25 January, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We do not have a language adequate to give to you the concepts which we offer. Those concepts are not complex but very simple. Simplicity, my friends, defies description in your language. The beauty defies description in your language. The truth defies description in your language. For your language, my friends, is not based in the system of thought which encompasses reality.

21 January, 1981

Intensive meditation

[overview] Laitos: My friends, we wish to reassure you about the nature of love, for in many cases it seems as fragile as a newborn rose in the snow—beautiful but transient. As you continue in your seeking you will find that the rose may wither, the preserved odor may fade but the memory and the knowledge of that beauty is as infinite as your being. You hold each perception within you and you assign to it that value which seems proper. Look then to each moment, for in even the most difficult or confused circumstance love resides, and not as a fragile thing but as the very heart of your experience.

18 January, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Oxal: I wish only to share with you the image, my friends, of the center of all things. When there is that which spins, you may call it a top or a gyroscope, there is always a center which allows the whirling to continue to be balanced. As you are light beings, the energy which spins you is called love. The balance must come from the coordination of light and the polarities of love. Therefore, please think upon the virtues of the balanced gyroscope, which is always aware of the level and true path. And in your meditation seek always to know your own center.

11 January, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Laitos: My brothers, at this time I would share with you a small story. At one time in the past of your planet, a man came from a small town in a poor country proclaiming that he was able to hear the words and the voice of a father who existed in another realm from his own physical, [visible] father. Naturally, his neighbors knew he was crazy, for this, they knew, was not the way the universe worked. Still the man persisted. He was very insistent. He claimed that his father, of all things, was everyone’s father and that, for this reason, everyone was brothers and sisters. Surely, my brothers, this was a calamity, for how could one hate or cheat or kill his own brother or sister? There was but one thing to do: the man must be silenced.

5 January, 1981

Advanced meeting

[overview] Hatonn: We are, at this time, initiating several, what you would call modes, for sending these messages which we have for your people. One of these programs has to do with your radio communications. We are, at this time, preparing certain communications to be substituted for some of your programming. This, I am sure, is a surprise to each of you, as it is to the instrument to which I am speaking through, but let me assure you, in the very near future that we will be using your radio communication to influence, shall I say, the thinking, without infringing upon those [inaudible] but we will bring them, without pain, to the limits of what you call [inaudible] of our reality or existence.

4 January, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Latwii: We wish you to understand the utter simplicity in which we come. We do not have a complex story to tell. We speak one word and that is love. The original Thought that created all that there is, is love. This simple and consuming fire is the fire of creation, is the fire of change, of transformation and of infinity. There is no end to love. You may think of love in many ways. There are many words for love—in many languages. And many different words have been used by your peoples to attempt to express the plenitude of the original Thought, for love is all that there is. Thus, we are not only your brothers and sisters, we and you are one for we are love. Look into the face of the one next to you, my friends. You are seeing love.