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In choosing to know Itself the Creator flung from Itself innumerable and infinite sparks of love which coalesced into each awareness that dwells within the infinite awareness. …Thus, the choice that birthed each of you was a choice to know the truth, to know the self, and as the Creator is love, so is each entity love. This is the central truth. This is that which does not change. Yet this is that which is ever wrapped in mystery. Each…has come through many planes of existence, has learned a great deal, and…chose not only this incarnation now being experienced but also that cast of characters with whom each entity interacts…who have significant connections with the self…Each difficulty, each crux that leaves one in a position of being forced to discover the self has been placed not with a hand that desires to punish but with a hand of loving self that wishes to serve ever more deeply, ever more purely.

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