(Carla channeling)

...which is known to this instrument as the chambered nautilus. As this sea creature grows it becomes too large for his previous shell and creates for himself a larger one and when in the course of time he then grows, he then creates a larger shell and so on in a beautiful and unending spiral until such time as he has no need for it whatsoever, for any physical vehicle, the consciousness having left this form. Then, my friends, all the shells are empty, having served their purpose.

There are two distinct stages to the development of your mental vehicle. In the first stage, it is primarily important that you constantly be aware that in each situation there is freedom, and you are not iron- bound by any restrictions from the outside. In order to fashion this awareness, it is in this stage necessary that you construct for yourself a larger mental shell, a larger home in which to dwell. Each time that you find that a situation is impressing you as limiting or difficult, it is time for inner work, my friends, in which you explore and discover the larger and more spacious mental atmosphere that is necessary for your balance.

There is a certain point in your development when you will find that you do not need a shell at all, but instead, in the vulnerable body of consciousness, you may swim out into the waters of the universe and merge with all that there is. In that moment, my friends, you will have discovered that there is no need for any vehicle whatsoever, for all things are one. And as your home is the universe, and as all things are one, no protection is necessary.

We are aware that this second stage is, for the most part, a very distant goal and yet we wish you to know that it does exist and that within it is a larger reality which in good time will supersede the limitations and the difficulties of your present state of consciousness. Meanwhile, enlarge your shell, my friends, through meditation and contemplation. Open yourself within, for the world without only seems to press in upon you. In reality, it is pressing upon itself and you are free.

We are enjoying this contact and find that transfer of information is very smooth at this time. We would like to leave this instrument at this time and use the instrument known as N. I am Hatonn.

(N channeling)

I am Hatonn. I will continue. Our intention, my friends, can be compared to food ... to the food of the sea creature, the food the creature must eat in order to grow. To outgrow the old shell and to [inaudible]. Your intention is food from the Creator, so to speak.

At this time I would like to transfer to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

We are with this instrument and again I greet you in love and light. At this time, if you have a question I will request that you ask it.

Hatonn, hi, it’s been awhile. I’ve been reading a book in which it states that a man named Timothy Leary has said that the discovery of DNA was a very, very important scientific and spiritual discovery. I wonder if you could comment on its importance and non-importance?

I am with the instrument, and I greet you, my brother, and affirm that we are never away from you as you think of us and question our existence, yet always send us your love. We always send you ours and never question your existence.

I don’t really question your existence but I question your form.

I am with the instrument. That, my brother, is a simple question. We will attempt to answer the question on DNA for it is an interesting one and, indeed, central to an understanding of the essential nature of evolution. For evolution is of a unitary nature and is not physical as opposed to metaphysical, for all things function in a certain way which is a way of, shall we say, the broken circle, or the spiral.

When the Creator sent all things into darkness to begin the great trip back to Him He defined the infinite circle and, yet, as we climb from cycle to cycle, we seem to be moving. And, indeed, we are moving within the parameters of what we may call the spiritual journey. But at the end of the journey we will find what we have been describing: not a spiral, but a circle.

To understand the building block of your physical vehicle is to begin to get a model also for the building blocks of [the] journey towards the light. You begin to see that which is physical as an extremely complex but completely understandable and programmable series of bits of information which are capable of reduplication and progression in space and time.

That which is programmable is reprogrammable. And so evolution—on a physical level—has its existence. It is a simple truth to realize that the nature of your spiritual journey, of the journey of your star system, of the journey of your galaxy, and of the journey of the universe as you know it, progresses along a similar series of programmable and reprogrammable cycles. What your scientist have not yet discovered is that there is a purpose behind the existence of consciousness, whether it be the consciousness of the self, the consciousness of a being of a race, of a star system, of a galaxy, or of the universe.

Without the understanding of this purpose, those of your scientific community who deal with genetic and that which is called [recombinant] research may act irresponsibly and, yet, this has been done before and its consequences and planetary karma have been reaped and, yet, my friends, the cycle goes on.

Does this answer your question?

Actually, no, not fully. I do understand what you’re saying, I appreciate it. But what I was thinking was that DNA is sort of like the cosmic telegraph office between the message of the Creator and the cells of our body. I was also thinking one night in a somewhat questionable visual state that the DNA, the matrix plan for the DNA is also that of rejuvenation and a lot of the basic drives for reproduction. Rather than just the creation itself, it also has sort of that [duty.] The telegraph office of the [inaudible] would deliver the message to create the unique mind and personality and drives. Am I correct?

I am with the instrument. That which is DNA is as a blueprint for the construction of a vehicle. Those drives which are part of the vehicle—that is, those of hunger, reproduction, desire for oxygen, and other necessary functions of the vehicle—are blueprinted by DNA. However, that which makes a being a being, is not DNA oriented but rather is within the, shall we say, eternal nature of the spirit or soul which inhabits and animates the actions of that vehicle for the time in which that vehicle will remain viably conscious on the physical level.

Now, there are, shall we say, blueprints which are the counterpart of DNA on the eternal or spiritual level ...

What about mental level?

That which is mental is a matter of programming as you know that are aware from what you have said and can be reprogrammed and this is what we were attempting to say about DNA itself. As the vehicle slowly follows evolution of a species so your mind can be reprogrammed by your conscious direction of will in appropriate circumstances. However, that which is eternal within you and which is related not to a day-to-day activity but to the personality which expresses itself in a timeless and instant vibration at all times, is not being fully reprogrammed by a mental reprogramming but is influenced over many lifetimes and many experiences.

However, a serious and concentrated effort can gradually make a distinction into the vibration of the being. In fact, at any moment your will and desire were strong enough you could instantly change your eternal being. It is simply that instant of will and perfect desire is not easily come by.

Doesn’t the will and desire already influence the genetic message? See, what I’m trying to get at is that it appears to me that people who have genetic malfunctions, like in their biases, they get karmically imposed, genetically, from the genetic message delivered by the soul so that [inaudible].

Let us separate theories of karma from the genetic structure of a physical vehicle. May we say first that each [inaudible] of incarnation is individual and not all genetic malfunctions are due to that which is known among your peoples as karma. However, if a soul is removing karma by a certain situation which it chooses, he does not form a physical vehicle with that genetic imbalance but rather chooses a physical vehicle which already has that imbalance. The imbalance itself is guided by the rules of DNA in its random combination. The parents of a particular physical vehicle might, by mediation, cause the randomness of DNA selection to be less random. However, this is due to the action at a distance effect of the mind upon physical particles—such as spermatozoa and ova.

The soul and its philosophical nature must not be considered to be interacting with the physical DNA genetic code prior to incarnation. The soul chooses the vehicle which best suits.

Does that [inaudible] of longevity and perhaps even immortality or this [inaudible]. Is that a conscious spiritual union of, through meditation, of the spiritual mind of the DNA genetic code?

That which is long life is desired by some among your peoples but in your present vibration it is not truly desirable. There will come a time when longevity is natural. Efforts to precede this natural moment by means of scientific and technological advances may perhaps be fascinating and inspiring to your peoples. However, when longevity is a desirable tool which you may use to good effect—learning and growing throughout a longer incarnation—the exterior vibrations will of necessity, have, shall we say, ameliorated and wars and violence and other negative aspects will have lessened in their impact on the planetary vibration.

The efforts of single individuals to have lives on the planet which do not take into account the outer negativity of the planetary vibration are lives which, shall we say, are those of a [inaudible] and may not be as rewarding to the progress of the soul. However, we realize that we are not addressing ourselves to your question but it is not a question that we can answer simply.

Are you saying that it would do just as much [inaudible] to spend a great a deal of time [inaudible] trying to communicate [inaudible] with our genetic code [inaudible] that would pretty much be a waste of time at this point?

Our basic feeling is that those who work in this area are great pioneers and as their work is perfected it is greatly hoped that that golden age so richly deserved may come to pass and all things will come in good time. However, while those who are working in this area continue, we have noticed that the planetary vibration itself becomes, perhaps a little darker, perhaps a little brighter, but basically the same. And our basic suggestion is that to help the planet grow is at least as desirable an activity as to help in an esoteric understanding which cannot be fully used until it can be used by all.

Well, thank you very much. As usual, I have more questions now then when I started. I really appreciate that.

We thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts with you. Is there another question?


I am aware of your question, my sister. First let us elucidate the question of the one known as Ra for his description of longevity as we understood it included not merely a long life as we now know it but that which you would term an impossibly long life such as one which spans two centuries or more. And, indeed, we enjoy a longer life than you by many centuries for our whole sense of time and space have changed as we have entered new vibratory patterns.

Now, secondly, let us address ourselves to your question of a normally long life being perhaps not desirable. May we say to you that lives as you know them, whether long or short by any standards, are in a certain pattern which you have chosen before you enter into the pattern. As a result of going from the beginning to the end of this pattern your spirit hopes that it will have learned certain lessons and thus have improved and refined the vibration which is its essence in the sphere of eternity in which all of you truly dwell.

When one contemplates and then does that which is known as suicide, one cuts short before the natural end the time of learning. And more often than not, the lessons which that soul had hoped to learn have not been learned. Consequently, it is often so that rather than alleviating karma, the action of taking one’s life adds more karma to the burden which is already carried and you are trying to discharge by the expression which is the lifetime which you are now living.

Thus, when you reenter incarnation, you have not only the original lesson to be learned but an additional severity to that lesson which is brought on by that pain that you have caused to those whom you have previously loved. Many times this type of karma is alleviated by the total forgiveness of those whom you have hurt. However, it is simply desirable to live until it is time for the lesson to be through, for your burdens to be laid down. It is a truism, we are aware, but we must repeat that you are not given those things which you cannot bear; thus, working through what is difficult.

When you finish with a lifetime, at its natural end, whether it be short or long, you can then go on and learn other, perhaps, more agreeable lessons in other, perhaps, more agreeable spheres of vibration. If you may think of your existence as having a natural rhythm and an ongoing purpose, perhaps it will be easier for you to understand that suicide, as you call it, is a stoppage of that rhythm in an arbitrary manner. Instead, it is desirable to proceed with the rhythm of your existence, always seeing the many blessings that are about you and letting the realization of love flow into you from the Father. If you can keep these realizations before you, your life, in this realm and all others, will be enjoyable and fruitful.

Does this answer your question?


We thank you, my sister. Is there another question?

No further queries.

I am with you. Please, my friends, know that the love of the Father flows throughout the cosmos on the wings of all of the universe—to you, through you, from you. I am Hatonn. I leave you in that love. Adonai vasu borragus.