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The Origins of L/L Research

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT: These documents are transcriptions of channeling done by Clyde Trepanier during group meetings in Detroit and that were previously published in the Man, Consciousness and Understanding pamphlets. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities always make a point of saying, please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

CAVEAT: This document is being published by L/L Research in a not yet final form. It has, however, been edited and any obvious errors have been corrected. When it is in a final form, this caveat will be removed.


Man, Consciousness and Understanding

Volume II


The groupings of communications contained in this enclosure are informative, teaching-instructions for developing a better understanding of ourselves, of the problems of our modem times, and of the magnitude of the future lying before us. The nature and the text of these communications differ in respect to the many spiritual studies of Truth available to the seeker; therefore, a few words are necessary to explain their source.

On and around our Earth there exist millions of beings from other regions and other realms of the Universe who have attained a much higher and a much greater degree of understanding in their evolution. To those who will listen, they extend their friendship and offer their understanding and wisdom that the homo sapiens race on Earth might awaken unto themselves and work to usher in the New Golden Age presently dawning.

Within these pages, the words you read are those received from physical beings aboard spacecraft who hail from other parts of the Universe, and from wonderful, Radiant Beings who enjoy the Perfect Life in the higher realms of existence.

The reader is to understand that these communications were received through a human channel who was one among a small group of earnest seekers of Truth. These words of enlightenment, even though spoken to a small group, also apply to the whole of mankind and may be used by any and all who are seeking a more Abundant Life.

With their deepest Love and Blessings, these Beings of higher understanding offer their knowledge to all who seek the Truth.

Affirmations for Meditation

By Hatonn [1]

O Radiant One, send forth Thy Light, and surround each of us, Thy children, that we may have enlightenment and wisdom.

We relax and give ourselves completely to the Father. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him. We know that all is well as we relax in His Arms. We give our whole selves to the Father, we want only to do His will. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him.

I am His perfect child. He guides me and directs me. He continually surrounds me with His pure white Light. I visualize this radiant substance of purest white, until I actually feel the consciousness of the Father, His Presence, His Power, His Light and Love flowing through me. I relax in His Presence.

He is the ever-loving Father and Creator. He loves me and protects me. He is the one and only Power and Intelligence … I am His perfect expression … He expresses through me … I am a doer of His will … The Father and I are one … There is but a single power and intelligence … This great power and intelligence is now a part of me … It is guiding me and protecting me at all times … I give myself completely to this great Power and Intelligence … I am a part of it … I live and have my being in this, the Father.


Monday, January 18, 1960

Blessings to you, my friends. Peace be with you
O Great and Glorious Spirit of Creation,
Let the eyes of these, Thy children, be opened
That they might see the mysteries that are before them.
That to them may be revealed the Key—
That opens the door to Life itself.
May their knowing and knowledge and understanding
Be made known to them now.
May their hearts be opened, may each in his own way
Come into an understanding of Universal Love,
As it is known in the Higher Realms of Life.
May an understanding grow between these Thy children
That will bring them to a oneness—
That can never-more be broken

So be it—so be it—so be it …

Monday, February 1, 1960

Peace be with thee, my friends. Greetings and love, I extend to each of thee.

I am Anthon.

I often feel that I am a permanent part of this gathering, for seldom do you gather, that I am not with thee. I have come tonight to speak only for a moment, that ye might understand what we are bringing to thee. For in a moment, beloved friends, we are going to bring to speak to you, a man who is in physical body upon your planet today and has for many years dwelt upon your planet. He is from one of the Mystic Schools located upon your planet in what would be considered, I think by you, the Far East, but today he is moving among mankind and carrying on a great work. In a moment, you shall hear the voice of Yom [2].

Yom: Greetings to you, my beloved friends. I want to thank you for the opportunity of coming into your household tonight and coming among you; I hope I shall be welcome. Is this so, my friends?

Group: Yes. Thank you.

I have been a teacher in one of the Mystic Schools upon your Earth for many years. About a year ago or perhaps a little more, it was my duty to leave the School and move out among Earth Man, to attempt to help raise the consciousness of mankind upon Planet Earth. I hope you will excuse my English, because I am not too, what you say, familiar, familiar with your language.

Today, my friends, a great push, I believe you would call it, is being put forth by the Masters who are upon your planet, and those who are working from many other levels in the Etheric, I believe you call it, and those who are dwelling upon the higher evolved planets. It is very necessary at this time, that this be done in order that Planet Earth might be prepared to move into its new location in space along with the balance of your Solar System.

Negativity, hatred, greed and lust, have gained such a foothold in your civilization, that it has set up a great field of negativity around your planet; this my friends, must be dissipated. We who are attempting to do this, need much help, and you, my friends, and the other Light Workers of Planet Earth, can be of great assistance to us who are working in this endeavor. You can do this, my friends, by spreading love and understanding as you go about your daily task, and you can also help us very much if during your meditation, you will send to us your love and your light. This, my friends, we will appreciate very much, and you will also be doing a great amount of good for yourself. In this year of 1960, a great deal of accomplishment must be made, and all of those of us who are working in the light, are putting forth every effort to accomplish this. We hope that all of the Light Workers upon Planet Earth will also do their part.

It is my understanding that you have just established a group which you are calling Understanding. This, my friends, is good and we have high hopes that this group of Understanding, as a World Group, will grow and bring people together in understanding. Now, I must say that this is very good, but unless you actually work at spreading understanding, it will not avail you very much. Just using a name is not enough, we must spread understanding; we must work at bringing understanding to Earth People. We must attempt to understand our neighbors, our friends, and those with whom we come in contact. We must demonstrate understanding; we must be understanding. It is not enough, my friends, to speak of understanding; we must be understanding. We must attempt to understand those about us, and, friends, let us start with those who are close at hand, and then let us see that this understanding spreads.

You see, my friends, the great weakness of the people of Planet Earth over the centuries has been that they do a great deal of talking; they speak much of their religions and of the things that bring love and understanding, but that, my friends, is as far as it goes. But we have passed the stage of talking. Now, my friends, it is time that we demonstrate or do that of which we speak so much. Man, in general, uses his vocal system much too much, and he does not use his eyes and his ears enough. Man of Earth must start doing and thinking. Now he must use and exercise the brain which his Creator so graciously gave to him. I hope, my friends, that each of you will work sincerely at Understanding. This word encompasses much. Think about it and then attempt to understand. Until understanding is accomplished by Earth Man, he shall not lie in peace.

I am told, my friends, that I have stayed my time, therefore, I shall leave you now. I want to thank you again for having me in your midst, for accepting me into your home. I understand this is the home of the instrument through which I speak, is this not so, my friends?

Group: Yes

Thank you. I hope I shall have the pleasure of speaking with you again. It has been my pleasure, and, friends, I hope you each shall gain great understanding.

My blessings to you, and may the peace of the Infinite One rest in the hearts of each of you, now and evermore.

Goodnight, my friends, goodnight.

Monday, February 8, 1960

Peace be with you, beloved ones!

It is my privilege to be the one to speak with you tonight. I hope that what I have to say shall reach the point of contact within your hearts. Beloved ones, each of you have come into this life for certain purposes, for certain accomplishments. Each has his task to perform, his mission, so to speak; yet, each has also come into this life with certain weaknesses, certain overcomings to be accomplished. None of you are without this; yet, each has his or her own overcoming to do. It is necessary for each individual to recognize these things and to put forth the effort that is necessary to accomplish that which is necessary. Nature provides each individual with the qualifications or the abilities to do these things. You have only to use them.

Man was created with the ability to overcome all things, but Man must recognize within himself the ability which he has and then to use it. Each individual entity is also given by his Creator an inner sense of recognition which will also give him the power to recognize, that he might follow the path that will lead him or her through the experience that will develop within that which is needed for your growth, your understanding, for your evolvement. Man must cultivate these senses; he must learn to not be swayed by ego, by selfish desires, greed or lust. If Man is to follow his true path, he must cast aside all of these things and learn to recognize that still voice within him which guides him ever on the Path of Life, the narrow Path of Life that will bring him peace and understanding. Too often, my friends, the small voice speaks within you and is not heard. Fear, ego and numerous other things drown the voice and it is not heard, and too often it is ignored.

Learn, my friends, to go with life, to move in harmony with life itself, with Nature, as you call it. Bring yourself into tune with this great vast universal sea of life that you call Nature. See the beauty in it, admire it, develop in your hearts a sense of gratitude. Give thanks for that which you have. Use it to the best advantage. Use it to glorify Creation and your Creator that it might grow and multiply. Never condemn but always be grateful. This, my friends, is a Universal Law that never fails. Earth Man carries very little gratitude in his heart, so, you see, he faces many problems from the lack of this.

Now, my friends, I leave you by placing my blessings and my love in the hearts of each of you. May you rest in the peace and light of the Infinite One always.

My peace to you, my friends.


Friday, February 12, 1960

I greet you in the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

Earth Man, in his evolution, is now facing some of the greatest and fastest changes that have taken place in the present civilization. The evolution of Earth Man is marching on at an ever-increasing speed.

This, your year nineteen hundred and sixty, will be eventful in many ways. Several things shall occur that will baffle your scientists. Yes, I might say they may be greatly embarrassed, after they have attempted to give explanations as an authority, and find that they must retract their words. It seems that it is difficult for intellectual minds to admit lack of knowledge in their field. The intellectual minds are often quite vain, so to speak. The great Truths, my friends, are not going to come from the so-called authorities, but rather from the common man, the humble man, the dedicated man.

It is often said that in our contacts we should have contacted those in authority, those who are in the know, so to speak. Yet, when these contacts have been made, and they have been, the results were negative. For, so great is the ego in this breed of people, that fear will not allow them to bring the truth of their experiences to their fellowman. But Truth cannot be suppressed for long, for Truth has a way of finding its target, regardless of opposition.

To those who seek for Truth, it shall be found in abundance. The Path to Truth is always open to those who seek. That is all that is required of you—is to seek the Truth—and step by step you shall find it, but it shall not be found in the high places. True, each of your religions or sects, each teaching contains segments of Truth. Yet, we know of not one upon the surface of your planet that contains the whole Truth. For Truth to Man is an individual thing, for no two beings stand at the same level of understanding. Therefore, no two beings will have the same Truth. For individuals, Truth is ever-changing. True, we have the Absolute, but that, beloved ones, lies in the far distant future.

So we move onward step by step, each a stepping stone to a higher Truth, a greater Truth, and sometime in the far future we shall know the Absolute. We, as you know, make no claims to the Absolute, for we too are growing, as are you. We are only a step or two ahead of you in our understanding, and being thus, it is our duty to extend to you a helping hand, as those beyond extend to us. This, beloved friends, is love and understanding.

We can only point the way as is done for us, and as we hope you shall do for those a step behind you. No, my friends, Planet Earth is not at the bottom of the ladder. There are others following behind, and to these you have an obligation to fulfill, and we hope you shall see this obligation and fulfill it in the near future.

Now, my friends, I shall leave. May each of you reach new heights in your love and understanding each day, and may each of you through your experiences in this sojourn be wiser and better individuals. May the peace, love and understanding of the Radiant One be with you on your journey.

Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

I am Hatonn.

Monday, February 16, 1960

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Planet Earth and the actions of its people are being observed very closely at this time. We are very interested in many of the experiments that are being conducted by your scientists and your engineers. Very little is known by you, the people, of the experiments that are being conducted. The research and experiments which are given to the people, which they are allowed to see or hear about, are to a great extent a camouflage.

Some years ago your scientists or your governments were given certain objects of interest to them by individuals from other planets. Your government has in its possession two of our craft and several other instruments and devices. On these they have spent great efforts in trying to solve what to them is a mystery. Yet to date, they have not gained much knowledge of these things. It seems they are not capable of realizing the importance of Man himself, of the powers that lie within Man, that lies within the minds of Man. It seems that Earth Man must always take the difficult path in his search for knowledge.

It was made plain when these things were given that the mysteries to their success were simple. Yet gradually, very gradually, the solution is beginning to dawn in the minds of a few, and these we are watching with great interest, observing the change that is taking place in the minds and hearts of these individuals. From some of these and others who are yet to be awakened, will come the leaders in the great New Age that is dawning upon Planet Earth.

Also other things are being done at this time and will be done in the future to baffle Earth Man, to cause him to think and to realize the smallness; the insignificance of his knowledge to date; to cause him to realize that he must retract some of his thinking and start again at a new point of observation and move from there on a different path to a new, greater understanding.

At this time your scientists, your astronomers, are very baffled at some of the things that are occurring in your skies. They speak very little of this, for as yet, they have not learned humbleness, but gradually these people must be brought to humbleness. They must be made to realize their responsibilities and to face them. The object that has been in your news recently, the object that has been orbiting your planet—we are responsible for this. However I cannot at this time, go into detail, but this is merely being done for this purpose. It is not of great consequence or importance, but it is causing some thinking to be done.

Truth can only come to Earth People very gradually, for their minds are not able to accept it in great quantities. For their own good it is necessary to feed them slowly, but as their minds are gradually opened, Truth can be fed a little faster and a little faster. This has not been an easy task, for the time is limited. We have found it necessary to use every short cut possible in order to meet the schedule that we must follow.

Each of you, my friends, can help in your way to speed the progress of Earth Man, by dropping your seeds when and wherever you find it possible; to feed the sheep continually as you feel led to do. This, many of you have done to a great extent, and for this we are grateful, and you, I am sure, feel within your heart the reward that comes from this service.

And now I leave you, my friends, by extending to you the love, light and understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, February 22, 1960

I greet you, beloved friends, in the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

At this moment I am aboard a craft, not more than eight miles above you. We have for your benefit, established here a field of cosmic energy, what some of your people might call prana in a concentrated form. Through our scientific knowledge and devices, we are able to bring these energies into concentration, a concentrated form, so to speak, and this we have done for you, my friends.

This room, in fact this dwelling is completely immersed at this time in this field. Make yourselves receptive, establish an attitude of reverence and gratitude, and then visualize as strongly as you can—this energy flowing through you. Visualize it passing through every cell of your being. Visualize this energy flowing through the spine and out into the nerve centers of the body, distributing itself throughout your physical structure. Draw it deeply into your lungs, direct it to all parts of your body and particularly to the weaker points. We will now discontinue our contact and allow you to absorb this life-giving energy for a time.

(Fifteen or twenty minutes later) It is our sincere hope, beloved ones, that you have received some benefit from our efforts. The atmosphere which you breathe contains this energy in great quantities. It is for you to use. Great benefit can be had once you have learned to draw this energy within you and apply it. It must be directed by you. It is possible to draw within yourself great energy in this manner, once you have learned to command and direct this energy to work for you. It would be well it you did this quite frequently. I am sure much benefit will be had.

Now, my friends …

(Interrupted by question.)

Questioner: Excuse me, may I ask a question before you go?

Yes, my daughter.

Questioner: As the third satellite goes into orbit, will more of this prana, cosmic energy be available to us?

This is available to you at all times; it is in the very air you breathe. You need only to use it, to draw it forth.

Questioner: Did you and Oxal state before that this would be enhanced when the satellite is in orbit?

That is a different, completely different thing. This prana is the energy that permeates the atmosphere that you breathe. Man of Earth does not know or realize the importance of the air which he breathes, neither does he realize the command that he has over these energies that are contained in the atmosphere about him. Man must learn to use his mind, the Creative Power that is held within man himself. Man has mastership over many things, if he will but realize it.

The devices that are being used by the satellites, that have been put into orbit around your planet, is somewhat a different situation. They are increasing, or perhaps I should say amplifying, cosmic energies of a different nature. They are also connecting energies that are sent by Man himself upon earth in the attitude of love and reverence, multiplying these energies, or amplifying them and returning them to Earth Man to help him in his spiritual growth and understanding. Does that clarify it for you?

Questioner: The energies and prana are not the same thing?

No, they are not. The prana is contained within your atmosphere. The energies that are being used by the satellites encircling your planet are not within your atmosphere. They are energies that do not exist within the atmosphere of Planet Earth.

Questioner: Then we must send our love to the Masters?

Indeed, your love, your gratitude. This love is energy created by Man himself and can be taken and amplified and returned for the good of Man upon your planet.

Questioner: Then blessing and loving the earth, the satellites, then that is love energy, is it not?

If it is done in love.

(Thanks is then expressed for the helpful answers to the questions.)

Now, my friends, I must leave you. I extend to you my love, my blessings, and my understanding.

May the Peace of the Radiant One surround you and go with you at all times.

Adonai [3] vasu, my friends. Adonai.

Monday, February 29, 1960

Peace be with you, my friends.

Not so many years ago I trod the surface of this planet. I made my livelihood as a fisherman, and then came the great Master and Teacher, and I was made a fisher of Man.

I have watched the progress of your planet through the years, and gradually I have noted a great advancement in the science of Man. Man of Earth feels that he has made great strides in the advancement of his civilization in a few centuries, and this be true, but Man has not yet changed his thoughts or his attitudes. I have observed no great change in these.

Greed, lust and hatred still prevails among Earth Men and a great departure, especially in some of the so-called higher civilized nations upon your planet—a departure from respect in their attitude toward their Creator. But rather Man has turned to the mighty dollar. In your words, gold is his God; it is his power. He trusts not in his Creator. The gold and silver has also taken the rule of your religious institutions. Even they respect this above their Creator, although upon the surface they attempt to appear otherwise.

Man upon Earth now stands at the crossroads. He must make his choice—he must now bring into balance his religious—no, I do not like this word—his spiritual and scientific knowledge. These, Man of Earth must bring into balance or his civilization must perish. Hate, greed, lust, deceit, all of these things must be replaced with love, with love and understanding. Man of Earth must soon come into an understanding of love in order that his civilization might be saved.

The time is here, my brothers and my sisters, when Man must act—when Man must come out from among the multitudes and do something about the principles for which he stands.

CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT … accept your duty to Mankind, accept your responsibilities. Pray to your Creator that you be given power and wisdom to carry out these responsibilities and duties, and then go forth reinforced by love, light and understanding and do that which you know you must do.

It has been my honor and my pleasure to spend a few moments with you tonight.

My peace and my blessings go with you.

I shall be ever-ready to help in every way possible in this Crusade and now I leave you in love.

I am John. Peace.

Monday, March 21, 1960

Greetings. I greet you in the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

Friends, there is so much yet to be done for Earth People in order to prepare them for what is ahead. Response to spiritual uplift is not as good as it might be. Earth Man is prone to cling to what he has, rather than search for something higher. The dogma that exists in the religious administrations on Planet Earth still prevails. The powers that be in these organizations will not give up their power; they insist that Man remain in the hypnotic state in which they have placed him, but this will be broken. The spell that has been cast shall be broken, and Man shall see more clearly the path that be must follow.

It shall become more and more apparent as the days pass, that the prophecies are at hand. It shall be known by more and more people that the time is now, and the choice must be made. I say again to you, beloved friends, prepare yourselves for these times. Open your hearts and let flow to you the love, the understanding that is yours to have. Now is the time to conquer the ego, the self. Now is the time to master these emotions that have mastered you. Make known to all of these that you are the master, that you are directing your destiny. Let not your hearts be angered at any time.

Maintain within your being an attitude of love, of gratitude. Give thanks daily to your Creator for that which you have. Cast out all resentment, attachment, and let flow from you only love and thankfulness. For those that follow this path, many great events portend. Your path will take you through the meadows of service; your light, your smile shall brighten the lives of all of those that you pass. Your deeds of love will be many, and your rewards will bring you great joy, great peace, great understanding.

May the love, light and understanding of the Great Lords of Creation rest in the hearts of each of you this night.

Adonai, my friends. Adonai. I am Hatonn.

Thursday, March 31, 1960

Greetings. I am Oxal of Arcturus.

As Planet Earth moves forward to take its place in the New Age that is approaching, it faces a great change; not only does Planet Earth, but the whole system in which it moves. Changes that are coming are much greater than most of you can conceive.

Man of Earth has a great task before him in preparing himself to enter this new realm. As we have stated before, there shall be many who will not be able to raise their understanding to the required level and therefore shall not be able to move with their planet and their system. The time, beloved friends, is now when Man of Earth must bring about a new era of understanding. But above all, he must understand himself. Man must have some understanding of what and who he is. He must understand that he is a god-like being created in the image and likeness of his Creator, endowed with great powers, with great abilities, and once these are known and understood, he shall have mastership over many powers, energies. He shall create in manners that will be unbelievable to him at his present level of understanding. Man must start where he is. He must grow in understanding step by step. The great need today on Planet Earth is for man to gain enough understanding of himself and his brother-man that he can live together with his brother in some similarity of peace and love.

The greed, the hate and the lust that exist upon your planet today, must vanish, and this can only be dissolved through love and understanding. Not a love as it is thought of by man in general upon Planet Earth, but a love that extends to all mankind and to all creation. Man is only an individual to a point and then he becomes a part of the whole, you in me and I in you. Your problem is my problem, and my problem is your problem, each working and pulling together for the good of the whole. That, my friends, is what makes a powerful race, a powerful nation, a powerful planet or a powerful galaxy.

Planet Earth must learn to live and work together as a planet, for soon it must learn to take its place in the galaxy as a part of the galaxy and be prepared to work in unison with the other planets in the Confederation. Planet Earth has isolated itself long enough. Now it is time to take its place with the others and carry its share on the road of evolution. Man of Earth must be made to realize the importance of these things, and beloved friends, it is up to such as yourselves to do your part in bringing this about. The time is short, and there is much to be accomplished.

Man of Earth, when he has entered the New Age, will be a new species. The energies that he will be exposed to by the new sun that is moving into your system, or will move into your system, will make of him a much higher, a much more refined species of mankind.

I leave you, my friends, by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, April 4, 1960

Peace be with you, my friends, and greetings to you, my son.

It gives me great pleasure to be with you tonight, and be able to speak to you through this instrument.

My friends, it is the time when Truth shall spread upon this planet. I am sure that each of you have noticed that many things of what might have been termed in your words “off-beat” subjects are being discussed quite openly these days, for the time is here when these things must become known to your people. Each of you is finding that you are being placed in a position where you, yourself, can do something about these things, and help to promote the Truth as you know it. Now is the time, my friends, to take up your banner and march forward in the name of Truth.

We have great hopes that the organization you are attempting to start will be a great success, but there are certain things, beloved friends, which you must remember. It is not enough to merely discuss with others these Truths; they must be put to practice. A program is needed upon your planet to promote understanding, and I mean by this, my friends, it is necessary to promote understanding in many ways. There is a great lack among your people, of understanding; this is very evident in the rivalry among men of various races. These are some of the problems that need to be solved by your peoples, but this can only be done if your people have a desire within their own hearts to understand their fellowman, regardless of race, color or creed. In your own country today rages a great conflict among men of different colors.

Man, as a whole, cannot rise spiritually to any great degree, until he comes into an understanding of’ his fellowman. This lack of understanding does not only exist among your white and your black races, but among many other races in the confine of your own country. Once man has become tolerant of his fellowman, of his beliefs, his understandings, his truths, then he is on the threshold of understanding.

This program is being attempted by many groups and many individuals upon your planet, and we hope that soon all of the people who are working in this effort shall be able to join hands and make their force felt among Earth People. Understanding is taking root upon your planet, and we who are working in your behalf from other realms, are doing everything in our power to cultivate and encourage the growth of this idea. You have our blessings in your work, and we shall help you in every way that is possible.

Concentration should be upon the tasks at hand, and if your efforts are sincere, the need shall be met, and you shall receive much more help than you realize. But each must use his own intelligence; he must follow, or learn to follow, that still small voice from within which is your surest and your highest guide. This source, once you are able to follow it and contact it, will never lead you in a wrong direction.

May the Love, Peace and Blessings of the Infinite One clothe each of you, and may each of you be most successful in your efforts to spread understanding, through your demonstrations.

It has been my pleasure and my privilege. Peace be with you, my friends.

Monday, April 11, 1960

Peace be with thee, my friends, peace.

(A chant was given, preceding this.)

I know you are wondering just what this might be all about, so to thee I will give a brief explanation. We have been building the vibrations about you. I have not been alone in this, for each of ye have help with you tonight. I was merely bringing the chant through the instrument so that ye might hear. This, beloved friends, has been done for your benefit. We have now established a great energy here which can be very, very, beneficial to each of you.

Now, beloved ones, I would like each to take this energy into your being. I would like each of you to sit erect and draw into your lungs deep breaths. I will attempt to demonstrate through the instrument. As you draw this energy within you, draw it deep, deep into your being and hold it there—do not breathe it out—just let it seep; and then mentally direct this energy to any portion of your body that may need help. Visualize this energy flowing to this location, bringing about balance and well being in the cellular structure therein.

Questioner: Shall we visualize it as a light?

Visualize it as you like, but visualize it flowing to wherever you desire the most help. Just another word of explanation; draw the energy through the nostrils; do not attempt to strain in holding the breath and when you exhale just let it gradually ooze out, slowly—so that the energy will remain within the body. Now friends, let us begin. Inhale …

(Practiced for about ten minutes.)

So be it, my friends. I would like to ask if any or all or you feel a stimulation in or from this exercise?

Group: Yes.

This, my friends, is gratifying.

Questioner: Can we benefit from this whether you establish this field of energy or not?

Yes, my daughter. This can be done by yourselves, although we have increased the energy tonight; but much can be gained from an exercise of this type at any time, but tonight you should have received dual benefit.

It has been my pleasure to conduct this exercise for thee. My highest hope is that all of you have received a great benefit and now may the peace, the love, and understanding of the Infinite One rest deep in the hearts of each of thee. My love, and my blessings, I am Anthon.

Peace be with you, peace.

Goodnight, my friends.

Monday, April 18, 1960

Peace be with you, my friends, I am Anthon

I have with me tonight again, my friend Yom, who spoke with thee some time past, and I wonder, my friends, if you should like to hear from him again tonight?

Group: Yes.

Then it shall be so and I will step aside now that he might speak a few words with you.

Yom: Good evening to you, my friends. Once more it is my pleasure to come into your home and spend a few moments with you. I wish to extend to you, my thanks, for your courtesy to me.

It has been my privilege now for some time to move about among mankind upon this planet. As you know, (I believe I told you before) that most of my life upon this planet has been spent in the Mystic Schools, so now as I come out and move among mankind, I find conditions much more deplorable than I had expected. The spirituality of mankind has risen very, very little over a period of several thousand years. Man knows so little of himself, of his purpose in life; why he is here, and what life is all about. The condition in the minds of Earth Man is quite deplorable.

Man, however, is beginning to get a slight glimpse of something that is greater than himself, something that lies beyond what he knows as life, here and now. Many of your scientists are exploring the possibility of something greater than man as man seems to know himself here. However, there is a great difference in opinion among your so-called great minds. However, they are attempting to prove in a scientific way what lies beyond what they know as life here. So far none of them who are searching in this manner have come up with any definite proof for themselves or their associates. Nor, my friends, will they reach any definite proof until they themselves begin to search both scientifically and spiritually, for the great mysteries of the Universe shall not be solved on a scientific basis entirely.

You see, my friends, they are attempting to separate, and you cannot separate or divide Creation or your Creator. So if Mankind on Planet Earth is to come into the knowledge that he seeks, it is going to be necessary for him to raise his spiritual understanding, for until he does this, he will never be able to tie together the science and the spiritual, for unless Man becomes a spiritual being, he will not know and understand the greater sciences of the Universe. For in these sciences lies such great power that Man, unless he has spirituality in some sort of balance with his scientific knowledge; it would be very, very dangerous for Mankind as a whole.

Questioner: Excuse me, before you leave; may we ask a question?

Yes, I will attempt to answer it for you to the best of my knowledge.

Questioner: Will you give us some more help in spiritual healing?

Specifically what would you like to know?

Questioner: More concerning the healing of the spine and ruptured discs.

There are many reasons that man suffers as he does in this environment, and there are many ways of bringing about healing. Many of the great Masters who have trod this planet from time to time over the Ages, have had great healing powers. These men were men who had great knowledge of the Universal Laws; they were beings who had great spiritual and scientific understanding, therefore they were able to do great work in healing. But, my friends, to heal another is not always the answer to his or her problem, for most of our suffering is a result of our own actions, our own thinking, but most of all, my friends, to bring about balance within our physical being—it is necessary to think positively, to eliminate the things that bring suffering to us.

Questioner: Does a muscle or bone injury need a physical manipulation or adjustment, or replacement, along with positive thinking?

Not necessarily, for many, many things of this nature in mankind have returned themselves to normal through the actions of the person themselves. While we are on this subject, to make my point more clearly, I should like to go a little farther by saying, that many of these things of which you speak, such as trouble that develops in the spinal column, such as injured discs, or the pads, I believe, that are located between these vertebrae—I believe you call this type of thing gristle, your medical profession knows no cure for these injuries. They will tell you that once these pads are injured or damaged in any way, that they will never heal.

They will tell you that because there is no blood circulation through this material, it will not heal. But I say to you, my friends, they have healed; many people have had injuries of this type, and they have healed, for Nature can heal anything that it can create. But there are times that man through his own thinking, prevents the healing of these things. There are those who have great power to bring about this healing, but unless man can bring about within his own being the elimination of the conditions that cause suffering, he shall not be without it very long. There have been healings among those you know, I am sure—I am sure that all of you know of those who have been healed, and the healing was only temporary.

Questioner: Why can’t healers come among us and heal the pain so that we can more easily think lovingly and positively?

There have been many healers among you. Some of you here have had great healers work for you. My friends, I must say this, however great the healer might be, unless you do your part, he is quite helpless. There are many stories told of your great Master, whom you call Jesus, bringing about great healings during his time here, but all the stories are not told of the failures that he had, for there were many people who came to Him seeking healing without faith, and without love in their hearts, and they were not healed.

So I say to you, my friends, if you seek healing, fill your hearts with love. Let not your heart be angered, for one second of anger in your heart will do you more damage than ten hours of love can counteract. If you seek healing, my friends, take stock of yourself, be honest in your calculations, then start doing, the things that you know will bring peace, satisfaction and love into your being. When you do this, my friends, someone will be there to help you at the right time, and you shall receive the help that you need.

I am told, my friends, that I have stayed my time with this instrument. His teacher is standing by and keeping guard for him. I want to thank you again, my friends, for having me as your guest tonight. If anything I have said has been or any benefit to you, I am happy. I hope I have said nothing that will disturb you. Now again, I bid you goodnight. I extend to you my blessings.

Farewell, my friends.

Thursday, April 28, 1960

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.


One moment please.


Your pardon for the delay. A few minor adjustments in our equipment was necessary.

Today, my friends, Planet Earth stands at the greatest decision point that it has ever faced. Man of Earth has two choices, for he stands at the threshold of the greatest change in the history of your planet and your system. He can decide to take a new path of love and understanding and avoid a great amount of suffering, of misery, or he can choose to continue on the path that he has pursued for so long and face destruction, great suffering and mental torture.

Man has allowed himself to be blindly led by the hypocrisy that has ruled humanity on your surface. He has been blinded to the truth. He has been blinded so completely that it is very difficult for him now to recognize or comprehend the truth of the situation that he faces.

Great changes are taking place, and will continue to take place upon Planet Earth. The time has arrived when man must pay the penalty; he must pay his debt. A great amount of this debt, I am sure, could be cancelled if Man of Earth would open his eyes and recognize the situation that he faces and do something about it. He has still a chance, I am sure, to compensate for some of his debt.

How is this to be done—how, my friends? If Earthman would take upon himself to bring about justice, peace, and understanding, work long and diligently in this behalf, he could, I am sure, avoid a great amount of the catastrophe that he faces. In the first place, he could avoid any more chaos that you call war, and this in itself would cancel out a great amount of the suffering that would come from such events. And I am sure if this were done in an atmosphere of peace—and understanding was established, your Creator would see fit to withdraw some of the events that will face you.

Do you believe this, my friends? Do you truly believe this? I wonder how many Earth People believe this to be the case. If we do believe thus, then we should act. Believing without action is useless. Too long has Earth Man talked of the things that must be done and has not acted. Earth People today have a great sense of insecurity, and most of them know not why they feel thus. They have a drive within them that tells them something must be done, but they know not what.

Let us then attempt to show them, to understand them, and to convey to them, in some manner the idea that they too, must understand their fellowman; that there must arise among Mankind a love and understanding that will bring justice to all, that will return to man a feeling of security, a feeling of knowing that he is cared for, and that he in turn cares; that he is interested in the welfare of his brother, and that he lives and works not only for his own welfare, but for the welfare and wellbeing of all Mankind.

This, my friends, will come to Planet Earth, but to how many it comes will depend on how many bring it to themselves first. For in the great shuffle, so to speak, that portends, the division will be made. How many are left to carry on in the New Age of peace, of love, of understanding and justice for all, will depend—will depend upon you, Earthman. Earthman, it is in your hands, you are the judge, you shall make the choice, and this time is not far off, even in your calculation of time.

I leave you, my friends, by extending to you the love, the peace, and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Saturday, May 8, 1960

Greetings in the Light, my friends.

Tonight I have chosen to speak with you upon the state of Planet Shan, as we view it from our vantage point. We have for a better part of five years in your time, been viewing and studying situations very close upon your planet, and this beloved friends, is what we find.

Let us begin with what you think of as your more highly civilized races. As we view these people, we note that a great deal of time, a great deal of what you call your money or your substance with which you barter, is being used in preparation for war. The talents or the so-called brains of your planet, are exerting their efforts in devising new ways to destroy each other. And I ask you, my friends, how can you avoid such disaster, when continually your greatest efforts are spent in preparation for this?

And then we find that a very large percent of your population lives entirely on the efforts of the smaller percentage of your population. Your governments maintain huge staffs of people, great armies, air forces and what have you—these being supported entirely by the minority populations. This classification of your population, my friends, is producing nothing for Mankind—which leaves a very small percentage of the population of your earth, supporting by the sweat of its brow, the greater portion. And this, my friends, includes those who are living on what is known as your interest system. These too, contribute nothing to mankind.

We find also that in your educational system, many years are spent in learning that which has gone before. Great time is spent in studying and learning of the wars that have gone in years past and many other subjects which concern the past. Man needs to spend very little time in reviewing the past, for little will be gained, but rather let man look continually forward and learn that which will bring him new light, which will improve his race, which will raise his standards of understanding. He who looks back continually is lost.

Knowledge is a great thing to have, but it is not the greatest thing, for unless man hath wisdom with his knowledge, it will avail him nothing—in fact his knowledge may destroy him and wisdom is not gained through intellectual knowledge. Wisdom comes only with spiritual knowledge and understanding, and this, my friends, we find very lacking in what you think of as your higher civilizations.

As we have observed what is known among you as your lesser races, would you believe it—we find a much greater spiritual understanding? We find among what could almost be called your savage races, more spirituality than is found in your higher civilizations. We find great numbers of these who actually demonstrate in their living, true brotherhood, for we find that among many of these, no one is allowed to break his bread without sharing with those who have less than he. Their children are accepted, when need be, into the household and are treated as one of their own, and these, my friends, are only a few of the things that we find in some of these races. Some of your higher civilizations could well learn from these people, as well as they could learn from the higher races.

But we do not find this feeling of brotherhood, this feeling of wanting to share, to understand and accept something from one who is beneath in their opinion. That is why we say to all of you of Planet Earth, that understanding is the only salvation for Planet Earth today. If Man of Earth is to survive, an understanding of brotherhood must come into being; an understanding of love, the true meaning of these things; an understanding and an effort to demonstrate them.

The commandments that were given to you many years past—these were simple, my friends, but they are Universal, and they are a must in the evolution of Man—but as we probe the minds of Earth People, very few places do we find a love for their Creator, or even a thought of Him; yet this is your first commandment. And in this probe, we find very little love for their fellowman, yet this was given as your second commandment and equal unto the first.

I do not mean to imply that this is not found anywhere, for in the hearts of a few of you we find great love, and we find a great desire to know Truth, to do something about the situation that exists upon your planet today; but percentage wise, my friends, it is very, very small.

It is difficult for us to understand why man refuses to follow a pith that is so obvious, yet we find this so. I say to you, my friends, in all sincerity, love ye one another, for in this will be your salvation.

May the Peace, the Light and the Understanding of the Great Ones fill your hearts to over-flowing. I leave you by extending to you the Love, the Light, and the Understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, May 23, 1960

Peace be with you, my friends, peace be with you

Events, as you have been told, are moving onward. I wonder if all of you are aware of the increase in frequency, of the cataclysmic events and of the increase in their intensity? I am sure you are. Today’s event is but another incident in the chain. But what concerns us most, my friends, is the very slow development of Earth Man in his attempt to lighten the burdens that are ahead, and this could be done if Mankind would just awaken, would open his eyes and realize the task that lies before him.

The events of the past few days—of your world leaders and their attempt—yes, I would not even say attempt—in their camouflage of attempting to bring about an understanding between them. They have brought about a great confusion among Earth People. In reality this was merely a camouflage to bring about events that will help bolster the economy of your planet, for through the events that have taken place between your two great powers, there shall be much propaganda distributed which will cause and especially in your country, great amounts of money to be spent, or rather it will be an excuse to spend greater amounts on what is called “defense for freedom.”

O, my friends, if you could but see from our vantage point the conniving that goes on behind the scenes by those who hold the reins of power upon your planet, you would be appalled. And this, my friends, this power is a power of reign that encircles your planet. This power reaches into every phase of your life and extends deeply into your religious organizations. This power, a great deal of it, is held in the hands of what is camouflaged as religion.

I say to Earth People, you cannot continually prepare for war without eventually facing it, but today these great powers face a problem which has them somewhat disturbed, for they find themselves holding in their hands a power that even frightens them. And I tell you, my friends, they are much more worried than you realize, for even they know that once this power is released, it will be out of their hands, that they will no longer be able to control it.

So you see, beloved friends, a great problem faces Planet Earth today. A small handful of power-greedy individuals are faced with the problem of attempting to carry on a false economy, which in the past has been kept in motion through the sacrifice of lives of the people; so they face a rather difficult problem, because they too know that this preparation cannot continue indefinitely without bringing about that which it was created for. So they attempt continually to bring about situations of a milder form, in order to maintain the power they so dearly love.

But soon, my friends, this must come to an end. The handwriting is on the wall, so to speak, but whether Earth Man chooses to do about-face or not, Planet Earth is still destined for cleansing. Man of Earth can aid greatly in this cleansing if he will but do so and in turn save himself a lot of suffering. It is his choice, but the event is inevitable. Yet as individuals, each shall receive his just reward, and to those of you who choose the path of service to your fellowman, the path of love—ye need have no concern, for yours will be a great reward. You who choose this path will be the ones to help bring into being the New Age of peace, of love and of justice to all.

So let each of us remember the laws that have been laid down for us. Let us love one another—let us serve our Creator in love—let us be forgiving—let us be just in all that we do. Yet, let us be discerning, let us know the path we are following—let us pray always for wisdom in our doing—let us realize who and what we are, for when we realize our nothingness in the great vast sea of consciousness, then we are becoming somewhat conscious of who and what we are.

Let us analyze each of our experiences honestly and fairly, so that we might learn by them, for no experience need come but once, if we have learned that which it was meant for. Let us attempt to recognize within ourselves our weaknesses—not as weaknesses—but as something to grow by, for as we overcome, we are strengthened and through strength we grow. There is a great difference between condemning oneself and constructively analyzing and criticizing oneself. So let us analyze and yet maintain our respect for ourselves, realizing that this is only a strengthening process.

Now, beloved friends, I must leave you. I am not going to announce myself; in other words I am going to let you have a little guessing game again, and your instrument will know.

My blessings, my friends. May the Creator pour into the hearts of you great love and understanding—may all the great Masters pour their blessings out upon you, that your hearts might be filled to overflowing.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace be with you.

Thursday, June 2, 1960

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

As we are sitting here in space outside your solar [vortices] observing actions, events, as they are taking place upon your surface, we see Man of Earth in a state of almost utter confusion, a state of great insecurity. He is almost as if sitting upon a razor’s edge—not knowing which way he shall topple. Your great powers stand in readiness at any moment to release the wrath of the energies which they control. We hope that someone in desperation or confusion, does not push the button.

Man of Earth still has time to save himself from much disaster, suffering and mental agony. If Man of Earth will but agree to eliminate wars and will accept the help or those who stand ready to move in upon a moment’s notice, great changes can be made upon Planet Earth with much, much less suffering and confusion.

We of the Otavana shall not come into your atmosphere; we shall not land upon your planet, for all of our duties can be performed from where we stand, but there are those from planets within your system, who are physical beings as are you, who can and have walked among you and rubbed shoulders with you. There are those who stand ready to come to your aid as soon as you of Earth extend your hand of friendship, show your willingness to receive them in love, and they will show the way. They ask nothing in return except your friendship. Could any people be offered more, I ask you, my friends’? Yet your people, by and large, have turned them away, and refused to accept. Many attempts, many offers have been made, yet each time the result was the same.

Beloved friends, the process of dividing the chaff from the wheat has begun in a small way. As you have been told, Planet Earth is destined for a cleansing. This must and will take place, for in the Creator’s plan for this system certain changes must occur. Planet Earth has lagged behind for many generations—yes, I must even go farther and say for several civilizations. Man of Earth has not chosen wisely, therefore he has lagged behind.

Time is now running out, the cycle is turning, and Earth as a planet must move with its sister planets into the new vibration and location in space. Great solar changes are about to take place in your system, a cycle of changes that does not often occur. As we have mentioned before, that is our purpose in coming into your system at this time, to aid in this change.

This change will be more difficult for Planet Earth because of her lag in evolvement. Spiritual understanding is at a low ebb, therefore the change will be more difficult for this planet, for those in your system who have progressed and have an understanding or what is taking place, there shall be no difficulty and they are only, as are we, interested in making it as easy as possible for your planet and its people.

We regret that so small a percentage of the population of your planet will move with it into the New Age, of brotherly love, of justice, of understanding, of peace, for when these events have passed, Planet Earth will no longer be the same. Life as you now know it, will not exist, but rather an atmosphere of love, of understanding. Man must understand and know his brother. He shall live for the benefit of all; his efforts will be spent in this direction. No more will its people destroy one another—no longer will they live in hate, in suspicion, in jealousy—all these things will vanish. A New Age of justice will prevail, and your system, your solar system, will take on a new look, for all will change.

My friends, let this new peace and understanding grow rapidly in the hearts of each of you, for where else can love begin, than in the heart of the individual? No man who establishes within his own heart, love and understanding, need have any concern for the coming changes. He shall ride the crest; they may fall on his right and on his left, but nothing shall come near him. This we have pledged to all of you who make this decision, and we stand upon our oath.

I leave you, my friends, by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Thursday, June 16, 1960

My blessings to thee, my friends.

What seek ye most, beloved ones, what seek ye most in life? Would you be so kind as to answer this for me?

Group: We seek more understanding of life in all realms, that we may better serve The Creator and our fellow-man.

Have you ever considered your own individuality in this vast sea of life? Have you ever attempted to analyze the size and importance of the lone individual? When you view it among the whole, it becomes almost nothing. Is this not so? How many, I wonder, among your Earth People, realize the nothingness of their own individuality? This is important, my friends, very important, for until one comes into this realization, he will not be able to master his own ego.

You see many things happening about you today. Yes, you see them falling on your right and on your left, because they have not realized the nothingness of their own individuality. They have allowed their own ego to master them; they wish to be known as authorities. The downfall of many individuals is brought about through this very thing called ego. It seems that Earth Man will go to great lengths, to great extremes, to save face, so to speak. He cannot face the fact that he may have been wrong. I say to you, my dear friends, you see this happening all about you. Recognize these things for what they are and profit by them. See that this does not happen to thee. You, my beloved friends, have been given many opportunities by which to learn these things; many experiences have passed your way for you to observe, analyze and grow by. Do not let them slip by without profiting, without growing, without being a better individual for them.

Many of us who have been interested in those of you who have gathered here, have watched, have prayed for your growth. We have aided you wherever possible without invading your own rights and privileges. Our love is deep for all of thee, yet we know that each of you must grow by your experiences, that we cannot experience for you—we can only help in our way to protect you and in our way drop certain hints and suggestions to you. But you, beloved ones, must make the choice, must have the experience and must either learn or fail to learn from it.

But I say in all sincerity, guard against the influences of ego. If it becomes necessary to lose a little face, do it in love and humility, and you will be rewarded, for this seems to be the most difficult thing for Earth People to face. So let us rise above these things, let us place our faith in the highest knowing full well that no one can bring harm to us in any way, if our ideals are above reproach. Turning the other cheek is not an easy thing to do in your level of understanding, but it is not as difficult as it seems, not nearly as difficult as it seems.

There is a great amount of Light to be shed upon the People of Earth, but it is not possible to shed this Light unless you have it, and when you have it, there is no question about it, for it will be recognized by all. You will not need to impress anyone that you have the Light, for it will be very evident in your own life. For those who have it, it shines so brightly that it is not doubted by any. Our own lives will reveal the amount of light that we carry, so we need not impress anyone. These are things, my friends, that we believe are well to bear in mind at all times, and these are the things that you, as teachers, should impress upon the seekers. “I of myself can do nothing, but the Father within me doeth the works.”

So be it, beloved friends. My love and my blessings go with you.

I am Anthon.

Monday, June 20, 1960

Peace be with thee, my friends, I am Anthon.

I dropped by a few evenings ago for a little chat, with a couple of your friends, and we chatted for some time concerning Man and his realization of himself. I mentioned the importance of one’s knowing himself and realizing his weaknesses, his strong points, and I dwelled for some length upon the individuality of man.

Friends, it is most important today that Man begin to know himself, that he realize the forces and the urges that work within him, his relationship to Mankind as a whole and the part that you fill in this great vast sea of life. I wonder just how much you realize the vastness of this life of which ye are a part. Man, to come into this realization of who and what he is, must first realize the nothingness of his individuality. By so doing, he begins to realize his own divine essence, and as this dawns upon him and becomes clear, he begins to realize who and what he is. This, my friends, is a good point to remember—realizing one’s nothingness, or rather realizing the nothingness of the individuality, one comes into the realization of his divine essence. Think upon these words, beloved friends, for there is great depth to their meaning. Let the realization of these words sink deep into your consciousness, that you might come into the full realization of their meaning.

People of Earth, you face a great many problems at this time, and I am sure that each of you present here realize that the change that is taking place today upon your planet, is having great effect upon your people. You see, beloved friends, spiritual understanding has been so lacking among your people, that as they are faced with the many problems that confront them today, and the changing vibration of your earth’s envelope or aura, it is bringing strange effects from these people. This is why, my friends, that you find your institutions becoming more and more crowded, day by day, that you find your people doing strange things.

Your medical profession today faces many baffling problems that have not confronted them in the past. Many of these things are not spoken of openly, but they themselves do not understand what is happening—yet they know—because of what they see and face day by day, that something is happening which they cannot explain.

This, beloved friends, will increase as time passes. You can expect more and more strange things from many of your people, and this is why I say to you—self-development—to realize and know yourself, is so important at this time. For with knowledge and wisdom and understanding, you will not be affected. But growth comes only by self-effort, and only you can increase your understanding, and there is only one place to begin, and that, beloved friends, is with yourself.

There is only one great way to teach, and that is by example, and the only way that you can be that shining example, is to cultivate this love and understanding within yourself.

Peace be with thee, my friends.

Tuesday, June 21, 1960

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal of Arcturus. I greet you each in the Love, Light and Understanding of the Great Spirit of Creation

You have met here in the name of “Understanding,” and in the hearts of each of you is a somewhat different interpretation of understanding. This word has a far-reaching significance. It also is of great importance to Planet Earth, for unless understanding is realized within some degree, among the people of Planet Earth, your civilization stands little chance of survival.

We, of the Confederation, are most happy to see that a few people upon Planet Earth are interested in promoting understanding, but I wonder, my friends, just how much you realize the vastness of this task of bringing understanding to Earth People? This is a tremendous task and will require great effort upon the part of each individual interested in promoting this idea. It will require a great deal of effort upon the part of each of you, and all of those and all of us who are working in this behalf. A great amount of wisdom will be needed.

We, of the Confederation and our colleagues in what you call the Etherical Realms, are working and will be working, putting forth every effort to help you succeed in your efforts. It will be necessary for each of you to put forth every ounce of effort that you have to bring into your being a realization of understanding. This, my friends, is a very, very, broad term and encompasses a great deal, as you will see in the future as the realization of the full meaning of this word comes into your being.

You are going to find that it will be necessary to develop within yourself, a great love, a great tolerance, for your fellow-being. It will be necessary to turn the other cheek many times. You will find it necessary to smile many times when you do not really mean it, but by putting these things into practice, soon you will find that you do mean it—that all things can be accepted and handled in love and understanding.

I would suggest that you listen to what our brother Anthon had to say last evening and ponder his words well, for they have deep meaning. It is going to be necessary for each of you to come into the realization of which he spoke, to know thyself.

We sincerely hope that you will find it possible to work together in strong unity and develop among yourselves an at-one-ness [4], a love that is beyond what you know as love in your chemical or physical existence. There is only one place to begin to build your light and your understanding, my friends, and that, as you well know, is within your own heart, within your own being. “Let it begin with me.” If this idea can be spread among your people that “I am the one who must build my Light, and that I will put forth every effort to build my own Light, that it might shine and lighten the lives of those about me. Not in what I say, but in what I do.”

For, beloved friends, there is only one way to teach, and that is by example. Not a word need be spoken if you carry the true Light of the Great Spirit of Creation. So let each of us open our hearts to this great River of Life that flows continually from a source that is even beyond the knowledge of those who carry great, great abundance of this Light.

Do not expect to learn everything in a moment, but move forward step by step, letting each experience be another stepping-stone to a higher understanding.

Waste not these experiences, but grasp the opportunity to learn all you can from each one of them, and remember that nothing happens by chance. Keep alert, be always aware of the things that go on about you, for each moment is an experience by which you may learn. Awareness is most important in our growth. Be aware also of that still small voice within, that higher consciousness that will guide you on the path that is right for you, and this, beloved friends, is available to everyone. Once you have mastered this, you will not go astray; you will find life much more glorious, much more interesting, and learning, understanding and wisdom will come more rapidly. And if each of you learn to follow this inner guidance which comes from your own higher consciousness, your organization will grow. Its light will increase and your followers will be many; your problems will be few.


Your pardon for the slight delay—momentarily there was a technical difficulty.

We are working with you in your efforts—be assured of this, but understanding must come through Earth People in order to be successful. We can only aid you in our ways, but it is important that each of you ponder well the meaning of understanding and attempt, to the best of your ability, to demonstrate it in your everyday living, for here, my friends, is where it will be effective. It will require more than a meeting and discussions; it will require living it if you are to truly spread understanding among Earth People. Do I make myself clear?

Questioner: Yes, but would you suggest that we meditate in our membership meetings?

Meditation is always good, but it requires more than meditation to grow spiritually. One must live and express that which he believes, which he seeks to know. Meditation and prayer is important, and I would heartily condone this practice in your gatherings, but I would suggest strongly that you emphasize the fact that understanding must be lived to be effective, and start it definitely with yourselves. Demonstrate it in your gatherings, and as you go out into the life of your daily living.

Now, my friends, I must leave. It has been my pleasure to speak with you. May each of you reach great heights in your search for understanding. I leave you by extending to you the love, the light, and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

(Further questioning continued.)

Questioner: What is meant by turning the other cheek?

It is quite simple. Let me express it in our way of life. If we were to come to your planet and were met with hostility, we would be destroyed before we would destroy. This has been demonstrated upon the surface of your planet. Ghandi demonstrated it many times for the world to see, and he was successful in his accomplishments. You see, to fully understand these things, you must understand life. No one can destroy you; perhaps your vehicle of today can be destroyed, but this does not destroy you, and I believe all of you here are aware that life is eternal. Does that answer your question, my friend?

Questioner: Yes, but should we allow those who have no understanding within themselves, except destructiveness, to go on and live?

This is a result of your system. You see, a problem cannot be solved unless you go to the root of the problem, so destroying this person does not solve the problem. It is necessary in your society to deal with these situations, but they have not been dealt with wisely. If the cause of these acts was removed, the problem would not exist, for we live by cause and effect, but I grant you that in your society, it is necessary to deal, in some manner, with these problems. We do not allow someone to go about promiscuously destroying life of others. Something must be done in these situations.

It is somewhat difficult to bring into your words an explanation of these things that would make them entirely clear to you. I am not sure if I have made myself clear to you on this matter.

Questioner: If I were to meet a hostile person, how would I protect myself against him? What would be right to do?

What are your commandments?

Questioner: “Thou shalt not kill.”

There is your answer, for then you have broken the commandments if you kill. I would prefer to let him break the commandments, but this, my friends, is something that you have to decide for yourself. You see, the laws have been given, they are set, you have a choice—you can obey the law, or you can break the law—there is no half-way. But as I said before, you cannot be destroyed.

Now, my friends, I must leave. It has been my pleasure to speak with you. May each of you reach great heights in your search for understanding. I leave you by extending to you the love, the light, and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, June 27, 1960

Peace be with you, my friends, peace.

O Great and Radiant One, send forth Thy Light to these, Thy children, that it might fill their hearts to over-flowing; that they might experience a minute part of Thy Glory. Blest be ye everyone, blest be ye.

Children, seek ye knowledge, seek ye wisdom and seek ye understanding, for when ye have these, ye have the powers of the universe within your hand. Ye seek to know the Truth; the Truth is ever before you, but to understand and know Truth, you must diligently seek, you must obey the laws of Truth. Ye cannot serve two Masters.

Man must grow and grow rapidly upon your planet if his civilization is to survive. Many fires of Light must be kindled, and they must be heaped high with fuel, in order to produce the Light that is needed to bring about this survival. The time is much shorter than you realize, yet Man continues to quarrel, to fight among themselves, to maneuver for positions that will give them advantage in their pursuit for power—little realizing the destruction that they are heaping upon themselves.

I say to Earth Man, realize your divinity and claim it; claim it with love, with humility and with a burning desire to serve Mankind, to be ever reaching a helping hand to your brother-being, rather than attempting to get the advantage of him.

The Laws are well known among your people, yet almost completely are they ignored; they are spoken of lightly and sneeringly. It is difficult for us who live the laws as we know them, to see how a civilization can follow a path of destruction when there is a path of beautiful life and glory that can be followed. How did this beast get such a foot-hold in the heart of men, yet it is obvious that he has.

It is time for Earth Man to reach out and grasp the Truth that he faces. We, from many realms of life, stand ready to extend to Earth Man, a helping and friendly hand, whenever he is willing and ready to accept it. We hope this time is not far off. Everything is being done to turn Earth Man upon the right path, but his resistance is great. He hears not, neither does he see, but moves blindly onward towards destruction.

But on the other side, my friends, we are happy to see minority groups of people, such as you have here, attempting to raise themselves in consciousness, to bring themselves above the consciousness that exists upon Planet Earth, and we extend to you our congratulations, our blessings and our understanding, and encourage you to seek diligently, wisely, and assure you that the fruits of your efforts will be great.

And now, my friends, before I leave you, I will ask you to remain quiet for a short time after I have left the instrument, for each of you have with you your own wisdoms, and I shall assist them in bringing to each of you a special blessing. We are going to create around each of you an energy that will be beneficial to each of you, both mentally and physically. Open your hearts and let this energy flow freely through your being, that you might reap the benefits of it. May each of you receive the benefit, according to your own ability. We shall give freely.

Peace be with you my friends, peace be with you.

Monday, July 25, 1960

Greetings, I greet you, my beloved friends, in the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

It is my pleasure to again speak with you, my beloved friends. I have not spoken with you so often in recent months, because I do not find it necessary. You have reached the point in your progress where each of you know quite well what lies ahead and what is required of you in your development and preparation for the future. Also, each of you, or perhaps I should say, most of you here, are aware of your individual wisdoms and are receiving help from them of which you are aware. Try to allow them to help you in every way possible by being aware, for awareness, my friends, is necessary if you are to grow spiritually.

You see, beloved friends, what so often happens, is that you become so involved in things that are going on about you, that you forget to be aware of the inner guidance which is so important to you—both for your growth and your wellbeing. Many times lack of awareness prevents you from avoiding certain unpleasant experiences and also from experiencing some more pleasant things, for as yet you are not quite able to foresee certain events that are in the path before you, for those who are attempting to help you, are often able to anticipate these things—they attempt to guide you properly that you might avoid or not avoid certain things. So be ever aware of these inner urges, but also you must be careful that you are not persuaded by your ego.

There has been no time in your civilization when spiritual development is as important as it is today. I urge each of you to take advantage of every opportunity to grow spiritually. We do everything we can to bring these opportunities your way—we cannot do it for you, nor shall we attempt to do so. There are many opportunities available to you in your own environment; you yourselves must put forth the effort to find and take advantage of these opportunities. We bring to you only that which we feel will stimulate your desire to learn. But you, my friends, are the only one who can raise your consciousness.

Soon more tragic events shall occur upon Planet Earth. Earth Man sits upon a razor’s edge and which way he falls will depend upon him. A great awareness must be awakened in Earth Man, and awareness of his true identity, an awareness of the need for Man to join together in love and understanding, and a great desire to do so. The more this spreads upon Planet Earth, the less her people will suffer in the days ahead.

A great opportunity is now available to any Earth Being who care to serve Mankind. A great opportunity awaits to spread the Light among Earth Man, and each person can help a great deal in this by allowing in himself this light of understanding to develop, to grow and to spread to others by your contact with them. For as the light of understanding increases within your own consciousness, it is felt by those with whom you come in contact, and automatically their consciousness is raised. You need not speak a single word.

There are thousands and thousands upon your planet who have been attempting to raise Mankind spiritually for centuries through the word, but the word is not effective, unless the light and the understanding is there; you cannot give what you do not have. So each man or each woman can only give to their own capacity, therefore let us raise our capacity to give by increasing the light within ourselves.

It has been my pleasure, beloved friends, to again spend a few moments with you; I have not forgotten, nor will I forget you, for you are all near and dear to me. My love for you is not a love as you know it upon Planet Earth, but a love that goes much deeper, a love that someday you will understand, and when you truly experience this love, I am sure it will be a great experience for you, and you would not exchange it for the greatest experience, or the greatest of monetary gains that you could possibly have.

May the light grow within each of you to a point where everyone with whom you come in contact, will feel the benefit from it.

Adonai vasu.

Thursday, August 4, 1960

Peace be with you, my beloved friends.

As the present civilization of Man upon Earth is drawing to a close, Man finds himself in dire need of preparation for what he faces. Many civilizations have come and gone upon Planet Earth, each having its rise and its fall; each one has failed to reach the goal for which Man strives. The wisdom of Mankind has been lacking, his choices have been unwise, therefore he has met each time with destruction, brought about by his own actions; and again Earth Man has reached the point where either he shall survive by the fruits of his own efforts in his search for the higher ideals and knowledge, or he shall perish by his lack of these things.

But, beloved friends, a new species of Man shall emerge from the remnants of this civilization. Man will no longer have the opportunity to reach his goal upon this planet, but must return to another to work out his evolvement; but this new species of Man that will come out of the change will be somewhat different than Man is known today upon your planet. He shall be a being of somewhat different physical structure; he shall be a being of great wisdom, of love; he shall live with no other thought than to serve his Creator and his fellowman.

He shall bring about justice in all things and life will become a paradise; he shall live in great joy and peace and many things will become known to him. He shall travel the universe in craft that shall be capable of travelling between planets and systems. He shall be friendly with his brothers upon other planets and shall exchange knowledge and services. Great shall be his powers, great shall be his service and great shall be his love.

Therefore, beloved ones, seek ye the enlightenment that will carry you into this New Age, that ye might receive and experience these things. The rewards for your efforts shall be great, much greater than you think or realize. Take advantage of every opportunity to prepare yourselves, that ye may receive his greatness.

Peace be with you, beloved ones, peace.

Monday, August 8, 1960

Greetings to you, my friends, I am Yom.

I come to you tonight by special permission of the instrument and his teacher. We did not feel that it was necessary for an introduction again, for I feel that now we are old friends. Is this not so?

Group: Yes.

Thank you. It is my pleasure to come among you again tonight, and for a few moments I will speak with you.

I am sure that each of you by this time are beginning to realize the importance of self development, for, my friends, we are and when I say we, I mean those of us who are working, attempting to bring a realization to people like yourselves—the realization of the importance of self-development at this time. It is quite difficult for those of us who must contact you in this manner, such as I am now doing, to give you complete instruction and guidance in the many things that will be necessary for you to do in order to raise your consciousness into the high realization.

You must realize that in true reality all is consciousness, for where your consciousness is, there is your understanding. This, I am sure that you can understand, for you see it before you every day. That which you can bring into realization will be that which you can be conscious of. Therefore, my dear friends, it is necessary for you to use every avenue possible to expand this consciousness. Try to realize the importance of this, for you can only receive that which your consciousness will allow you to receive. Do I make sense to you, my friends?

Group: Yes.

I find some difficulty in trying to express exactly what I would like to in your terms. I hope that I am making myself somewhat clear to you.

As I started to say—some time back—we are attempting to bring to you opportunities to learn new ways of expanding this consciousness. Some of you have been using various types of breathing exercises, and these are good and will bring to you great benefits, both spiritually and physically. They will aid you a great deal in expanding your consciousness, for through these developments, you will find newer and greater experiences coming to you that will broaden your consciousness. And there is so much for you to become conscious of, for the things that you see and contact on your physical world, can only expand your consciousness to a small degree, for there is much, much more that is not seen on the physical. So my friends, we cannot urge you enough, we cannot say too much about the importance of this development.

All of you are aware that great changes are coming to your planet and to your system, and they are coming very, very soon. They are taking place every day that you pass—some smaller, some greater, but the greater ones are yet come, and some of them will be great, for they will affect your whole system. Your whole solar system will change, and this solar system will exist in a new vibration that will have great effect upon the peoples of all the planets in this system.

Most of you, I believe that most of you, are aware that in the New Age your system will be exposed to the rays of two suns, and this, my friends, will make the difference. You will be exposed to entirely different rays that will have great effect upon man. This is the reason, my friends, that it is so important for Earth People to grow in spiritual understanding, for the new vibrations that shall emanate from the two sun combination, will be of such a great nature that Man will not be able to exist in this vibration, unless he has a certain degree of spiritual development, and I am sure that all of you here want to move into this new vibration, to use your terms, with flying colors; and I know that each one you here can do this if you so desire. For this will be an age of such grandeur as you have never seen or even dreamed of. Does this sound, my friends, like it would be worth working for?

Group: Yes.

Then I ask you with all my heart to work that you might each be able to enjoy and experience this New Age.

I want to thank you, my friends, for accepting me into your presence again tonight. It has been my pleasure to be with you. Do you have a question, my friend?

Questioner: Yes, could you tell me the best way possible to develop a great love within one’s own heart for his Creator and his fellow man?

This, my friend, is a matter of growth that requires great self-discipline and effort upon your part. In your environment that you have lived in for so long, you have become a part of a race consciousness, where Man has lived with the thought of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; he has lived with the thought of serving himself first, and then serving his fellowman or his Creator. This is a matter of growth, of practice.

When you are exposed to certain criticism, condemnations or what have you, what is your first reaction? It is to hit back, was it not, to strike back, to get even. What did your great Master say, in regard to these things?

Questioner: To turn the other cheek.

Yes, and to go the extra mile and many other things did he say concerning these matters. But I ask you, my friends, do you do these things—do you attempt to practice them? This requires great self discipline, does it not?

For spiritual growth you must discipline yourself; do not allow anger to enter your heart, for anger, you all know, does something to you; it does something to you that you cannot counteract very rapidly. It will destroy you both mentally and physically if you allow it. Have I answered your question, my friend?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

I am told, my friends, that I have stayed my time with this instrument, and I must now release him, so I will bid you all goodnight again. It has been my pleasure and my joy to be again in your presence.

Goodnight, my beloved friends.

Monday, August 15, 1960

Peace be with thee, my friends, I am Anthon.

Beloved friends, there is a great need at this moment for peace vibrations to be created in the envelope of your planet. A great wave is now sweeping your planet—a wave of hatred, of discontent. Great masses of people are emanating vibrations of hate, of greed and lust. These situations are not beneficial to the wellbeing and to the future of your planet.

It will be necessary for many, many people upon your planet to send forth great thought waves of love, of understanding, to counteract these negative vibrations that are being sent forth; to prevent the growth and the spread of this disease, so to speak, that is festering in the hearts of so many individuals upon Planet Earth. If great strife and conflict is to be avoided, it is going to be necessary for many, many of you to attempt to counteract these things. You have only to stop for a moment to look back, to analyze and quickly you will see how rapidly this disease is spreading upon this planet.

If peace is to come, is to be maintained, it must grow in the hearts of the people. They must not allow themselves to be swayed by those who would encourage this sort of thing. There are those forces existing, both upon and around your planet, that take great pride, great joy, in bringing this sort of thing into being, in bringing frustration and confusion to the hearts of men. So let us encourage those with whom we come in contact, to do all in their power to counteract this sort of vibration that is taking root so rapidly in our civilization.

We, who are observing your situation, find it quite alarming, and we are doing all in our power to counteract and slow the progress of the negativity that has sprung up so rapidly in the past few months, but our power is limited by Universal Law. Man must also be responsible to himself. If he is unable through his our intelligence to avoid this sort of thing, if he will not be influenced, if he refuses to be guided on the right path, then there is only one result—he must suffer the consequences of his own wrongdoing.

I do not enjoy speaking of these things—we do not like bringing these things to the attention of Earth People, but can ye not see the path that Earth People are falling into? Can ye not see that they are being persuaded, being led by the Forces of Darkness—blindly led into their own destruction. Why Man moves so blindly is often difficult to conceive, especially when there is a path open to him—a path much greater, much more pleasant and much more fruitful—and how this path cannot be apparent to Mankind is difficult to understand.

I say to Earth Man, COME YE OUT, COME YE OUT into the realization of what and who you are. COME FORTH and take your rightful place among Mankind. Realize that you are a Creation of the One Most High, and that you are endowed with His powers; you need only to come forth and claim that which is yours.

You need not be led into the mire or trampled in the dust, for ye are creatures of the Most High, and this you need only to realize and to claim. Yet, this realization is so dim in the hearts of the great majority of Earth Men. Let each of us who can, do all in our power to change this situation by letting our own Light shine forth, by placing into the vibrations of Planet Earth all of the love and the understanding that we can create, that it might counteract and over-power the opposition that now exists.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace be with you, and may this peace rise up in the hearts of all Earth Men and bring peace to this planet.

Thursday, August 18, 1960

May the peace of the Infinite One surround thee, O beloved Children.

What seekest thee, O beloved children, in thy search? Seek ye for Peace? Then first make peace with yourself. First you must have peace with yourself, and then peace shall surround thee. Seek ye understanding? Then seek to understand your own being, for to have true understanding you must understand your own being. Seek ye Wisdom? Then practice wisdom in all things that you do; for anything which thou searchest for must be found first within thyself. This realization must come to each of you, if you are to gain height in Truth.

You are, my friends, what you can conceive of being. There are no limitations placed upon your consciousness, so attempt to be the highest that you can conceive of—raise your sights and as you grow in Love, in Truth, in Understanding, your concepts shall ever widen and take continually new horizons, horizons which are now far beyond any concept that you could conceive of.

O beloved children (and you are children in consciousness) raise thy sights to new heights and let the Glory of Creation flow to you. You shall be grasping new Truths that will widen your understanding. Take advantage of all the opportunities that come to you. Use them, and carry them into your everyday life; for these Truths avail you but little, unless you live them. You see, my beloved children, the weakness for many generations of Earth Man, has been that he speaks a great deal of higher Truths, but he practices them not. He concedes that Man must live thus and so, but his practices are of the opposite.

So, beloved ones, unless you live your Truth, you may as well not know it. How far will you go in living the Truth you know? Ask yourself daily—how far am I willing to go? Do I truly love my brother-man, would I be willing to sacrifice for him, would I lay down my life for my fellowman? Would I take my brother in and shelter him and feed him and clothe him, if need be? Take stock of yourself, beloved ones, and see how far you are willing to go in living the Truth that you know. Know thyself, O Man, know thyself. May each of you, as you do this, come into a realization of what you truly are, and then start from there and raise your sights, and see how rapidly you grow in love and understanding. Peace, love and understanding will grow in the hearts of each of you, if you will but allow it.

I leave you with these things to think about and my peace and understanding I leave with you.

Blessings, my friends, blessings.

Saturday, August 20, 1960

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

I have spoken previously to some of you here, so to those with whom I am not familiar, I will explain briefly who I am. I will state that for many years I have been a teacher in one of the Mystic Schools in what is known to you as the Far East. Some months back I came forth from the School and am now working on a mission among Earth Men, attempting to do my part in raising the consciousness of Earth Beings.

A great need—a great need there is upon Planet Earth. Many of us who are working in this behalf, are hoping to ease the coming situations that Earth People face. I assure you that we, and I speak of myself and many others who are working in what you can the Etheric Realms—I assure you that we shall expend every effort possible to accomplish our mission. But we should also like to (your pardon, my English—sometimes it is a bit difficult for me to express what I should like to convey to you. I am not as familiar as I would like to be with your language—we would like to solicit your help in every way possible in this effort, and each of you can do your part if you will.

You can help in many ways. You can help a great deal by doing as this Being who spoke to you a few moments ago asked you to do—by sending thought waves of love and we mean by this, to attempt to make your every thought a thought of love, a positive thought, one that will bring harmony rather than discord into your earth’s vibrations.

For many, many, centuries the negative forces have been predominate upon your planet, therefore a great deal of negativity has accumulated within your earth’s envelope. The events that have been taking place in the past few months, such as is going on in Africa and Cuba and many other places, are adding to this negative vibration rapidly, therefore it behooves Earth People to attempt in every way to counteract these vibrations.

To some of you, or to some of your associates, this may not make sense, but I tell you, my friends, and I tell you sincerely, this is a fact. Every thought that emanates from your mind is a definite force; it has power and it has lasting power. Thought has much more power than you think or realize, for you live in a world of thought. Whether you realize it or not, this is a fact. If it were not for thought, you would not be here, nor would the chair upon which you are sitting. Therefore, my friends, it behooves all of you to be very careful or what and how you think.

So you see, my friends, you can do a great deal to ease the situation which the people of your planet are facing, and we are asking you as a group of “Understanding” to help in every way you can, and do it continually by controlling your thoughts of selfishness, of jealousy, of hate, to creep into your mind. When you feel these things rising up in you, cast them out and replace them with thoughts of love, peace, happiness, something that will go forth and improve the atmosphere about you. We are hoping that many, many groups shall spring up all across the surface of this planet who will sincerely and diligently walk in this direction.

My friends, I must now vacate this instrument and return him to his normal self. It has been my pleasure, a great pleasure, to be in the midst of you tonight. I thank you for accepting me into your midst and for listening to my—to my, dissertation, shall we say? I assure you, beloved ones, it has been my joy.

May the Love and the Peace of the Infinite One dwell in the hearts of each of you forever and forever. My love and my blessings I leave with you, my dear friends. Goodnight.

Monday, August 29, 1960

Peace be with you, my friends.

Again it is my pleasure to speak with you; again I have the opportunity to bring to you my comments, and I hope that I might be of some service to you.

My friends, since there are but a few of you tonight, and this is as it should be, I wish to state that we are at this time attempting to bring to you on your level of life, some individuals or beings—whatever term you should like to use, who might be of some service to you—by bringing to you their concepts, some of their techniques which might be of some assistance in helping you as individuals to expand your consciousness. We hope that each of you and many others, will find in these opportunities something that will be of some little benefit to you, and we shall attempt to continue this type of thing from time to time.

But friends, let us always remember that the most important place for us to seek enlightenment is within our own consciousness, and all that anyone can do is to help to bring to us techniques that might help us in doing this. We can seek hither and yon, far and near, for Truth intellectually, but until we can become quiet and go within and there, in the quietude of our own being, start to expand our consciousness; we can try to realize that all is consciousness—all is consciousness, and where our consciousness lies, there are we expressing and experiencing that which our consciousness will allow us to experience.

Beloved friends, there is no need to experience that which you do not desire to experience, for you experience that which is uppermost in your consciousness, for you are creating that which you are conscious of. So let us see through the illusion or the dream in which we are living—let us expand our consciousness beyond these things and build a new world for ourselves. You are continually building, creating, according to your consciousness, for nothing comes into being without first becoming a part, or being a part of your consciousness.

You live, my friends, much more controlled by your subconscious, as you call it, than you do by any superior being. Realize your power of creation. You are a creator and are continually creating situations, experiences, so to speak. That is why we say so often to be careful of what you think, be careful of the words that you speak, for as you think and speak, you create.

I have often said to you to become a student of Nature; see how Nature stays in tune and then attune yourself with Nature, with the Universal Mind. There are many ways of doing these things. Each finds himself more or less drawn to certain techniques. Once you have started on the path of seeking and realizing that the responsibility is with you—realizing the power that lies within you, some of these, many of these techniques shall be made known to you, if you so desire, and through your own efforts, you will find what is best for you.

We can only help by bringing you the opportunities that you might take advantage of them; the rest is up to you, and many times you will find that through your own efforts, these opportunities will come to you. In other words, my friends, we expect you to put forth some effort in bringing about these things.

Your efforts spent here tonight in bringing some of these things into being (Preparation a the lecture was being made.), are efforts that will bring you results, for nothing, my friends, is gotten without effort. I know to you it sometimes seems rather useless, but beloved friends, if your efforts are sincere and your purpose pure, results will come. So I say again to each of you, attempt daily to expand your consciousness; extend it out into realms heretofore unknown and in due time, through your own efforts, you will experience great peace, great bliss. You shall experience health and plenty, for the only lack that you can have is in consciousness, for all things, including a healthy body, is available to you, if you will but expand your consciousness to include these things.

My peace, my love and my understanding I extend to you.

Goodnight, beloved ones.

Thursday, September 1, 1960

My greetings to you, my friends. I come to you in love and in understanding. May the peace of the Great Ones be with you.

My friends, as you seek to discover your pattern or your path that may bring you to your awakening, it is good to remember that you can best follow this path or discover this path which is so important to you, by keeping uppermost in your consciousness, the necessity of high ideals, of purity and the realization that you are seeking Truth, and that in your seeking you realize that this Truth is to be found within you. The person who madly seeks, who desperately dashes here and there, seeking to find the Truth always somewhere beyond, or in the consciousness of another, this person will never find Truth, for Truth is not found intellectually, but it is found within your own being, for you are a spiritual being, and spiritual Truth will only be found by searching spiritually.

Each person has the key within him that will open the door to Truth, and this key is found only through true meditation, by becoming aware in the silence, and when we have found this Truth, beloved friends, when you have opened this door, you will know; you will not believe, you will know. You will no longer depend upon faith, for you will have passed the phase of faith, and you will have reached a degree of knowing—of knowing. You will have looked into other dimensions and you will have seen Truth. Faith is a wonderful thing, but it is again only a stepping stone to higher understanding, to higher knowledge. What you are really striving for now, my friends, is the stage of knowing, and this too, is only a stepping stone to higher understanding.

So you see, we move ever onward to higher and higher understanding, but for the present it is for Earth People. to acquire somewhat of an understanding between themselves, to understand a little bit about themselves—who and what they are, and to be able to understand their brother enough to live side by side with him in peace and in love. But many of you are seeking higher understanding then this, therefore I mention these other things

Strive always to keep your thinking and your consciousness pure; cast out all thoughts of resentment, of criticism, of jealousy, of false desires. Try to know and to see perfection; try to see beyond this illusionary environment in which you now find yourself. Try to avoid the things that lower your consciousness, rather bringing into sight those things which raise you to new heights of consciousness, of understanding, for these, my friends, are the things that will bring you what you see—peace, health, prosperity. These things are all apparent to the higher consciousness, for in pure consciousness or pure knowing, all things are in harmony, and harmony is what you are seeking.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace be with you. I go.

Wednesday, September 7, 1960

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

It is once more my pleasure to be a guest in your household, or maybe you are beginning to think I am a member? I should like to greet our new friend here tonight and I should also like to state that you are not a stranger to me, though I may be to you. We who are working in the Light, are aware of all of you who are assisting in your way, and I should also like to say that you are serving in your way and are doing much good. You are offering a stepping-stone, so to speak, to higher and higher understanding, and through your efforts, you shall also reach higher understanding. After all, is this not what we are all seeking? I am sure it is.

We have heard a great deal of your conversation here tonight, and when I say we, I mean my dear friend, Anthon, who is the teacher and the keeper of the instrument through which I speak at this moment. It I can be of any help to you in my expounding, I shall be happy.

Let us first, my friends, consider the subconscious. You are aware that this is a storehouse of all your experiences; every experience, every thought that passes through your conscious mind, every act or deed that you perform, is stored in the subconscious. But it is more than this; it is a very influencing factor in our lives. We have, over a period of time, fed into the subconscious many concepts, and in turn, these flow out and become a part of our consciousness. This power within us that is known to you as the subconscious, is not a respecter of good, nor of evil. It does not know one from the other. This power is continually working for us, bringing into what we call reality, that which is our consciousness or that which our consciousness is willing and ready to receive.

You see, my friends, we do not receive anything that is not a part of our consciousness. Now, we may not at the moment be aware of the many concepts, of the many things that have passed into our subconscious, therefore we do not understand why we are having certain experiences in our life which perhaps, we do not like, or perhaps we do like. A life pattern of which you spoke, has been formed by what has passed into the subconscious; therefore it we do not like what we are experiencing, then we should start placing into the subconscious that which we desire.

Now, my friends, how long shall it take before the change shall come about? This, my dear friends, depends upon you. It depends upon your readiness to receive that which you desire. Many people try, or declare certain good and it does not come about. Why is this, why does it not happen? It does not happen, because they do not expect it to happen, you see. You have to have great expectancy, or perhaps you might can it faith; call it what you will, but you must learn to receive. Many people withhold their good, because they are not ready to receive it, so we must learn to receive. Your Creator has placed within reach of every man, anything he desires for his good, but he must receive it. You see, if I declare a good for myself, and then in the same breath, I say I am not deserving of this; I hope God will give it to me, but I do not deserve it. You see immediately I have put a block in the way, and my good cannot possibly flow to me.

So, in our meditations, let us try to expand our consciousness by placing into our subconscious all things which are ours, and let us attempt to look out into the beyond, for we have the power to be any place we desire, upon any plane of consciousness. We can extend our consciousness into any realms of life and look around and see the wonders. Let us not throw restrictions in our path. I am not speaking of family, of personal things; I am saying that in our meditations let us expand, and when we have touched the higher realization, the truly high realizations, we shall find that our whole life shall begin to react, our understanding will begin to react in our life, and when you have true spiritual understanding, your life will be one of harmony.

Many people speak of great spiritual understanding, of great spiritual experiences, but the reaction is not in their lives. I say to you, my friends, these are only empty dreams that they are having; they have not received spiritual understanding, for when this is had, there will be no question in your minds, for it will show in every act and in every word that he speaks. True love shall be radiating from this person at all times.

My friends, I hope I have not bored you with my lengthy conversation here tonight. If I have been of any little help, I am happy. I thank you for receiving me into your presence, and I extend to you my love and my understanding.

Peace be with you, my friends. May each of you reap great results in your search for understanding.

Goodnight, my friends.

Thursday, September 8, 1960

Beloved children, my peace and my blessings I give to you.

I am reminded of a phrase from one of your hymns, which states: “Blest be the tie that binds.” What, my friends, do you consider the greatest tie to bind Man together in a great Brotherhood?

Questioner: Love.

Well spoken, my sister. And how shall we define this word love, that is so loosely used among Earth Man? Is it an emotion or a phase of our emotions—is it a feeling that rises up within our being? How could we describe this thing we call love to a fellow-being? I can only give you my interpretation of this; perhaps you shall not agree with me.

Let us also consider another word which is used quite extensively among all of you and all of your people. There is much talk today among Earth People, that understanding must be brought about among your people if you are to live together in peace. Now, how do we gain understanding of our fellowman and of ourselves? There are only a few ways that we can do this, and this is by association, by association combined with love, and when we have achieved understanding we have also achieved love. Therefore we cannot separate the two—we must conclude that love is understanding and understanding is love. Then this is what remains: to increase our love and understanding to include spiritual understanding. Before we can have or reach any degree of spiritual understanding, we must first have and cultivate understanding of our fellowman.

There are many on earth planes that proclaim great spiritual understanding, yet this does not reflect in their life. They do not show love or understanding for their fellow-being. Many of them attempt to judge the spiritual growth of another. You will hear them remark that this person or that person is not developed spiritually; harmony does not exist in their life. Where you find this result there is not any true degree of spiritual understanding, for unless you have within your own heart a true understanding or love for those about you, you will not attain great spiritual understanding.

Let us work to promote this love among mankind, so that he might extend his spiritual understanding, in preparation for a greater life. Great help has been offered to Earth Man to bring about these conditions more rapidly, but they have been rejected many times, for somehow Man of Earth has not come into the full realization of the importance of Brotherhood. It is now slowly dawning upon him—he is beginning to get through his dim sight, a slight glimpse of the importance of this, yet he hesitates to take the step forward. He fears that he shall not find the readiness in his fellowman to accept his hand of friendship and love. Everything possible is being done by the higher powers to help mankind come into this realization.

Man of Earth is existing now upon borrowed time. Little does he realize the number of times that through the great efforts of those who understand these Laws, he has been given more time. But eventually this must also end, and Man will have made his final choice. This opportunity will have passed and those who have not chosen rightly will be doomed to try again through another process of evolution.

Peace be with you, my friends.

Thursday, September 29, 1960

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Our contact tonight was more successful than upon the last occasion. Our last attempt to contact you here at Center R was spoiled by interference. So tonight, it is again my pleasure to have the opportunity to again address you there on Shan.

There is, my friends, so much preparation yet needed by people of your planet, to prepare them to receive the knowledge that is going to be conveyed to them in the very near future. Earth Man is going to stand upon other planets much sooner than he thinks. Today your world governments are preparing vehicles that will travel both to the moon and to other nearby planets. The information that will be brought back by the first visitors from earth is going to be a great shock to the masses.

Change is coming about much faster than any other time in your civilization, and it is increasing in momentum by the moment. Many of you stand in positions today to help your people in the preparation of the changes to come by preparing them for change. This does not mean that you have to force upon them concepts which they are not ready to receive, but in many ways by planting the seeds, they can be prepared so that these changes do not come as a terrific blow to them.

Before most of your peoples will accept even the minutest of the information that will be forthcoming, they will need to have this information verified by their authorities, and as the impact of this truth begins to dawn upon them, they will realize the folly of depending upon authority, and they shall begin searching other places for their information for the truth. And those who are prepared in this day to serve these people, shall find themselves surrounded by seekers of Truth. Those of you who believe in the New Age and its coming, who believe that Man is about to awaken unto himself, we urge you to spend some effort in attaining an understanding that will qualify you as one for service

Your great nation and its people are destined to play a great part in the New Age, but they must be prepared. It would be possibly quite impossible for any of you at this moment to conceive of all the changes that are to come, but I will say to you that they will affect every phase of life; they will change the entire concept of life, and the present way of life of all peoples will not be the same, and even Man himself upon your planet will become a new and different being.

I leave you, my friends, by extending to you the Love, the Light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, October 17, 1960

Peace be with thee, my friends.

Have ye ever attempted to really realize what is meant by being one with the whole, with Universal Mind, or shall we say, with all Creation? I know that each of ye are familiar with cellular structure, with molecules and such, so let us liken our mind or perhaps I should say, our pure mind or what ye would perhaps term, spirit mind—let us visualize our portion of this as one of the minute cells of Universal Mind, moving continually through the great sea or space where flows this Complete Mind.

As we bring our consciousness into the realization of this and the relationship of this minute cell, which we shall refer to as the I, or the I AM—we visualize ourself as one of these moving among the many; and in our quietness we bring ourselves into complete harmony and attunement with that which surrounds us, which we are a part of, and which is a part of us. As we come into this attunement, we begin to find great truth, great love, great wisdom and understanding of this One Great Mind, becoming a part of us, of the I, and we find arising in our consciousness great amounts of truth and understanding; but in order to tap this Source of truth we must became a part of it.

All things, my friends, come about through the broadening of one’s consciousness, and in order to broaden our consciousness, to bring into it greater things, we must start with the intellectual mind, exercising the broadening of this consciousness. At first it may not seem at all real, but as we practice we find the subconscious and the conscious coming closer together, cooperating more, in bringing about that which we seek to know. Nothing can become real to us unless we bring it within our consciousness—the scope of our consciousness. Truth is—consciousness must be developed to bring truth into it.

Each of ye are well aware that many at your people pass a whole lifetime with a consciousness so narrow that it takes in practically nothing, even in the knowledge of your intellectual world. Man will be just what his consciousness can take in.

So I say to each of thee, my friends, let your consciousness became ever wider and ever higher. Realize your at-one-ness with Creation, with this Great Universal Mind or Intelligence that you might receive that which is rightfully yours to have, for you, as children of the Most High, are entitled to all of His Creations. They are yours to claim and to have—they are mine to claim and to have. There is great plenty for all. Become conscious of these facts and go farther than believing them; know them to such an extent that the knowing is a part of your being.

My love and my peace I leave with thee. Goodnight, my friends.

I am Anthon.

Monday, October 24, 1960

Peace, peace, peace.

Where, O Beloved Ones, do you find peace? Is this peace for which you search found in books? Is it found through the sharing of wisdom from another, or do we find it within our own hearts when we have made peace with ourselves and all creation. Peace cannot be found in a heart that is troubled, where there is any trace of greed or lust or self, or self pity, there can be no peace. We must build our world, or our consciousness as did your Creator build, and when your building is finished, then you shall rest in peace.

Earth Man has been told that when he has decided to move in the path of everlasting love, he shall receive great help from beings who stand ready to give this help, when this decision is made. Many of your people believe they have made this decision, but they walk not in that path of love, for they are blind to their own weaknesses. The most difficult thing in the experience of Earth Man will be to face himself squarely, to look deep into his own consciousness and recognize that which lurks in the darkness there.

But once this has been done, beloved ones, and the weaknesses are recognized and brought forth, then they can be eliminated, and Man can truly walk in the Light. This shall be Man’s most difficult moment, and many will not be able to face what they will see; they will not have the courage to cope with themselves, and this will be the chaff that will be blown from the wheat and shall float away to a new environment, but no man cometh into his own without this experience.

Many stand ready to help in these changing times, but before one can be helped, he must make this decision, and carry it forth to its completion, and as he carries out the weeding process, he will find help coming to him to smooth the way.

May the peace, the love, and the understanding of all the Great Ones rest in the hearts of each of you.

Peace, beloved, peace, peace. So be it.


Thursday, November 10, 1960

Greetings in the Light, my friends. I am Oxal of Arcturus.

Once more it is my pleasure to speak with you, and once more I should like to state that we are still within your system fulfilling our mission that has been assigned to us, and we shall continue until we have completed our work. We are attempting in every way to bring aid to all of you in your search for understanding, for Truth.

Each man and each woman, as you well know, have within them a spark of something that urges them on in their search for understanding. What, my friends, does this spark of energy within you consist of, from whence does it come? Call it what you may, for words are but symbols. Some of you call it the God within you, others will call it the Christ within them, and still others may use terms of a different nature, but call it what you may, it is that part of you which joins you to the Universal Mind, the Universal Power or Powers. This is your pipe-line, so to speak, to all Truth.

This, beloved ones, is why we urge you to spend your efforts in awakening within you the function of this connection. Earth Man has so many potentialities within him that lie dormant; he must awaken to the realization of the powers, talents and capabilities that lie within him. These are yours to use, to bring into your being the love, the understanding and the Truth that will raise you to mastership. These are your rights, your privileges.

Make your decision, beloved friends, and, when you have made it, let nothing stand in your way in your development, for you can be what you will to be; you have only to awaken within yourself the desire and follow it with action. It is not as difficult as it might seem. It requires only determination and effort. We shall aid in every way possible when you are making the effort.

Let not the illusionary visions that surround you cause you to deviate from your path, but rather come up out of this dream world in which you now exist. Come forth into the reality or what you really are, and you are really not at all what you see. Your real self is a much greater being, a much wiser being than you now visualize yourself as being.

Take advantage of all the aids that come your way and there shall be a number of them, as there has been in the past. As one of your great Teachers said to you long ago, “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let fear enter therein,” for you have nothing to fear when you follow the path.

My love and blessings I leave with you, and I extend to you the love and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, November 21, 1960

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

Once more it is my pleasure to come among you and to speak with you. Another who bears great light stands among you tonight and is pouring forth his blessings and his love upon you. For this, you should feel very grateful and very humble. I am honored to be in his presence and to have been chosen to speak to you upon this occasion.

To answer the question that arose among you a few moments before you entered your silence, concerning those who will not pass with this planet into the New Age. These, my friends, will return to a location that is equivalent to their present state of consciousness. For, my friends, as you have been told many times, all is consciousness and you are and will be exactly that which your consciousness can create for you. And this, my friends, is what why emphasize so greatly, the importance of increasing your consciousness, to encompass more and more of His Universal Truth.

Great things lie before you. They are now ready for you to receive, to accept. That is entirely a matter of how rapidly you can increase your consciousness to encompass these things. Do I make myself understood, do you see what I am driving at? So much lies in waiting for you, my beloved friends, if only you can accept it into your consciousness, and or course this is what we are all trying to do, regardless of our present state of consciousness.

I have met beings that are in a state of consciousness, that I, as yet, cannot conceive of, and yet I understand that the same thing exists with them. So it appears, my friends, that we are living in a—I hardly know how to express this in your language, but it appears we are living in a universe of ever-expanding consciousness, and it is up to us as to how fast we shall expand our consciousness.

I know in my own experience, I have experienced things that are, or rather that seemed at the time, beyond all comprehension, because at the time my consciousness was just beginning to include these things. But, as I expanded this consciousness, these things became common place. And so, we move on continually to know even greater Truths, always expanding, taking in more and more of this great Creation and what it consists of.

So, my friends, try to ever expand this consciousness to include more and more of His Creation. Insist that it include health, prosperity, happiness, and all of the things that are good and pure in the sight of your Creator. Include in this consciousness an attitude of gratitude to your Creator; an attitude of humbleness, or humility, and yet one of greatness, for you are great, you are a great being, capable of accomplishing great things. You are a being unlimited in your powers and your abilities—you have only to realize these things and to bring them into being. It is not enough, my friends, to believe or to have faith, you must know from the very core of your being. You must reach a state of knowing these things and accepting them. Earth Man has a great lack in his ability to accept. He refuses to accept that which his Creator offers him, who asks nothing in return, except to know. So, my friends, reach the state of knowing, know that you are a pure spiritual being, endowed with all the powers of your Creator; you have only to expand your consciousness to include these things.

I hope, my friends, that I have been of some help to you. It has been my pleasure again to speak with you. Do you think I have improved on my English language?

Group: Very much so.

I have been working on this considerably. I find it somewhat easier now to speak to you. Well, thank you, my friends. I believe that you think I have improved.

It has been my great pleasure to speak with you again, and to be with you and to be accepted into this household. As I leave, I leave with you my greatest love, and my blessings, and my thanks for your courtesy in listening to me.

Peace be with each of thee, my friends.

Peace, peace.

Saturday, November 26, 1960

Peace be with thee, my friends.

As you travel the corridors of time, you encounter experience upon experience. Each of these, if you are at least somewhat aware, adds to your Truth, your knowledge and your wisdom. Man, in this level of consciousness that exists upon Planet Earth, has drawn upon himself a veil that places in the background most of his knowledge and Truth. Soon, Earth Man is to have this veil lifted, and he shall find himself emerging into a new state of consciousness; he shall behold many things that now do not exist in his consciousness. Some of you have awareness of these things, but you do not have full consciousness of them.

As this veil is lifted, you shall find great Truths being revealed to you, and you will understand many things which now are but a mystery to you. Many Earth People will experience these things and shall not understand; it will only confuse their minds, for these people are not ready yet to know the higher Truths. They will not be able to accept the Truth they behold, and therefore, of their own volition, they will return to an environment suitable to their consciousness.

Beloved friends, spend every effort that you can in these days to prepare yourselves for what is to come, so that you will be ready to move with your planet into the New Age where Man shall live his Truth, where Man shall not talk of his love for his fellowman, but he shall express it. These times are much nearer than you think or realize. The days of retribution have been shortened, not because Earth Man has repented, but because your Creator is just and merciful.

If Earth Man could see and know, he would be greatly humbled, I believe, but those who are responsible for this do not require gratitude; these things they do out of the graciousness of their hearts, out of their love for Mankind.

Let thine eyes be opened, that you might see, and let your ears be opened that you might hear. The day of justice is at hand, beloved friends, know this. Therefore, let your hearts be opened that you might receive the Great Light that is being poured out to you in these times. Receive it, and rejoice in it and be grateful.

I know that in your minds you are wondering who I might be, so I will say this: I am very close to one of you here; my love for all of you is great. I am quite sure that my son here is recognizing my vibrations. I will say this to him: Many times I have been at your side in the hour of need; I have helped you over many rough paths, and more than once you thought your work was finished here, but you found it was not so, for, as yet you have not fulfilled your mission, and you will not leave this plane of existence until this is accomplished, I assure you.

Great energies have been concentrated here tonight by some of the great Masters; these energies should be of great benefit to you, both morally and spiritually. Take them into your being and reap their benefits.

May the love, peace and understanding of the Great Ones rest in the hearts of each of thee this night. Bless you, dear friends, peace be with you. I go.

Monday, November 28, 1960

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal of Arcturus.

If you, my friends, could observe your planet from our vantage point for a time, I am sure that each of you would be amazed beyond your greatest imagination. The turmoil and the unrest is increasing day by day. It is amazing how little is known by your masses of what goes on behind the scenes. You are given exactly what those in control want you to know, and this is not only true in a few nations upon your planet, but it is prevalent all across the surface, in all nations. The confusion that exists among Earth People is great; yet, we see an awakening occurring throughout your planet. More and more people are beginning to reason for themselves, are beginning to wonder why things are as they are.

They are awakening to a need for something greater; they are awakening to the fact that life is not what it should be. Therefore, you have turmoil, chaos, and this shall increase, as we observe it, and it may reach great heights of chaos among Earth People unless enough people awaken to the real truth. It is sad that conditions of this nature should exist among any people, but only things of this nature can result where greed, lust, and hate exist and unless these things are brought to a minimum and controlled, a great amount of suffering shall result.

The world leaders at this time, are greatly perplexed. They have great decisions resting upon their shoulders, and they fear the results of their decisions. In the past, it has been the belief of the dominant powers upon this earth, that wars and strife were a necessity to control the world economy and world population. But now they find themselves in possession of powers, of energies, that they fear they cannot control, once they are loosed. They are pondering today, ways and means of expediting controlled wars. Yet, a fear lurks within their hearts that this control might possibly get out of their hands, and they know full well the results that will follow once the energies that they have, are released in any quantity.

So, you see, my friends, how things stand today on Planet Earth. Some of the strong minds who have insisted that these periods of chaos are a necessity, are now weakening somewhat, through fear of their own destruction. Yet, that great desire that burns within them, to control mankind, to gain power through wealth, this desire still burns strongly within them, and thus the conflict goes on. The destiny of Earth Man to a point, lies in his decisions, decisions that he will make in the near future.

So, beloved friends, each of you can do your part, in easing this situation that lies before Earth Man, and I need not go into this, for I know that each of you know and realize the individual responsibility of each of you, and what you can do, for peace must always start with the individual person.

I extend to each of you, my peace, my love, and my blessings, and to each of you I extend the love and understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, December 12, 1960

I greet you, my beloved friends, in the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator, I am Hatonn.

It has been, as you know, quite some time since I have spoken with you. We are attuned to your location tonight with our Iconiscan. I note quite some change since we last looked in upon you, but I am happy to again be able to speak with you.

We are at this time, keeping close vigilance of Planet Earth, for great tension seems to be again building up among your peoples. We sincerely hope that this will not result in extreme violence.

We, of the Confederation, are again attempting to exert influence in the places where it will be most effective in bringing about more harmony, but it is not easy to influence some of the forces or minds upon Planet Earth, who have been for several incarnations, greatly under the influence of the forces of darkness. The forces of darkness have gained through the past centuries much power over the People of Earth. Now this power must be broken, and these forces are attempting desperately to hold what they have gained. Several

times, within a short period of years, we have been able through our powers to avoid certain situations that were being attempted to be brought about by these influences from darkness. Gradually, very gradually, they have been losing their power over Planet Earth, and as Planet Earth moves deeper and deeper into its newer dimension in space, these forces shall find it more and more difficult to make their influences felt.

Yet, it appears that Planet Earth must experience a certain amount of chaos, as it passes from the old to the new. We shall do everything in our power to ease this situation for you; yet, you have certain debts or responsibilities that must be paid. Very few of your people have any realization of their responsibilities to your planet in these times. They have little realization of how to bring themselves out of the dilemma in which they find themselves. They do not realize that these things are only a result of the past actions and thinking of their own race. If your peoples could but be made to realize the necessity of raising their consciousness, of becoming aware of their responsibilities to their Creator and to their fellowman; if they could but be made to realize the importance of these things and would then act upon them, how much different would be the transition. Why do people choose a path that is so difficult, when they could so much more easily take the path that is so much more apparent and is so much easier and so much more beautiful?

More and more of our people are coming among you to serve, to attempt to prepare your people for what they are facing. These people are doing this with great sacrifice to themselves, yet asking for nothing in return; they ask only that you learn to love, and to understand, and that you attain a consciousness of brotherhood. These people are serving among you, much closer to you than you think or realize. If the People of Earth could know the help that has been given them and is being given them, I am sure they would be greatly amazed. In fact, beloved friends, it is only through the efforts of these servants, that any of you exist today in your physical, chemical, conveyance, for had some of the minds of Planet Earth, continued in their path, all would have been destroyed before this. I am not bragging of the accomplishments of some of the Beings from outside your world; I merely state these things because I think you would be interested in knowing.

Tonight there stands among you some Beings whom I consider as being great in their accomplishments. I would feel and do feel a great humbleness whenever I am in the presence of such a Being. I hope that each of you are aware, and that you too, feel this great love and humbleness.

Now, my friends, I must leave you. May each of you, through your own efforts, accomplish great heights in your search for Truth, and may each of you come into a realization of your at-one-ness with Creation and your Creator.

Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

I am Hatonn.

Tuesday, December 13, 1960

Beloved of my being, I greet thee in peace and in love, love not as you know it, as it is inconceivable in your understanding. I am Naketi

I come from a point in space far, far from you, in what would be thousands of light years in your measurement of distance. My people are known in our location as the Sons of Nakete. I have come to your system to study conditions that exist here and to be of help in any way I can find to serve. Our way of life would be inconceivable in the understanding of people of Shan. We understand at-one-ness, we understand our relationship to our Creator and our relationship with our fellowman. We live in an at-one-ness that is really at-one-ness, although we possess an individuality or individual intelligence—yet we are able to blend our beings into at-one-ness, where I am he, and he is I. Could you, my friends of Shan, could you conceive of such blending of consciousness? With blending of this type, you have complete understanding of your fellowman.

I have been told you have been seeking understanding, that you are working under a banner, so to speak, of Understanding. If this be true, then you are on the threshold of at-one-ness. To reach a state such as I have spoken of, does not come about in a moment. At, the level of understanding that Earth Man stands today, it shall require great effort to take the step that will begin to open the door to at-one-ness, to become one with Creation, with Life.

Realize, my beloved friends of Shan, that the expanse of space is a sea of Life, and you and you, and you and you, each individual intelligence is a minute part of this sea of Life. So great is the vastness of this sea, that it is inconceivable; it appears to have no beginning or appears to have no end, and yet you and I are a minute cell in this sea of Life. We must learn to become a conscious part of’ this sea. When we become conscious of this and make it a part of our consciousness, and it begins to speak to us and we begin to understand, we begin to know the I AM, we begin to know who and what we are.

Beloved children, humble yourselves, bring thy ego under control and begin to blend yourselves into this great sea, knowing that you may become a conscious part of it. Awaken thyselves to the realization of what you are, and that all is yours. Begin by joining together in an at-one-ness of peace, love, understanding among yourselves. Understanding must begin in a small way if it is to expand into the Cosmos.

It has been my privilege to be with you, and I wish to extend my gratitude to all of you for your kindness in receiving me and to the instrument and his teacher for availing to me this privilege.

May your consciousness expand as rapidly as you are able to conceive. Work, my friends, work!

Peace, peace, peace.

Thursday, December 15, 1960

My greetings to you, my friends.

It is my pleasure for the first time tonight to speak with you. I have been allotted only a few moments, so I shall take this opportunity to say a few words to my good son here upon my left. You have, my son, been granted the opportunity on this evening that you expressed desire for. I should like to say this to you; you have been somewhat troubled by the situation in which you now find yourself, but let me remind you, my son, that nothing happens to you or to anyone by chance alone.

Each experience that comes to any of you, comes as an opportunity for you to learn by, for your only teacher is experience, and I might add, because of some of the remarks that passed here before your meditation, that the only opportunity for you to prove anything to yourself and, therefore, have a knowing of the situation, you must pass through the experience, for no man knoweth anything lest he experience it. Through these experiences you are given the opportunity to grow. So, my son, take advantage of every experience that comes your way.

In your present situation, release all tension and know, not believe, but know. And what is for you will be, and then, become aware, for awareness is important. Be aware of this inner voice that speaks to you, and I do not mean a voice that you will hear, but rather a knowing, or a feeling, it is unmistakable. But do not allow your ego or your intellect to dissipate these impressions, I believe you call them. When they come to you, they come suddenly, and when you least expect them. And this is why, my son, it is so important to be aware of these and to follow through.

Many individuals have missed great opportunities because they were not aware of what was happening, and they did not heed this voice. Each of you have within you a power that can take you through any experience, to use your terms, with flying colors, and cause you to reap great benefits from these experiences. I hope, my son, that my words have been of some encouragement to you.

My love and my blessings to each of you. May you go in peace—I go in peace.

Questioner: Before you go, may I give my love to you also, and I pray that I can follow your guidance much more closely. We thank all of those who come to give us their, or shall we say, share their knowledge and their light. Please thank them for us, and thank you.

Bless you, my son, bless you. Bless each of you. I go.

Thursday, December 29, 1960

Peace be with thee, my friends, I am Anthon.

Since it is your custom at this season to extend greetings, I should like to extend to you my greetings. I shall not wish you a happy new year, but rather I shall wish for thee a spiritual new year, and I mean by this that I shall hold for each of you, a thought that each of you shall grow in spiritual understanding greatly in the coming year.

This coming year shall be an eventful and full year for People of Earth. The confusion and turmoil is on the increase, and as it now looks, the increase shall continue through the coming year.

Vibrations carry a very, very, great importance in your life. To each of thee, it is of great importance to build about you vibrations which we shall refer to as being of a positive nature. Each thought and each deed that is performed by you, has a result that emanates from you in vibrations. The sum and total of your thoughts and deeds will be reflected in the vibrations that surround you, and these vibrations emanate into your atmosphere, or your earth envelope, so to speak. The vibrations that are contained in the envelope of your planet, are the sum and total of all of the thoughts and deeds of your people, and this, my friends, reacts again by causing events to take place around and upon your planet which are directly relative to the vibrations contained therein.

However, this you should know; vibrations of a positive nature are predominantly stronger than those of a negative nature, so therefore, you see, my friends, it behooves each of us and every person upon your planet to bring about vibrations that are of a positive nature. He must be aware of his thoughts and his deeds, and the results that they bring. He must train himself to use thoughts of love, of goodwill, so that he might build about him a field of vibrations that will bring benefits to him and to his planet as a whole.

It forty per cent of the people of Earth could create about themselves a field of strong positive vibrations, you would see great changes come about upon your planet. Conditions would change rapidly for the better, and more and more of your people would join the throng until there would be great peace, peace that Planet Earth has never known.

Since it is the custom of your people at this season of the year, (I wonder if I could truly say that this is a custom of your people; it is a custom much spoken of but little practiced), but not to digress; the custom of taking stock of one’s self at this time when theoretically a new era is to begin, which you call a year—it would be well for each individual to take a complete inventory of himself or herself and honestly, earnestly, check what we are thinking and doing, and then set up for ourselves a new standard to follow through the coming year; one that would lead us into higher vibrations, so that we might benefit ourselves and our planet as a whole. Let us discard all thought of anger, of self, of greed. Let us replace these things with thoughts and deeds of love, of understanding, and then observe the change that is taking place in our individual lives.

As I leave, my friends, I extend to you with all my being, my hopes that each of you will make great strides in this coming year in Truth, in Love and in Understanding. Peace be with thee, my friends.

Peace, peace, peace.


[1] The original spelling of this name in these manuscripts is “Hatton.” It has been changed to “Hatonn” in order to be consistent with the spelling of this name in the rest of the material on this site from the same source. It is pronounced hat-ON.

[2] The original spelling of this name in these manuscripts is “Yaum.” It has been changed to “Yom” in order to be consistent with the spelling of this name in the rest of the material on this site from the same source. It is pronounced like the name “Tom.”

[3] The original spelling of this word in these manuscripts is “Odina.” It has been changed to “Adonai” in order to be consistent with the spelling of this salutation in the rest of the material on this site. We infer from its placement in the text that it is a departing salutation along the lines of “adieu,” roughly meaning “Go with God.” It is pronounced odd-in-AY by both Walt Rogers of the Detroit Group and the channels of L/L Research. The rest of the salutation, “vasu borragus,” pronounced vah-SOO boh-RAH-gus, we infer to roughly mean “our brothers.” Supposedly the original language of this salutation is Solex Mal. This attribution may well be mythical.

[4] The original spelling of this word in these manuscripts is “aoneness.” It has been changed to “at-one-ness” in order to be consistent with spelling in the rest of the material on this site. We have assumed there is no other special meaning that was intended by this word.

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