25 March, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] By the physical construction of the male and the female, it seem like in sexual intercourse there is a bias towards the male having an orgasm and the female not having an orgasm. Is there a metaphysical reason for this seeming difference?

18 March, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] “Q’uo, I have been writing a book about Confederation principles. It is about how third density works. In discussing these principles, I have found it helpful to offer them as information helpful to playing the ‘Game of Life.’ It is a sacred game yet it is definitely a game. “The issue of self-worth and dignity has been much on my mind of late. In a way, one could say that in framing life as a game, I have taken away its dignity and taken it lightly. I do not mean to do so. I believe this game to be most worthy. Could you offer me any spiritual principles that may aid me in finding the best way to talk about the worthiness of the game board?”

18 February, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] The question this week has to do with the various religions that we have on planet Earth. They all seem to have a center of truth, but each religion also seems to have a number of adherents who interpret it their own way and who become fanatic in one way or another, trying make the religion into a dogma, to say this is the way and the only way. Is this a human trait? And how can we really know what is the true path for each of us? It seems like each of us has that spark of the Creator in us that recognizes truth and we are more reminded of truth than informed of truth. Can Q’uo give us some general principles as to how look at the various religions and how to find what is “the way” for us?

11 February, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] Our question this week, Q’uo, is: Each year, for many years now, we see at least one channeled source that says, “This is the year that the big changes will happen in consciousness.” Some now say that 2007 is when this age will change instead of having to wait for the year 2012. We want to know what spiritual principles could help us look at this situation when channels get this kind of information.


4 February, 2007

Special meditation archetypes gathering

[overview] Q’uo, today the question concerns the study we’ve been doing for the past weekend on the archetypical mind. These are concepts that are very intellectually challenging and we would like to know, as we go back to our daily round of activities and our normal lives, how best to apply these concepts in our daily lives. How can we attempt to use them to better open our hearts and to understand the Creator and each other and ourselves? What’s really happening in our space/time environment, our daily lives, and what’s happening in the metaphysical realms, in the spiritual realms, as we attempt to apply these principles to catalyst and circumstance that comes our way?

21 January, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] We saw a movie last week where the hero gave his life to save a friend from a gang of bad guys but he killed a number of bad guys in the process. His intentions were pure to serve and save his friend but his actions were mixed. We would like to ask Q’uo how our polarity is affected when our intentions are good but our actions are mixed.

7 January, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] The question today, Q’uo, has to do with how the seeker that desires to be of service affects both the service and him or herself by either doubting the service, doubting the self, or feeling a little bit too good about it, like maybe he or she did a really good thing. How does the attitude of the one who seeks to serve affect the server and the service?