Beloved Friends of L/L Research,

For our annual fundraiser this year, instead of highlighting the good work of L/L’s mission we would like to share a message of hope, faith, and courage. Our societies are under mounting duress, from the isolation and economic hardships of the pandemic and wealth inequality, to the rising tension of conflicting political ideologies, to the sharp increase of negative and authoritarian energies, to the ongoing suffering caused by racial inequality, to fragmentation, disharmony, and impairment of collective sense-making. The old third-density structures are coming undone. The subsequent clamor and confusion challenge us. In no way is this the whole picture, but it is loud enough to potentially seduce the attention, sap our will, depress our faith, and disconnect us from Source, not to mention elevate our anxiety levels.

And it is here we would speak to you about the necessity of pulling back from the passing show of the Earth stage. Whatever your hopes for the world, you experience the world only through your own consciousness; and in your consciousness you seek peace, resilience, and the strength to keep your heart open to love. We remind each that these qualities come not from but beyond the illusion. Thus the best way to keep the outer show from overtaking you is found in the conscious experience of silence & stillness. However briefly you touch that eternal spring within, your power grows to be at peace in the turmoil and to see through the predominant collective narratives; and with that power comes the eyes to see the growing fourth-density light happening around the planet, and your vital importance to that light.

Ra describes that we on Earth are as “the parents of that which is in the womb. The Earth, as you call it, is ready to be born and the delivery is not going smoothly.” What contributes to this difficult and prolonged delivery? “The third-density climate of planetary consciousness is retarding the process.” So while the planet has moved into the new vibration and is ready and wanting to be born, we humans are the one variable which resists or opens the way. Which means that fourth density doesn’t happen to us so much as it happens through us, particularly when we link our open hearts together.

That you are here is evidence both of the need for you in this world and the great potential of your being to affect the planetary outcome. You would not have come if you could not have impact. You would not have awoken to your inner light if you could not heal and transform. You would not be seeking if you could not find that which you seek. You are needed. | You are not alone. | You are loved. | And, in concert with many millions, you have work to do.

What wanderers usually do not realize is that that which is so obvious and easy from the other side of the veil is impossible to read and difficult to bear within the thick veiling of the third density of Earth, with its free will and its extremely thick veil. The danger always is that the wanderer will not wake up, or, if it is partially awake, that it will awaken only to complain that it is not comfortable, that it wants to go home, that it must leave this place that is so polluted and dirty. To those who feel these things, we would suggest that it is precisely because this planet is so in need of higher vibrations that you came to serve at this time, to help lighten the vibrations of Planet Earth. […]

That which you know of the higher planes, that which you remember in a dim or not-so-dim way, bring into your heart and let it bless the environment that you see before you, just as it is. You are not here to clean it up. You are not here to make it right. You are not here to fix it. For all of the outer world is an illusion. You are here to love it. Take the world in your arms and embrace it. This is how you came to serve. This is your glory and your crown. Wear it well and rejoice in being here. – Q’uo, July 31, 2007

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Blessings in Love & Light, Jim/Gary/Austin/Trisha and a global network of L/L Research family and volunteers

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