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Light/Lines Newsletter

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories and L/L Research.


Group question: We would like information this afternoon about the nature of our spiritual seeking in general and perhaps the role that those such as Q’uo and Hatonn have to play in that seeking. How are you a service to us, and how might we be of service to each other in this seeking?

(Hatonn, March 27, 1994)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are those of Hatonn. We thank each for calling us to your group this day. It is a privilege and a blessing to join in your meditation and to blend our vibrations with yours.

We are those who come to your peoples at this time in hopes of being of service by providing information and opinion concerning spiritual evolution. It is our understanding that this present period which you now enjoy is part of a season of harvest or completion upon your Earth world. In this time of transition to a more densely lit illusion there is great opportunity, we feel, for entities who are seeking to accelerate their process of spiritual evolution to do so. We are those who wish to assist, as we may, those who request our opinion and presence.

We are those of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. Institutions equivalent in general nature to ours among your peoples might include the Peace Corps or those who work with Vista in the inner city. Not missionaries, not religions do we present in ourselves but, rather, counselors attempting to inform those who request our service of our understanding of the basic nature of the creation, the Creator and each seeker’s place within this cosmology or world view.

In many, many ways through the years which we have spent speaking to your peoples, we have offered again and again a very simple message: the Creator, we feel, is of a nature which is unified and which may be summed up by a vibratory level. This vibration, we call love. The Creator, to us, is a mystery. We know, or feel we know, that the Creator is indeed the Creator, that this Creator is possessed of an infinite intelligence. This infinite intelligence is expressed in that vibration which is love. Each entity also has a vibration, indeed a complex of vibratory levels harmonizing to make your unique signature or pattern of vibration.

The teaching we offer is this: as each seeker moves its vibratory complex closer and closer to the vibration of love, so does the infinite self within each seeker begin to sound its true note and identity. Thusly, as it is written in your holy work, one might say as did the teacher known to you as Jesus, “Be perfect, even as your Father is perfect.” That this is an unreachable goal within the illusions we both experience is undoubtedly so. However, as the seeker sharpens its desire for and its hunger for more harmonious vibratory patterns, as this seeker then persists stubbornly in seeking again and again to move the personal vibratory complex closer to the pure vibration of love, so does desire create the perfect work within.

In any human terms these attempts to be as the Deity are useless. In the metaphysical world, where intention and desire are as real as a chair or a person, such seeking is effective, and as the seeker persists in seeking this vibration the seeker begins to experience more and more spiritually-based coincidence or synchronicity which acts as a kind of feedback, letting the seeker know that it is cooperating with its destiny and has begun to accelerate the rate of its spiritual evolution.

We come not to move people away from paths of seeking which are satisfying to them. We wish to place no stumbling block before any. However, in many cases among your peoples those who seek most fervently are themselves alienated from the traditional, cultural, religious systems. To those entities we present a general and non-dogmatic way of looking at creation, the Creator, and each seeker’s place within that creation. By doing this we hope to be of service, by affording those who may need a home, spiritually speaking, such a home. We hope for no church, nor do we hope for any power within your world. Rather, we simply make ourselves available through channels such as this one in order to present that alternative for those who may find it useful.

It is our understanding that each person on this planet existed in perfect potentiation before the world you know as Earth was formed. Each unique spark of love, each entity, was already loved and cared for before all that you see as the creation came to be, for the essence of each of you is a thought. The manifestation of that thought, your flesh and blood, bone and sinew, is as a garment. You clothe yourselves for your few years of incarnation in, this flesh and wear it until you have truly worn it out, and then, like a garment, it is laid aside and that unique spark of love which is you moves onward. And where you move onward to is dependent upon how you have dealt with those issues which you chose for your own learning within this incarnative experience. You are love and you seek love, yet this love is biased and distorted in many, many crazy ways. Crazy, we say, like the images in the fun-house of mirrors at a carnival.

Why would the Creator place each entity within such a heavy and crazy illusion? What is the point behind all of this manifestation which seems to offer suffering, loss and limitation at least as often as it offers those things which you think are good? We see each of you in a very, very long view. To us, you belong to infinity, for we see each of you as eternal. We also see that the great glory and purpose of your experience is that you shall suffer as you learn, and in that suffering you shall be transformed.

Now, not all of your people wish to hear our words, and this is entirely acceptable. Many there are who do not yet wish to take control of their own spiritual evolution. They do not yet desire the responsibility of considering the possibility that it does make a very real difference how one chooses to be and to act. To those entities we bow with respect and say, “Sleep on.” But we say to those who are awake, “Watch and pray, for you know not the hour when that which is yet to come shall arrive.”

Now we quote again the teacher known to you as Jesus. This entity spoke of a wedding feast. To this feast were invited the high and the mighty, the comfortable and the well-off. Yet one must have business here and another there, and so the wedding feast had empty places. Therefore, the father sent out people to comb the neighborhood for anyone on the street to come to the feast. There is a feast and we invite each to come. That feast is love and each of you may be more and more one who dwells in the presence of that divine love.

In terms of the practical, for this instrument requested mentally that we be more practical, we suggest a commitment of some of your time and attention to the process of seeking the One Infinite Creator. This commitment of time need not be a great one but, rather, it needs to be regular. We suggest to each what you might call silent prayer or meditation. There is much good in speaking to the Infinite One, to having a relationship with this infinite intelligence. Yet does not a part of any relationship depend upon listening? Just so, we suggest that each seeker spend some time each day, if it be only a few moments, actively practicing the listening to that still, small voice which your Bible speaks of. For the Creator speaks not with thunder or disaster or great noise but rather the Creator speaks in silence. For there are no words which may carry the energy of the Infinite One. Therefore, the Infinite One’s relationship to you is one of being, is one of presence. We encourage each to spend a few moments each day practicing the presence of the Infinite Creator, simply allowing the self to realize that the ground upon which you sit is holy ground, for the Creator is everywhere, and all things come within that holy orbit.

When we speak of love we do not speak of the love of friends or the romantic love of men and women. Indeed, we realize that this word, love, is itself confusing, for it means so many different emotions, not one of which has the power or purity of the One Infinite Creator’s love. This love is as a creative thought and energy which has literally manifested all that there is. The nature of the universe is love which affects light in ways which build all that is manifest. You gaze at a creation builded entirely of light, governed by love. When we greet you in the love and in the light of the Infinite Creator we ground ourselves and you in all that there is.

We would at this time stop and ask if there are questions at this time. We are those of Hatonn.

[I have a question, Hatonn. I have a question concerning communicating with others, those that we are meeting in everyday life and sharing with them the world of seeking and our feeling about it in such a way as not to infringe upon their free will. I wish you would comment on talking about what is important for me, for example, with somebody else who doesn’t ask. Do I wait until they express desire to hear, or what is a harmonious way to go about doing this, spreading the light?]

We are those of Hatonn and grasp your query. Service is one of the more difficult things to accomplish well. The attempt to be of spiritual service to another, we feel, must depend in the first or primary place upon the free will of the individual to be served. It is well to wait until an entity asks you for your service before you attempt to render this service. For if that which you have to say has not been requested in some way, it is very likely that it will be considered irrelevant by the one whom you seek to serve. More than that, it may constitute a stumbling block for the entity you wish to help. This is sometimes frustrating for it is as though you see a child who will burn itself on a hot stove, yet the child must learn just that way what “hot” means. And if you see an entity bowed down with grief or trouble and you feel this entity could be helped by your opinion we encourage you, then, to see that you have, by offering what is not requested, confused and baffled energies that need to be felt as harmonious and sympathetic.

The service that is rendered by overtly speaking is easy to understand rationally and, therefore, it looks like the best way to serve. However it is hard to overestimate the effect that a silent witness may have. There is a witness which each gives by the way it lives, by the way it moves through the being and the doing of everyday living. If you are practicing the presence of the One Infinite Creator, if you are living in faith rather than seeking and scrabbling for proof, if you have hope and trust and love and smile, these things will speak for you, without your doing anything, and this silent witness may bless without invading, for it is primary that each entity freely choose that which it chooses.

For the choice made is so very important. What choice would that be but the choice of how to love? There are two ways of expressing more and more love. One is the way of the sun, the radiant energy of free giving. In this way of accelerating the process of spiritual evolution the seeker attempts at each point of choice to make the choice which is of the higher amount of service to others, feeling that in each face which it sees is the face and nature of the Creator.

The other way of accelerating and progressing spiritually is to take all the light around and attempt to hold it to the self. This way of being and learning has various names among your peoples, such as the left-hand path. We often call it the path of service to self. When you see an entity relating to those around it depending upon what use they might be to it, then you see an entity operating along the lines of service to self. Perhaps one might call entities such as this negative or selfish, and perhaps one might call entities who are following the path of service to others those who seek along the positive path, but these are simply names. The entities who are still asleep to spiritual seeking dwell down in the middle of a great arc of energy. For them the energy remains at the bottom of the energy well, for they are not creating or amassing power by how they live.

We who are of the Confederation are seeking along the lines of service to others and we come to those who are seeking along this positive path. We are very willing to aid, and if you wish us to aid in your meditations you have but to mentally request our presence. When we are with a meditating entity we do not give messages or attempt contact verbally. We simply move into the meditative vibration, sharing with the seeker in this meditation. It is as though someone else was singing along with you. The note is more firm and steady. This is the benefit we offer, that your meditations might be somewhat deeper. We are pleased to do this if you wish and would not infringe upon you by offering this service unless you ask for our service.

We thank each for allowing us to share our opinions. Take only those words which have meaning for you and leave the rest behind, for we are not authorities but those who come in friendship and love. We love you and bless each of you and thank you for the great honor of speaking. At this time we take our leave of you, rejoicing merrily in the love and the infinite light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.

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