21 March, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: “Be not afraid” is a statement, an injunction most easy to say and at times not so easy to do, and as you came together in this domicile at this time to listen to our humble message, we are aware that in many ways you come seeking to find whole that which has been broken, to find in a larger amount that which you feel you have not in great enough quantity.

14 March, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, on your planet the season has changed. New life will soon begin, entities growing, developing, each seeking the light, each wishing its own place in the whole of the Creation. The new life depends on a fragile balance of those things necessary for life in your illusion, the need for water, for food, for light, but each also needs a guide, a hand, whether it is advantage of more suitable genetic traits, such things as plants, or the aid of one more older [as] entities aid the young of your animal life or for the lives of the human.

12 March, 1982

Friday evening

Hatonn: My friends, it is difficult at times to share with one another our feelings of confusion or sorrow, for these emotions stem from an awareness that we are somehow unable to balance within ourselves our perceptions of the universe within which we live. As these emotions, therefore, are based upon confusion it is understandably difficult to attempt to describe to one another these feelings.

7 March, 1982

Sunday evening

Hatonn: My friends, tonight we would share with you a few thoughts on the subject of purity. It is difficult to conceive of purity within the realm of your illusion, for as your illusion is permeated with indecision, as your illusion is the point at which the individual must select—correction—elect to polarize in one direction or the other, there is a strong tendency to accept a proximity to purity as the totality itself.

5 March, 1982

Friday evening

Hatonn: My friends, tonight we would share with you a small story concerning a lamb which had strayed from the flock, from its mother, from the shepherd whose efforts to ensure the lamb’s safety within the flock were circumvented by the lamb’s curiosity. You see, my friends, the lamb, realizing that among the flock there was simply retracing the steps already covered by those around it, chose to wander further and further toward the edge of the flock, seeking experience beyond what could be and often was narrated by its elders.

28 February, 1982

Sunday meditation

[Hatonn]: My friends, as you progress in your search to find your own relationship to the Creator, you must at one point along the way come to grips with the fact that within you lies a portion of that same consciousness which the one known as Jesus exemplified.

26 February, 1982

Friday evening

Hatonn: The individual known to you as Jesus Christ, known to himself as Amira, came to your race, to your planet, many of your years ago. He sought not to found a religion, a dynasty, or a kingdom on Earth but rather to be of service to those who sought to free themselves from the illusion that had begun to bind them so tightly. It may be said that this man was no greater than any other that has walked your planet, for his accomplishment was, in simple terms, to do that which he intended upon entering your density. My brothers, my sisters, was this not the same purpose for which you yourselves entered this density?

25 February, 1982

Intensive meditation

Laitos: We are happy, as always, to be allowed the chance to help those who seek to serve in the capacity of channels for [the] humble message of the Confederation. Each voice that is lent is greatly appreciated and aids more than can be hoped for. As each receives and speaks the words, the thoughts, each will in their own way express these as their store of [inaudible]. Each speaks as his orientation allows. Each channels vocabulary, background knowledge. Each has their own forms of expression, their own ways of conceiving the message that is transmitted to them. Each message may sound a bit different from one channel to another, but the differences in the presentation of the words are not as important as the basic meanings of the whole. While one may be able to use words not in your peoples’ common vocabulary, they say no more than the one whose knowledge of words is small.

21 February, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Tonight we wish to speak a few words about compassion, feelings that you experience in regard to your fellow entities, your planet. In your illusion, my friends, you are constantly faced with choices, and each affects, not only you, but also indirectly or sometimes directly affects those around you. These choices, as you develop, may at times seem very clear and shall be easy for you to do that which will aid you the most in your journey, but in your illusion few things are simple. Your illusion is such that in no case can the line clearly be drawn between serving of others, the serving of the self.

14 February, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: On your planet the season you call spring is at hand. As your weather begins a change and as the warmth begins to return, a new cycle is about to begin. New growth will stretch and reach for the light, will bask in the warmth [inaudible] will be nurtured and will fulfill its purpose. My friends, you are reaching, stretching, ever attempting to expose more and more [inaudible] to the light, to the love of the Creator. In this illusion in which you are now a part, you are slowly, steadily, fulfilling your purpose, attempting to be a part of the whole. You, as you become more and more aware of the love that is within, without and that is you, blossoming, growing, fulfilling, as you are nurtured by the light the radiance of yourself shines increasingly brighter. You cannot hide it, for it is part of you and it is there for others to see; whether they can appreciate or not, whether they will become like it or seek to ignore or destroy, the light that is you shines.