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The Poetry of Carla Lisbeth Rueckert

By Carla Lisbeth Rueckert.

What is a life? Is it merely a succession of the moments that fly from birth to death?
Surely not, for each heart makes its own melodies.
Each melody sounds its own symphony of emotions.
Each emotion offered from the heart creates its own connections that can never be gainsaid.
Perhaps there is no record of a life more telling than the handful of poems a soul has thought to write down.
And so this volume holds my life, its melodies caught in these poor poems.
This is my life, slender as a flower, dancing forever.
These are the poems that have fallen from a heart full of love.
One by one, they sing for you, Beloved.

—Carla Lisbeth Rueckert

This is more than a book of poetry—it’s a poignant concoction of beauty and wisdom that comes to us from a life deeply lived. Mixing memoir with poetry, Carla candidly reveals her lifelong dance with loss. Her poems celebrate the paradox of beauty—the lilac with its implicit “gat-toothed hoarfrost’s rape and rot.” She writes: “…every time life knocks me down/ Patience pulls me out to sea.” That’s what she does for everyone. Carla’s book is a friend in the dark, a song in the underworld, laughter in the storm. I’ll keep it close to me, on my bedside table!

—Michelle Tocher, How to Ride a Dragon


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