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L/L Research Homecoming 2009

Pot Luck—Topics Chosen and Presented by the 2009 Homecoming Attendees

Welcome to the archive of the L/L Research Homecoming 2009, held at the Camelot campus of L/L Research in Louisville, KY, September 4 to September 6, 2009. The topics of study at this year’s Homecoming were chosen by those who attended the Homecoming, and they are many and varied. Enjoy browsing through them!

Original information about the Homecoming

The original page announcing the Homecoming is here. (PDF document)


Please click here. (PDF document)

Photographic archive

Please click here. (Picasa)

Presenters’ material and quotes collected for the homecoming symposium

This document from the Homecoming is here. (PDF document)

The September 6, 2009 closing channeling for this event is available here. (*)

(* This link leads to the Transcripts archive. You can, from there, use your Back button to return to this page.)

Carla’s Blog

The posts about the Homecoming (starting September 3, 2009) in the archive of Carla’s Camelot Journal are here.

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