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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: These selections of telepathic channelings have been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories.


(Q’uo, July 21, 1991)

We are the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. It is a great blessing for us to be called to your group at this time and we bless and thank each whose desire for the truth cannot be denied when we come together in one bright circle of light to seek that truth. We, too, are pilgrims on the path of truth and we, as you, make many errors; we are not infallible. We ask you not to think of us as authorities but as fellow travelers. Perhaps our feet have moved through more dust; perhaps we have experienced more, but still the Creator is a mystery. So how can we ask you to trust us as an authority. Nay, my friends, trust your own hearts, for if it is your truth you will not learn it. You will recognize it. If you do not recognize it, release it, for we would not be a stumbling block before you.

You ask this evening, how we may better know the Creator, we being those of several densities. Let us go back to the assumption implicit in this question; that is, that the Creator can be known. What is it to know? What things do you know? If you gaze at what you know, you find yourself dealing in quantities and measures, things that can be touched and counted. Thus you can say, “I know I have three apples.” “I have a piece of paper.” Yet this knowing does not satisfy the consciousness within the grasp of each of you. Each of you knows that that which is called knowledge is not knowledge; it is observation and it can be used to create many, many gadgets to fuel a technology, yet what does that technology know? The basis upon which technology is built is observation. That which lies behind the observation is unknown. Mass has never been seen under the microscope. There is absolutely no way to explore absolute objectivity, for without an observer there is no knowledge of any experiment. No one has yet been able to explain or know gravity. No one understands the so-called speed of light or knows why it is apparently a constant. Magnetism and electricity are also fields which are in some ways inexplicable.

What do you know? Let us look a bit deeper. Move, each of you, from the mind that is in your brain. Relinquish it and think courteously, gently, and with the skill of suitor, to pay court to your heart, for it is the unconscious and silent wisdom of the heart that gives to an entity its closest experience to that of knowing. Within the illusion in which you enjoy yourselves at this time nothing can be known. The sooner the seeker becomes aware that the truth will beckon ever onward, the sooner the seeker can set to rest the hunger for proof which so often leads to a debasing of the pure love of the truth. Relinquish your hold upon the need for proof, for that which is proof is proof within an illusion. Would you wish to know something in the illusion? For all that you know in the illusion is an illusion. Or would you wish, rather, to gaze straightway at the mystery that is not known and know that you are tabernacling with that mystery; that you live in that mystery and in a very central sense you are that mystery which is Creator and creation.

Listen with your ears to all that you hear at this moment in time: the subtle inhalations and exhalations of your brothers and your sisters in light, the songs of the small animals, the gentle whir of the cooling fans; for some who are sensitive, even the hint of a heartbeat heard in the ear, a pulse felt, the energies of the circle felt. How many things there are to apprehend in this one moment! It is normally thought that one knows what one knows by the process of observation; but let us look carefully at this, for we would ask you above all things to be stewards of your attention. How do you pay attention to your incarnation? All of these things that we described to you were probably not part of what you were aware of knowing at the moment at which we described all the sounds. They were not in any way important to your survival. They were only incidental to your purpose for conversing so kindly with us. Yet all of those things lie in the matrix of your mind, not only now but eternally. All that has happened to you, all that you have taken in, and all that you shall experience are a small part of the infinite being that you are, forever you. So is each of you a knower; such is that activity you would describe as yourself. Perhaps you would see why we would ask you to pull back from being one who knows, and ask of yourself if it is better to investigate being one who asks, for the answers have very little meaning compared to the questions.

What questions move you, my friends? Can you not see that you spend your attention like money, yet, unlike money, you are not often thrifty; you are not often listening with your spiritual ears open. Why is that? In this western culture we may suggest that one reason is the great emphasis upon accomplishing visible tasks. This entity would call this distortion the “work ethic,” and this entity itself is less and less a slave to the “work ethic,” but certainly still highly distorted towards valuing actions above essence, the essence of intention and desire, of passion, of the quest for truth. It is not the truth to be proven. It is not the truth to be trotted out, elegant and set before all, tidy and finished forever. Truths come and they go, and they are useful for one person only. Each of you will find some truths to last for years, incarnations; other truths to last a week or a month or a year.

So let us move back to beyond the need to know and prove, and investigate the processes of perception. When you have heard, felt, seen, smelled, tasted, touched your environment a moment has occurred, the present moment. You have chosen that which you will notice and examine. Day upon day and moment by moment you notice what has moved you. Thus you discover for yourself the kind of mind that you have to this point created. For you see, as fields of consciousness, you are stewards of this biocomputer; you are stewards of what you perceive and stewards of your actions, whether they are creative or reactionary.

So what happens after you have heard all the things that you do not pay attention to? Perhaps someone has entered the door; this then is the next perception, this is your choice. You have chosen to observe this one thing. Before you can form a mental thought about it, you will, willy-nilly, be informed by all your biases concerning that which you have noticed. What is your attitude toward the entity who has entered? How has that entity been a catalyst for you? In what way have you distorted an emotionally neutral occurrence? There is a palpable pause between the first sense-consciousness and your consciousness’ willingness to take on a mental formation in relation to the present moment. Has it occurred to you that you can be stewards to the extent that you may choose more wisely the sense perceptions to which you wish to pay attention? Have you thought perhaps to investigate those things which cause you to generate biased observations rather than emotionally neutral ones or balanced ones? This is indeed possible and is part of the discipline of the personality that will deliver to you a more lucidly working partnership betwixt consciousness and the mental and bodily complexes which carry that consciousness about within your incarnation.

Perceive then that you are both less powerful than you think, in that you will not perceive all that you can perceive, and also that you are more powerful than you may think you are, for you can be creators of those thoughts, attitudes and actions which you choose when you see the catalyst and sense perceptions and biases within yourself which resonate in the present moment.

Now all of this has been discussion of activities. The portions of these exercises all take a great deal of practice, persistence and devotion. Yet it is beyond them that the heart of your question lies. You are perhaps familiar with the words which the Master known as Jesus has been said to have said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Let us look at the entity who said this. This entity spoke always in parables, never plainly. This entity taught by telling stories, by suggesting mental formations and biases that went beyond the words which were used. Moreover, this entity often said “When you hear me it is not I who speak, but the Father within me.” Would this entity then have said “I am the way,” or would this entity have made a small pun, perhaps a slightly irreverent one, upon the name of the Deity as this entity knew that name? For the name of the unnamable Deity to the one known as Jesus was a word formation which translates, roughly, “I AM.” In fact it says it twice: “I am that I am.”

Now gaze back at this famous quote and see in a more spacious way the “I AM” that is the truth, the “I AM” that is your road and your path, the “I AM” that is your service and your life and perfect freedom. We of Q’uo are. We are an I AM, for we have come together, yet each of us also is an unique I AM, and each of you listening to this instrument is the only one of you in the infinite creation. You are utterly necessary, precious and perfect, for you are part of all that there is, part of an infinity which is from everlasting to everlasting.

How can you know? You cease asking to know and ask to learn to ask who you are. As you move deeper and deeper in this quest, you become more and more authentic essences. You see, within your heavy, chemical, third-density illusion, what you see as your physical vehicle is seen by us basically as large quantities of water with some few chemicals in them: an ingenious design indeed, but a second-density one. Yet this second-density entity knows in every cell of its vehicle, “I AM,” for it blooms just as a flower does. You, in your second-density body, are so beautiful! The Creator has made all things well and this includes you. Thus your relationship with this physical vehicle need not be one of scorn but one of thankfulness and praise, for this second-density entity could have had a perfectly good instinctual life of its own. The brain, the personality, all of those things which seem to you mundane are things which this animal which carries you about could sociably and naturally do with grace and even elegance, as is the way of things created by the Infinite One which do not have the self-consciousness to be awkward, but move with the infinitely appropriate rhythms of growth, blooming, evensong, and death. Treasure this entity that carries you about. Nurture it; love it; pamper it. Be a good boss to it, and know that there is a wisdom in every cell of that second-density body that your consciousness, infinite though it may be, is blocked from seeing because of the veil of forgetting between the conscious and the subconscious mind. That veil dropped specifically so you cannot know.

Gaze at this creature who asks questions it cannot answer. How is that logically possible? Here is the beginning of the mystery. You cannot help but know that you are other than you think you are, for you ask questions that you simply cannot possibly answer. You sense truths that you cannot possibly ever touch. The genius of living consciously in an illusion that is heavily biased toward sleep, is in paying attention, for you are an “I AM.” You are a creator experiencing itself. Do you strive to be virtuous? Thusly does the Creator know of hope and virtue. Do you strive to be aught else whatsoever? Thusly does the Creator know of aught else whatsoever. Have you served in your own opinion as a bad example? How valuable that “I AM” is you have probably learned by your self-perceived failures.

Knowing is a shallow thing. Asking in the heart is the beginning of wisdom. As you move deeply, deeply into your heart breathe, breathe full into your belly, into your abdomen. Feel the light, the energy that is infinite. Feel the love that expresses itself as your consciousness. Ask your heart “What is this love? All these people, why are they so dear? Why are we so pointed toward the light we cannot ever know?” Let yourself be overwhelmed, for this is the knowing that you seek: I AM. I AM. I AM. I AM. Move deeper in your heart. I AM. Breath again and again softly, deeply. I AM. And feel in the womb that is within any entity in that bourning present, that birthing moment that is a brand new I AM. This is your essence. This holds your passion. This is you, I AM. As you tabernacle, know that the I AM that is at your heart is much closer to you than your breath, far nearer to you than hands or feet or face or any portion of the physical vehicle. You are essence; you are all that there is; you are a quality that is infinite, a flavor not quantifiable, not measurable but infinite. It will take you all the life that you are and that you will live in your subjective stream of consciousness to learn to focus upon your essence and not upon your activities, for activities may be done with or without love, with or without that great sense of I AM.

Let your intuitions, your intentions and especially those intentions about which you are persistent form within you an ever more tangible I AM. How can we know the Creator? I AM. I AM. You are. We know the Creator partially in our essence and to a great extent in the essences of the I AM’s that we perceive as other than ourselves due to our continuing distortions of understanding. How can you know the Creator? Precisely that way, my friends. Learn yourself; love yourself; for you are love. What other appropriate response is there to love but love? As circumstances befall you, see them as love, for all things are the I AM, that one great idea, Love. It may be very distorted, the branches may have gotten twisted, seared, burned, ruined. Then you must look to the roots for I AM is the root system. You have a good deal to do with the branches, but gaze at your roots.

Others will look at the fruits of your incarnational experience and say that you were such and such a person, but the I AM gazes at the I AM in you and is one with it and fullness of love is added to fullness of love in a mystery that has no answer that is known to us.

We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to blend our vibrations with yours, and to walk with you upon your journey at this time. We are humbled by the intensity of your seeking and are thrilled at the joy of your being. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each as always in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.


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Our best wishes to each of you for a prosperous New Year.

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