming limitation, the seeming difficulty, the seeming illness, is also a forthright aid in setting up a circumstance in which a lesson of love can be learned under adverse conditions. Yours is the last density with truly adverse conditions for the positive or service-to-others oriented person. Only in this density, the density of choice, does this occur. Know then, that that which is in front of you is not more than you can work with, is not that which defeats; you would not program that for yourself. But you are stretching yourself because you wish to change; you wish to become even more polarized in love and service to the Creator and others than you are now. There may be a lesson to learn. There may be a part of service that you chose that could not be achieved in any other way, given the uniqueness of your person, the uniqueness of your character. Consequently, there are illnesses, limitations, and what seems to be a grinding and degrading poverty which may be seen-only in the spiritual sense-as challenges rather than difficulties, as chances to learn rather than sentences of condemnation.

It is well, when one is gazing within at one’s situation, to consider all three possibilities. First, give the body what it is asking for. If you are still ill, if you have worked hard and are still poor, offer to the mind the opportunity of thinking carefully about the possible healing of this sorrow of self by a change in attitude, a change in the way you treat the body that has been so good to you. And if these things are tried, in all sincerity, persistently, and yield nothing, try the assumption that this situation, though seemingly negative within the illusion, is the very cornerstone of your evolution in spirit. The lesson there will be learned during the suffering, the pain, the anguish of learning, and change, and the transformation of the self.

Can it possibly feel good for the felled tree trunk to be hollowed out? Yet if it is not hollowed out, it cannot be the canoe; it cannot carry anyone anywhere. So, too, are lessons unique. You seek in yourself a hollowing out of those petty concerns that you cannot afford if you wish to be open to spiritual evolution. Certainly, do all that you can to maximize the use of the vehicle that you have. But gaze beyond that. If you are a player of a violin, and you begin to get fingers that are numb, a doctor will say to you that you are holding the instrument incorrectly, and are causing some nerve condition. Pills and treatments will ensue. If that does not cure the difficulties of the hand, gaze within and see if the mind enjoys what it is doing. If it does, and affirms so in a persistent manner, and there is still the pain when playing the instrument, the situation may well be preincarnatively chosen in order that your path of service may be changed to another direction, another impetus, perhaps one better suited to the deeper gifts of your unique self.

In any case whatsoever, release all fear, fear of the illness or the limitation, fear of the stigma this may bring upon you, fear of what others may say as they misunderstand you. All of these things are as nothing to one who is paying attention to that source of information that is by far the most reliable; that is, the self. As always be daily and persistent in your meditation, acting upon those new points of view that this meditation inevitably brings, and praise and thank the Creator for this opportunity to break the walls of previous misunderstandings within yourself, no matter how small. Here is your opportunity to gaze steadily at the illusion until it blinks. Do not accept any negative explanation or condemnation. Take it not in. You are engaged in walking a path of spirit, with the mind and body set in complete cooperation from before the beginning of this incarnation. You chose the physical vehicle you now have. It may seem, in the case of preincarnative choices which are challenging, that your body has betrayed you. This is never so. The body that you have is of second density. It will do anything it can for you. It loves you. It accepted you. It wishes to do what you wish it to do. Sometimes it cannot because you chose this situation at this time.

You will move from these words to the many other situations that are criticized as being those of failure of some kind. Take them to heart and have courage and faith and the will to learn that which you came here to learn: the will to love ever more purely, the will to allow the pettiness of humanity gradually to depart from you as water from a pitcher so that you are at last an empty vessel which may channel the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, as expressed through the gifts manifested by you, in greater and greater understanding of the true goals of this life of choice.


For those who would like to meditate with us, we have changed our Sunday meditations to 4 p.m., EST.

Our unending thanks to Jo Weber who has offered to illustrate our BOOK OF DAYS for future publication.

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WORLD HEALING DAY V, 7 a.m., EST, December 31, 1990. Join 2 billion people from 105 countries around the world to pray and meditate for world peace.

May your Christmas season be filled with joy.

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