21 January, 1974

First meditation

Hatonn: My friends, of what substance is the universe made? We have told you that this substance is light. You may also call this substance energy, vibration [or] consciousness. And yet, my friends, by itself, this substance, this fundamental unitary substance would remain in an uncorporate state. The shaping force, my friends, is love.

21 January, 1974

Second meditation

Hatonn: Why are your people at this time not very interested in these thoughts? We have said, time and time again, that thoughts of this nature are what the people of this planet need. And yet they show very little interest. This puzzled us at first, until we became more familiar with the reasons for the thinking of the population in general of this planet. We are now aware of some of the problems involved in bringing truth and understanding to a people so very long in the darkness that has been generated by those that have gone before them in the history of this planet.

17 January, 1974

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are preparing to launch a new attack upon your planet, an attack of love. If one is to attack with love, it is necessary that it be done with utmost care. The only possibility, if one is to attack with love, is that the ones attacked desire that they be attacked. More and more of the people of your planet have become aware of this attack. More and more of them are now welcoming this attack. For this reason, it is possible to accelerate our program.

16 January, 1974

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: This instrument receives my thoughts, and relays them to you. These thoughts are not my exclusive property. They are the thoughts of an entire creation of our infinite Creator. It is not necessary for the instrument to be used for you to know these thoughts. They are available to all people in all places at all times, for they are the thoughts of the Creator. And these thoughts were meant for all of mankind, in all places. These thoughts are the thoughts with which the Creator created us.

15 January, 1974

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: We are here to serve you. We will be here to serve you. We have been here to serve you. We are here to serve all of the people who wish our service. We cannot presume that our service is of value to all people in all places. Therefore, we can only offer what we have. You must accept or reject. Sometimes, you wonder why we give you what you might consider to be relatively elementary material, or material that is repeated. We do this because this is what it needed. In actuality, this is all that is needed. It is only necessary to learn to think in the original way planned by the Creator of us all to totally benefit from all of His gifts.

14 January, 1974

Monday meditation

Hatonn: It has been the practice of the people of this planet to separate their thinking from the thinking of others. This is not a common situation. It is not a necessary situation. It is a false illusion. It is very simple, my friends, to rid yourselves of the illusion that your mind is a separate and unique entity. It is very easy to establish contact with us in the same way that this instrument has. It is only necessary that you first become aware of the creation in its true essence. This causes a variation in the attunement of your mind.

13 January, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: I am speaking to you from a craft known to you as an “otevana.” It is a very, very large craft compared to your standards. It is several miles in length. We have been aboard this craft here above your planet for some numbers of years. It is like a world in itself, and is used for intergalactic travel. Aboard this craft we have all of the facilities that you have in your world, plus many others.

12 January, 1974

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: We, the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, are waiting to meet as many of the people of your planet as would wish to meet us. The reaction of the people of your planet is quite varied [as] to their realization of our presence. Some of them seem convinced that we are here now. Some of them do not believe in us at all. That is exactly the condition for which we have strived. It is a condition which will produce a maximum effort on the part of the individual to seek: to seek the truth of our existence, or of our nonexistence. This seeking will lead him upon other ideas. These ideas have been presented in many forms in your literature in the past many hundreds of years.

10 January, 1974

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: I am in a craft, high above you. I am aware of your thoughts, even though I am quite some distance above. I am, at this time, in a craft which is capable of interplanetary flight. This craft has been seen by some of your people. It will shortly be seen by more of them. It may shortly be seen by yourselves, if you look for it. The time is closely approaching now when we must be seen much, much more by the people of this planet.

8 January, 1974

Tuesday meditation

Oxal: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here now. Now is an important time. It is time, my friends, for your people to be awakened. It is time for them to understand what is happening. They have slept for a long enough time.