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It is very common in those who have awakened and have tasted the nectar of unconditional love for them to strive to spend all of their time in the harmonious reaches of the upper chakras of the energy body…These are wonderful climes and indeed a portion of you may spend all of its time in those heavenly realms.However, the key to living a balanced life is the constant rooting of those higher energies in the Earth, and the constant uplifting of all lower energies by bringing them into the open heart. Therefore, we would suggest that it is unwise to remain ever in the higher work, but rather it is well to balance all working in consciousness by moving into the lower chakras by praising and giving respect and honor to the most seemingly base or menial of energies…of sexuality, politeness, responsibility and all those things that would seem to drag you down. Know and find the way to discover ever more clearly that there is no part of life that is not sacred.

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