4 February, 1987

Intensive meditation

28 January, 1987

Intensive meditation

Laitos: We wish to create for the one known as W a protected space of time at this time in which this entity may safely dwell in silence.

25 January, 1987

Sunday meditation

What style of life makes one more adaptable to the spiritual journey, whether it might be the more community oriented lifestyle of the Communist China where the individual is programmed and taught to think of the welfare of the group, or the type of lifestyle of the hermit who lives secluded for years contemplating the Creator, or the style of life that we ordinary American citizens enjoy where we have many temptations and ability to express ourselves in whatever way we choose?

18 January, 1987

Sunday meditation

“Ahbout Dey:... a Tibetan, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the One Who Is All. I thank you for allowing me to speak with your group. I am not a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, nor am I a social being, but an individual as are each of you. I speak from an icy fastness far from humankind, and wish to contact this instrument for the purpose of sharing the joy of experiencing what I would call the end of the personal trail of my life. I have placed myself in my final resting place and will soon be gone from this Earthly habitation. My path has been strange, and I am most honored to be able to share with those who may share sympathy with me and wish me well, the story of my life.”

11 January, 1987

Sunday meditation

“Q’uo: You have asked us to discuss the paradox of opposite emotions. ‘Why,’ you ask, ‘is there both joy and sorrow?’”

10 January, 1987

Saturday meditation

[A question from S regarding this statement by Q’uo] “We would speak to you this evening about love. The call this evening circles around many concerns, yet there is only one response to the many-sided concern of illusion, and that is gently, cleanly and with grace to suggest the turning of the attention always to that which is the unity, the mystery, the love which is behind all the many scenes that shine, as if each part of the illusion were a sequin sewn on to an almost unimaginably large structure or model for the delight and benefit of all, that all could walk around and behold the beauty of the illusion.”

4 January, 1987

Sunday meditation

“Q’uo: We would speak with you this evening about that event with which some of your group have been involved and about which they are now curious, that is, the recent global day of peace. We shall not speak specifically about this one event, but rather about the mass spiritually based event in general and its nature.”