23 March, 1980

Intermediate meeting

3 February, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: Your planet is experiencing great turmoil. Yet if you had the ability to look into what you would call your future, as in some extent we do, you could see the great benefit that can be derived from your present difficulties. Your planet must grow. It must grow rapidly. And with this growth there shall be the accompanied pains of growth.

20 January, 1980

Intermediate meeting

Hatonn: My brothers and I are greatly pleased that you have gathered here this evening to seek truth. We know there are many ways to do this. And it is [inaudible] that, my friends, we always seek the truth [inaudible] they will [inaudible] for it is a wall, so to speak. Many paths have led up to this particular [form] where the paths cross. Let this time be a time to gather each of your vibrations together so that in this group effort you may feel more easily this light of the Creator which is in each of you.

6 January, 1980

Intermediate group

Latwii: When you go within, in your meditation, and invoke the light of your Creator you will find the truth, whether we have inspired you to meditate, whether it may be another source of a spiritual nature, or whether it may be simple misfortune which causes you to contemplate the meaning of your existence. The truth is not in our hands nor in the hands of other spiritual guides, nor in the hands of fate. The truth is truth. And it will forever be before you, a beacon of light. And you will forever follow it, learning and sharing with each other that which you gather, harvests of light along a road which leads onward.