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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories and L/L Research and is dedicated in loving memory of Michael Koepper, beloved friend and supporter, who passed into larger life June 17, 1992.


Group question: How do we go about developing the magical personality or Higher Self, and what is it that we develop when we develop the magical personality? And what value is it to us to do so?

(Q’uo, December 31, 1989)

I am Q’uo, and we come to you in gratitude and greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. It is a tantalizing prospect to us, a marvelous avenue of service that you offer us, and we offer to you our humble thanks and our abiding love that you who struggle in the darkness still see and have faith in the light within.

The question offered this evening has to do with the magical personality. But before we speak upon that subject we must speak upon a subject that is fundamental to an understanding of the magical personality. That understanding is the simultaneity of all time, all space and all action. This present moment is eternal. The past, the future, and the feeling of being in the river of time, are part of an illusion which gives you who seek an enormously powerful opportunity, consciously to accelerate the rate of your spiritual growth. You see, you are at the beginning of self-consciousness. You have almost finished this year in the school of eternity, this illusory time. However, the choices that you make are made in time/space and speak not to the outer world and its mundane concerns but to the heart and the vital feelings of each.

In this way we may say to you more simply that the magical personality is an artifact of the one who has been able to focus the heart and the mind upon the Infinite One. It is, in a way, possible to think of the Higher Self as being separate from you. But just as you were yesterday and will be tomorrow in a new year and a new decade, so the I AM that is the core of you learns of love, of wisdom, and of loving, wise compassion. When these lessons have been learned to the extent that they are without significant distortion, you turn and, reaching through time, you offer yourself a gift. You offer the biases and decisions and choices that have been made, not up to this density alone in your illusion of time but all the choices that allowed you to graduate into fourth density, perfect the lessons of love and learn the lessons of light, to fifth density when you manifest light and learn the true meaning of wisdom. In sixth density, there is eventually, at mid-density, a point in which there is no longer any polarity, for if all is one polarity there is no polarity. It is when the spirit has reached this point, full of unity, wisdom and compassion, that the sixth-density self places within the third-density self, in the deep mind, the biases which are to come, the destiny which has been fulfilled, the beauty, the exactitude of service to others.

Therefore, the magical personality, or the Higher Self, is the last vestige of the self which contains polarity. And as you deal in a world-illusion grounded in polarity, this gift can be extremely helpful. Many, many, times one is faced with dilemmas and enigmas that cannot be rationally discerned. There is no logical answer. There is only the wisdom of the heart and the compassion of the mind. For this is what the sixth density of unity provides: the realization that compassion is not only of the heart but of the mind, that wisdom is not only of the mind but of the heart.

The process of accessing the deep mind, and especially the Higher Self, may be accomplished best, as we have often said, by repetitious, persistent and daily meditation. Not lasting so long but lasting as long as it feels as though you are in a holy place with the One Infinite Creator. Thus, meditation is always the key to the opening of the subconscious or deep mind to the conscious mind. The Higher Self does not operate by giving instructions, for that would be an infringement on free will and would cause paradoxes that would be an infringement on free will and would cause paradoxes within the universe that are not desired. However, the call must go forward within meditation that you may be visited, strengthened and renewed by a longer view, a vaster field of incarnation and of incarnational decisions. For, as each knows, there is no thing upon your planet which is as it seems. You are energy fields, complexes of energy fields, with the energy holding you together, carrying you through life.

Now, how does one make use of the Higher Self, the sixth-density portion of you? The first thing that you must do is give up your physical reality. You are an illusion within an illusion; mystery surrounds you. Consequently, as one asks for guidance from a deeper self, the Higher Self within, one opens a door that can only be opened by the seeker, since the Higher Self is a far more clear, lucid and defined product of your thinking. Yet, still you will find it most helpful to blend the conscious and rational mind with the deep mind for they give you feelings and biases that are far more a part of who you are and what your essence is than you may have by any amount of consideration of these matters within this illusion.

To attain a magical personality there is much which one can do and, indeed, must do to create the appropriate atmosphere for the gentle lover’s touch of the rational mind into the deep mind. This is a slow process for many and infinitely worth it. Once you have been able to contact that part of the self that is sixth-density and which has given the gift back to you within the deep recesses of your mind, you may then have a much wider perspective, a much more clear vantage point from which to view the life experiences which your incarnation brings to you.

The Higher Self or magical personality is placed deep within you. It is not placed without you; it is not placed within your teacher or your student or your colleague. The magical personality is an artifact of the self, the mystery-clad being whose entire experience is recognized to be mysterious. In preparation for the magical personality’s development, the first thing which one needs to accomplish is a full and complete examination of conscience. Not that you as an entity may judge you as an entity-not at all. But rather that you may forgive yourself. For you have forgiven all others, have you not? Yet, still you hold your self unworthy. This is not an helpful spiritual point of view. For the magical personality is based upon the fact that the spark of the Creator within is the true self of each entity.

Therefore, to begin working with the magical personality one must first go through much searching of the mind, the intellect, the emotional biases that constitute that which you are at this time. Perhaps you wish to make changes; perhaps you do not. But to come into contact with yourself as a self is the beginning of the magical personality.

The day-to-day personality wavers. It is happy; it is sad. It is active; it is passive. Life is easy or life is difficult. The more you live within this illusion, the less likely it is that you will be able to have access to the deeper mind, the magical personality. So we suggest to each that the table be cleared, the table of petty prejudice, any unfairness, stinginess, desire to manipulate others and all of those artifacts whose bias is not helpful in gaining polarity toward service to others in the name of the Infinite One. For those who do not clear themselves excellently may receive any number of guides which would purport to be the magical personality but which instead are means by which positive polarity is gradually lessened. This preparation takes a different amount of time for different entities and at the end of it, it is still impossible to live within the Higher Self at all times. However, it is possible to clear the self for the special and sacred door to the Self to be opened.

We suggest that each begin a magical personality meditation with that which has been the call of the white, or positive, magician from time immemorial: “I desire to know in order to serve.” I desire to use my subconscious mind to enrich, enliven, enable and engage this third-density mind and heart. It is impossible for most to keep this clarity over an extended period of time and there is danger in attempting to do so.

Consider yourselves as toddlers, just learning to walk, the spirit so young, so lovely, so strong and yet so vulnerable. This is how the magical personality sees the outer portion of your behavior and thinking. It is perceived as that of a child who knows not what he does. When you turn your will and faith to the quest for the philosopher’s gold of greater wisdom, then you may begin to see gradually a change within you. But, firstly, you must accept that the magical personality is already your own personality, for all time is simultaneous.

One good way to prepare yourself for meditation upon the magical personality is to visualize each chakra in turn, beginning with the red or root chakra, and moving upwards carefully clearing energies, carefully seeing your chakra centers glowing: orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. When you have reached sufficient humility to be able to listen to advice from the Higher Self that is not easily understood to be other than the self, then we suggest that you begin with this clearing of the chakras, so that you feel the light streaming from your head. For you have opened all your chakras; you have become vulnerable; you are ready to take a risk.

There is available a tremendous amount of protection of the body by the body, and we recommend to each that this be utilized. For instance, this instrument blends the violet of the crown chakra and the red of the root chakra to cover the self with an energy that is completely personal and denotes that which it is. Upon completing this encapsulation of yourself in the red/violet of body protection, you will then put on a garment of light. That is the Creator’s protection, impersonal, loving and infinite.

During the meditations it is helpful for those who call upon guides or angelic presences to do so, for that work which you are doing is work in which you are vulnerable. For you are open to learning and you do not always have truly appropriate vibrations for this energy. This must be seen to carefully. The self must be gotten in order, cleared of the small change of life’s miseries, cleared even of the laughter of good times, clear to listen within to what has been called in your holy works “the still, small voice.” That is your magical personality. It is well to call any whom you wish to call to aid in your protection. This is not an illusion any more than you are an illusion within. This instrument, for instance, invokes the archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Auriel, and with these four pillars standing in the corners of the room there is an over-arching golden dome, for these principles of love called archangels are most powerful and most protective.

When you have prepared yourself for the meditation upon the magical personality it is well to sink into the self with no pressure, no thought, no worry and no wonder. Simply open the door and invite the wisdom and compassion of the ultimately learned balanced being, which you shall have become, to the self as it is.

It is well, when you wish to work in consciousness with another by communication, to make these same preparations, for by far the majority of those who channel are channeling their own magical personalities, their Higher Selves, their uniquenesses. And it is well, when it is finished, that you mentally acknowledge that you slip off the garment of light and move back into the illusion of energy fields and the experiences that challenge you to love.

The magical personality is one which is grounded in the deepest humility and in the strongest sense, paradoxical though it may seem, of the worth of the self. Like a string or a ribbon, time unrolling behind you gives you information at each present moment as you request it. It is well for those who wish to maintain the magical personality for a longer time than a mediation to work with visualizations. The first visualizations are simply shapes: the square, the circle, the triangle. The discipline it requires to hold this image in consciousness is the same kind of discipline that an artist employs as it studies its technique that it may, in the end, be a better instrument through which music or communication or healing or living may be used to allow it to be the shining metaphysical being that it truly is.

It is not advisable, in our opinion, to keep the magical personality any longer than you are able to remain completely clear within. This normally limits that which the magical personality may do to very brief moments within the waking hours and to enspiriting dreams during those hours when the subconscious and the conscious move together in play, in ritual and in meaning. For woe betide those who act as if they were acting out of the magical personality when they are less than clear. May we say, this is extremely unadvisable and that the student of the magical personality who does not wish to study the Tree of Life, the Kabbala and all those things which would inform him of the history of this concept, content himself with knowing that the magical personality lies within him, fallow and ready to bloom. When you call upon it may you do so in humility. We hope you may call upon it often, but always protect the self before you open your vulnerable spirit to that which, though it is you, appears within the illusion to be another.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank each present for asking with an whole heart that which is of the greatest concern to each, for we cannot be of service without the asking and we treasure each opportunity to respond to your queries with that which we have found helpful in our own journeys of seeking.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group, thanking each for the joy and the love that is given to us, and we leave each in that joy and that love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.


The reprint costs of THE RA MATERIAL recently doubled and we have sold all of the 8 1/2 x 11 blue copies of Book Two of THE LAW OF ONE, so Book Two is now available in the quality paperback format as well, and our order sheet reflects the necessary increase in our costs for these books.

We will have the second tape in our Sunday Meditation Tape Series ready for distribution within the next month or so.

Carla’s health continues to improve, and we continue to be grateful to everyone who has sent love and support to her these last few months.

And we also continue to be grateful to all those who have volunteered to transcribe our Sunday meditation tapes. Your help is appreciated very much.

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