3 May, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We of Hatonn are engaged at this time in a study of your manifestations, for we find them to be often confusing. It is not that they are confusing in their substance, but rather in their contradiction, for we do not understand sometimes how you are able, as a people, to pursue that which you simultaneously deplore. My brothers, the lessons of your dimension are many and can be difficult, therefore, we urge you to maintain an awareness whenever possible of the fact that you exist within an illusion of your own creation. If your creation, your illusion, is contradictory, then you will find that your growth is impeded in that you expend your energy praying for and rejecting at the same time.

26 April, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Oxal: We would speak to you this evening, my friends, about dissatisfaction. In your illusion dissatisfaction is the watchword. There are few indeed among your peoples who can be said to be satisfied with their condition, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. The reaction of your peoples is to attempt to eliminate dissatisfaction by correcting those items which cause dissatisfaction.

19 April, 1981

Sunday meditation easter

[overview] Hatonn: My brothers, it is with great pleasure that we of the Federation are able to share with you once again our simple thoughts and aspirations for those of your planet and dimension. It in easy enough for us to see areas of improvement that you may strive towards, yet, my brothers, you must understand that your confusion is similar to the confusion that we experience on our own level. Therefore, my brothers, be not down-hearted at our seeming unwillingness to communicate to you those lessons which you are striving so hard to learn in your struggle for growth. We of Hatonn are pleasured in that we are often sought by those of this group and other groups for our advice, yet we are reluctant often to communicate to you the answer to those questions you pose. For, my brothers, it is not our place to prevent your growth by handing you the answers as one schoolboy with a crib sheet to another.

12 April, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: It is for the purpose of sharing this one simple Thought that we feel the greatest of honors in addressing your group each session where it is possible for us to be with you. This evening we would speak a few words once again on the subject of love. This subject which is the focus of most of our communications with you is yet the subject which is not well understood by many of your people and, indeed, we would say that few really understand the concept of love, though many times have they heard the concept reviewed. It is for this reason that we speak again and again on this simple concept, for simple though it is, yet much seems to stand in the way of the peoples of your planet and their understanding of this simple concept.

5 April, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: My friends, it in written in your holy works: “I have waited for the Lord more than the watchman for the morning, more than the watchman for the morning.” We would speak to you this evening of the love that manifests itself to you more slowly than you would perhaps wish. We would speak to you of patience and waiting. It is very difficult for your peoples to wait for anything for among your peoples it is understood that each entity has rights and privileges and these include prompt results from any energy output. And yet we say to you, my friends, that when your day is done and you look back upon it you find, perhaps, all too much of your precious time has been spent waiting for inconsequential and petty things, those things which shall not outlast this transient illusion nor even last until your next week, your next month, your next year.

29 March, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We know that those of you who have been attending these meditations for a period of time now are very familiar with the message which we have to offer. The message of love seems very simple to those who have heard it, but, my friends, we ask you in truth, how simple is the Creator? Is it not a simple thing to consider that the Creator is all about you? Is it not a simple thing to consider that the Creator, being all things, loves all things, each part of Its creation? Yes, my friends, it is simple, a simple thing to consider this simple truth, yet so many of your people find it so difficult to express such a simple truth, such a simple recognition in their daily lives. It seems, by observation, so much simpler for entities to consider only their own momentary interests as they go about their daily round of activities. It seems so much simpler to forget that the Creator is within each being that you meet, is within each experience that you encounter.

22 March, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: My friends, we have spoken to you often of love. We know that those to whom we speak are seeking that ineffable power and substance that is the creative force of all that there is, the simple, single substance of creation. And yet how hard it is, my friends, to constantly remember that we are seekers and that what we are seeking is love, for do we not seek other things, my friends, during each day? How many other things has each of you sought during this day? Many, many times my friends, it may seem to you that you are on a runaway freight train, as this instrument would put it, that you have begun a sequence of events, gotten on a track from which there is no removing yourself. My friends, this is not so and is a condition of the illusion which is reinforced only by your belief in it. There is no track that cannot be replaced with one which you more truly seek. The secret lies not in catching the right train but in knowing yourself; knowing enough about yourself to seek your deepest desires.

8 March, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: Imagine yourself, my friends, as a young man at the dawn of [inaudible], contemplating with some despair the difficulties and limitations of responsibility and adulthood. Imagine then a guide, a guardian, coming to this young man and saying, “Come with me and I shall show you the alternative to your difficulties and your limitations.”

4 February, 1981

Intensive Meditation

28 January, 1981

Intensive meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator do not ask you to believe. We ask you to question. We do not pretend to have the answers although we do have information to share. We are not those who know, we are those who seek. And when we speak to you we ask you to join us in that seeking, but not against the backdrop of those things which your people wish to limit themselves by defining as the limits for seeking. We ask you to seek against the backdrop that to us is meaningful. That is the backdrop of the infinite creation, the one Creator. It is our understanding that this one Creator is the very core of each and every thing that exists, and that each ear that hears these words is part of some of the Creator. We are one being.