11 February, 1982

Intensive meditation

Laitos: It is, as always, a great privilege to be allowed to work with those who seek to serve as channels to speak the humble message of the Confederation. We of Laitos know that for many of those who attempt to serve as channels there come times when the individual begins to regress somewhat in the progress they have made. The ones who choose to serve as channels often find doubts in their minds about their abilities, doubts about whether they are truly receiving, doubts about whether they are speaking randomly or not and soon with the message that the Confederation offers.

7 February, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We of Hatonn would like at this time to share with you a story, one in which a child is born, lives and dies in the manner of your density, yet accomplishes a great deal more than is obvious to those who shared his presence. The child of whom we speak was in no way outstanding, either physically or mentally. The child was of inauspicious parentage, having been raised of poor parents in a small village. When the child reached maturity he joined himself with a woman for he sought the comfort that this type of companionship could provide. As things progress in your density, the child grew older, fathered children, grew older again, and eventually died.

4 February, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: It has been said, “To work is to pray,” and for those lucky enough, shall we say, to have found occupations which enable them to supply themselves with the necessities of survival which also feed the spirit, this is in the deepest sense true. You may find these people working with their hands to make beauty, working with their minds as channels of various forms of love, working among people in such a way that their very being is of service in a substantial manner. But for so many, my friends, the connection between the daily life and love, between action and meditation, is not apparent. And in order for you to become able to link in any way the work of empty form which you find yourselves performing and the work which is love, it is recommended that you begin with the meditation rather than with the work.

31 January, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: You, my friends, are as those who search through days and nights, through clarity and haze, through clichés and misunderstanding, looking restlessly for the inspiration that will be food for your true self. How diversely you look. Were you capable of travel, your desire is such you would seek the Earth over and you would have many strange experiences, and yet we say to you, you have many and strange experiences. It is your discriminatory power which will point the heart of your experiences out to you and make you realize the incredible adventure of experiencing the illusion which you experience.

10 January, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: There are changes as the seasons pass by the years. New relationships are formed and changes of relationships that are [inaudible], that all is growing. With change there are two directions that a person can face in order to see change that he or that others around him are going through. One may look in the forward direction or one may look in the direction from which one has already been. Both are equally valuable although it is easy sometimes to be caught in the focusing on one of the two directions.

3 January, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, the nature of the journey that you are on is such that it may bring about periods in which you feel that your pilgrimage is no longer functioning properly. We ask you to consider a small example of such a pilgrimage. Take for example the young man. He is alone, and he seeks to make a journey, and as he seeks, he changes. This young man grows older year by year and experiences various locations, various entities. He is a visitor in homes which seem to him to be oh, so normal and so pleasant, and he asks himself over the years, “Why, if I am like other men, can I not have such pleasantness?”