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Light/Lines Newsletter

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS NEWSLETTER: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories and L/L Research.


Group question: The question today, Q’uo, deals with the concept of self-doubt in relation to change and to the increased vibrations that everybody seems to feel. More stress, more choices, more anxiety in the life pattern. We would like for you to give us an idea of how we can deal with self-doubt when stability in the way things are seems so much more comfortable? How can we deal with change in making choices on the spiritual path?

The February 4, 2002 transcript in this Newsletter is already represented in the L/L Research Transcripts section. Please click here to go to that transcript.


L/L Research’s Homecoming for 2002 will be held January 31, 2003 to February 1, 2003, to accommodate Jim’s work schedule. We would love to see you there, too! We always have a great time, and I hope you can join us this year. Space is limited, so if you are interested, please let us know as soon as you can, for the weekend does fill up.

Take a look at the back of the enclosed L/L order blank to learn more about Marianne Weidlein. Carla recently worked with her, and wanted to share this marvelous woman’s particulars.

Carla is now offering counseling and personal channelings. For more information, check the L/L web site ( Thanks to those who have responded to the notice about a graded group. It is most encouraging.

Carla will be speaking on unconditional love and other things at the Time Of Global Shift conference in Huntsville, AL, on November 16th. For full information, check out We will also be going to Holland with the Time Of Global Shift team (from February 14 to 16, 2003).

With Christmas coming, we encourage you to think of our books and T-shirts when you are getting “a little something” for your buddies.

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