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The Origins of L/L Research

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT: These documents are transcriptions of channeling done by Clyde Trepanier during group meetings in Detroit and that were previously published in the Man, Consciousness and Understanding pamphlets. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities always make a point of saying, please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

CAVEAT: This document is being published by L/L Research in a not yet final form. It has, however, been edited and any obvious errors have been corrected. When it is in a final form, this caveat will be removed.


Man, Consciousness and Understanding

Volume III


The groupings of communications contained in this enclosure are informative, teaching-instructions for developing a better understanding of ourselves, of the problems of our modem times, and of the magnitude of the future lying before us. The nature and the text of these communications differ in respect to the many spiritual studies of Truth available to the seeker; therefore, a few words are necessary to explain their source.

On and around our Earth there exist millions of beings from other regions and other realms of the Universe who have attained a much higher and a much greater degree of understanding in their evolution. To those who will listen, they extend their friendship and offer their understanding and wisdom that the homo sapiens race on Earth might awaken unto themselves and work to usher in the New Golden Age presently dawning.

Within these pages, the words you read are those received from physical beings aboard spacecraft who hail from other parts of the Universe, and from wonderful, Radiant Beings who enjoy the Perfect Life in the higher realms of existence.

The reader is to understand that these communications were received through a human channel who was one among a small group of earnest seekers of Truth. These words of enlightenment, even though spoken to a small group, also apply to the whole of mankind and may be used by any and all who are seeking a more Abundant Life.

With their deepest Love and Blessings, these Beings of higher understanding offer their knowledge to all who seek the Truth.

Affirmations for Meditation

By Hatonn [1]

O Radiant One, send forth thy Light, and surround each of us, thy children, that we may have enlightenment and wisdom.

We relax and give ourselves completely to the Father. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him. We know that all is well as we relax in His Arms. We give our whole selves to the Father, we want only to do His will. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him.

I am His perfect child. He guides me and directs me. He continually surrounds me with His pure white Light. I visualize this radiant substance of purest white, until I actually feel the consciousness of the Father, His Presence, His Power, His Light and love flowing through me. I relax in His Presence.

He is the ever-loving Father and Creator.

He loves me and protects me.

He is the one and only Power and Intelligence

I am His perfect expression

He expresses through me

I am a doer of His will

The Father and I are one.

There is but a single power and intelligence

This great power and intelligence is now a part of me

It is guiding me and protecting me at all times

I give myself completely to this great Power and Intelligence

I am a part of it

I live and have my being in this, the Father.


Wednesday, January 11, 1961

Peace be with thee, my friends, peace.

You were asking for, what was it, confirmation, advice?

Group: Yes.

From our side, we can only say that we will do our part in helping thee to succeed in your efforts to bring about understanding. The success of your organization, beloved, will depend upon each of its members or participants and the effort that each of them put forth in establishing love and understanding within their own hearts.

You have begun a wonderful thing by attempting to establish an organization that will dedicate itself to this purpose. Rededicate yourself each day to the work that lies before you. Realize what you are attempting to accomplish; establish your purpose and stand by it. You will succeed according to your efforts, directed in the right way.

Harmony must prevail if you are to reach an at-one-ness among you; to reach an at-one-ness does not necessarily mean that all concepts and understandings must be at the same level, for this will never be, but with at-one-ness comes understanding and with understanding comes peace, and is this not what each of ye seek, above all? For what has Man if he has not peace within his own heart? When peace comes to you, all mankind will look different; you shall see within mankind the image of your Creator. To see this, Man must have peace.

May each of you find this peace in your heart soon, beloved.

Peace, peace, and may it surround you and enfold you forevermore. I go.

Tuesday, January 17, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

We aboard the Otavana have been watching your progress, as we watch and record the happenings and progress of many of the happenings upon your planet. In the next five years upon your planet, great changes shall come about, changes of many descriptions, but the greatest change shall be the change that will take place in the hearts of many of your Earth People.

We are putting forth great efforts to impress upon the minds of Earth People—the importance of understanding among mankind. This is a word you hear much used today among your leaders of world affairs. This word you have heard repeated more and more; there is reason for this, my friends, for there is power in words, there is more power than you realize. If you are aware you will notice, as time passes, this word being used more and more by Earth People, and thus it shall take root in the minds of Man and shall grow.

Groups such as you have here, have a responsibility in promoting the growth of these seeds, and each of you, if you will but be aware, can fertilize these seeds as you move about your daily living. Be continually aware of opportunities to promote understanding with those with whom you came in contact. Use every opportunity to perform a deed, or to speak a word that will increase the feeling of understanding in to hearts of men. This, my friends, like everything else, becomes a state of consciousness; but Man will never have complete understanding, unless he begins in a small way, for as he performs acts and deeds that promote a feeling of Brotherhood, his consciousness gradually reaches out and encompasses more and more understanding of every nature. You see, my friends, this is a broad term word, and encompasses a great deal.

Spiritual understanding is growing upon Planet Earth, although it does not seem to be too apparent; yet, it is being channeled to Earth Man through many sources, through many channels. There are many paths in spiritual growth, and each must choose his path, the path that is right for him, and will bring him the experiences that are necessary for his or her growth. Therefore, we must allow each individual to follow the path that seems right and good for them, and understand that this is necessary for them to reach their goal; but all paths eventually come to the same place, and each will reach his goal when it is right for him. But this need not prevent us from having an understanding between individuals; for in true understanding we respect the rights of each to move according to his will, and rejoice with him.

May each of you, beloved ones, as you go forth, go with a new determination to promote an era of understanding wherever you are. May each of you be continually conscious of every opportunity to carry out your mission in bringing about the Brotherhood of Man, that must come soon to Planet Earth.

I leave you by extending to you the love, and the understanding, of my people.

I am Oxal, of Arcturus.

Thursday, January 19, 1961

Peace be with thee, my friends, I am Anthon.

Tonight, each of thee are receiving great amounts of energy, set up here by a group of beings, each having a particular interest in one of thee. We hope that your awareness is such that this energy is felt and enjoyed by you, for around each there exists this energy for you to absorb and take into your being, that it might assist you, both in your well-being and in the physical, chemical, part of you. Sit yourself erect and deeply breathe this energy into your being, visualizing it passing to every cell, every fiber of your being; see it raising you mentally and spiritually; absorb it and partake of it generously, for it is yours to use. Let it fill your lungs and penetrate on through every cell, every fiber, every part of your being—knowing that you are being raised to new heights.

Do not become alarmed if you acquire a feeling of lightness, for this energy taken in great quantities for a few moments, may cause you to feel that you are about to float. Continue taking this into your being as I speak. Those of us who are with you tonight, have great love for you; we are interested in your well-being, and will do everything in our power to assist you in your climb and search for new spiritual understanding.

We are attempting to direct and guide you in the right paths and still allow you free choice. The manner in which you follow this guidance, will depend upon your awareness. We will not infringe upon your privacy, nor force you to do anything against your will, but we will attempt in small ways to guide you into paths that will bring about the opportunities for you to grow, to know yourself and to understand your fellow man. We will attempt to keep you upon the Path of Light.

We hope that you have received great good from what we have done here tonight. The good that you receive will depend upon your capability to receive it.

Group: We are grateful and thankful for this Light.

We are grateful for having the opportunity to serve you; it is our privilege and our pleasure.

And now, beloved friends, may the Light, the Love and the Peace of the Infinite Spirit of Creation engulf each of you and may you in your search for Truth grow rapidly and reach heights that are beyond your expectations.

Peace be with thee, my friend, peace.

Monday, January 30, 1961

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

With your kind permission, I should like to spend a few moments with you this evening. It has been quite some time now since I have visited with you; I assure you it has always been my pleasure.

My friends, things are not as they might seem at all times. Today, your Earth Peoples are facing great problems with their economic system. If any of you here had the opportunity to listen to the talk that was given today by your new President, you surely must have noted the great anxiety and fear in his expressions concerning the situation that your peoples are faced with today. Even he, my friends, did not quite realize the full seriousness of the situation, until he was informed more thoroughly, upon accepting the responsibility of his office.

Your financial leaders and your industrial leaders are much more concerned than they would have you know. They are facing a situation that is the result of many years of wrongdoing, and they are not able to see a solution that will correct the situation that has been created. At least, they do not see a solution that could be worked out, and still maintain the power that they feel that they must maintain—and the controls of your world goods.

But soon, my friends, a solution must be found—a solution that shall be beneficial to all the peoples of the planet and not to but a few. Unless this situation is met squarely and fairly and an approach to the solution is taken with an attitude of brotherly love, an attitude of understanding—unless a situation is created of this nature, the entire economic situation of Planet Earth shall collapse completely. If only your peoples could realize the importance of bringing about an atmosphere of love, of understanding and brotherhood—if this could be brought into the consciousness of your people, a theocracy could be brought into being that would solve all of your problems and bring about an era that has never been experienced upon this planet.

Those of us who are working in the behalf of People of Earth, are doing our uppermost to instill in the consciousness of Earth People, a feeling of love and understanding. Won’t you, my friends, also work hard at bringing this into your consciousness, and into the consciousness of those with whom you come in contact? Be ever conscious of the effort to accomplish this. Do not forget it for one moment, please.

Now, my good friends, I must vacate this instrument. It has been my joy to be once more with you. I want to express my gratitude for being accepted into this household tonight. My peace, my love and my understanding, I extend to each of you.

Goodnight, my beloved friends.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, February 9, 1961

May the peace of the Infinite Creator be with you, beloved ones, and may this peace bring you into a consciousness of at-one-ness, a consciousness that will bring unto you a knowing, an understanding of the real meaning of at-one-ness.

Realize, beloved friends, that all is Mind. The vast universe consists of Mind; it is a creation that was brought about by Mind, “What is Man,” cried one of your ancients, “that his Creator, the Creator of all of us, is ever mindful of him?” Man is this Mind—each a minute part of this great sea of Mind. When Man comes into the realization of his at-one-ness with this Universal Power, he begins to see the importance of at-one-ness.

Visualize, if you will, my friends, each of you here tonight, blending your minds into an at-one-ness, into one great Mind—working together—yet having individuality. Come, my friends, try to visualize, to feel the welding, the blending of consciousness. Visualize, if you will, a circle of light, engulfing each of you and each of you in consciousness blending yourself into this circle, and as you do this, try to draw upon yourself a feeling of harmony, a feeling of association, a feeling of togetherness, for in this state we became as one in consciousness. I and the Father are one; I and you are one, for we are all a part of the one and same Power that goes to make up the whole.

My friends, my brothers, my sisters, when you are able to draw yourself into this feeling, you are drawing yourself into the higher consciousness, and your consciousness will begin to expand, and expand, and expand, and you shall begin to bring about, through your own consciousness, a higher state of consciousness for those about you, and, yes, to a degree, your race or your planet.

Earth Man must expand his consciousness. This is occurring upon your planet slowly, very slowly—much too slowly. But, beloved ones, let each of us attempt to do this for ourselves that our consciousness may expand more rapidly for each, each one will expand according to his efforts or her efforts. Each will grow according to his own will, not to the will of your Creator, for you must will it, my friends, and that which thou dost will, shall manifest.

So be it, my friends. May peace and understanding become predominant in the hearts of each of you.

Friday, February 10, 1961

Peace, peace be with thee, my friends:

As Earth Man today stands upon the threshold of a new venture, he who has the desire to know, finds that within his heart burns an urge to reach out and to grasp new Truth, new understanding, to broaden his consciousness—that he might be ready and prepared to venture out into the future.

Man of Earth has a great deal of knowledge yet to be gained, before he is ready to venture into space. However, this knowledge is coming rapidly to a few. Your science today possesses much more knowledge of space and what will be involved in space travel, than is being channeled to the people, for your masses are slow to accept, slow to expand. They have been sheltered for so long that some of the new Truth that is known to your science, must came in a gradual way to your masses; but slowly they are being conditioned.

But some of the great Truths that must be loosed in the future, are going to shake some of your people to the very roots of their being. It is going to do the same for some of your religious organizations, for some of the teachings that have been passed out by these, are so far from the Truth that the Truth will be very shocking to these.

But those of you who have ventured out in search of Truth with open minds and open hearts, are able to accept and understand these things as they are brought to you. Some of these things may even cause some of you a bit of wonderment; not that the Truth has not been known to some upon your planet, for all through the ages, there have been a few that have known the Truth and have adhered to it. But, realizing the illusion that Man of Earth lives and has his being in, realizing that for centuries he had lived in a hypnotic state and, therefore, has not seen clearly, nor heard clearly, but the veil, the hypnotic veil, is gradually being lifted from Earth Man, and he shall begin to see things as they are. He shall see life for what it is, and then, gradually, the Truth of life will present itself to those who are ready and willing to accept it.

And a new heaven and new earth shall appear, and Man of Earth shall know life as he has never known it before. He shall become a new creature; he shall no longer live in darkness, for the Light shall cause him to bloom forth in his true beauty as Nature intended him to be.

Peace be with you, my friends,

Peace be with you.

Monday, February 13, 1961

Greetings to you, my friends, greetings in the light of love and understanding. I am Mr. R.

There has been a great activity upon your planet by those who have volunteered to come from other planets, and a great attempt has been made to bring about a widening of consciousness by your people—to bring their consciousness to include more than this little planet upon which they live. This is now beginning to show effect among your people. There is much more readiness now among your people to accept the fact that perhaps beyond this little world in which you live, there may be other things of which they are not aware.

This is dawning in the minds of your people quite rapidly, and this is as it should be, for within a very few years, your people shall reach into space and discover things that they have been told are true, that there are many other beings sharing with them this great universe, this solar system. And that space is not the great empty void which they had known it to be, but rather it is full of life, that life is everywhere about them, and that they are only a minute part of this great vast sea, as it were, of life.

They shall begin to appreciate the works of their Creator, and once they begin to get a glimpse of what really lies beyond, a great reverence shall overtake them, because Man cannot conceive of this great work of beauty without feeling a great reverence for the Creator of all this. We, who have travelled space, who have seen its wonders, who have enjoyed its beauty, we raise our eyes and gaze into this great mass of beauty and give thanks and praise to its Creator, for one who has the power to create all of this, including Man himself, must be one of great love, of great beauty, of great understanding, and we seek to learn more of His wisdom.

Earth Man, why dost thou not enjoy these things—why dost thou exclude thyself—why dost thou keep thyself in ignorance and in darkness? Come out into the Light that you might see the beauty and feel the reverence; open thy eyes and thy ears, and let His beauty flow to you, His understanding, His wisdom. It is all free; the only thing that is required is the effort to seek it out and apply it to your life. It is yours to have and to hold—why should you wait? Speaking for myself, dear friends, I shall seek evermore of this great Truth and knowledge, that I might enjoy life more abundant, as I move ever onward upon the path of truth, of light and of understanding.

We have come, dear friends, to extend a hand of friendship. W e are attempting to serve People of Earth, to bring them into a higher consciousness that they might join with us and enjoy the things that we enjoy, and that we might move on together, your planet, our planets, our system, into ever higher and more beautiful understanding and truth. We would like you of Earth to be our brothers in understanding, to work with us and for us, as we will do with you—so that we might, as a Solar System, build a greater understanding, a greater love for each other.

So come, my friends of Earth, join with us by creating upon your planet, a Brotherhood of Man, an atmosphere of peace, of love and understanding. Eliminate hate, greed, and all of these things, and come, let us join together in praise and reverence for the great Intelligence that is responsible for us all.

And now, beloved friends, I must leave. I extend to each of you, my blessings, my love, my understanding. May the peace of the great Spirit of Creation rest in the hearts and minds of each of you … I shall return at another time when I find the time is right, and speak with you again. It has been my pleasure and my joy to again be in your midst.

Goodnight, beloved friends.

Tuesday, February 21, 1961

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

It is once more my pleasure to be again with you. I always enjoy coming among you, listening to your discussions and observing your sincerity in attempting to gain a higher understanding. I, and several others have been with you tonight during your entire gathering. The instrument has been aware of this, although he did not mention it.

My friends, the need for understanding among your people of earth is greater and greater each day. You are all aware of the great increase in turmoil that exists today; you are also aware that there are great risks involved. The chaos that is developing could, at any moment, break forth into serious turmoil.

Many Beings are working long and diligently, attempting to avoid this sort of thing for your people. This is being done in many ways; they are attempting to bring about influences upon the minds of certain individuals who are in power and positions to bring about decisions that will avoid chaos. Many of these minds have been influenced by the forces of darkness for many, many years, and it is not an easy task to completely change the minds of these individuals. However, progress is being made, and we hope to bring about much good.

As the People of Earth go about their daily living, they are very, very unaware of what is going on about them. The great masses of your people are not aware of all of the help that is coming to them from many, many levels of life. If it were not for this help, life would not exist today upon your Planet Earth, for the forces of darkness would have long since destroyed your planet.

I have been upon the surface of your planet, in what you call a physical body, for a long time—much longer than you would think. The life-span of Earth Man is greatly limited by his thinking. Man believes his life-span shall be three-score and ten; therefore, that is approximately what it is. I have been upon your planet in the same physical conveyance, for more than three times that period, although I am not originally from your planet. So you see, my friends, you are only limited according to your own consciousness. Some of your higher thinkers say: “As a man thinketh, so is he,” but I prefer to say, a man is exactly what his consciousness can perceive.

There is nothing new—everything that exists in Creation is, and always will be, and it always has been; so you see, you do not create anything new; we merely increase our consciousness. And that, my friends, is what you are attempting to do when you are attempting to gain understanding, and by gaining understanding, you have broadened your consciousness. Of what, of what, my friends, can you conceive? Increase your expectations.

I am told by the teacher of the instrument through which I work at this moment, that he was given in some detail, a lesson, or shall we call it a lecture or instruction on expectation, in attempting to increase expectations. I am also told that he was amazed at the results that came when he applied this in just a very minute way. Now, what if he could have applied it in a big way—well—but I believe it is better to learn slowly, for sometimes, too great results bring about confusion. One must move slowly in Truth—to gain too much knowledge at one time, or too rapidly, might not be the best way for experiencing.

I am told, my friends, that due to the fatigue of the instrument tonight, that I have stayed my time. So now, my friends, I must leave. It has been my pleasure and my joy to spend this time with you. I hope I have not bored you with my expounding. I should like to extend my gratitude to the members of this household for accepting me in here tonight and to all of you for your love and for accepting me in this light. My peace, my love and my understanding I extend to each of you. My peace I leave with you.

Goodnight, my friends.

Monday, February 27, 1961

Blest be ye, blest be ye each and everyone, on this night. Peace be with you.

What seek ye here, beloved ones?

Group: Truth and understanding.

Truth, ah yes. May the great truths be revealed unto you, may your seeking grow ever stronger; may you find that which you seek. The seeking is the having, and each shall be rewarded according to his or her efforts.

Understanding is a precious thing, my friends. It is more precious than jewels or gold. Earth Man puts forth great effort in the seeking of worldly goods. If but a small percentage of the effort Man spends in seeking things of this world, were spent in seeking understanding and Truth, how much greater would his wealth become, for what has a man if he has not peace in his heart? Man of Earth is beginning to realize more day by day, the need for peace and wellbeing. There is a great yearning surging up within him for this, yet he recognizes not just what it is his soul desires. He does not quite have the realization that it is peace, love and understanding that his soul or his higher consciousness, or term it as you will, is seeking.

We should like very much to bring to Man of Earth the realization that his true desires, his true longings, are not coming from his earthly mind, but from a higher part of him that knows the value of these things and is attempting to lead him into the peace, the understanding, the truth, that is rightfully his or hers to have and to hold.

Lay aside the anxiousness for what you shall eat, or what you shall wear, and replace it with the desire to know thyself, to know the Truth and to understand life as it really is. Bring yourself once and for all out of the darkness, the dream world, in which you now have your being. Rise up and claim your sonship with your Creator. Know these things, not by intellect, but by deep spiritual knowing. When this true knowing comes into being for you, then, beloved ones, you have begun to live, you have begun to know life as it should be. You no longer live in a state of dream, but you begin to unfold, as does the rose when it comes into bloom. You begin to experience life in a much greater and broader sense; you begin to see Creation for what it is. You begin to have true love for your Creator and for your fellow man; you begin to feel this glorious at-one-ness with all Creation, and begin to have an understanding of your part within it.

Lest Man has these things, I say unto you, he has nothing. He knows not life. So, rise up, beloved ones, rise up—bring your head above the dream world and look back into it, realizing what it is and why it is, but knowing that it is no longer for you. Lay aside your burdens, all of your worries and cares, and take on a life of peace, well-being and Truth.

May the great peace, love and understanding that is yours, rise up within you now and spark the flame that will bring you into this new state of consciousness that is rightfully yours to have.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace, peace.

Thursday, March 9, 1961

Greetings, Children of the Light.

I use this term of greeting because each of you here tonight is walking in the Light, to your fullest ability. Continue to do this, my friends, and let your Light ever increase, that you might walk ever in a brighter and more beautiful Light.

Tonight, beloved ones, we are going to attempt to create for each of you a greater Light, that you might be helped as you go forth into your daily living. We have with us tonight, a being who has been with you before, and each of you have with you your own teacher or Wisdor. This ceremony we have performed for you here at Center R before, and we were happy to note that most of you received much good. So, beloved ones, relax, let go—open your hearts and your minds, and let this energy flow through your being. Receive as you will. As I speak, this is being done.

Your planet stands in great need of Light at this time, but a great period of darkness must pass before the full impact of His Light will be felt by Planet Earth. But the time draws nigh when this great Light shall permeate Planet Earth, and as is stated in your religious histories, a new heaven and a new earth shall appear. This is a literal statement; you shall truly have a new heaven and a new earth; even Man himself will be renewed. Man of Earth will not be the same; he shall be a being of much higher intelligence, a much more highly refined physical body structure. All of his senses shall become active; he shall know himself as he really is.

As Earth Man stands today, more than one-third of his senses are inactive, and his brain is more than ninety per-cent inactive. The consciousness of Earth Man has been such that he has not made use of the faculties he possesses. Man must extend his consciousness, he must expand it ever outward; for as his consciousness increases, so shall his abilities to use the faculties which he possesses; reach out, ever outward, for new and higher understanding.

Some of the great Teachers who have come to your planet have spent great efforts in trying to awaken your people to new Truths. But these Teachers—by those who believed—were worshipped as Gods, which they were not; and those who disbelieved, attempted to destroy Them. These great Teachers demonstrated many things to your people, and they did not declare them as miracles, as is recorded in your histories. They attempted to convey to these people that they, too, had these powers within them; that they were but to develop them. But these powers can only be known through hard and diligent searching, through attempting to reach out and grasp understanding.

One of your great Teachers is quoted as saying, “Where two or more are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of you.” To most of your people, these are empty words, but I say to you, my friends, even tonight He has stood among you, as have others. These are not miracles, these are perfectly normal functions. The only reason you have not seen them, is because some of your normal faculties are not functioning.

Beloved children, open your eyes, gaze into the heavens, and search for the Truth that lies there. Each of you has full access to all knowledge, and true knowledge and understanding will be found in no other way than going within, making that contact with Universal Wisdom or Mind, the storehouse of all that is —all that ever was, or ever will be—for nothing is new, It is all there, and it is yours to have. Search it out, beloved ones, and claim that which is rightfully yours, for ye, my friends, are true Sons of Creation; Ye are Creators in your own right; claim that which is yours.

I hope that each of you tonight has received much good from the Light that you were given, for each of you has been surrounded the entire time I have been speaking, in a field of Universal Energy—Cosmic Energy—that contains the life-saving Essence of the Universe.

May the Peace, the Love, and the Understanding of the Infinite One rest in the hearts of each of you.

Go in peace, my friends. I leave.

Tuesday, March 21, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal of Arcturus.

You have met here in the name of understanding. This, my friends, is a word that is greatly and widely used upon your planet, yet little effort is put forth to attempt to exercise and use understanding; so little of this really exists. First, you must attempt to exercise understanding in your daily routine of life. Try to understand your fellow man, why he does and says the things that he does, why his beliefs and his actions are what they are. Try to understand that his environment may be different than yours. Extend to him your love, your friendship, and your understanding.

The people from other planets within your system have been attempting, for many, many years in your time, to extend their understanding and friendship to the people of your earth, yet they have been turned away, rebuked in almost every attempt that has been made. Great offers have been made by these beings to aid your people, to raise your civilization to new standards, but these efforts have gone unnoticed and unaccepted by the powers that be.

These beings have offered to bring to your planet new science, new economic systems and to eliminate all disease and all sickness among your peoples—providing all wars be eliminated from your planet, that your people come together in agreement to live side by side in peace, in love. But your leaders argue that this cannot be done by the people of Planet Earth in their present understanding, and that in order to bring about a change of this nature, would bring great chaos and suffering to your people. They argue that a system of this kind could not be transformed rapidly; yet we know this can and will be done eventually.

But, as we see it from our vantage point, the opposition to our plans fear, most of all, the loss of power in the hands of a few would be eliminated; for all mankind would work for the good of mankind, and would not consider self-gain in his efforts to raise his standards.

A great spiritual growth would be needed among your people in order to bring these things into being, but here again, my friends, we have ways and means of helping you in this respect. We come to Planet Earth with no other thought in mind than to extend a helping hand, to raise our brothers upon Planet Shan to new and higher standards, to bring to them a way of life that heretofore has not been known upon your planet, and to bring to them peace—not only peace between peoples, but peace of mind—and this, beloved friends, is the greatest achievement that Man can have.

But Man will not know true peace of mind until he understands himself, his brother and his universe, and allows to rise up within him a love which makes him at one with all creation. In other words, he blends himself into the One Mind of Creation where peace does reign supreme. When Man achieves this, he experiences true peace, true love, true understanding, true life, and he really begins to live. He knows love as love exists in Creation, not as you know it in your way of life, for this is not love.

We, the Sons of Adoni, are in your skies waiting, watching individuals, helping, guiding, directing those who choose to attempt to reach this state of understanding. When this choice is made in true love, in sincerity, and some effort is made to reach out—we will be there to help.

I leave you, my friends, by extending to you the love, light and understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Wednesday, March 22, 1961

Peace, peace be with you, beloved.

Let thy hearts rest in peace and in this peace, rise up, O Children, rise up and come forth, for the time is at hand when the Children of Light must stand forth. Yes, the time of His Kingdom; the manifestation of this is at hand. The wheat and the chaff are being separated. Soon, once more, the Great Light shall shine on Planet Earth and Man shall once more know himself. But now is the time to come out and be counted. Man, if he is to reach the higher goal must stand forth.

There is so much to be done for mankind to awaken him to the truth that he must see. No longer can we stand upon ceremony, no longer can we hide in the bush. Man must face his destiny, the full knowledge of what lies ahead. Man must rapidly expand his consciousness if he is to reach the higher rungs of the ladder. No longer can he close his eyes to that which he does not want to see because of what embarrassment it may bring upon him. Man must recognize his errors and go about a way of correction.

The time is now when Man must be receptive to new knowledge and understanding, that he might bring himself into a higher state of consciousness. The day of seeking truth in the temple has passed. Man must now search within—within the temple of his own heart where lies all truth. He must learn to unlock the door and let it flow. And this, beloved ones, can only occur in the silence of your own chamber. So, come ye out from among them—stand forth and let your light shine. Lay your burdens at the feet of your Creator and raise your heads high, knowing full well that you are master of it all.

The deeds of the Masters that have trod the earth, attempting to bring you the Truth and Understanding, are yours to have and to hold. But this is not done by withholding your light; let it shine for all to see. Make peace with yourself and you shall have peace with your fellow man. Earth Man has not yet made peace within himself—therefore, he does not have peace in the outer. For, when peace reigns supreme within your own being, peace surrounds you everywhere. Therefore, let not trouble linger within your hearts, but rather create the consciousness of peace.

Beloved ones, take into your being great quantities of this Creative Light. Create it through your own consciousness. You have these powers within you. You can create what you will. No one can deviate your path, for it is yours to choose and to follow. Many are the students of Truth, yet few are they who put into use the truths that they know, the truths that they have learned intellectually. For unless we use the power within us, the knowledge has availed us little. And I must repeat: come ye out from among the masses and stand forth as one who knows the Truth, who realizes the individual potentiality that lies within him and intends to master and use it for the good of all mankind.

May the peace, the love and the understanding, of all the Great Masters, surround each of you and fill your hearts to overflowing.

Peace, beloved, peace, peace.

Monday, March 27, 1961

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

I come here tonight with my friend Anthon, and he and the instrument insist I speak to you for a few moments. I hope this will be agreeable with you. I must explain to your new friends here tonight, that my English is not too satisfactory. In fact, I had not attempted to use your language until I spoke through this instrument. So, I will ask you to bear with me and excuse my mistakes in your English. Perhaps you may even have to help me out occasionally with one of your words. Will you do this?

Group: Yes.

Thank you! I hope I am improving, I am making an effort to become more with your language. However, I do speak several other languages quite fluently.

My friends, what shall we talk about tonight? How about Light—shall we talk for a few moments about this thing of which we speak so much called Light? Does this meet with your approval?

Group: Yes.

Thank you!

What is this thing we so often speak of called Light? We make some very astounding claims for it, do we not? Well, in my experience, and in my understanding, I find that this is a very powerful and real energy. It is known among the higher beings, or beings of higher understanding, I should say, as an energy, containing all life-giving substance, and it is drawn from the atmosphere; perhaps I should not use that word. It is quite difficult to find words to express some of these things. But this energy exists throughout space, throughout all eternity. It is something that is found everywhere, no matter where you are, it is there, and you have only to call upon it.

In other words, through your own thinking, your own thought power you bring this energy into concentration about you, or about someone or something which you ask to direct it to. Do I make myself clear? It is not really something that you create, for it is there, it is always there, it is everywhere, it is the energy of the Universe upon which all things depend. Without this energy you could neither exist in the physical, or as even a spiritual being, for it is the life-giving energy of all things of the Universe, of all Creation. By bringing this into concentration you are increasing its power, or rather bringing more of it together. I am trying to gather some words here which would make or bring to you the realization of how this great power works.

You might compare it to your electricity, for instance. This you are somewhat familiar with. You can have in a circuit of electricity, either a low voltage, or a high voltage; the higher you increase the voltage, the more power you have. In other words, you are concentrating more of this energy in one place, so to speak. And with Light, it is quite the same; the more of it you can bring into concentration, the more effective it becomes. It is possible to concentrate enough of this energy about you, to create a field that would be impenetrable. It would work somewhat as the field around a spaceship. In the spaceship, a field of energy is created around the craft at all times; nothing in space can touch the surface of the craft, because of the field of energy that is created about it. You could push your hand as hard as you could against the side of the craft, but you could not touch the surface of the craft itself, for this field of energy would not allow you to do so. A similar force of energy, if concentrated enough about you, would serve as a protective wall about your being, nothing could touch you. Is this not something, my friends? If we learn to concentrate enough of this energy about us, nothing in the world, nothing in the Universe could bring harm to you physically.

There are many ways of concentrating this energy; those who have higher understanding of science, are able to do this scientifically through what you would call, I suppose, mechanical means, or being done through a device of some nature. But it is not necessary to have this sort of method, for you can do it through your own mind concentration, through visualizing. It is possible, by visualizing and concentrating, calling forth this energy, to build it about you, to where it can actually be seen by the spiritual eye, as you call it. And in some concentrated forms, it can even be seen by your physical eyesight.

But there are certain laws of nature, universal laws, that are also effective in the controlling of these energies. Love is one of these, for when you are using the universal laws, if you are using them in an attitude of love, devotion, humility, reverence, your concentration, or your powers to concentrate this energy is increased many fold. Love, as it is known and referred to by Earth People, is not what I speak of. It is quite difficult to put into words just what we mean when we speak of love. I should say that it is more of a reverence, a feeling of at-one-ness with all creation, with all things of nature—of the trees, of your brother-man, of the animal world, of the planet, or the planets, of the universe; feeling a great reverence, so to speak, and feeling a part of all this, and knowing that you are a part of all of this, and that you are responsible, in a minute way for all of this creation, therefore you feel, you have rather, a feeling for it, that you are part of it, somewhat as you feel that you are a part of your children. It is more of the love that you feel for your children, but is still not quite the same, for Earth People have a tendency to feel a possessive love for their children, and this, my friends, is not a true love, for we have to realize that these children are not for us to possess, but rather, they are a part of all of this creation. We are merely instruments for them to manifest into a physical, chemical expression of life, and that they are only a part of us in relation to this chemical, physical world, so to speak.

But this is the closest thing in your expression here in the physical, chemical life expression to real love. I know that there are many parents who do have this type of love for their children. However, there are the other kind too, who do not realize that they are a separate expression of life and must express in their own way.

But really, love is something you cannot really understand until you come into a thorough realization of it, and have really begun to feel this at-one-ness with all creation. I feel that I have not at all made myself clear on this, but it is a most difficult thing to try to put into words that can be clearly understood. (Solex Mal to Anthon.) My friends, I am told I have a few moments yet, so I shall be happy to attempt briefly to answer one or two questions, if you have any that would help clear up what we have been talking about.

Questioner: Can we realize this at-one-ness with all creation in this physical life?

It is quite possible to realize this in this physical life, for I think, at least I believe, that I have a fair realization of this love, and I am living at this time, and have been for quite some time in a physical, chemical body, as you are in. There is no reason why this cannot be realized here.

Questioner: Can we, by concentrating this Light around us more often, more rapidly reach this state of at-one-ness?

I believe I could state that this would help, for this energy has a spiritual effect on anyone who has a concentration of it about them. In other words, it does help to open your spiritual centers, which of course, does speed up, so to speak, your spiritual growth. But, in using any of the energies or laws of the universe, attempt always to use them unselfishly in love, with an attitude of love and reverence for this great power, which is actually what you speak of as God Himself.

Questioner: Will you give us a description of humility?

Surely, you must know humility when you see it, do you not? For he, who was humble—your great Master, whom you call Jesus—was he not a humble being? Did he not always refer to himself as the least among them and the least among you? You see, my friends, I am not a higher being than you, my teacher is not a higher being than I, he is merely at a different level of understanding, and he does not feel that he is better than I, or that he is wiser; he is merely trying to help me, to help to bring me to a higher level of understanding, But he would not pass up the lowliest of persons; he does not feel that he is above anything or anybody.

Questioner: Can you work more closely with us, to increase our Light in service to others?

We cannot increase your Light, we can add ours to yours. However, we who are working in the Light, are continually sending our Light, attempting to concentrate energies where they will do the most good for your people and your planet. We will be glad, at any time, to help you in any way we can. I should like to state, that I know that your teachers are all working closely with each of you, and they are, shall we say, giving you as much of their Light as you can use, at all times. So, you see, my friends, it depends a great deal upon your ability to use the help you are given. You must take advantage of it. Do the things that are suggested to you. If you will follow the instructions that are given to you by your teachers, you will live in love as they suggest. If you eliminate ego, anger and all of these things, your Light will increase greatly. Does this answer your question?

Questioner: Yes. Thank you, and I hope you will tell us more about yourself the next time you visit us. Are you in the United States?

No, I am not ... There is not much to say about myself. I am not a very important person. I might say that I am a very good friend of the teacher of the instrument and I come to you by his request many times. He has told me a great deal about all of you and your activities and I am very interested. I am happy to see that people are attempting, at least, to spread love and understanding and brotherhood among the People of Earth; and I say to you, my friends, it has never been needed more than it is needed at this time upon Planet Earth.

Now, my friends, I have carried on here long enough; I do not wish to bore you. It has been my pleasure to again be with you and I wish to extend my gratitude for being allowed to come into your midst, and I hope I shall be welcomed again at a later time. Now, I must leave, I extend to each of you my deepest love and blessings, and may each of you reach very rapidly, the heights in spiritual understanding that you aspire to.

Goodnight, my beloved friends, goodnight.

Monday, April 3, 1961

Greetings in the light, my friends, I am Oxal.

As we observe from our vantage point the maneuvering of your world leaders for power and advantage in the name of peace, it rather amazes us how very little knowledge these great intellectual minds have of Universal Law. If they had a small fraction of Universal Law as they have of ways and means of destroying each other, if they could realize the penalty that they shall reap for their actions, they should tremble in fear and shrink from the very thoughts that are now within their hearts. Man cannot carry on in this manner without reaping the results. Yet each day finds new ideas, new efforts being put forth to find new ways of bringing about destruction of those whom they consider to be their enemies.

When will Earth Man come into the realization that his only salvation of survival lies in his ability to live and work in harmony with his fellow man? When will he learn that man in reality possesses nothing, that in doing as he has, he is merely building on a foundation of sand which shall be washed away, shall be washed from beneath him when the rains come; he shall flounder and sink.

Why has Earth Man had such great difficulty in coming into this realization? He has built his desires, his hopes completely around self, ignoring the fact that Man does not live alone, that Mankind is tied together by bonds much greater than physical desires as you know them. One of your great teachers explained this when he said to build upon the rock and to build your treasures spiritually, rather than physically, for where your treasures are, there shall your heart be and your consciousness.

My beloved friends, search your hearts and see where your treasures lie and then build according to your understanding. Rise up from among the masses and stand out as an individual, ready to be known as one who stands upon Truth as he knows it and seeks forever higher and greater Truths; having at all times an open heart and mind; building continually upon his rock foundation until he reaches heights where through his living he demonstrates the Light in which you move and have your being. Know at all times that your Creator has placed within you the ability, the desire and the knowledge of how to reach the highest goal, and know also, that as each day the sun rises you have reached another step forward on the climb upward and onward to higher Truth and understanding.

Somehow among Earth People there seems to exist a fear of declaring themselves, of claiming the rightful place which is theirs, of identifying themselves with their Creator. Certainly no man should feel shame for this, yet, this lurks in the hearts of many of your people and needs to be called forth, to be plucked from them, for many have the desire to come forth and claim their place, yet they have not quite the courage.

Beloved friends, ofttimes you can place the spark in the heart of this individual that is needed to bring him forth. Do not miss these opportunities. It is not the righteous that need your help, but it is those who need to be sparked, who need to have the flame kindled within them that will start them on their path to understanding, for until a man hath understanding, though he possess all that the world can give him, he hath nothing. Where do you stand today, my friends, in your world of darkness, do you stand ready to serve your Master? You, beloved ones, can only answer for yourself.

Surrounding your planet today, are millions of beings from other planets, waiting, hoping, that People of Earth will awaken and ask their help. They stand ready to serve people of Earth, to help them to a new way of life that is far beyond anything that most of them could conceive of. They are waiting only to be asked; they have offered their service; it has been refused—yet they stand back and wait, hoping that enough people of Earth will accept them before they bring too much destruction upon themselves. Universal Law will not allow these beings to intercede against the will of your people. So you see, my friends, the future of the People of Earth lies in their own hands. How many shall survive the coming changes will depend upon them.

We extend our encouragement and our gratitude to those of you who are attempting to do your part. We hope that these numbers will increase greatly and we know that each of you will do your part in trying to increase these numbers by letting your light shine—through your living, that others shall want to follow. I extend to each of you the love, the light, and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Tuesday, April 18, 1961

Peace, my children, peace, peace.

Tonight, beloved ones, I stood among you; I observed, and what I observed was good. I note harmony existing—an attempt to have understanding. As we observe the chaos, as it increases today upon your planet—we see so much need for what you are attempting to demonstrate among you. And believe me when I say that your efforts are not going unnoticed, and your efforts are not going unfelt. The positive vibrations that you emanate are doing good, but a great deal more is needed, as you well know and can see.

The day rapidly approaches, my friends, when your planet shall feel the impact of the great field of negativity that has been built around it. The day approaches when many things shall become more clear to you. I know that among Earth People there is much wondering, much puzzling as to the whys and wherefores of many, many things. We often hear remarks by your people—wondering why this individual or that individual, although his actions are of a very unjust nature, still in your material world he seems to gain wealth, prestige and power.

But I say to you, my friends, the day approaches when all Mankind of your planet shall receive justice and in this hour you will understand. It shall unfold before you, and you shall be very, very happy that you have travelled the Path of Light. Could you imagine with me for one moment, my friends—observing those who pass on into a new life of peace, of love, of understanding—a Utopia as you would express it—and not being able to move on with them, but rather to continue on in something that is much less desirable, and suddenly having the realization of how glorious this could be and yet not being able to receive it, because you had not built your treasures in the proper place?

No, beloved friends, Universal Law is just. Your Creator is not a respecter of persons, but a respecter of Law, and he who lives and abides by His Laws shall also abide in His Glory. So, I say to you, beloved friends, build your treasures in Spirit, for there also will your consciousness be, and you shall tread the path that shall take you through realms that are beyond your comprehension. You shall experience wisdom, love and understanding and shall know life abundantly; shall know it for what it really is, for life is sweet if you wish to make it so, and it can be as sweet as you wish to make it. Beloved friends, no one can do it for you—you are the creator of your own consciousness, and you are what you can be conscious of being; you are the being of your consciousness. So, beloved friends, expand that consciousness to be exactly what you wish it to be; it is up to you. Your Creator has willed it thus, and thus it shall be.

My peace, my love and my understanding I extend to each of you, and may each of you expand your consciousness and become exactly that, that you wish to be,

Peace be with you, my friends, peace, peace.

Wednesday, April 19, 1961

Good evening to you, my friends.

With your kind permission I will spend a few moments with you this evening. I have been asked by the instrument and his teacher if I would give you my understanding of what you have been talking about here this evening.

In my understanding, each planet that has physical life upon it, has also about it an envelope, or an atmosphere, or whatever terminology you care to use. On each planet there exists a form of life that has adapted itself to that environment and has also a certain range, or shall I say, has a certain range of spiritual development. In other words, as you understand upon your planet, quite a wide range of understanding, and those who have very little understanding in this particular environment, and it ranges on up to a certain level, and there it stops.

This is true, my friends, on every planet that contains life. Therefore, these particular people are confined to a planet and are not able to go beyond the envelope of this planet, so to speak—without a conveyance, or something that will protect them, so that they can take their environment with them. And also, this applies to the spiritual body as well as the physical body. That is why the people of Earth will not be able, in the present type of vehicle that they are working with, to go beyond the Earth’s envelope. In order to do this they are going to have to have a vehicle where they can create the atmosphere that they are accustomed to and take it with them.

You see, the people that have come to your planet from other planets, have had to go through a stage of preparation, before they were able to land upon your planet and to exist here in comfort. This is why, what you call your astral range is contained within a certain confined area in space. They are not able to go beyond this point, until they have refined both their physical and spiritual bodies—or perhaps I should say, just the spiritual body for once you have refined the spiritual body, it automatically takes care of the physical, because you would not create a physical body that would not be able to contain your spiritual body. Do you understand what I am trying to say? I know this is difficult to get these things into your words that are understandable.

This, my friends, is true of any planet. So, you see, the Beings who are in the etheric around another planet, would be of a different state of development. I do not like the terms, higher or lower, for we are all brothers in this great sea of life, each striving to reach a higher point of understanding. According to my understanding at this time, this is a long, long journey. For there is I know, a great deal I do not understand and cannot conceive of, beyond in the realms of higher understanding. Life is a continual climb on the ladder of understanding. But to get back to our original subject. There are also, I understand, those planets that do not contain physical life at all upon them. That is to say, there are no Beings living upon the surface of the planet, but they are living in the environs around this planet. And then there are those, too, who do not even require this, who live in space.

Each individual level of life will have its own individual type of being, and this is strictly a matter of environment. We adapt ourselves to the environment in which we must live. It has been said that if a certain amount of radioactive radiation were released in the atmosphere of this planet, life would not be able to exist. And this, my friends, is true of the type of life that now exists here. But if this condition were to continue upon this planet, you would find that a form of life would develop here that could live under this condition. You see, Nature will create for the environment which it has to deal with. This is very evident as you look about your own planet, in your animal life, your sea life, and so on. Life will adjust itself to the condition that exists there.

Have I helped you any, my friends?

Group: Yes.

I have tried to bring this picture to you, so that it might clarify some of the questions that are on your minds.

Now, my friends, since your hour is late, and the instrument is quite fatigued tonight, I will not continue to bore you with my talking.

Group: You do not bore us.

Thank you, my brothers, thank you.

I would like to extend my thanks and my gratitude to the members of this household for accepting me, and to the rest of you for your kind indulgence. It has been my pleasure to be in your presence.

Group: Thank you for coming.

I would like to extend to each of you my love, my blessings, and my peace. May each of you in your search for Truth and understanding, have great success and joy.

Goodnight to you, my friends.

Thursday, April 27, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Once more, my friends, I should like to comment upon what we observe from our vantage point here in space. The tension upon your planet is increasing day by day. Whenever the economic system of your planet begins to totter, tension is increased. The great powers that control the monetary system have great concern for their system; they must bring about conditions that will bolster the spending. Each time it becomes more difficult for them to bring about the spending that is necessary to conduct their wars without bringing into being a major catastrophe, which they fear for themselves more than they fear for you.

Your civilization today rocks in the balance. There appears to be a great deal of bloodshed in the near future. Those of you who have knowledge of your powers—use them to counteract the conditions that are growing by the moment.

A system that is founded upon the basis of which yours is founded, must fail sooner or later. What amazes us most is to observe the stupidity with what some of your so-called great minds function. It is difficult to see how they can hope to continue a system of barter that is based upon greed, power and lust; yet, their eyes seem blinded to the Truth. They see not, neither do they hear.

Several attempts have been made from your neighboring planets to point out the folly of your system, to bring aid to you, to show you the way; yet, each attempt has failed. A great spiritual blindness exists among these people. They have built a consciousness of power, of greed and they have not been able to penetrate beyond this consciousness.

A great, great amount of detailed planning is going on at this time among the powers that control your planet—and note that I said planet—for these powers reach every nation upon your planet. They are much more far-reaching than you think or realize. Your great nation, as great as it may seem, is not what it seems, for it too is controlled by the great monetary system that controls the functions of your planet, of practically all of the nations. These shackles will not be easy to break, my friends; yet they shall be broken, and Man again shall be free, for it is the will of your Creator that Man shall be free.

But, before Man of Earth can free himself, he must pass through many great experiences that will give him wisdom and understanding. He must be awakened to the Truth; he must be awakened to the fact that Man does not live by bread alone, that there are many other things that are even more essential to Man’s freedom, to his understanding. Man of Earth must be awakened to the fact that he must build a consciousness of love, of understanding, a consciousness of peace, of well-being, of love and understanding for his fellow being. He must learn to live side by side with Mankind in peace, in love and in understanding. He must realize his responsibilities to his Creator and to Creation; he must come to know his likeness to his Creator—his relationship—for, until Man comes into a realization of these things, he cannot live in peace. All of these things, my dear friends, must begin in the heart of Man himself.

A realization is dawning in the hearts of millions of your people, a realization of the need for these things, and a realization that they must start in the individual heart. As this takes root and spreads among your people, many will gain this consciousness, and through the events that are to come, the realization will spring up among those who have a desire to follow the path of understanding, of justice, and those who cannot find this desire in their hearts will fade from this planet. Let your prayers be, beloved ones, that Man of Earth shall find this consciousness rapidly, so that the events may pass more rapidly and that your planet might gain its place in your system, its rightful place, as soon as possible.

Let your Light so shine in your life that it might spread this desire in the hearts of Man, for no Man can spread Truth more rapidly than by living the Truth, by showing the way by example. This is the only way, so let your example show the way for others.

I leave you, my friends, by extending to you the Love, the Light and the Understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Friday, April 28, 1961

Peace be with thee, my friends, I am Anthon.

Where do you stand today, my friends, in the affairs of your planet? Do you have an awareness of what is going on about you? How sharp is the awareness that you possess? Are you aware of the immense rapidity of the change that is occurring before your very eyes? Beloved friends, the change is taking place everywhere about you, in your seas, in your planet, in your atmosphere and in your civilization. Mankind is experiencing a great change within himself; yet, most of your people are not aware of these changes. Many are not aware in the slightest of the change that is occurring in their own being. Few are aware of the real happenings that are occurring in your civilization. They are only aware of what appears upon the surface, of what certain powers would have them be aware of. Their eyes are blinded by the lack of enough courage to seek out the Truth.

My beloved brother, Yom, in his assignment to aid Earth Man, has done a great deal of research among Earth Man, and through the powers that he has developed in his growth, although he exists in a physical body, as do you, he is able to extend himself into the far corners of your planet and into the places of great secrecy among thy people, and see for himself first-hand, and make note of what is really happening behind the scenes, and if it is your pleasure, I should like to give him the opportunity to tell you of some of the conditions that he has found. I am sure that he would be glad to do this for those of you who are seeking to know the Truth. So, beloved friends, I shall withdraw and give him the opportunity to speak for himself.

Yom: Good evening to you, my friends.

Once more it is my pleasure to speak with you and to share with you my understanding and my experiences, as Anthon has asked me to tell you of some of the things which I found in my investigation of your civilization. I find, my friends, as I have gathered with some of your peoples in their so-called secret meetings. And you know, my friends, I think that some of these people would be quite amazed if they knew that someone had the power to secretly sit with them in their meetings without being seen or known about. This, do you agree, my friends, might amaze some of them quite considerably?

Group: Yes.

My friends, you would be amazed if you knew the things that go on behind the scenes, and how little your people know of the true ruling powers that control your peoples’ lives. Your so-called money system—starting back several years perhaps 150 years or more—at that time, certain powers began to get control of the money system, and through the years, they have gathered more and more power through their control of money. I have sat secretly in meetings held in Sweden where the great money interests are held, and I have personally heard these men discuss ways and means of bringing about chaos, wars among your people, in order that they might reap the benefits in their sale and production of war materials. These things are carefully planned events; propaganda to bring these things about, are carefully planned—how they will stir up the emotions of the people—fan them into higher emotional states to false patriotism.

To me, my friends, patriotism is one of the most overplayed things in your civilization. What is patriotism? Man only seeks to be free, but I say to you, my friends, there are no free people upon Planet Earth. Your people do not know freedom, for when man is free, he is free from all anxiety; he has true peace within his heart. The People of Earth do not have peace within their hearts. In your great country, you have a much higher standard of living than in most other parts of your planet, but this standard has been raised by false methods. It has been raised through a great interest system, and your peoples are becoming more and more chained by this great interest system. And sooner or later—and it looks like it might be sooner—this system must collapse, for a system that enslaves the people, cannot survive, and your people are being enslaved by interest. So you see, my friends, you can have what appears to be a high standard, yet it may be a false standard, for it has not been built upon a solid foundation. You see, my friends, the sad thing about your civilization today and the alarming thing, is that your scientific development is moving so rapidly, and your spiritual growth, spiritual understanding is moving so slowly, that the balance is way, way off—therefore, there is great danger. If your spiritual science and your scientific science would move more evenly, if they were more in balance, you would not have these conditions. When Man moves too rapidly in the scientific field and the spiritual science lags so far behind, he finds himself in possession of powers that he is not capable of handling, and that is exactly where your civilization stands today. That is why you have the conditions that I spoke of. Man, through his greed for power, is enslaving the people.

Behind the scenes there is a great movement to try to promote wars among your people without using nuclear devices. A great deal of effort has been put into developing machinery and equipment for war that has been piling up, and it must be used so the money interests can gather their profits. But, you see, there is a certain realization among these powers that there are certain dangers, and as long as they could keep the wars on a scale where they only are not affected and that they make their profit, they are happy. But now they have something there that is worrying them, for they know that there is always the danger of nuclear powers being released. And do not be fooled by what you are told; these interests, these people who are in control, know the true dangers of warfare, and they have a great fear within their hearts, for they know full well that once a great amount of this energy is released, that they are going to suffer also, and they do not want this. So great conferences are held, great discussions on how these things can be handled.

You see, in order to have a war, you have to provoke two sides, and many people who are in high places in your governments of your planet are not aware of the true source of many of these troubles. They, too, are fired by patriotism; they really believe in what they are doing, but they do not have a realization of what is back of these things. It is quite amusing, sometimes, when you can view clearly both sides of these situations—each is convinced fully that they are right, and the truth of the matter is that neither one of them is right. For you see, my friends, if Man had genuine freedom and was able to have understanding of his fellow man and of himself, if he was—I believe you call it brain-washed—and was taught to think clearly for himself, and to seek Truth and understanding, these conditions could not exist. Man would be given a position of rank for his true capabilities and understanding. A man, to have a truly high position in the government of his people, would have to have a true spiritual understanding along with his knowledge of science, of his Creation of his universe and of Universal Laws. He would have to be a man of true ability, a man of true greatness, and he would hold this position only as long as he displayed these qualities.

There was a meeting of some of the greatest powers, supposedly some of the greatest minds in your world today, not too long ago. These were not men holding positions in your government, but they were men of great wealth, or at least what your people consider men of great wealth, for they have control of great resources in your world, and their powers reach around your planet. You would be amazed if you could hear the discussions that go on in one of these meetings. They were discussing their holdings in all the countries upon your planet—great factories, great plantations, and well, I could not go into detail; it would take too long. As they talked and discussed, the different ones whom they had placed in certain positions of control, and how they were operating and being successful in making great profits from these various enterprises, it was amazing how many people were being used for the interests of these few who are in control, and these men have no scruples, so to speak. When a man is not functioning, or doing what they consider to their best interest, or if a man opposes them in any way, they have no scruples about destroying him.

To them money or wealth—in reality it is power—is their only interest. They judge everything by the power it will bring them. Of course, money is only a tool for them to use. But it would really amaze your people if they could really see and hear the things of this type that go on. No man on your planet is beyond the reach of these powers, unless he can develop his own understanding, his own spiritual development, to where he can rise above these things.

Now, my friends, there is a brighter picture, for the time is rapidly approaching when these powers shall crumble. These times are not going to be easy for your people, but it will truly be a period of cleansing, and out of it will emerge a new era of justice where Man shall truly be freed, shall truly experience freedom and understanding.

My friends, I think I have stayed my time; I do not wish to bore you with my expounding.

Questioner: Could this power group that you mention, be called the International Bankers?

Yes, they could be called that. It is an Internationally controlled system; it controls the money of your planet. I say money, because that is your bartering system; but they also control the industry and resources of your planet.

Questioner: Are the heads of our government aware of this control?

Your government is controlled by this power.

Questioner: Are they aware of that?

Many are, some are not. Have I improved any in my English?

Questioner: Yes!

Thank you, I hope so. Now, my friends, I must vacate this instrument. It has been my pleasure to be with you again tonight, and I want to extend my gratitude to the members of this household for welcoming me.

Questioner: It has been our pleasure, Yom.

I wish to extend to each of you my love and my blessings.

Goodnight, my friends.

Thursday, May 11, 1961

Greetings to you, my friends.

I come to you in love and understanding. I shall speak a few words on the Law of giving. Earth People do not have an understanding of Universal Taws, therefore they have difficulty in living the Laws. They defy the Laws instead of cooperating with them. When they have great need, they give less and receive less, and their need becomes greater.

Many of your people have doubts about how the people of other planets live in plenty. Those who understand the Laws go to great lengths to give, to be of service. Therefore, they have great abundance and a never ending supply of all things.

Man must realize the importance of thought in giving. He shall receive according to his attitude in giving. Many have received, not knowing how or why, and it is not important that they do know; it is enough that the law is working. It is not for us to determine the way the Law works, for it works in many mysterious ways, but know the law works and that the source of supply is unlimited.

Many of your people give for a material compensation, with the expectation of receiving; they give in great selfishness, lust and greed. When they give with this thought in mind, that that they receive will not bring good, eventually.

There are many Universal Laws that your people do not know about. These Laws were made by your Creator for your own good and they are just, for your Creator is the Law. He only asks that you live the Laws.

Peace be with you, peace.

Tuesday, May 16, 1961

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

Will it be alright if I interrupt your meditation now?

Group: Yes.

As I have been moving about among People of Earth, it becomes more apparent day by day to me of the need of Man upon this planet to learn more of the Inner Man, or to come into a realization of what he really is. I find that Man has very little realization of his potentialities, so to speak. I have checked or investigated, as you would say, many of your races, and I find that this condition is quite prevalent wherever I go. But I do find that Man is becoming more, shall we say, curious about himself—he is beginning to want to know—he is beginning to have somewhat of a curiosity, shall we say? I still have some trouble expressing in your language, so if you will bear with me, I will try to do my best.

For some time now, I have been among the people behind the Iron Curtain, as you would say. There is great need here for Light Workers, but you would be surprised too, my friends, to find that here, too, as in your country, people are seeking to know the Truth. I would say that they, perhaps, have to work a little more under cover. But, nevertheless there are those people here who are seeking, and we, who are truly working in the Light, are interested in all peoples who are seeking Truth, but here are many people who are also attempting to discover who and what they are. They are asking, “What is this Inner Man, what do I consist of, what makes me function, where are my powers, my capabilities, what can I accomplish?”

Man is quite complex, yet Man is quite simple, when he is understood, but you see, as we exist in this physical, chemical plane of existence, this, I might add, this dream world—for in reality this plane of existence is a dream world—is not the real existence of Man, for Man is truly not what you see here as Man. In reality he is a spiritual being, and he has great power within him to create. Once he can open his consciousness and really begin to see and realize who and what he is, he finds himself in possession of tremendous powers. Those Beings who truly have this understanding, have no problems in having anything that their consciousness can conceive of, for Man is truly consciousness, and he can create for himself anything that he can bring within his consciousness.

There has stood among you tonight, my friends, a Being of this nature; whether or not you knew this, depends upon your awareness. Can you conceive, my friends, of being able to bring into being anything that you desire? Space is full of substance. Everything that ever was or ever shall be now exists; it is merely a matter of transforming energies or substance into whatever you desire to create. Mind has great power—it is all a matter of utilizing these powers to the good of yourself and to the good of Mankind. Man has no limitations in his true being, but, you see, we create a dream world of obstacles.

We do not look beyond what we think as reality, into the true reality.

So, my friends, realize that you have created for yourselves a world of lack, of illness, and begin to see beyond these things—instead of recognizing what you believe to be real—look beyond and see perfection, see a world of plenty, of health, of happiness and learn to expect and accept these things. You see, you have to begin to know, not to believe, but to know believing is not enough, faith is not enough; you have to know. Does this make sense to you, my friends?

Group: Yes.

Then let us know, let us not believe, let us go forth with the knowing that we are all powerful, that we can create that which we want and need. But, let us also be humble, be grateful; let us be ever reverent to our Creator, and let us have always upon our lips a song of thankfulness, of appreciation and a desire to serve, to serve our fellow man.

Also, let us build within us a consciousness of love, of true love and understanding for our brother-creators, and let us always use our powers in a way that will benefit all Mankind. For, when we use these powers selfishly, greedily, our benefits will not bring us peace, happiness or well-being. So, my friends, let us go forth and hold our heads high; let us look up and out to our Creator, knowing that we and our Creator are one, that he dwells always within us. Therefore, we are endowed with all his powers—we need only to call them forth.

My friends, it has been my pleasure to again be with you tonight.. I wish to extend my thanks and my gratitude for accepting me into your midst. I hope I have been of some little service to you.. If I have,, then I am happy. As I leave, I extend to you my deepest love and understanding, and I hope you will extend yours to me.

Group: We do.

Thank you, my friends, it has been my pleasure.

Goodnight to you.

Wednesday, May 24, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Once more, my friends, it is my privilege to speak with you. As we are sitting here in space outside your solar vortice continually making observations and calculations, we find that the negativity that has collected in the aura of your planet over many generations of your peoples, is beginning to have its reactions upon your peoples and their affairs. We find a great tension growing among your people, a great unrest. But as we look farther, we find that behind this unrest is a desire that is growing in the minds and consciousness of your people.

As we told you in the beginning of our contact with you, People of Earth are being awakened to a choice. They are beginning to realize that there are two ways to go, and that they must make a choice. However, the choice in the minds of all people are not as we would like to see it. There are those that are not using the path of service, the path of Light, love and understanding. But many too, are those who are coming into the realization that to follow a path other than the path of service to humanity, would be folly. And also, in the minds of these, is being raised a realization that they must be freed from the shackles that have bound them for so many generations.

And so you see a great movement beginning to take place among your peoples, a movement to free themselves from the bondage that they have found themselves victims of. But the realization of the true desire that lurks within their hearts, has not yet come into the consciousness of most of them; a realization that burns deep within that has not yet been recognized for what it is. And this, my friends, is a desire that burns within the hearts of all Mankind, to truly know who and what he is—to come into a true realization of the Inner Man, of what it is, and what he consists of, and what are his desires and abilities. Earth Man has not yet come into the realization that he himself is a great spiritual being endowed with great powers to create, that he carries within him the full power of his Creator. If Man but comes into a slight realization of this, he is on his way to new heights in understanding, to new heights of experience, to experiences that are beyond his fondest dreams.

[The] Search for Truth, my friends, is a long search, but as Man treads the corridors of time with a realization that he has within him locked all knowing, [he] realizes that each moment, each experience, is bringing him nearer and nearer to some of the great realizations that Man is destined to experience. We, who have experienced somewhat more than Earthman, perhaps have a greater appreciation of what lies ahead. Yet, our understanding of this great power that lies beyond, is only slight. We, too, are searching for higher and greater Truths. We realize how we too must search and grow. We also realize that those who have stepped beyond us in understanding, are reaching back to give us a helping hand. And therefore, we also must reach down and give a helping hand to our brothers who have not yet reached our level of understanding. And so it goes, my friends, each extending a helping hand to his brother-man who needs and can use his help, and thus we all grow together. Sometimes I think, my friends, that we are more anxious for Earthman to grasp these realizations than he himself is.

Man must grow by his own efforts; the more effort he puts forth, the more he can be helped. So, you see, beloved friends, it is important for each man to realize the importance of his own efforts in his spiritual growth. Earthman has reached the point where he must grow spiritually. Many civilizations have come and gone upon your planet. The failure of each civilization has been its lack of balance. Man has not kept pace with his spiritual growth and understanding. He seems prone to put forth great efforts to achieve scientific advancement and neglects his spiritual growth; thus the balance becomes more and more unbalanced. And so Man has achieved scientific knowledge, but lacks the spiritual understanding to handle the powers that he finds himself in possession of. Thus, he brings destruction upon himself. Earthman again stands at this point. We hope to be able to bring into Man's heart a realization of these things, that he may bring about his own salvation.

We do not want to intervene in the affairs of Earthman, and we sincerely hope it will not be necessary, but for the good of your system, your solar system, it is possible that this might have to be done. But we shall do everything in our power to bring Man into the realization of what he must do to bring about his own salvation. And believe me when I say, many minds that are in high places in your civilization are not easy to influence. The greed for power has so possessed their hearts that they are not easy to reach, and Earthman is going to find it necessary to pass through some very unpleasant experiences in order to bring these realizations into his heart. But these things are only the results of Man’s own actions. They are only the working of the Law. For Universal law is so constructed that it brings about its own reaction, and no one escapes the Law.

My friends, I leave you by extending to you the love, the light, and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Saturday, May 27, 1961

Good evening, my friends.

Once more it is my pleasure to be a guest in this household. I hope I am welcome.

Group: Yes.

Thank you. What shall we talk about tonight, my friends? Do you have a subject that you would prefer to talk about? Your hour is rather late so I will not stay with you too long.

Questioner: Did you hear our conversation tonight, Yom?

Yes, I have been among you for some time, although most of you were not aware of my presence.

Questioner: Then would you tell us if our version or interpretation of Creation is correct?

Yes, I think you covered this subject fairly well. Of course, there are many details that we could go into if you like. Man, in his original state, according to my understanding—and this, my friends, is my understanding—I do not ask you to accept what I say, but take it into your own heart and weigh it well. I can only give to you what my understanding is, and what I can accept at my present level of understanding as Truth.

Questioner: Since you think that we covered the subject of Creation fairly well in so short a time, would it be better to discuss the powers of Man?

If you would prefer to discuss the powers contained within Man, and what you refer to as Mind, I shall attempt to share with you my understanding.

Man is first a spiritual being. What you now see and experience—perhaps this will be a little hard for you to accept—but the existence or the plane of life in which you now exist, is perhaps the greatest dream-world you will ever experience, for you are truly living in a make-believe world or existence. For what you are experiencing here at this moment, and every moment of your existence here, is but a creation of your own mind, and it is not real at all. You are not experiencing Man in his true expression, but Man as you have created him in your mind.

The mind of Man is all-powerful; it contains power far beyond what any of you could possibly conceive of, and I am speaking now only from my own experience, and I am sure that Mind goes far beyond my concept. I would prefer to refer to this as Consciousness. To me this is a better word, for Man is Pure Consciousness in his purest form, and Man can be, and have what he can expand his consciousness to create for him.

As you came into this dream-world in which you now live, you lost all memory of your past experience, so far as your present consciousness is concerned. If you, my friends, could awaken yourselves enough to bring back into your consciousness some of your past experiences, you would suddenly realize that this is only a dream. But it is necessary for some of us to experience these dreams, therefore, we find ourselves in situations such as this. Now, it may be quite difficult for you to accept this, but I am sure that if you would consult any Master, either upon your plane here or any other plane of life, he would agree with me.

On some levels of life where Man is more conscious of the power contained within himself, of the power of what you call the Mind, he finds that he is able to bring into creation his every desire, his every need; through his Mind, by a little concentration, he brings into being that which he desires. All problems that might arise are solved in the same manner. You see, my friends, how simple it is?

Questioner: “It doesn’t seem simple to us, it seems very difficult.”

Yes, my friends, I realize this, and that is why we have talked so much about Consciousness, about expanding your consciousness, opening it up to take in more and more. Now the fact that you are living in what I refer to as a dream-world, does not mean that in the same dream-world you cannot expand your consciousness to bring into being that which you desire. You see, there is no need for lack, for sickness, for racial problems, and all of these things if Man would but expand his consciousness—expand it out. But Man must know; he must know that these things are possible, that they are within his rights. The mistake so many of your people make, is that they believe some of these things. They say they have faith, but this is not quite enough, they have to know. It is necessary for Man if he is to really demonstrate, to widen out his consciousness to include these powers, he must bring into his being a knowing, for as soon as you have a little bit of doubt, then you start dreaming.

Questioner: Then, when we begin to know the true reality of our sonship, then this dream-world becomes less and less real, and we begin to know the true reality, is that right?

That is right; as your knowing increases the dream-world fades away and you begin to see the reality of things, to see beyond all of this, you begin to see into the reality of Man, for Man is truly a great being.

Questioner: Excuse me again, then we would be getting back to that state that we spoke of this evening, where we knew we were true Creators before we started experimenting on our own and now we are getting back into that true state?

We are trying, we are trying! As we expand this consciousness, we will get there. But, my friends, we seem to be afraid to expand our consciousness; we are afraid that it might not be so. But let us hold our heads high and declare ourselves, let us declare our rightful place in Creation. You know, I think your peoples make a great mistake when they bow their heads in prayer. When we pray, my friends, let us hold our heads high, look up and out—not up to our Creator, but out from our Creator, for we are the Creator.

You see, Earth People are battling a great race consciousness that tells them they are limited; they cannot do this, they cannot do that, they must be sick, they must be poor. My friends, as long as they accept this as being the Truth that is exactly what they will have, for Man is exactly what he can conceive of, what he can be conscious of. You, my friends, all of you, have the power to roam the Universe at will; you do not need a vehicle to travel in. But you have through the centuries, told yourselves that you are controlled by a physical body, but you see, Man has the power to cast this body aside, to lay it aside and travel the Universe, if he believes he can, or if he knows he can, and he has also the power to come back and take it up and use it again, if he cares to.

And too, my friends, you do not need words to communicate. Man needs to learn to use the mind that he has. Yours is the only planet in your system where they bother to use words to communicate, and when you can convey an idea to another person by thought, he clearly understands you, you do not get involved in interpretation of words. So often in using words for communication Man has great difficulty in understanding what another is trying to convey to him. Does this give you some idea of what power Man contains?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Then do not limit yourself, for you have great powers, much more than you could possibly conceive of, at this time.

Now, my friends, the hour is late; I do not wish to bore you. It has been my pleasure and my joy to be once more in your presence. I should like to thank the members of this household for accepting me again, and I wish to extend to each of you, my very deepest love, blessings and my understanding. It has been my pleasure, my friends.


Wednesday, May 31, 1961

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

Once more it is my pleasure to come among you and to share with you my understanding.

My friends, we have observed your people very closely and when I say we, I am speaking of many, many beings from many places, both upon your planet and from other planets, from other realms in what you call space. Your peoples are being observed very closely by all realms of life. There is a great interest taken in the evolution of Earth Man and in the events that are now taking place and are to take place upon your planet.

It is interesting to see from a point—I suppose you would say, outside of your realm—to observe people’s reactions and actions as they go about their daily life attempting to grow in understanding, to reach a higher level of what you might call evolution. But, you see my friends, they miss their opportunity so often through their Lack of understanding of Universal laws.

Man of Earth has been told down through his civilizations, about what you call the Golden Rule, has had many laws given to him to follow. Yet, Man knowing these things, seems to completely ignore what he knows to be true; yet, sometimes we wonder if Man really believes these things to be true. Man talks a great deal about understanding his fellow being, he talks a great deal about the fact that Man must learn to live together, that the Earth, due to modern science, is becoming smaller and smaller, that he must learn to live in peace if he is to survive at all; yet, he does the very opposite. His actions do not correspond with his words.

So you see, it becomes quite amusing as you observe these things from the outside. You wonder if Man is not using a lot of words that to him mean nothing at all. And we also observe students of Truth and people who feel that they are righteous, shall we say, who feel that they are living a righteous life—I believe that is the word that is used so much by your people—yet these people will have very little tolerance for their fellow man if he does not agree with their thinking or if he does not do just what the other person thinks is the right thing to do. They are very quick to criticize, to condemn, to judge this person. Is this not true, my friends? Do you not find this as you look around yourself?

Earth Man must come into a realization that the only way he is going to serve and to save his civilization is to grow within himself, to build within himself a consciousness of love, of understanding; to be able to tolerate his fellow man and realize that each man and each woman expresses according to their understanding. You see, if we could grow within ourselves so that we demonstrate in our lives these things, we would become such a shining example of life that those whom we meet and associate with, would want to have what we have, then their lives would also change; for the desire within them would burn so brightly that they would begin to change their own lives so that they might experience what we are experiencing. We can do a great deal of talking, but unless we bring these things into being in our own life, they have availed us little.

Now, my friends, I realize I am not telling you anything that you do not already know, but sometimes it is good for us to do a little investigating, so to speak, into our own lives, and see just how much we are living that which we talk about. I know in my own life, I find that I must do this quite often, to remind myself to be ever aware of what is going on within me; for that is the most important thing for each of us, because we are not going to improve the world in which we live, unless we first improve our own life.

Now I think I have carried on here about long enough. I’m told that there is another here who would like to say a few words for the benefit of the guest here tonight. So, my friends, I shall leave you now. It has been my pleasure and my joy to be with all of you tonight, and I wish to extend to this household my gratitude for being permitted to be your guest.

I wish to extend to each of you my love, my blessings and my understanding.

Goodnight to you, my friends, goodnight to you.

Friday, June 16, 1961

Be at peace, my friends.

It is my pleasure to meet you new friends tonight, although I have been among you a number of times, you have not been aware of my presence. I am a member of a group that is working within your city, and I have been in your city for ten years. My home base is Venus.

I and my colleagues are very much interested in the movement of Understanding in your city, and I should like to tell you how we feel about this sort of thing and what we feel the purpose of such an organization should be. The name in itself implies what it should do.

Upon your planet today and in the past generations there has been very little understanding among its peoples; therefore, if your peoples are to reach a state of peace, of higher evolvement, a state of understanding, then understanding must begin with its peoples. A great amount of blame of the troubles in your world is placed upon its governments, but this my friends, is only partially true; the understanding is also lacking among your peoples.

If your organization is to succeed, as we should like to see it, then it will be necessary for you to promote understanding through the efforts of each of you as individuals in your everyday movement through life. For unless you demonstrate understanding, few people are going to recognize your organization as being what it implies itself to be.

In your city there are many small groups of people—groups that most of you here are not aware of—attempting to grow spiritually, to have a higher understanding of spiritual things, but so often these people are not allowing themselves to express as Man was intended to express. Man cannot receive understanding unless he experiences, he needs to experience it. Unless he associates with his fellow man and uses the truths, the understanding that he receives in meditation and in studies of spiritual understanding, he will not really know, spiritually—he will not really come into an understanding of himself and his fellow man—for it is necessary to be in contact with your fellow man if you are to understand him; and through this contact demonstrate what you have learned in your search for higher understanding.

Man can receive only so much then he must give, for throughout the universe there is the Law, and if Man is to grow, he must cooperate with the Law and the Law says that Man, to receive, must give, and to give he must be in balance. Everything in creation in order to function properly must be in balance and Man is no exception. It is necessary that Man maintain balance in all things. You cannot give what you do not have, but give freely that which you have in order that the Law might return to you that which is yours.

It is well for people to meet together in small groups to meditate, to search, to receive, but also to realize they have a responsibility to all the people of your planet. Realize your responsibility and attempt to the best of your ability to fulfil it. Attempt to see the needs and do your small part to fulfil them. Realize that you are only one and that you have in this great sea of life, only a minute part to fulfil, but that minute part must be fulfilled well by each and every one of you if you are to realize the goals that are set before you.

I know that all of you are sincerely interested in doing your part in raising your own consciousness to a higher level, to be continually climbing into the higher consciousness, and this is as it should be. But the time has come when it is going to be necessary for strength to be increased in certain areas and this, my friends, is when the calling together shall come and the time is here when those who have sought the Light, who are willing to drop ego, personalities, differences of all kinds and come together attempting to be of one mind, bringing together their powers, their energies, and in some way determined by yourselves to bring about a better understanding among your peoples and to promote an understanding that will reach out beyond your present circle.

There are many projects that could be performed by groups of this type that could be very effective in bringing about better understanding among Earth people. These things can be far reaching and if Planet Earth is to realize its salvation, its people must be able to come together on common ground.

There are many groups of people across the face of your planet today who are doing many things in their attempt to bring about a deeper understanding of its people. Understand—I am not saying that this is the ultimate for Earth People, for this is only a starting point, but until there are grounds for common understanding of Earth People in their present consciousness—there can be no peace. An atmosphere of love can only be built from understanding.

We have watched many of your peoples in their attempt to search for higher spiritual understanding. They come together, form a group or an organization, and through personalities, misunderstanding, they fall by the wayside. This is partially due to a race consciousness that has been built by Earth People; a consciousness of self. Now is the time to lay aside the self, to forget it completely, for there are greater things portending.

Your planet is rapidly approaching a crisis. The consciousness of the masses does not change rapidly. When I say the time is short—I mean just that. Now you may think in terms of months, but realizing how slowly, how very, very slowly the consciousness of the masses of Earth Man has changed and when you consider the change that must occur in less than forty years of your Time, well, my friends, does it look possible? But this is what must happen and each of you sitting here tonight can help it happen by going out and attempting in every way you can—to do everything you can in your daily life as you meet and contact your fellow man—to promote an atmosphere of understanding. Man, regardless of who he is, only does the things that he does, because of his understanding, and we, as individuals can do very little to help other individuals unless we have some understanding of both he and ourselves.

There is power in numbers. While spiritual understanding and self development is an individual matter—each must grow and develop according to his pattern, to his efforts but in attempting to do something for the masses, there is power in numbers and any project that you undertake to promote understanding upon your planet—its effects will be definitely relative to the number of individuals who are working in and backing this project.

I hope, my friends that I have brought to you the realization of what our feeling is on projects such as you have been working with. From our vantage point we perhaps see the need and the lack of understanding among your people much more than it is realized by those who are a part of it. We are doing everything that we can to help to bring about as rapidly as possible, in order that the latter days of your transition may be shortened. But we alone cannot accomplish this; there must be a great deal of cooperation of Earth People and therein lies the solution to Earth’s problem.

Questioner: Would it be possible for you to work with us more closely, give us more definite instruction, a blueprint?

Answer: A blueprint would, perhaps from your viewpoint, simplify matters greatly, but, were we to do such a thing, we would be violating Universal Law and in the second place you would not follow such a blueprint. When the time comes that there are groups that have developed to the consciousness of love and understanding, of oneness, of solid unity, there will be individuals not of your people who will work with you and help you in developing yourselves and certain systems of various kinds in your civilization, such as educational methods, scientific development, etc. The time for this is not yet. We have made such attempt in the past; we have found that Earth People have not been ready for this sort of thing. There has always been personalities who could not control themselves. We are not gods, we do not like people to worship us, and Earth People have not yet outgrown these things.

We have found in every case, once we have become known our work has been hampered. We have tried this within your city, but we found it necessary to withdraw some of our people, because their work had become hampered, retarded, because Earth People could not contain themselves. It is true, there are a very few we have found that we have been able to reveal ourselves to—for certain necessary reasons who have been able to work with us in small degrees and still maintain the secrecy that was necessary. However, as time passes and some of your people become more understanding of our position, we will be able to do more for you in personal ways.

And now, I feel that I must vacate this instrument. It has been my pleasure to be with you and perhaps I shall see you around.

Go in peace, my friends, peace.

Tuesday, June 20, 1961

Greetings in the Light my friends, I am Oxal.

I am sorry for our delay, for we have had some difficulty in bringing our instruments into proper tune with the receiving instrument before you.

It is good to see your groups of individuals gathering together in a common cause and we are happy to note that you are showing progress both in your increase in numbers and in your increase of devotion to your cause. We of the Otavana are here primarily to watch over individuals of Earth, to keep records of the progress of its peoples, to note all individuals who have made the choice to seek and to serve. We have records of each of you. I am sure from the records that we have, if you were to see them, to read them, you would find that our records reveal more than you have in your own conscious mind. In fact it might be quite an experience to see how much you do not know about yourself.

But be that as it may, the time is when those who have been attempting to serve and to raise their consciousness, who have made their choice, it is time for them to come forth and to band together—to come out from among the masses, to stand forth. Long enough has it been that those having advanced into a knowledge or perhaps I should say, a degree of the knowledge of the “Inner Life”—it is time they be brought together that they might know each other and band together their powers at times, using them to bolster the consciousness of Earth Mankind.

I perceive in the minds of many of you, both here and elsewhere, the feeling of lack to be able to do this. Discard this feeling—cast it aside and use that which you have, that it might become stronger, for unless you use that which you have, it only becomes weaker. When a member of your physical structure becomes idle for a period of time, it withers and becomes useless. So does your true Spiritual Growth only come by effort and one of the exercises is to use it in behalf of others.

Again the calling together has begun this has happened in the past. Many of those who started down the path of the Everlasting Light have fallen by the wayside, have not had the courage to follow through or they have fallen from lack of wisdom. Man, in his search for Truth must also maintain balance and use wisdom. He must be on guard at all times; must keep his purpose high, keep ever before him the ideals that will carry him to ever higher realizations.

And only through the use of wisdom and discernment will you do this. Many have fallen from the lack of these things.

The calling together will mean many things; it will mean that great care will need to be taken by each individual to thwart his self-consciousness; to keep before himself the realization that in coming together Man must create a consciousness of oneness; he must cast out Self; he must attempt to create an atmosphere of love and bring about an Understanding between the individual consciousness.

You shall find the opportunity presenting itself in the very near future to band together the Forces of Light, so bolster your courage—prepare to stand out—to come forth from among the masses. No longer are you the masses, but you are strong individuals, endowed with the greatest power in Creation—Man himself. The Forces of Light upon Planet Earth will come into this consciousness. Great things can be done for your peoples, for every ounce of power that is put forth upon your planet by its peoples, a pound will be added from other sources.

Now, my friends, I must leave. May the great realization of Truth rise high within your hearts now. I leave by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Friday, June 23, 1961

Greetings! I greet you beloved friends in the love and light of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

With your permission, I should like to speak for a few moments tonight upon the importance, some of the techniques and some of the preparation for meditation.

My friends, there is nothing more important in the life of man, both in the physical, chemical life in which you live now or upon any other plane of existence than meditation. Meditation is man’s time to withdraw from the normal functions of whatever plane of life he may be in at the time, and to attune himself with the cosmos. To use the energies, to gain wisdom and understanding—to take in so to speak, that he might come out, go forth and give in service to his fellow man.

In the first place, it is necessary to discipline one’s self, to some extent, and set aside a certain time each day for this practice and you will never become proficient at the art of meditation unless you practice consistently. It is not enough to practice this art once a week or once a month, or even every few days, but this should become a daily ritual. For unless you do this, your progress shall be slow in mastering the art.

Once you have become proficient in the art, you can spend much less time for you reach the state of contact with the Infinite Mind much more quickly. As man starts to practice the art of meditation, he should also attempt or perhaps I should say that he should immediately begin to bring his own life into order. For unless you bring your own house into order, you will find great difficulty in mastering this art. For to withdraw from that which is uppermost in your intellect, your mind, you will find that it is necessary to have there the higher thoughts—for it is much easier to drift away from thoughts of love, peace and joy into the silence than it is to release thoughts of anxiety and fear.

Thus as man brings his house to order, he finds he is more quickly able to quiet himself and to drift into the silence, immerse himself in the light of creation and merge with the One Great Mind. In the early stages of going into the silence, you will find it helpful if you will concentrate upon something. Many techniques are used—your Yogis concentrate upon what they call the “third eye,” others concentrate upon a light of one type or color. This is not of great importance, but only an aid in helping you to release yourself and draw yourself away from the racing conscious mind. But on the other hand do not attempt to force the thoughts of your conscious mind to cease for in doing this you only build a tension.

Relaxation and letting go of all conscious or perhaps intellectual things would be a better term, and as these things are released you find your inner consciousness taking on an awareness—an awareness of many things. An awareness of your physical body as you have never been aware of it before. You become conscious in certain stages of every cell of the physical body and each cell seems to take on an awareness of its own. In other words you become aware from head to foot, yet it is not an awareness as you know it through the intellectual mind.

As you move forward in this practice becoming ever more conscious of the “Inner Things” you find you are becoming conscious of the “Universal Mind,” You are tuning in with Intelligence and Wisdom and Knowledge begins to flow to you in ever increasing amounts.

It is possible my friends, through this technique of Meditation to attune yourself to anything or any Being. There are those who through long periods of devotion are able to attune themselves and communicate with plant life, with animal life, or most anything you could name, for consciousness beloved friends, id everywhere and you are attuning yourself to the consciousness.

As you meditate, keep the spine straight and erect, for the energies that flow through to you will flow more freely. The spine in the physical structure is the center of your Being and all the cosmic energies that come to you must flow through these centers. By keeping it straight and erect you allow for free flow of energy to your Being and the results shall be greater. Many have the difficulty of wanting to sleep in meditation. Perhaps not wanting to sleep, but they find that the physical gives way or the mental rather gives way to the physical and you find yourself going into slumber. But this can be avoided by using the concentration method and by keeping yourself in good posture for meditation. For only through good posture can the cosmic energies reach you in proper proportions.

My friends, I must leave you now. May each of you through your efforts in the search for Truth reach great heights in your climb for Understanding.

And may each of you soon master the Art of Meditation so that you might reach the point of rapidly attuning yourself with the “Infinite Mind” whenever you desire.

Adonai [2], my friends. Adonai vasu borragus [3].

I am Hatonn.

Monday, June 26, 1961

May peace rest in your hearts, beloved ones.

I have been aware, as I sat here during your meditation, that there was some difficulty in entering the silence; in other words, stilling the conscious.

I should like to make a suggestion here that might be of some benefit to some of you. If you find you are having some difficulty in stilling the conscious mind—bringing yourself into the silence—ofttimes one can help greatly in stilling the conscious through the method of concentration.

The method used by your Yogis or those who practice what is known as the Yogi science, is good and this is to concentrate upon what you call the third eye.

However, there are many other things that you can concentrate on, such as some particular color of light, or attempting to visualize a certain scene, or anything that will tend to bring quietness, peace and wellbeing. This is not to say you are to attempt to hold down the conscious mind by force, but by merely diverting the attention to something, you will find yourself gradually drifting away from the conscious and into the stillness of your inner being. I hope that this suggestion may be helpful to you.

My friends, you gather in the name of Truth. Each of you here—as are many across the face of your planet—is searching, searching, searching for Truth. I am sure that each of you in your search has been rewarded. But also, each of you realize how much farther there is to go in this search. Yet I say to you, you are receiving Truth more rapidly today than you have received it ever before in this life time.

Have you considered what you shall do with the Truth you have received? Are you going to take this Truth and use it to the fullest extent possible or shall you, as have many, allow it to lie dormant until it decays and withers away?

We have seen this happen so much among Earth People. Consider this point, my friends, and do not let it happen with you. Truth can do great things for you, if you will but allow it, but if Truth is held within your being, lying dormant, soon it shall decay and return from whence it came and you shall find you are right back to the starting point.

So often Earth People, when they are put to the test of standing for Truth, find that they have not the courage or the fortitude to stand out as individuals, but rather they withdraw within and allow the Truth to decay.

Beloved friends, times are changing ever more rapidly; Truth is coming into the foreground. It is standing out more and more where it must be recognized—yet so many, many of your people find that they do not desire change, they fear the Truth. They find they have an urge within their souls to find Truth, yet their fear is allowed to overcome their desire and they draw back and say,

“No, I must not venture forth into new fields of understanding; it may damage my prestige; it may put me in a spot that I should not like to be in, yet I should like to know these things.”

And so, my friends, they find they are torn between two forces a force of fear on one hand and a force of desire on the other, and sooner or later this brings confusion, unrest; yes, and sometimes even mental disorder. Therefore, Man must choose his path; either he has to follow the path of Truth and do it wisely and diligently and reach a state of understanding, a state of peace and wellbeing, or he will choose the path of fear, confusion, and fall into the pit of unrest, and flounder until finally he again emerges into the Light, and again realizes his point of decision. For all men, all Mankind must make the choice and then follow the path he has just chosen.

Beloved children, rise up—grasp your rightful place—hold your heads high and know that your path is the path of Truth and that you shall stand upon it with honor, determination and joy—know that your Creator has endowed you with the greatest powers in the Universe and that you are determined that you will master these powers and become full master of your destiny. Do you think, my friends, do you think for one moment you are not capable of this? Do not let such a thought enter your minds but rather have the knowing, the full knowing, that you are endowed with the full powers of your Creator and that you are determined you shall master them. So step forth in Truth and Light for your protection and become the master that you are.

My peace I leave with you, beloved.

Friday, June 30, 1961

Good evening to you, my friends.

Once more it is my pleasure to come among you. I should like to extend a special greeting to our new friends here tonight, whom I have not met before.

I have listened to your conversation here tonight, or your discussion, and found it very interesting. There are many things that perhaps are not clear to you, but as you move forward in your search for Truth and understanding, I think that you shall find these things becoming more clear to you. You shall find answers to many questions which now are somewhat baffling to you.

My friends, you are definitely, as a planet, as a solar system, moving into a new era and many things shall take place during this transition that will change your whole solar system, so to speak. I will only touch briefly upon this, for I know this information is available in some of your writings, and you can read it for yourself. But, in the latter days of your transition, the solar system shall undergo a complete change, in that another sun is moving into your system which shall put into action new forces, new energies that will cause practically all of your planets and stars in your system to shift positions, and you will have what is known as a binary sun system. In other words, your system shall have two suns. So you can see, my friends, that the sun, emanating the energies that it does, setting up certain force fields, that in bringing two suns into the system, everything will change, for the positive and negative forces that are holding the planets in position shall be changed. Therefore, certain forces being brought into action will cause a shift in the planets, and they will take new positions around the sun. The present sun will also move farther out, if you can refer to distances in space farther out or in or up or down. I suppose we have to have some point of reference, do we not, therefore we have to use terminologies to express these things. But in short, my friends, this is what is going to happen; another sun is moving in, at this time, towards this system, and in due time it shall be seen by your astronomers. However, I believe that some of them are already aware of this event, or of the new sun, but it is not talked about, for they know very little about what is going to take place, although some of them suspect that this is a sun. So much for that.

We find, as we observe the events that are developing today upon this planet, that among certain people, or shall I say, a majority of the people of the planet, there is a definite upswing in spiritual growth. The number of people has increased greatly in about the last two years. This is to say, that there is dawning in the consciousness of these people, the desire or urge to seek a higher or better understanding of Man himself. Man, in ever increasing numbers is beginning to wonder about himself. Certain Truths are beginning to awaken within him. He is beginning to realize that Man is a greater being than he realizes and that he must know more about himself. There is a great need for spiritual growth in Earth Man. Therefore, somehow the desire must be sparked in Man, for Man to accomplish anything must first have the desire.

There are many who are working among your peoples; those who have voluntarily volunteered to incarnate into your civilization; there are those who have conditioned themselves, or perhaps I should say, they have conditioned their physical structure, their bodies in order to come upon your planet. And there are those who are working in the unseen area; those whom you refer to as etheric beings—all of these are combining their forces, in attempting to spark this desire in the minds of Earth People. And I must say they are meeting with a great deal of success.

We also realize that many of you are doing your part in helping those who have had this desire sparked within their hearts, and are now seeking to find avenues of Truth, and we would like to thank you and encourage you in doing all that you can to help these people. But as you do attempt to help these people, try to develop an inner guidance that will lead you in wisdom and will help you to give to these people that which they need at the proper time, for this is most important. You cannot change the consciousness of an individual too rapidly, for if you do, you only bring confusion, and we do not want to confuse people, if we can help it.

You see, my friends, there are many concepts that have been instilled so deeply into the consciousness of some of these people, that it takes a great deal of time for them to weed out the old, and replace it with the new. I think, perhaps, that most of the people of Earth, are going to have to make some great changes in their concepts and in their consciousness, for many things have been taught by your religious administrations that are going to have to be changed. In other words, many untruths have been taught, and it is going to be quite difficult for some of your peoples to change these concepts. Many will not be able to do this. You are going to see some very strange things happen to some of your peoples in the coming times. In fact, some of this is taking place at this time.

Your mental institutions are overflowing, and I am afraid they are going to became even more crowded. So in your bringing of Truth to other people, try to emphasize the importance of open mindedness, and of not becoming dogmatic, and of not allowing concepts that do not agree with theirs to upset them too much, for they do not have to accept; but it is wise to consider.

Now, my friends, I think I have expounded long enough. I do not wish to bore you, but before I leave I should like to thank you for accepting me into your midst and I should like to extend my gratitude to the good Doctor here, for accepting me into his household; and I should like to extend to all of you my deepest love and blessings, and may each of you go forth in your search for Truth, with humility and joy.

I am Yom.

Friday, July 14, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

If those of you who are here tonight, who are old friends, will bear with me, I should like to speak with you for the benefit of your guests. I know that those of you who have heard my many dissertations, will have heard these things before.

I am of a group that is aboard a craft in your solar system, and we have been in your system for seven years in your calculation of time; however, we are not of this system. I shall refer to our system as the system of Arcturus, since our sun, Arcturus, is known to your astronomers. We have been attuned to your gathering since the beginning, we have heard your discussion in its entirety as clearly as though we were sitting among you. This may not seem possible to some of you, but a great deal of our scientific knowledge and functions would not seem possible at your present state of understanding.

The craft in which we are now living, perhaps also would amaze some of you. This craft is known among the Confederation as the Otavana. This was also known to some of your ancients. Our craft is one hundred and twenty miles in length, its diameter is thirty miles. We carry upwards to twenty-five million people upon this craft; in short, it is in itself a miniature planet. We can sustain ourselves upon this craft for indefinite periods of time. Do you think, my friends, this craft could have been built upon your planet? The very sight of it, if it were to come close to your planet, would bring great fear to the hearts of your masses.

We shall not land upon your planet, for our mission does not require this. We have come to your system by request, by the request of the Federation. We were requested to carry on our mission because of the powers of our people. Anyone aboard our craft could stand upon the surface of your planet and perform what would appear to be miracles to you. We are not bragging of our development, for we are humbled in the Light of an Everlasting Love that is of such magnitude that our comprehension of it is only slight. In your time of need, we are honored to be of service to your system, and especially to the People of Earth.

There is much talk among the Truth searchers of your planet of the New Age, and this is true, my friends, a New Age is coming into being, but not only for your planet, but for the entire system. As your system and all systems, move through space, they pass through areas, shall we say, vibrations which bring about changes, and the New Age is simply a change brought about as your system moves on its course through endless space. The Planet Shan has been lagging, so to speak, in its preparation for this change, and there has been great concern from civilizations on other planets in your system, that Planet Shan would not be ready for the transition. So great efforts are being made to speed up the progress of your planet, for unless your civilization is prepared for this change many shall perish in the change, not as you think of this word, but they will not be able to move with their planet, and through natural resources and by necessity will have to be removed and incarnated into another system.

We, of the Otavana, known among the Confederation as the Sons of Adoni, have come to perform a task for Earth People. We are bringing about an awakening among your people, not an awakening of any great knowledge or service, but rather awakening them to the realization that they must make a choice, that there are two ways to go and they must make a choice. To those whom we see who make the choice to serve their humanity, to follow the path of Truth, of love and of understanding, we pledge our assistance. They shall be guided into a way that will bring about new understanding, shall bring about a new way of life. You will find yourself doing certain things, not knowing why; you shall find yourself following a path. We shall not at any time guide you or direct you in any manner that will be injurious to your person. But to all those who make the choice, we shall move in with Truth, with Light and with love and surround and guide all of those who make the choice rightly.

It is a pity that a civilization has to be guided and directed into a path that is so obvious, to prevent their destruction. So I say to you, People of Shan, we, the Sons of Adoni, are in your skies; we are watching individuals, waiting for their choice. I should like to add that from planets within your own system there are many living among you, quietly going about their work, hoping to bring greater knowledge to Earth People, both scientific and spiritual. These people are much like yourselves and you come in contact with them many times not realizing this, but you say, “Why do they not make themselves known?” They have a great mission to perform; they are making a great sacrifice in coming among you, and in every case where they have become known, their work has become hampered and in most cases in order to perform their duties or their mission, they had to be withdrawn and replaced with others who were not known. Most Earth People, when they have discovered the powers of these people, immediately attempt to make Gods, as you call Him, out of them, they want to worship them, or else they want to kill them. There seems to be no in-between, so to speak. And so these people came among you as one of you and work for your benefit, to attempt to bring understanding to Earth Man.

And now my friends, I leave you by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Friday, July 21, 1961

Peace be with you, my friends, peace.

Each of you have with you your Higher Teacher, and we are going to build about you an energy that each of you can draw great benefits from, if you will but open your hearts, relax, become receptive. Each one of your Wisdors is going to aid in building the concentration of this Energy; so, if you will bear with us for but a few moments, I will have for you some further instructions.

(Chants were given for a few minutes.)

Now, beloved ones, straighten your spines, sit erect, for you have—built around each of you—a concentrated form of Cosmic Energy that, if properly taken into your being, can do great good for you—both mentally, physically and spiritually. This can bring about within you a sense of great wellbeing and peace. Now, as you sit erect, visualize this source of Energy extending into the Cosmos, high into the Cosmos and extending to you. Draw the breath deep within you, far into the belly section—hold slightly—and relax. Do this at approximately one second intervals.


As you draw within you this great Cosmic Energy, feel it flowing through every cell, every fiber of your being. Direct it to every portion of the body, to the throat, to the lungs, the abdomen, the legs, the feet. See that it goes throughout your being.


Keep your mind, your heart receptive; take on a feeling of gratitude, of humbleness, and of reverence for Creation. Continue this until I give you the word … Draw it deep within you.

(Practiced about five minutes.)

So be it, my friends. And may each of you have received, according to your willingness to receive.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace.

Tuesday, August 1, 1961

Greetings to thee, beloved ones. May the Peace of the Infinite One rest deeply in the hearts of each of you now.

Beloved ones, as you approach the coming changes that await your peoples, try to know and realize that, what is to come, is for the good of all Mankind upon your planet. There is much, so very much lacking in the consciousness of Earth Man; but, as we observe from our vantage point, we can see among many of your peoples a broadening of this consciousness.

Man must soon come into his own, into a greater concept of what he is, and why be is where he is. Man grows only by experience, as you well know, and if man is to grow and expand, first his consciousness must widen; it must widen into greater realizations of what and who he is. Man must gradually grow into the consciousness of Creation, gradually dome into the realization that he is a Creator in his own right; every thought, every act is a part of Creation. He must come into a realization of the powers that lie within him, the powers of his own mind to create; for, beloved ones, you create the very situation in which you find yourself, but you do not realize it in your present consciousness. Man must rise up and up and up in his consciousness, expanding ever into greater realizations.

Many false concepts have been taught in your civilizations. Man has been taught that he has been created with his limitations, that he has no control over them. But, believe me when I say, my friends, that you are not limited. The only limitation is that which you place upon yourself.

Man must learn to have faith in the power of Creation within himself, or what you term God; very little conception does Earth Man have of this entity which he calls God. We do not prefer to use that term; but it is of no great importance, for the term which you attach matters little. But in reality this is a great Force which permeates the Universe, which permeates galaxy upon galaxy. Man’s concept and this Power extends to every individual throughout Creation. Man is only an extension of this great Power you call God. You are a part of this, and this great Intelligence functions in every man, woman and child. Man must learn to let It dominate his person, to let It come forth and express as good—as it was intended—and come into a realization that this great Power functions through him. It functions equally through all Creation. It is no respecter of persons. It neither rewards or punishes.

This great Universal Power functions only by Law, and man will either function by the law or he will not function by the Law; and only through the reaction of the Law will man reap his rewards or his punishment. It is very necessary at this time that man must be brought these realizations, if he wishes to progress with this planet; for man can only grow by his own efforts, his own experiences—each experience a stepping stone to greater understanding—if he will but attempt to grow by these experiences. View them positively, attempting to learn the lesson that each experience brings to you, and give thanks that this is so.

Only as man begins to understand and know himself will he grow in his attitude toward his fellow man. For when man begins to have an understanding of himself, then he begins to understand all Mankind, and a consciousness of love and understanding begins to develop in him; and as this consciousness spreads among the People of Earth, a race consciousness begins to take root, and man will learn to live in peace. He shall learn to live side by side with his brother man in peace and love, and no more will wars exist, nor hatred and greed, but all Mankind shall find his thoughts, his deeds, his actions, directed toward the good of all Mankind, and not toward a group, a nation, or any race of man. The only reason wars are brought about, is that man does not understand his fellow man. Man functions selfishly; greed breeds in the hearts of man, and consequently, chaos results.

To the younger generation of your planet I would suggest that you have open minds and open hearts, with an attitude of reverence. For in your hands lies the future of your planet. Take time occasionally to look out into the heavens and marvel at its wonders. How can you do this without feeling great reverence for the Creator of all this? Have you ever pondered these things, have you ever wondered this could be? How could anything be planned so precisely, for the millions of stars and planets in their orbits, their locations, each moving in its path, regularly, precisely to the second. Do these things come about by chance? No, my friends, nor does anything happen by chance.

You do not live in an atmosphere of chance. Everything that happens in your life is not by chance. You are the creator, and you have made it so through your thinking and your actions. No, no, beloved ones—chance does not exist—but it is important that you realize this. For as you do this, you become aware of your thoughts and actions, because you realize that every thought and every deed is a form of creation, and will act and react—perhaps not today—perhaps not tomorrow—but sometime in the future—because through the power of your subconscious, the actions will occur. You have created the situation.

This is well to remember, but it is not anything to fear. Fear is a creation of man’s thinking, for there is nothing to fear but fear itself. For as you emanate thoughts of fear, you only instill deep in your own subconscious a great fear-power, to act and react. It is well to bring out into the open all fears that you possess; face them squarely, and dissolve them, by replacing in your own subconscious, thoughts of the opposite nature that will subdue them in time.

May the peace, love and understanding of the Great Spirit of Creation enfold you and bring to you the peace and understanding that is yours.


Monday, August 7, 1961

Peace … Peace be with you.

Beloved children, why sit ye here in quiet solitude? What seek ye?

As I speak for a few moments, beloved ones, hear not my voice but hear these words coming to you from within. These words—consider them as a voice within you—speaking to you in quiet solitude.

Let not trouble nor fear rest in your mind, for I am ever with you. What you really seek in your silence is to find Me. I am ever there, for I am a part of you as you are a part of Me. You are the branch through which I express, but if you are to truly find Me—and you will find Me—you must open the door and allow Me to come forth and be recognized.

I am the law by which you live; but if I am to express My truest form, then you must open the door by recognizing our association. You must recognize that love is one of the catalysts that opens the door for Me to express through you. I do not express well if I am not recognized for what I AM and the way made clear for Me to express It true form.

My true form of expression is one of joy, of peace—one of thanksgiving—ever grateful for the opportunities that life has given to me; ever ready to serve my fellow beings to my fullest capacity with wisdom and understanding—knowing and realizing that man is ever in a state of evolution, and that in the great sea of life, man through his experiences is raising himself ever higher in his understanding; and as man rises in his understanding, My expression through you can be only as perfect as you will allow Me to be by recognizing Me for what I AM, for I AM That I AM, But always know that I am here ready to manifest perfection through you when self has been removed. This recognition will only come through the removing of self and complete surrender.

Peace be with thee, my friends, peace … peace … peace.

Friday, August 11, 1961

Good evening to you my friends, I am Yom.

It is my pleasure again to come into your midst and to spend a few moments with you. My friends, what would you like to talk about this evening? I feel that it would be better if we speak of something that you are precisely interested in.

Questioner: I would like to speak about developing the wall of Light around us.

Well, I would say that this was expressed quite beautifully by one of your teachers from the craft. This my friends, is a technique that each of you must develop. Now, in developing yourselves along those lines, or any particular phase of—shall we say—exercises of any type, we can only give you a general technique; for each individual level will find, as they attempt to practice these things, that they will find their own techniques; which works well for one individual, may not work quite so well for another.

He may find a little different, slightly different technique that works better for him. But the main object is to diligently practice these things and have faith in what you are doing. In other words, if you are to go about learning any technique, any subject, or anything, even a trade or profession—now if you go about it half-heartedly, you see, your accomplishments will be very slow and very unsatisfactory. But, the main thing is, my friends, to faithfully practice anything that you wish to accomplish. If you were to attempt to learn a musical instrument, you surely realize that it would require great persistence in your practice, if you are to become proficient in this technique. Does this clarify to you my daughter what you are asking?

Questioner: Yes, I understand that I must practice, but I wonder just what I should do?

I think if you will reread what you have read here tonight, you will find that he was quite explicit in what you are to do; but I do not wish to repeat a lot of things that you already have in writing that you can refer to any time.

Questioner: On what we refer to in our bible as the Israelites or the chosen people, could you kind of help me to understand what they mean by the true Israelites and the chosen people?

My daughter, your Creator has created many souls upon the surface of this planet, and upon many other planets, and many who are not upon planets. But in my present level of understanding, I could not see why any people could be said, or could claim to be chosen people, for Man was created equal in the sight of his Creator. Men may be chosen for a specific mission or duty to perform, but to say that any one group, any one race, or any one nation of people, or even any one planet of people were the Creator’s chosen people.

There are many things that are written in your religious recordings; many words are used, many expressions, but all we have to come to realize is that these are records of history of the past, and that they were recorded by man and in many cases they were recorded by men of the times to convey to the people of their time some particular message or idea; and also in the many translations of these records, many errors have been made. You will find, if you are to search out, there are many other records whereas, that are considered as authentic as what you call your Holy Bible, and to those who use these records as their truth to follow, they are just as sure that every word therein is true and unadulterated.

Well, my friends, the thing we have to do is to sort out the truth from all of the records and information, and be able to discern, to take into our being, in sound meditation, these things of which we find ourselves pondering about. And as we learn to truly go within and become one with that Infinite Wisdom and Power that exists in each of us—we all have it, I do not have any more of this than you have and you do not have any more than I have—the only thing, we have to learn to use it, and here again my friends, this is only done by practice. Discipline is what is needed in our lives.

You see, my friends, the difficulty that most have here in this third dimensional existence of the physical you call it, chemical bodies, is that we allow the physical to rule the spiritual. We become so engrossed in what we see around us, and as I do not like to refer to this again, I have perhaps over-played it, but we become so engrossed in this dream-world in which we exist, we see only a dream and not the real spiritual reality of things. Once we have truly begun to see Man as a true spiritual being, which he really is, and recognize it as such, then we begin to see through the unreal and begin to see the real. And when this happens and we begin to, in our silence, in our chamber with the door closed, we begin to find this great Universal Power within us which you call God, we begin to find the at-one-ness with this. As we do this, we begin to come into our realization of Truth. We find we are able to recognize Truth, and no longer do we have to spend great periods of pondering these things in order to decide if it is Truth. No longer do we find ourselves going through the states of confusion, but we begin to see Life as it really exists. But I have taken a long time to answer your question, have I not?

Questioner: I would like to ask a question Yom if I may. A little bit more of the days that lie ahead and our place within it, our part of it, what part we might be able to play collectively, in understanding.

You want to know what lies ahead?

Questioner: More specifically what we ourselves can do to help bring others in, I suppose.

My friend, I am sensing somewhat some little confusion here in what you are attempting to convey to me. I am trying to pick this up from you. I find I do not quite read you clearly from your thoughts. I am not quite sure, I am trying to make rapport with you in your thinking, that I might understand more clearly what you are asking, but I find there is some confusion as to exactly what you are reaching for. You are concerned, I find in your mind some concern about the future and what is to take place in the future and, yes, you want to, you are wondering what will be the duties or mission, let us say, of people such as are gathered here tonight. Is this so my friend?

Questioner: Yes.

Now I have you clearly.

To go into everything that is in the future would take a great deal of time and I could only give you a general idea, for the time of these events is not known to any of us. When I say the time, I mean the exact time, the hour, or the day of these events cannot be pin-pointed, let us say, for certain conditions will alter slightly one way or the other, and there is a possibility through the efforts of Earth People that some of these events which are more or less coming, let us say, can be cancelled out, for nothing of this nature has to be. It is only brought about through the Law of relativity or cause and effect. But all of you here, I am sure that all of you know that there will be great changes take place upon your planet, and as to this I could not give you more information than you already have.

As to your path in the future, this again, my friends, depends upon each of you individually, on how far you will advance in your understanding. For the higher you reach on the ladder of evolvement or understanding, the more you will be able to do for those who come seeking, those who are awakened at the last minute and make decisions to follow the Light. Many of these will need help, and those of you who have learned and sought Truth, have developed your own understanding, will be able to do much to help these people on their path.

There are many, many people on your planet that have not awakened, there are many who will not awaken, for they do not wish to be awakened, they wish to remain in this dream-world in which they find themselves. They like it. So, if they like it, let them remain until they decide they would like to go a little further. For Man must be allowed to do that which he most desires. But, to those who awaken, who come for help, sincerely seeking, you will be able to do much for them, and this will be a mission for many of you. How much you can do will depend upon you, my friends, by how much you have got, for you cannot give that which you do not have; it is that simple my friends.

Questioner: Sir …


Questioner: … I would like it very much if you would establish a retreat here in Detroit, somewhere we could all come and leave this world and get up in the hills somewhere, and study just for a whole week or so. We appreciate your coming as often as you do but I don’t think I’m going to make it unless I get away for awhile. Can’t you do that?

There are many retreats my friend, if you would like to go to a retreat.

Questioner: I want to go where you are teaching.

Are you sure that this would be your answer? There are many retreats my daughter, but in the retreats you also have problems. There are still people. The problems will not be the same, but there will be problems, for I have spent a great deal of time upon this planet. I have been in what you would call retreats—I suppose you would call retreats—I have been many places. I have moved in your cities, in many of your countries, but there are always problems; but the problem when the final realization is reached, this has been my experience, the problem has always been with me, and I had to bring out this problem and face it squarely with no fear. I had to bring myself to see the real me. If you think a retreat would help, I could recommend many.

Questioner: The idea being that if we concentrate on getting rid of the self or concentrate on looking at the self, rather than cooking and washing dishes and going to work and all that, it certainly could be done faster, right?

I am afraid in my understanding, I would have to disagree. For whether I am washing dishes, or whether I am digging a ditch, or whatever I might be doing, I must be aware. And when I am aware, and I am doing what I am doing with a loving heart, a willing heart, and I am rejoicing that I have the opportunity to do this, I find it does not matter too much where I am. And I think if you would look around your own, among your own people, you will find many examples of people who have risen to great heights in spiritual evolvement and understanding under what you would call most adverse conditions.

Questioner: That is true, but you were a teacher in the mystic schools for many years, and Roy Davis studied with Yogananda for years and did nothing else and I just feel that you could certainly develop faster spiritually under such conditions!

You could gain knowledge much faster, but knowledge will not accomplish everything. But in these places of which you speak, unless you are willing to place upon yourself the discipline, the strict discipline that is necessary, your accomplishments will be very little. If Man is really to grow, he must discipline himself.

Questioner: I see. Then we must first accomplish the discipline in our own environment before we can benefit from a retreat?

Not necessarily. You can do it anywhere, in a retreat, in your own environment or wherever you find yourself. Everyone cannot be in a retreat or spiritual school. I am sure that if it becomes necessary that any of you really need this type of thing, you will find the opportunity presenting itself.

Now, my friends, I know your hour is getting late. I feel that I have stayed my time. It has been my pleasure to spend this time with you. I hope I have been of some help to you in sharing my understanding? But this is my understanding and I am only sharing with you. Whether you accept it or not, is up to you my friends. I will not feel bad one way or the other, for it is only my understanding. I wish to extend my gratitude to members of this household for welcoming me into your household. And to the rest of you I extend my gratitude, my blessings and my love. It has been my pleasure. Goodnight to you my friends.

Goodnight to you.

Monday, August 17, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Once more, my friends, tension increases upon your planet; once more the peoples are finding that fears are rising in their hearts, fear of disaster that may befall them. We are attempting—and believe that we can again—help your people to avoid great chaos, conflict between your great powers, for we shall not like this to happen. But this is not to say that it cannot.

To speak in your terms, I am going to let you in upon, shall we say, one of our minor attempts to help avoid this conflict. We have brought about in the mind of your president, Mr. Kennedy—also Mr. Kruschev, and a few that are in power behind them—a vision of the results of such a conflict. This, they do not understand—to them it was only, what you call a nightmare—but it did leave an impression and its fear in their hearts. It has given them something that they will ponder upon through many sleepless nights. We caused this to be brought about, but this they will not speak of to anyone else; but, nevertheless, it has left its mark.

But the real thing that we are attempting to do is to bring a realization into the hearts of the people, a realization that an understanding must come about among your peoples, your civilizations, and this is taking root in the hearts of many.

We are aware at all times of what is going on in the lives of each of you. Records are kept, and this realization for the need of understanding is taking root among the People of Earth; and I think this was brought out greatly in the coming together of the two in this household and one from a far-off land, for they found that in communicating with this one from far-off, that he too, realized the importance of this and was attempting in his way, to promote among his people the desire and the realization for the necessity of understanding among all peoples. It is the sincere duty of everyone who is interested in the welfare of Mankind upon your planet, to do everything in his or her power to promote an understanding among all Mankind. There are many, many ways that you can do this, and only in this way and through the people, not your leaders, that a Brotherhood of Man, an understanding of Mankind, will come about.

As your communication systems and your transportation systems improve, you shall find greater and greater opportunities to do your part this way, to show your willingness to greet in love, your fellow man from far-off places. And as this consciousness increases upon your planet, it shall reach out into the Cosmos, and you shall find yourselves greeting and extending your love and your understanding to those from beyond, and you will find them coming to you in greater numbers, extending the hand of friendship, the hand of help and opportunity to grow, as your peoples have never grown before. Does this sound worthwhile to you, People of Earth?

Group: Yes.

Then I say to you, go forth, extending a hand of friendship, a loving hand of help to all that you meet. Show that you are willing and ready to understand your fellow being.

I leave you by extending to you the very greatest love and understanding that our people can conceive of.

I am Oxal.

Friday, August 25, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Tonight we have tuned in upon your conversation through a device that is tuned to the brain frequency of the instrument, and all sounds that take place in this room are recorded clearly by us. Also, for a short period we had our Iconiscan attuned to your location and were able to see you clearly. This is done by attuning our device to the vibratory rate of the material we wish to penetrate and automatically, so far as our device is concerned, this material is erased and we see through it clearly. These are only some of the minor scientific devices that are in our possession.

In answer to a question that was brought out by one of you tonight concerning scientific information being given to Earth People—we have brought many advancements to your people in science and should like to bring much more; but you see, the difficulty is, my friends, that already you are too far out of balance. Your scientific development has reached a point that is far too much ahead of your spiritual development. In order that a civilization might advance successfully, these two must be kept in balance; for you see, my friends, unless man has the spiritual understanding—the foundation upon which to build his scientific development—he is apt to find himself upon very dangerous grounds, and this is where Earth People find themselves today.

Earth Man already has within his grasp, power that he is not capable of coping with; for you see, my friends, all energies can be used on either the positive or negative side. Man can learn of great powers, both within himself and in the Cosmos. He can master these powers, but he can also use them any way he desires, once they are mastered.

So you see, my friends, spiritual development and understanding is important; for unless Man has this, he is not capable of receiving the great knowledge of the Universe. There is no limit to how far Man can advance in these things, but unless Man has the wisdom and understanding to cope with these things, he will only bring destruction upon himself, and this has happened before to civilizations upon your planet, and has happened to other planets. One planet within your system completely destroyed itself in this manner, and we do not wish to see this happen again.

We are interested in bringing Earth People to this realization—to realize that there are two paths for them to follow—the path of love and understanding—service to Man’s brother—a realization of his responsibility to his fellow man; or he can choose the path of destruction, the path of darkness. Man, through all eternity has had the right to choose, and your people are no exception, for Man was created with a free will to make his own choices. He does not always choose wisely, yet the path is so apparent. As we have stated many times, those who make the choice to serve their humanity in every way possible, we shall guide them and protect them. They shall go about a way of life—not always knowing or realizing why they do the things they do, but realizing the things that they do are right and good, and are helping to raise their civilization to a new height in understanding.

As your system approaches the great changes that are in store, we are humbled to be of service to you. We are humbled to be able to serve in the Light of Truth and Understanding. Man of Earth who makes the choice, has a great future before him, one that is far beyond his conception or realization at this time; for Planet Earth is about to take its place with the other planets of its system; it shall no longer be set apart as has been the case—but will become a part of the great Federation; and communication and travel shall become common- place between your planet and many others. A whole new horizon of life shall open up. So, beloved ones, let your consciousness reach out; for, in the days to come, it will be necessary for you to expand, to open up your consciousness and grasp that which is before you.

I leave you by extending to you the love, light and understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Friday, September 8, 1961

My peace and my love I extend to each of you, my friends, and my greetings to you, my son.

As you travel the corridors of events and experiences, sometimes one becomes, shall we say, a bit confused as to the path or direction to take. But as man stands still and becomes aware of these inner attractions and impulses, he finds himself drawn in certain directions. Sometimes, almost automatically, he finds himself drawn to certain individuals, and he finds that many things take place that appear to be directed, and oft-times this is the case. But, it is well to remember and to observe these things as they pass, and often we can draw certain conclusions. Often we find ourselves drawn closely with certain individuals, and then our paths part, and we pass through other experiences, associations; then again we find, in certain cases, these paths do never cross again. And in certain cases other individuals are drawn together, time and time again. All of these things, beloved ones, have meaning in our pattern and it is well to observe.

Now you are approaching a time of events that will move more rapidly as your civilization advances in its science, and its spiritual growth; the momentum of the increase grows continually more rapid, and the accomplishments that will come to the remnants of your civilization in the near future, will be so fantastic that it would seem almost inconceivable to the greater part of your population today. But, my friends, the Law continues to function, Nature moves ever onward, gathering momentum as she moves.

Events will occur in the lives of each of you that will have great significance in your rise on the path of Truth. Try to bear in mind that man does not live alone, that he is only a minute part in a vast great Sea of Life that extends into Infinity. Thus far in your sojourn, you have observed very little of what you call Nature or God, or whatever term, you might like to use. Soon you shall see Her in some of Her greater expressions, and as you move onward on the path of life, She shall grow greater and greater, more beautiful and more astounding, and your understanding of Her will grow, and grow, and grow. You shall find that your lives, day by day, shall become more interesting, more thrilling, as you receive more and more insight into the things that are approaching.

It is our hope that each of you shall rise in understanding together, and through the uniting of your powers, your abilities, and your spiritual growth, you shall be able to accomplish great things for the aid of your peoples. Let the love and the light of the great Masters throughout the Universe flow through and to you. Be ever open and receptive to the help that they are anxious to give you, remembering always that you are dedicated to the service of Mankind, and that your reward for your service will be understanding.

Questioner: Did you have reference to any particular individuals working together?

I did not specify any individuals, for this will come to you as you move along your path, and you will know those with whom you are to serve, when, where and how. Each man, when he becomes aware, will follow in the right direction. But the awareness that man develops is the thing that will enable him to follow in the right direction. In the course of events and experiences, through a development of a recognition of the inner guidance and in elimination of self, one shall follow always his path, but these, my friends, are necessary, very necessary things to develop. One must always remove self, and maintain within, that desire to serve for the good of Man, or Mankind—not for any individual group of men or, any one race of man—but for Man as a whole.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace, peace, peace.

Friday, September 15, 1961

Peace, peace, peace.

Thrice be ye blest, Children of the Light. I address thee thus, for each of ye are here because ye are seeking, ye are seeking to know Truth, to understand thyself. It saddens me greatly to know that so few of your people today are in search of Truth. Yea, were it not so. It is sad that your peoples are in such great pursuit of self-satisfying themselves with power. A great power madness has possessed your planet. The great tension that is rising today among your people is only a result of the great pursuit for power. It should never be upon the surface of any planet, that man should desire power over his fellow man. In great lands of plenty, man does not need power to maintain life. It is also sad that a civilization should pursue these things to a point of destruction; yet this very thing is happening upon your planet today, and without question, unless some intervention is brought about from the observers beyond your planet, this very thing will come to pass.

I say to you, my children—you who are seeking to know and understand Truth—reach out with your consciousness and build for yourself a world of Love, of Truth, of Understanding; for only in this way will you escape the results of the power-mad men of your earth. So I say to you, my beloved ones, gather for yourself understanding; learn to know thyself that you might know all men. Make your life one of service and dedication to Mankind. Rise up, come forth and stand out as one who believes, who knows Truth and lives the Truth that he knows. Great experiences portend for those of you who follow this path, for all of these things of which I spoke shall pass away, but he who has built upon the rock shall stand forever as a monument to Truth.

Re-dedicate yourself daily to your goal, reminding yourself continually of your birthright; acknowledging that which you are, for you are only an extension of your Creator. So bear this in mind at all times and continually declare your Sonship. The new civilization that shall emerge upon your planet will consist of those who have followed this path, and their accomplishments shall be great, much greater than ye think or realize; for man, in his true form, is limitless in his power; he is a Creator in his own right. So let us not overlook this fact, for man must truly learn to love himself. And when he has truly learned this, he has truly learned to love all Mankind, for he has realized his oneness with it.

Let not the things that you face bring fear or resentment into your hearts, but rather maintain an attitude of reverence, an attitude of gratitude, knowing that “these things are not a part of me, nor do they affect me, for I AM that I AM.”

And now, my beloved children, I am going to leave this instrument for a few moments, and I am going to stand before each of you for a moment and invoke a special blessing for each of you.


I thank thee, my children, for receiving.

Receive ye now the Love and the Blessings of all the great Masters of the Brotherhood.

Peace, peace, peace.

So be it, so be it, so be it.

Tuesday, September 19, 1961

My peace to thee, my friends.

I am known among my people as Sojan. This is my first privilege of speaking with you. I shall only take a few moments of your time, but in these few moments we shall discuss a subject that I know is close and dear to the hearts of all of you—for among your people today there is much discussion of the great need of establishing peace among thy people—the urgency of devising ways and means of bringing about peace. But, dear ones, there are also many opinions among your people as to how this is to be brought about. Many advocate the building of great armies, of great stockpiles of war materials to be used to frighten your enemies, so to speak; to impress upon them the importance of your great powers, so that they shall fear to attack. But, my friends, does it seem reasonable that strife can be avoided by continually preparing for strife? Did not your teacher that you call Jesus, state to one of his disciples that “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword?” Peace shall never come to Planet Earth while she prepares for war. The only way peace shall come to your peoples is through a great crusade, impressing the importance of establishing peace within one’s own heart; for peace can only come through the heart of man himself. Man must develop within himself a great desire to find peace, to find it within his own being; for there will man establish peace. When no longer the desire rests within man himself to be in conflict with his neighbor or his fellow man, then shall peace come to your peoples.

Each man, regardless of his station in life, has somewhere deep within him the desire to find peace, peace with himself. When man has found peace with himself he shall find also that he is at peace with all man; he shall not covet one mite that belongs to his brother. Man must start searching, searching, searching, going deep, deep into his inner consciousness until eventually he finds the answers that lie within that will set him at peace. No amount of effort spent in the outer will bring these results, for true peace is found only through a deep search. And until man has reached this peace within, peace shall not reign supreme among your peoples. This is something, my friends, that is needed more than anything else to be planted as seeds in the minds of Earth Man, for when enough of your people have found this peace, it shall manifest in the outer in all its glory. It shall come forth as does the rose into a beautiful bloom and man will know something and experience something that is far greater than anything he can conceive in the outer.

So, my dear ones, search diligently for this peace within you and when you have found it, great revelations shall be unfolded in your consciousness; revelations that will raise you to new heights of understanding, new concepts and an entirely new view of life. But first it is necessary to establish and find this peace within you, within your own being.

So be it, my friends. Peace.

Friday, September 22, 1961

Peace to thee, my friends, peace to thee.

On this night the numbers are few, thus I shall speak of the things that I know are near and dear to the heart of each of you. Each is seeking to find that peace within himself and herself; a peace that brings understanding. So we shall speak of the preparation necessary in bringing one’s house to order and finding this peace that brings serenity to man. If one is to find this peace that rests deep in the soul of all, there are certain things that man must do; there are things that must be eliminated in the consciousness of man.

Within your race consciousness exists a great deal of resentment, judgment, and what is known, I believe, among your people as self-preservation. Many of these things rest deep in the consciousness of Man of Earth, and it is necessary that these things be brought out and eliminated from the consciousness of man. Man must maintain an attitude of forgiveness, an attitude of thankfulness or gratefulness. Now, it does not seem at times that we have anything to be grateful for; yet, if we will but review our circumstances, we will find that we have many things to be grateful for, many things to be thankful for, and we find as we take on this consciousness of gratitude, it begins to grow, and we find more and more to be grateful for, and we find more and more flowing to us to be grateful for.

Now, beloved ones, this is not a matter of—in flowery words—giving thanks to some Deity; but rather, a state of consciousness, something that becomes a part of us; it is a continual thing—something that flows continually through our consciousness. And then, my friends, we must examine ourselves and see if we are allowing resentment and prejudices to creep into our consciousness. These also, we must eliminate, and at times, beloved ones, some of these things are quite difficult to recognize, for they have become such a part of us, that unless we look carefully, we do not know that they are there. When we find that we are showing prejudice or resentment toward another, let us immediately replace this with a blessing for this one, and a shower of love, and as we do this, soon we find that we no long have these things, but rather we are maintaining an attitude of blessing and love toward all man.

Let us at no time allow anger to enter our consciousness. Here again, we can use a blessing, for when one offends us, let us smile and allow a blessing to flow silently from our heart to this one. We need not defend Truth for Truth needs no defending. We need not defend our actions when they are in Truth, for nothing done in Truth, beloved ones, needs defending; so what is there to defend—what is there to become offended about? All of these things, beloved friends, when they are allowed to grow in the consciousness, become festering sores that bring about many physical disorders of many natures, and we are not, we are not looking for things that bring these conditions, but we are looking for the things that bring to us peace and understanding. I say to you, my friends, if you will but practice these things diligently, you will find you will reap great rewards.

Also, beloved ones, discipline is very necessary. Man must learn to be master of his own emotions, his own physical desires; for, if you are to allow them to rule you, you will not find the peace for which you are seeking. All things that have been placed for your disposal by your Creator are for your good, your happiness, and for your pleasure; but moderation is necessary in all things. Man must learn to use moderation in all that he does. Man allows his appetite for food and drink to rule him, to destroy him as he does many other things; so you see, my friends, it is very necessary at all times to keep this in mind, to remember that you have the potentialities within you of any of the great Masters and of the Creator himself.

Self-condemnation should never be a part of any man’s thinking, but rather he must have respect for himself, he must realize his potentialities, his greatness, but realize it with humility. Always he must maintain humbleness, humility, and love, yet realizing that he is an all-powerful spiritual being, with all the powers of the Universe at his command; but realizing, too, that these powers must be used with moderation, with wisdom, with love and with understanding.

I have concluded my talk with you; I hope I have been of some help to you. May my blessings, my peace and love and understanding rest in the hearts of each of you. Peace be with you.

Peace, peace, peace.

Thursday, September 28, 1961

Peace, my beloved children.

I come to you tonight grateful for the opportunity to be with you, and to speak with you.

Today, you are living in a time of great events for your planet. The opportunity to serve Mankind has never been greater in your civilization. Our hope is that many of you shall dedicate yourselves to this service, to serve your humanity in every way possible, forgetting self, and being ever mindful that Man was created as One, and Man’s true nature is to serve; for only through service does Man experience and grow.

To those who believe their growth will come by withdrawing from life—those who believe they can reach great spiritual understanding in this manner—there are many in your civilization today and in centuries past who have spent long periods in withdrawal from life, expecting to reach great heights in their spiritual understanding. But man was created to live, to experience and to serve, and man will only grow through experience of service.

Great events portend in the near future for your planet and your civilization. In a few short years, changes shall come about that to most of your civilization would be inconceivable, and within months events will occur that will have great influence in the future of your civilization and its destiny. But your civilization can have a great influence on this destiny if it will but awaken to a realization that it must choose a path of service, a path where understanding shall arise in the hearts of men.

It is our hope that in the next few months some of you who are seeking understanding and Truth shall begin to find yourselves, and we are going to do everything in our power to help those of you who are sincere in this search. For man to find himself must go deep within, for there he will find, and there only will he find his True Being. I say to you, beloved ones, your True Being at your present level of understanding is inconceivable to you, yes, completely inconceivable. For so great is Man in his True Reality, that it is almost inconceivable to those of great understanding; for, beloved ones, you are all things, you are all things. Can you conceive of being all things, all things of Creation, of all Creation?

Bear this in mind as you move along your path in your search for Truth, and soon you will begin to make great discoveries from within when you begin to get a slight glimpse of who and what you are. Man must come to the realization of the greatness of himself, and yet he must come into the realization of selflessness of himself. Ponder this well, beloved ones, for it has great meaning; and the day will come in the not too far distant future, if your search is sincere, when the true realization of what I have just said will dawn upon you. And as this begins to dawn in your consciousness, a whole new horizon shall unfold before you, and you will be awed of its greatness.

Start to cultivate within yourself a great awareness, aware of every cell of your body, aware of your very actions, your every thought and your every movement. In your silence become aware of this inner voice, the real part of you or perhaps what you call God, and in time you will find great revelations coming from this voice from the true you. And if you are humble, grateful and sincere, a great awakening shall begin to take place within you, and you shall find yourself upon a path that leads ever outward to greater and greater horizons, horizons that go on and on, that seem never ending.

In my search for Truth, I have never yet found the end of these horizons; they extend onward and outward. Is this not, beloved ones, something great to look forward to, something great to aspire to? When these realizations begin to dawn in your heart, things of the past will seem unimportant, and no more will you look back; for Man never grows by looking backward. Let the past dead bury its dead; look ever forward-outward—never backward- for he who looks back, falters.

My beloved children, if each of you will now relax, try to establish an attitude of love, completely relaxed as a child would relax in the arms of its mother; for I am going to leave this instrument for a moment, and I shall pass among you. I shall stand before each of you, and it shall be my pleasure to invoke a special blessing upon each of you. Now, please, beloved ones, do not be tense, do not try to feel something, but just relax—let go—allow me.

(A blessing was received by each one.)

My children, thrice be ye blest. Receive ye now the love, the blessings of our Brotherhood.

So be it. So be it. So be it.

Thursday, October 5, 1961

May the peace of the Great Ones rest deep in the hearts of each of you, Peace, peace, peace.

Beloved friends—my son.

I have been afforded this privilege tonight through the consent of this instrument and his Wisdor. Know ye well for this I am grateful. Know ye well that nothing comes to you by chance—nor to any of us—that life is one great plan in our evolution to the ultimate.

Now, I should like to talk to you for a few moments, concerning the Divinity of Man. With your permission, we shall proceed upon this subject. I wonder how much realization each of you have within your own heart of your Divinity. I wonder if you could come with me for a few moments and explore life in a level of consciousness beyond what you know as Planet Earth. Yes, let us go far beyond, even beyond this galaxy and let us explore life as we find it here. Here we find as we approach that our sight has become more keen—that we begin to see into densities that we have not heretofore seen. Here we find beings moving about, carrying on a life, a social association; we are finding that they also have their cities, their countrysides. But, as we move among these beings, we note a consciousness, an attitude that is strange to us.

We do not see these beings hurrying to and fro, attempting to strain, or to have anxiety of any kind for their wellbeing. We find that their every need is met as the need arises. We do not find that they are concerned at all about these things. We find that their every need is met as it is needed. We find that we become aware of their attitudes, their thinking, and we find no thoughts in their hearts of resentment, fear. We find no jealousy, but we do find a great love, a great desire within their consciousness to serve.

We find no thought of self; we find only thought concerning the whole. We find that these Beings do not even think of themselves as individuals. But we find that entwined in their consciousness is an awareness that they are a part of a great vast sea of life, and they see this Great Sea of Creation, of Life, as One Great Being, of which they are but a cell, each performing his part to make this Being a perfect and harmonious Being. We find a group consciousness of this type, each realizing his or her individuality, yet a realization of being a part of all Creation, a part that is as important in the function of this Creation as any other part; realizing that this Great Sea of Power that you call God, flows through each and every cell of this Great Being, making each part, however minute, an equally important part for the functioning of this Great Being.

Now you, too, my friends, are equally as important a part of this vast sea, of this Great Being blown as Life, or as Man. But it even goes beyond Man, for it includes all things. Nothing that exists within this great sea is separate from the other. Therefore, each and every one of us contains within our own being the power of the universe—we have full command of all the power that is flowing—it is flowing through us, as it is flowing through every other part of all Creation. And when we have come into this realization of our divinity, of our true self, we shall know our place, we shall be able to attune our consciousness to the consciousness of anything within the Sea, whether it be plant life, animal life or what have you; and believe you me, beloved ones, you will find, when you have come into the knowing of these things, that all things will respond to your desires.

You will find that you will be able to communicate with any part of nature that you desire, without effort or strain. You will merely attune your consciousness to the consciousness of that with which you desire to communicate. You say, “Will this tree talk to me?” and I say to you, “Yes, it will talk to you, and you will know what it has said to you.” All life responds to love and understanding. You cannot have one without the other, for they are one. I say to you, beloved friends, it is so important that those of you who would travel with your planet into the age that lies before you—to learn these things. Awaken! Awaken unto yourself. Long enough has Earth Man beseeched a false divinity. It is time for him to awaken, for the only place he will find this Divinity is within his own heart. So, beloved friends, search deep within and find this Divine Power that you have been looking for. Bring it out and be IT. It has been my most sincere wish that Earth People shall come into the realization of these things rapidly, for the time is truly short.

It has been my very great pleasure to have this opportunity to speak to you; and my son, I have been most grateful of this opportunity to speak to you.

And now, I am told that my time has expired and I must vacate this instrument. But, before I depart, I should like to say that you have had standing with you this night and invoking a great blessing upon you, one of the Great Masters of the Tribunal of this Galaxy. This has been a great honor for me, and I am sure it must be for you.

My peace, my love and my blessings I extend to all of you. Peace be with you, my friends, peace, my son.

Peace … Peace … Peace.

Tuesday, October 17, 1961

Peace be with thee, my friends.

It is my privilege to come among you tonight and to have the opportunity to speak with you for a short period. Never has your civilization stood at such a point of crisis as today it does stand. Never has your civilization received more help, more guidance, more concern from those from outside your planet. In every crisis of your civilization, Beings of great Light have manifested among your people and pointed the way and many times Earth People have listened and heeded this help. During the period of the forming of your great nation, such a Being appeared among its leaders, and each time these leaders became dead-locked in their attempt to reach an understanding, the way was pointed by the Being; and so was your great Constitution written and signed. But the meaning of these words have been lost. Again, a few years past, another Being of Light appeared in a meeting of your great world leaders in your United Nations and again attempted to point the way, but this time very little heed was given to his words. Again, a short time ago, this also occurred in your United Nations, and again his words went unheeded.

As you were told, or some of you were told a short time back, an attempt again was made to bring a realization to your leaders or to some of your leaders, of the results of nuclear warfare upon your planet. This was brought to certain individuals in a vivid dream of the results of such actions. This has made an impression but so great is the pressure upon these individuals from the great powers that lie behind them, that even for them it is difficult to attempt to convince these powers.

It is difficult to understand how people could follow a path that would have the slightest possibility of leading to these results, when other paths are so much more obvious. It is hard to realize how man can become lost so deeply in his desires and search for power; yet these things exist and are prevalent among your peoples. We sincerely hope that the realization shall dawn in the hearts of these people in time to avoid such occurrence. We are doing all in our power that can be done without violating Universal Law and shall continue to do so. But the great need lies among Earth People themselves; the real answer to these problems, my beloved friends, is up to Earth People. Earth Man himself has the real solution in the palm of his own hand and what he does with this will determine the result. We can only help to lighten your burden.

The wise man prepares for the obvious. We hope that Earth Man shall show wisdom. The transition depends upon you of Earth. We can only aid to the degree that Earth Man is willing to allow us to help. It is his choice, not ours. We hope he shall choose wisely, for great help awaits when he is ready to receive it.

We know that many of you stand ready to receive this help, but this is only a small minority; but to that minority I say, you shall receive—you shall receive according to your willingness to receive and to your willingness to cooperate.

Earth Man, in the times that are approaching, shall face situations beyond his capabilities to cope with. But to those who are willing to receive help, they shall receive it. For many stand ready to extend this hand of help, of friendship, of love. So, beloved friends, when this hand is extended to you, grasp it, grasp it in love, in gratitude and in reverence, and know that this help is coming to you, because you have earned it. Do not hesitate to accept; let no fear nor doubt enter your mind, but accept it when it is presented.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace, peace.

Thursday, October 19, 1961

Peace to thee, my children.

Beloved, tonight we have caused a concentration of cosmic energy to be concentrated here among you.

As I speak tonight, I would like each of you to relax and visualize this great force of energy flowing through you, through every cell, through every fiber; visualize these millions of lines of energy flowing up your spine and down again. Visualize it in great quantities flowing to any particular part of your being that is in need. And, as you relax in this feeling, allow a great knowing to come over you—knowing that this great Universal Force that is flowing through you and to you in unlimited quantities, has the power to accomplish anything that you have need of. Let this complete knowing become a part of your consciousness and let no other thought push it aside.

Beloved ones, as you go forward in your search for Truth, attempt to carry this knowing with you as a part of your consciousness at all times. You have been taught the Laws; you know how they should work, but thus far in your consciousness you have not established a knowing. Where any doubt exists, there is not a knowing. You speak of faith, do you not? The difference between faith and knowing is, that in faith you allow tiny segments of doubt and fear to creep in. But, I say to thee, my friends, once you have the knowing, there is never a thought of doubt nor fear; it becomes a non-existing part of your consciousness—it is no longer there—it has been wiped completely away, and you know that the Law reacts and responds, because you know that this is so, and therefore it must be so. This is the power that will not allow any Law to fail you. It is the knowing.

When you depart for a destination that is familiar to you, you have not one ounce of doubt in your being that you shall arrive at the point of designation, and thus you arrive there. Liken this to the Universal Laws that exist throughout eternity. These Laws will act and react according to your knowing. When they do not—know that you did not know. Much has been said concerning this point in the past, but we cannot impress upon you too strongly the importance of the knowing. And, as you move forward along your path, you shall come into a deeper realization of this fact relative to all things.

Think well upon what I have just said to you; ponder it well, and then begin to weed from your consciousness these tiny seeds of doubt and fear that are lurking in the darkness of your consciousness. And, as you gradually eliminate these seeds, you shall find new seeds of knowing replacing them, and you shall find the Laws of the Universe beginning to act and react more promptly to your desires and needs.

And now, beloved ones, may the peace and the love, the blessings and the understanding of all the Great Masters reach you in great abundance, and may the seeds of knowing grow stronger day by day in the hearts and minds of each of you.

Peace, beloved ones, peace, peace.

Tuesday, October 24, 1961

Peace to thee, my beloved.

Again tonight we are going to concentrate Cosmic Energy here for you, for each of you here this night has need of this. Now, my beloved ones, I am going to give you a little technique, and explain to you somewhat how this is done. In case you are not aware, these lines of Cosmic Energy are continually flowing at all times through your atmosphere, through your body. They are the life-giving energies, without which none of you, nor any life, would exist. It is through these lines of energy or force that you live and move and have your being.

Now what we are doing here tonight, is causing a great mass of these lines of force to be bent in and concentrated in your midst, as we bend light. They are techniques not known to man. By bending light you can cause an object to be invisible to the human eye, for you see only the light reflected from this object; and so these lines of force can be bent.

And now, my friends, I am going to ask you to bend these lines even more and you can do this. Now, if you will, become relaxed—there is no need for strain—and as you relax, visualize these lines, travelling in great quantities, here—all about you—travelling through you—see them in a great mass; and then, if you will, visualize a portion of this mass of energy, visualize it as bending, curving, into a more concentrated mass of energy; and then visualize this concentrated mass flowing to the part of your physical structure that has most need for this help, and you can change it about—concentrating it to wherever you desire.

Remember, beloved friends, that within your thought pattern you have great power. Through concentration of this power of mind you can direct energies, you can cause things to take place that you desire. Have great confidence in the power of your mind, for in reality, beloved ones, all is mind. Now, have I made myself clear as to what I would like you to do? Beloved friends, I am going to speak to you for a few moments on the subject of consciousness, and as I speak, allow yourself to became completely relaxed, and I, through the help of your Wisdors, will keep a concentration of this energy here, and I want each of you to practice this technique as I speak.

Much has been said in the past concerning consciousness; but, beloved ones, there is great need among all of you to realize the importance of the state of consciousness; and as an example, I will point out something that was said here just before your quiet time. I believe it was said that one can easily acquire disease. Now, my beloved friends, I do not mean this as criticism—I say this in all sincerity and in love—but this is a state of consciousness. For anything that plagues us continually has become a part, so to speak, of our consciousness. Man will be exactly what his consciousness contains and can conceive of. Now, beloved ones, this may be difficult for you to accept; perhaps you shall say, “This or that is not a part of my consciousness; it is beyond my control.” But I say to you, dear ones, if you will search honestly within your consciousness, you will find that very thing existing there, and when it has ceased to become a part of your consciousness, it no longer expresses in your life.

How does Man, or shall I say, how does one man express or accomplish what to another man or to a great many people, may seem impossible? Because, within his consciousness he can conceive this thing, and nothing, as you well know, manifests in the physical or into reality, unless it is first conceived within the consciousness of that person. Therefore, it is most important, is it not, that we expand our consciousness continually, to take in more and more and more—to widen out ever wider—and as we can conceive of these things, they become realities in our lives; but this cannot be done, beloved ones, in a half-hearted manner. You must be serious and you must act. Words without action, or conceiving without action, is fruitless. What can you conceive of as a reality in your life—how far are you willing to go? This, beloved friends, is up to you, for only you can expand your own consciousness.

Those who have advanced into higher understanding have advanced only because they were able to expand their consciousness to accept the things that are now realities in their lives, and this expansion goes on and on. No, you will not do this in one great stride, but as you make the effort to do this, you will find a gradual change taking place in your expression, day by day. Man, if he is to live a happy, normal life upon any plane, must be in the continual process of growing, of expanding his consciousness; for man is not truly happy unless this is taking place in his life. All of you have great need for this, as do all men, but also this must be done in a complete attitude of selflessness; not for the power that I might gain, but rather for the understanding, for the wisdom and for the Truth; using this new understanding as you receive it for the good of your own life and the life of mankind.

Beloved friends, I was asked to speak to you tonight by the Wisdor of the instrument through which I speak, and I came to you from the Tribunal of your Galaxy. It has been my privilege and my pleasure to have this opportunity to, perhaps in a small way, to have been of some assistance to you. I hope you have been successful with this little technique that I have given you, and I would like to suggest that each of you practice this during your times of silence, or after you have retired to your bed; and I am sure that if you have practiced this for awhile, so that you can master the technique—that you will find great help coming to you; for this life-giving energy is yours to use, as it is all Man’s—and it is there in great abundance. It shall never be depleted, for the supply is unlimited. So, beloved ones, use it in great abundance, for it is yours to use.

May the peace, the love and the understanding of all the Great Masters rest in the hearts of each of you, and I extend to each of you the fullest blessings and peace of our Brotherhood.

Peace … Peace … Peace.

Thursday, November 2, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

It is with great concern that we view the happenings upon Planet Earth today. There are certain powers who would bring great fear to the hearts of Earth People by making great displays of their power. It is sad that these people are allowed to pollute your atmosphere to this extent, to cast these great quantities of pollution upon your people. As a result of this, soon you shall see great increases in cancer and leukemia, and many other unfamiliar conditions will arise in your people in their physical bodies. If these people who are bringing about these things realized the karma that is being poured upon their heads, they would hesitate somewhat in their actions. But, in their mad pursuit for power, they lose all sense of responsibility for their fellow man, and thus Mankind suffers at their hand.

This should never be, that a civilization should have these things cast upon it by a small minority of its people. These people who are toying with these energies are like small children playing with dynamite. We have given warning to your people of the results of toying with these energies, for these are the pure energies of the Universe, and are not to be tampered with by man. And when he violates these laws, he can only bring suffering and destruction upon himself and his fellow man.

These events, unless more control is brought over them, will eventually bring destruction to your people. Your scientific minds, in the majority, know very little about these energies and the destruction that can be brought through their use. The effects of this detonation in such quantities can bring great havoc to your earth structure, much greater than they can possibly realize. All in our power is being done at this time to try to bring influence upon these feeble minds to bring a realization to them of their responsibilities and a realization of what they are doing to their brother-man. But many of these minds are so lost in their pursuit for power that they have become possessed by a great madness.

We sincerely hope that we shall not have to intervene physically to save Planet Earth, but certainly at this moment there is no reason to believe that we may not have to do this. I say to each of you, use your own power of mind to concentrate upon these individuals and help to bring influence upon them. For each mind that is concentrated upon them and influencing them, will add that much to what we are doing. These individuals who are bringing about these conditions among your people, will definitely not be among the remnants of civilization of Earth, for they have a long way to go in their evolution towards self-realization.

My beloved friends, I speak not these words to bring fear in your hearts, but I feel that each of you are capable of receiving truth as it stands, and that each of you, realizing the truth, will do your part in helping your people to avoid further discomfort and exposure to the powers that be. You can send thoughts of Light and Love, plus periods of concentration towards these minds, for you have power in Mind. All is Mind, and in this Mind you have power. By concentrating your thoughts of influence upon the powers that control your people, the powers that are behind your wars, the powers that bring about these conditions, concentrate your influence upon them. And if enough people will do this, the influence will be felt. We, as outsiders, can only use such methods at this point, and your power of concentration will add to ours.

We do not wish to see this unnecessary suffering brought upon your people and many attempts have been made, but seemingly in vain, to point out the folly of these things to your leaders, to point to them a better way. Yet, it seems that little heed has been given to our warnings.

There is, among your people, a great many who, through the fear that has been brought into their hearts, are attempting to persuade these leaders; yet, little heed is being given these people at this time. But I shall predict that this great fear and unrest shall increase until your people are protesting in great masses, and it is altogether possible that the influence of these great masses may reach those who are in power before it is entirely too late.

I admit to you, my friends, this has not been a pleasant conversation to listen to, yet one must face the Truth. For, unless we face it, we are only hiding from it, and we do nothing about it. Conditions are not changed without action; nothing is accomplished without action. So, beloved friends, it is time for Earth People to act, if they would prevent these things.

I leave you by extending to you the love and understanding of my people, and I extend to you my sincerest blessings.

I am Oxal.

Friday, November 3, 1961

Greetings to you, and my blessings, my beloved friends.

It is the first time that I have had the privilege of speaking to this group. I shall only take a few moments of your time, but I should like to state that I am very close to one of you here, tonight, and have been through many years of your sojourn upon this planet.

I wonder, my beloved friends, just how serious you are, in considering the fact that it is necessary for you to prepare yourselves for the great coming changes that are to take place on Planet Earth, in what we, of the other realms of life, consider a very, very great advancement, for both Planet Earth and your solar system. I know that there are those who state that they shall not be around to see these changes take place. But, I say to you, my friends, that all of you shall be around and witness these great events. You shall be either in the physical, chemical body that you now possess, or you will be in your electrical body; nevertheless, all of you shall be here to witness these great changes. And regardless of which stage of life you are in, preparation still remains a necessity.

For those of you who shall experience these changes in the chemical body, a greater awareness and preparation is necessary. These things, my friends, have not been talked about so many times for naught. We, who are able to view this from—shall we say—a greater vantage point, perhaps have gained a greater perspective of the vastness and the greatness of this event, or events. Man must and will, if he is to remain, take on a whole new consciousness, both scientifically and spiritually. He shall reach out, expanding his consciousness to take in greater and greater knowledge and understanding of the Universe—and of the vast expanse that lies ever out, ever wider, ever larger—bringing to him knowledge and wisdom in ever greater abundance. He shall come into an understanding of the functioning of Universal Laws, and he shall learn to master these laws; he shall learn that within man himself lies the power, the wisdom and the understanding to use these great universal energies and laws to bring about great good for himself and his fellow man.

But, friends, do not take these things lightly. But, rather become reverent, serious and sincere in your search for the understanding that will enable you to move into the changes that are to come to bring about a New Age, that is about to blossom forth for your planet and its people who will prepare themselves for its coming. Some of the events are not going to be pleasing to you; but, if you shall begin to expand your consciousness and your awareness, you can rise above the unpleasantness, and great help awaits those who are sincere and are willing to do their part in the transition of your planet.

When these times have passed—and the remnants of the civilization shall consist of those who have accomplished these things—they shall build a civilization upon Planet Earth that is far, far beyond what any of you could possibly conceive of at this moment. Man that remains, shall blossom forth into a new specie of mankind through the help of great, sincere Beings who are anxious to see Planet Earth take its place—its rightful place—in the Confederation of the Planets and join in the great Brotherhood of Man, where man realizes his at-one-ness with all Creation. And this realization is of far greater value than anything else you could possibly have.

It has been my very, very great privilege to have this opportunity to spend a few moments with you in this manner. May the peace and the love of all the Great Ones become a part of you. My peace and my blessings I wish to leave with you. Peace to you, my friends, peace to you.


Thursday, November 9, 1961

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

It has been some time since I have visited you.

Group: We have missed you.

I have also missed you, and it gives me great pleasure to once more come among you and be as one of you.

Man, today, is seeking to know the secrets of the Universe, and to learn of its powers, its energies; he is putting forth great efforts to try to learn these things. Yet, so very, very little effort is put forth by man to learn something about himself. Is this not true, my friends? Man knows, on Planet Earth, so very, very little about himself, and yet he spends great amounts of energy, time and money, trying to learn the secrets of the Universe, to discover new scientific methods, etc. If Earth Man could come into a realization of the importance of discovering himself, and spend half of the effort in discovering himself, he should advance at tremendous speeds in his scientific knowledge. For when man has discovered himself, he has really discovered the secrets of the Universe; for man is all things. But, until man begins to know himself, he shall find his progress in science quite difficult. What I am trying to say to you is, that once man has learned about himself, has discovered the power that lies within him—who and what he is—then, these things become quite simple. For, he can learn that he has the power to tap the Universal Mind, so to speak, and gain knowledge so very, very easily; for it is all there. Nothing that you shall discover or develop in thousands of years, or from now on—nothing—not one thing shall you find or discover that is not already there. It is there; you only need to reach out with your own mind to be able to attune your consciousness to the Universal Consciousness that is always there, and contains everything that ever has been, or ever will be, for there can be nothing new.

But, man has learned so very, very, very little about his Pure Being, his Pure Being. For man in his Pure Being can, at all times, attune himself to the One and only Consciousness; for he is a part of this Consciousness. Each individual consciousness is as a cell in a great Consciousness, as one minute cell in your physical structure is a part of the whole. And so, my friends, you are equally a part of this Great Universal Consciousness.

Now, you say, my friends, “How do I do this, how do I discover myself?” Well, this is a good question, very good. First, man has to begin to expand his consciousness; he has to, at least consider some of these things and come into some realization of what he is. The difficulty with Man of Earth is, that he does not want to admit his greatness. He wants to suppress himself, so to speak. He wants to say, “I’m just a little fellow, I have no power, I cannot do this, I cannot do that, because of certain circumstances that surround me. This person or that person holds me back.”

But, my friends, realize what you are; admit to yourself what you are. For if you do not admit it, surely no one else is going to recognize it; for you can be what you can conceive of being. So, start to realize that you are a part of the whole of Creation, and that your place in Creation is just as important as the Highest Being you can conceive of. The only difference between you and a Being of higher understanding is, that you have not come into the realization of your true self, for all men were created equal, and each man is entitled to his place, but, he must claim it. If he is not willing to claim it, then he will never reach this state. But, sooner or later, all men must come into this realization and again return to his rightful place and again climb back to the point of Pure Being.

Man, upon your planet, must begin to realize these things. But know that you are not going to reach this state of Pure Being in a moment. For, from where Earth Man stands today, it is going to take time to weed out of his consciousness the misbeliefs and the untruths that he has stored there. He must weed out all of the limitations; man has placed so many, many limitations upon himself, that he has really made his road very rough and difficult.

So I say to you, my friends, start to weed out these limitations from your consciousness; refuse to have anything to do with them. This will take a bit of working, for the things that have been so deeply imbedded there over the period of—perhaps I could say—several lifetimes, will not leave easily or willingly. You are going to have to work on this a little bit. But, I am sure that once you have decided that you are going to weed these things out of your consciousness, and cast them aside—never more to allow them to enter—you are going to find a new world opening up before you. And you shall find that you have power and great abilities within you that you never dreamed existed. And you shall be greatly surprised to find out what you really are.

My friends, it has been my very great pleasure to spend these few moments with you tonight. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I. If I have been of some slight service to you, I am very, very grateful. I want to thank all of you for accepting me in your midst tonight, and I assure you that my love and blessings shall follow you in your search for Truth.

And I should also like to tell you that each of you have been greatly blessed tonight, as well as myself. For, among you tonight—perhaps you were not aware—stood a very, very great Being, whom I have great reverence for, and always feel very humble in His Presence. This Being has stood among you tonight; and to each of you he has given a very, very special blessing. I thought that perhaps you should like to know.

And now, my friends, I must vacate this instrument. Peace be with you, my friends.


Tuesday, November 21, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

My beloved friends, today Earth Man is living in a time when opportunities have never been greater to improve his understanding, his spiritual growth, also his scientific knowledge. Many of your people have made great strides in their scientific knowledge in a very short period, but little progress has been made in the growth, or the increase of their spiritual understanding, of their understanding of man himself. You see the great difference between a man having both spiritual and scientific knowledge and a man having only scientific knowledge, it is that the man who possesses both makes sure that his scientific knowledge is used for the good of all Mankind. He does not use this for self-gain or for the gain of the few.

If this realization could come forth in the minds of Earth People and manifest, Earth Man would find himself on a path of the greatest advancement in the history of your planet. But this does not seem to be the case, but rather, among the majority, it seems they are going in the opposite direction.

We, of other planets and other systems—not that we are so wise or possess such great inconceivable knowledge, no, this is not so—for in reality we have gained but very little knowledge of the scientific and the spiritual possibilities that man has. Yet, of the very small knowledge that we have, we would like very much to share with Earth Man, if we could but be sure that this knowledge would be used for the good of all Mankind upon your planet, and would help to raise him in consciousness, to make his life more pleasant, to give him a greater opportunity to seek self-knowledge, or self-realization. But, in every attempt of this kind that has been made upon your planet, we have found our information and help going to the benefit of only a few, being used to gain more power over their fellow man. This should never be, that man should seek to control another, or to hold power over him. But rather, the desire, should be to raise the consciousness of his fellow being, to bring in him the knowledge, the understanding, of a way to make his life more abundant, more rich.

Man does not find it necessary to eke out his existence by the sweat of his brow, when he has true understanding. For, he finds that the Universe contains all that man has need of; he needs only to gain the understanding to bring it forth. By this, I do not mean to say that man does not need to work, but he need not work, as many of your people think of work, But man would not be happy to do nothing, man would not grow by doing nothing. Man needs to exercise his talents; he needs to develop these things. Seeking understanding is work, but man does not gain understanding lest he work for it.

The time is here when the chaff is being separated from the wheat. Flocks are being gathered together. The shepherd sees the storm approaching—he knows that the snows will soon cover the grass—and he is gathering in his sheep. And to these will be given the secrets, for they shall use them as your Creator intended that they shall be used. This one realization must remain firm in the hearts of all who are to be trusted with knowledge, that this knowledge, this understanding must be used for the good of all Mankind. If this is not done, this knowledge will eventually destroy you, for this is a Universal Law that none can avoid. And my friends, you need only to search back in the past civilizations of your earth, and you shall find that this was the very thing that destroyed them. Do not let this happen to you; realize your relationship to all Creation, that without your brother-man, you could not exist, you would not be, and without you, he would not be; realizing that when you have raised the consciousness of either yourself or your brother, you have raised the consciousness of all Mankind. This is the great at-one-ness of which we so often speak; this is the great at-one-ness that Man of Earth must come into the realization of. Each is a great being, but without the other we would be as nothing.

My friends, I leave you by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, November 27, 1961

Peace, peace, peace.

Beloved, ye seek many things in your search. Ye seek understanding—ye seek to know the paths that will carry you on the path of great experiences—ye seek to know the secrets of the mystics. These things, my beloved, are all yours to receive.

Each of you is a beloved child of the Most High. All things that have been created, were created for you. It is yours to claim. Why do you not claim these things? Why do you not receive your rightful place? It is for you to take the step; and as you take this step, none will hold you back. Man is his own worst enemy.

Man can so easily recognize his limitations—blocks, that do not exist. The hate, the resentment, and the greed that man holds within himself and refuses to let go of, is the thing that holds Earth Man in bondage more than anything today. This has been pointed out to man so many times through the generations; yet, he fails to see these blocks, these chains that hold him in bondage. I say to you, beloved, let go of these things, replace these things with joy, with love and with understanding. The great problems that exist on Planet Earth today could be solved so easily if man would leave these things out of his negotiations; if he would sit down, man to man, with the purpose in his heart of doing that which is for the good of all Mankind. For, that which is good for all Mankind, will solve all problems.

No problem was ever solved with an attitude of mind of accomplishing for self. It is well to keep one’s heart joyous, grateful, to feel an appreciation, a gratefulness for that which comes our way. If one will but maintain an attitude of this type, and see in all men a part of self—a realization of at-one-ness—a realization that all men are great, and that all men will sooner or later come into [their] pure state of Being—that each man is climbing, as am I, toward this goal. Some are on one rung of the ladder and others may be upon a higher, or lower rung, but what matters this? All Mankind is climbing together, attempting knowingly or unknowingly to reach this stage of pure Being.

Beloved ones, all of you on the path of Truth shall pass through many doors in a short period of time, and you shall close each of these doors behind you.

In each room through which you pass you will have great experiences by which you are to grow and reach new heights in Truth. Make the best of each of these experiences. Allow yourself to get the most from each, and by so doing, you will have reached another rung on the ladder. And when the New Age, into which you are entering, has blossomed forth, you shall find yourself to be a new being in stature, in understanding. Allow Universal Love to blossom forth in your consciousness, that you might receive in great abundance, that which is rightfully yours.

Peace, peace, peace.

Thursday, November 30, 1961

My beloved Children of the Light, seekers of Truth.

You spend much time and effort in thy search of Truth; yet, seemingly in your mind, you have great difficulty in accomplishing the goals that you seek. But, I say to thee, beloved ones, thy efforts are not wasted. Yet, I would recommend to thee, that thy search for Truth, for understanding, be widened. Seek and look everywhere for Truth, for all things reveal unto thee the Truths that are held in Creation. I say to thee that every segment of Creation contains Truth.

Man of Earth has been taught that he must seek spiritual Truths and understanding only in the Temples and the books; but I say to thee, my friends, Truth must be sought everywhere. And many times you will find great pearls of Truth where you least expect to find them. Ofttimes great Truths are found in the hearts of the very lowly. So, beloved ones, be ever mindful of these things, for Truth is everywhere.

Man has made a great effort to separate, to divide into segments, Truth, science, metaphysics, religions. In Creation, nothing is separated; for All is One, and One is All. Not one of your great religions contains all Truth, yet each has its segment. A great blending together must take place if we are to truly grow in understanding—a gathering together, a sorting, a fitting together of the many, many segments—that man might have life and have it abundantly—through his understanding.

Your Creator has not separated any of His gifts for you; only man has separated these things. Great abundance ye all may have if you will but attempt to reach an understanding of Universal Law. But attempt to come into the realization of your relationship to Creation and all things therein.

I must say to thee again—and many times it has been said to you before—love thee one another. And this I do not mean in the respect that Earth Man regards love, but by coming to a realization of thyself and thy relation to all Mankind—to all Creation—will thou understand Universal Love, where man thinks not in terms of self, but in terms of Mankind; for, what is good for Mankind, is good for me.

You have been told many times, beloved ones, that the time of fulfillment of the prophecies is at hand, that your great planet is about to pass through the period of great changes as they were spoken of by some of your ancient prophets, Yet, sometimes we recognize in the hearts of many Truth seekers, a doubt that these events will take place, will really occur. I wonder today, how many, if they were put to the final test, were asked to make the last great step, to go all the way to cast aside all of the false gods—we wonder how many could truly do this and would. There are many who still worship the false god of materialism, yet, they would not admit even to themselves, that this condition existed within their consciousness. It is well to occasionally, very honestly, take stock of ourselves—to put ourselves to the acid test—and to see just where we stand. If this were done honestly and fairly, many might find that within their consciousness there are more false gods than they realize.

My dear friends, it shall behoove all of us to build our foundation for Truth upon a foundation of solid rock, so that when the time arrives that we are given the final test, we can stand firm and move on from there to new and greater heights on the never-ending spiral of Truth and understanding.

I am told that a beloved friend of yours is standing by to spend a few moments with you by use of this instrument. Therefore, I shall draw to a close my humble dissertation and allow him to converse with you.

May the love and the understanding of all the Great Masters fill the hearts of each of you and may each of you reach your goal as rapidly as you desire.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace, peace, peace.

Thursday, December 7, 1961

Peace to thee, my friends.

I have asked permission, and am grateful for being so graciously granted this experience of speaking tonight. I would ask the indulgence of the group, for I came tonight primarily to speak in behalf of the departing ones. I came because I have special interest, and wish to inject encouragement and assurance. To these dear ones I would like to extend my compliments for their courage in standing forth and stepping forward in their—or what they feel to be—their rightful path.

I would say to you: go forth with a joyous heart, not the joy of a fool, but the joy of wisdom; going forth with a knowing heart, knowing that you are being guided into a new world of experience, and that you are going to take advantage in every way possible to grow to reach new heights in your Universal Love and understanding. Know that as it has been so far in your preparation for this change, that there will be at every turn, at every crossroad, a guiding hand that will take you to the heights that you seek.

Give thanks in your heart that the opportunity has opened for you to serve in preparing for things that are to come, that are to bring about upon your planet new and great opportunities for those who seek the greater knowledge of the Universe.

As you more into the new world of experiences, close the door behind you and let the past be gone; and begin a completely new world of experiences. In your thinking, in your seeking and in your service to Mankind—let this one great realization ripen in your mind—that you are a servant of Mankind, that it is your purpose in your sojourn through life to give.

If Earth Man would but realize the importance of his service, not with a thought of self-importance, but rather with the thought of being of service. And as your desire doth grow, so will your understanding; and, as you know, with understanding comes love and joy and peace.

As you enter your new world you shall find great opportunities to be close to nature; watch her closely, and see how much understanding you shall gather by observing her. She shall teach you many lessons that will be of great value to you, if you will but observe her. Many Truths lie hidden there.

So, my beloved children, as you go forth into your new world, I shall be watching you and helping you in every way possible, that you might gain ever more wisdom and understanding. New worlds shall open for all of you, if you will but take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

So, my beloved children, go in peace. And may the Light of the Infinite Spirit of Creation go before you, and open the way.

I am most grateful.

Go in peace.

Friday, December 8, 1961

Peace to thee, my friends, I am Anthon.

Among you tonight were discussed some very deep subjects. I know that many of these things are mysteries in thy minds. Creation to some may seem quite complex—as indeed it is. Yet, as understanding grows in man’s mind—as his consciousness begins to grow—these complexities become quite simple. But, for man to understand many of these things, he must grow into them, as it would be. It is well to consider the various aspects of Creation; but, of those subjects which are beyond the understanding of your present consciousness, do not ponder them too seriously or extensively. For, in due time, with patience and sincerity in desiring to grow, all of these things shall clarify themselves in thy minds.

I realize also, that among those of you present here this night, there is anxiety as to your future, as to where your path will lead in your search for greater understanding, and in your search for opportunities to serve in the preparation of your planet as it embarks upon its new experience that is about to take place.

There has existed among many of those with whom you associate in your search, the anxiety to get on with things; yet I must say to you again, beloved friends, that patience, coupled with sincere awareness, is all that is needed by you—a sincerity to serve Mankind in whatever way is presented to you at the moment. And each moment will take care of itself and lead you onward on your path. Occasionally, you may stumble, you may falter here and there; but if these rules are followed, your destination will be assured. So, be not anxious, my friends—be not anxious of the morrow—for each new day is a new world opening before you, and may be the day that will bring thee one of the great experiences of your sojourn. He who walks in peace, in love, in understanding, walks a path that will surely bring him to the goal in consciousness that he seeks.

May the peace, love and understanding of all the great Masters rest upon the hearts of each of thee.

Questioner: May I ask a question?

For a moment I shall hesitate to try to help you if it is within my humble knowledge.

Questioner: Could you elaborate a bit on the statement that we are an extension of our higher consciousness?

Anthon: My dear brother, this is the subject which I was referring to in the beginning of my talk; and to go further into this at the moment would lead us into perhaps, deeper complications. For as I have stated, these subjects are complicated subjects, at certain levels of understanding. Yet, as you progress along the way, the enfoldment of these things shall take place in the consciousness. Perhaps at another time we can delve slightly into this subject. But at this moment I am sorry, beloved ones, it would take too long. Not that I would not be willing to spend the time, but at this moment it would not be wise, for two reasons: I should not like to hold the instrument this much greater length of time, and then I should like to consider a proper way of presentation, in order that misunderstandings do not arise. So, beloved ones, if you will forgive me, I should like to withdraw from answering you at this time.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace be with you. Peace.

Thursday, December 14, 1961

Peace, peace, peace.

My beloved children, let us this night consider seriously our attitudes, our feelings, from our innermost depths. There may be times, in the not too far distance, when some of you may be called upon to perform tasks that will require great sacrifices—great efforts that may be more than you will care to give.

In your religions, ofttimes it is spoken that man is required to give his all—if it so be required—and that he would turn the other cheek and go the extra mile—that he would give all, if need be. Yet, these are but empty words coming from the mouths of men. For, if they were called upon to sacrifice in the least, they would withdraw. I wonder if Earth People were to know the sacrifices that have been made for them, the Beings who have left their homes, their friends—who have given all that man could give, in order that Earth Man might be raised from the darkness in which he has dwelt so long; men and women who have lived, in what you would call a paradise, have forsaken all of this and undergone great discomforts, great inconveniences, to attempt to help save a race of man who has had no thought, or put forth any effort to save himself; I wonder if Earth People would do the same.

Beloved ones, have you ever peered into your innermost being and asked yourself: “How far would I go, if I were called upon to serve my fellow being who has wasted his life, brought pain and destruction upon himself, caused great chaos in his life and in the lives of others? How far would I really go to serve this type of man?” I would like you, beloved ones, to consider this thought, ponder it somewhat in your mind and see what your answer will be. For, beloved ones, the day may come when you might be called upon to do this very thing. So, I say to you in all sincerity, it is well that you ponder these things.

All men were created with a will that is free; he has the choice to serve or not to serve, to do or not to do. Man must always choose, for Creation is always a divided highway, and you can take the right or the left, as you choose.

In my humble opinion, it is well, sometimes, to measure oneself by honestly considering these things, by truly and logically examining the road that can possibly be one that you have to travel, and then decide in your own heart which will be your road.

I shall not take more of your precious time but as I withdraw I will again invoke upon each of you my most sincere and loving blessings.

(Om chant.)

Peace, peace, peace.

Tuesday, December 19, 1961

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

As we observe Earth People preparing for the great celebration which is about to take place among your people, it never ceases to amaze us that this type of preparation and celebration should be given for such a Great Being, and then so promptly forgetting all that he stood for, the moment the celebration is over. This Being came to your planet with great sacrifice to himself, to bring to Earth Man some Truths that could free him from the bondage that he found himself in. Yet were his Truths so lightly taken and so often deliberately misinterpreted. Many times they were deliberately distorted by those who would hold control over their people. Yet, a few did benefit, and still do—those who have been willing to sacrifice enough of their time and energy to dig out the true meanings of the words that he spoke.

The story of His birth, as it is told in your religious histories, is not altogether accurate, but, as it was told by those who saw and understood not, it was told in expressions that were familiar to them. And yet, it would seem that people of today, who have advanced in science, who have greater knowledge of the universe, would attempt to find the Truth in these stories, but they do not. They go on, being told in the same words, in the same way. I am sure that any of you here on this night would agree with me, when I say that planets and stars do not move from their orbits and float gently along, leading people to their destinations—as it is known today by your astronomers, the solar systems move in great accuracy—these things are not possible. The Creator of these universes, these galaxies, created them to operate by Law and even they do not and cannot change these Laws.

Would I dare say to you, beloved friends, that the base from which this star came, was a much greater star and is today orbiting your planet far out in space, and the same Great Being is aboard it? It is not a star as you think of it, but a huge craft capable of travelling space wherever and whenever it is directed. The lights, or light that did the directing upon this night was a small craft remotely controlled, that was being directed from the larger craft.

Once again, in the not too far future, this Being shall emerge again from his craft and walk among your people. But, then your Earth shall have been cleansed, will have taken on a new look; yes, even your system, your solar system, will have taken on a new look. And even man, himself, will have undergone great changes.

Beloved friends, as you celebrate the coming of this Being to your planet, think of Him as a Great Master of Truth and give thanks in your heart that you may have the opportunity again, someday, to welcome Him again to your planet.

I leave you, beloved ones, in the Light, the Love and the Understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Thursday, December 28, 1961

Peace be with thee, my beloved children, I am Anthon.

I shall take a moment to extend to you tonight my blessing. Since this is your season for exchanging blessings, I shall enter your custom and extend to each of you this blessing: May the words of this Great Being, whose birth you celebrate at this season, may the true meaning of these words awaken in the hearts of each of thee, and may the realization of these words bring about a new understanding that will bring into your life a great peace, and open for you new horizons on your journey down the corridors of Truth.

And now, I shall withdraw and allow another to take my place, who, I know, has become greatly beloved by those of you who have come to know him. Our beloved brother, Yom, is going to talk to you for a short time. May his peace rest with each of thee.


Yom: Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

Once more it is my pleasure to come among you. It always gives me great pleasure to be among beloved ones. I should also like to extend to you my blessings. I know each of you, as you journey forward in your search, shall come into a greater and greater realization of what this great Teacher was trying to tell you. However, a great many errors have been made in translation and in putting into writing his teachings. For, as you are all aware, a great period of time passed before his teachings were put into writing. But, be that as it may, there are still great Truths in the writings; but they must be studied, meditated upon, in order to get the true meanings of what he was attempting to say, to teach to his people.

I should like, with your permission, to touch a little bit upon this Being and other Beings, to try to—shall we say—throw out a few remarks for you to think about. This Great Being came to Planet Earth as an assignment from his Superiors, shall we say. He is what is known as a Lord, and throughout Creation or the Universes, Galaxies or the many systems, there are many, many Lords, Lord-Gods; and this is how many of these terms come into being, back in other times. The true meanings of many of these titles have been misunderstood or misused, shall we say.

In the various systems, the solar systems, there are many steps of authority, just as it is in many of your governments. The term “angel” was used a great deal throughout your writings; an angel appeared to this one or that one and gave him certain instructions. These Beings are beings or helpers, shall we say, under the Lord. The man whom you call Jesus would be known as a Lord and he is in charge of Planet Earth, so to speak, attempting to bring this planet up through evolution into a higher and higher development of understanding; and in a system there are many Lords, and there are many angels.

I use the term “angels,” because I am trying to convey to you what was referred to as angels in your early writings. I suppose the reasons your angels are shown with wings today, and were shown down through your histories, is because they come from space; and in those times, according to the understanding of those people, you had to have wings in order to travel through space, or through the atmosphere. So, they put wings on them, so they could fly. Now, these are helpers; they are beings who work under the Lord. Then, you have Lord-Gods; those were the titles referred to. They have many Lords working under them, and so goes the chain of authority.

Beyond, and back of all of this, we know that there is One Great Intelligence. And this, my friends, is what has been referred to when some of the Beings that have spoken to you, have mentioned the fact that they are an extension of this Great Universal Power, or Light, or whatever term you should like to apply to it. They have only a slight understanding of it, and I should have to say the same thing about myself; for, my friends, the vastness of this great Universe is quite hard to comprehend. Do you think you would agree with me on that? The vastness is so great, so very great, that, until man has reached great heights in his understanding, until his search for Truth has taken him far up, it will be difficult for him to understand the true nature of what the Ultimate Intelligence really consists of.

But I do not believe that it is too important at our level of understanding to try to grasp some of these things, for we must go step by step. And if we try to jump over a step or two, then we find great confusion arising in our minds. So the things that are at hand, are the things that we must first understand and conquer. We have presented to us great Truths; you all agree your Teacher, whom you call Jesus, who came here, left a great multitude of Truths for you to understand, for you to apply in your living. And why not then, my friends, learn to understand these Truths and the Truths that are already here, that are presented through many, many channels. There have been many Masters who have brought great Truths, who have written many, many writings of Truth. Those of your people who have been interested enough in searching for Truth, have read and heard many of these, and yet, they find it is difficult to apply them, to use them.

Now, why do they find it so difficult to take these Truths and apply them in their lives? Well, my friends, from my own observation, I see that many people who are studying these things, are learning them clearly with their intellectual minds. But, when it comes to putting them into actual use, well, they say, “It interferes with this part or that part of my life; I cannot do this because of the circumstances that surround me.” And all kinds of reasons are found at this time why they cannot apply these. “I will do it at a later date, but right now I cannot because of circumstances.” This, my friends, can go on for several lifetimes.

If man truly wants these things, if he truly wants the results that these things will bring, then he must put them into practice. He must use them to bring about that which he desires, or perhaps he does not yet desire as much as he thinks he does. When man truly does the things he really wants to do—and as a rule, when man really sincerely desires to do something, he does it—he does not let anything stand in his way; he does the things that he wants to do.

Now, my dear friends, I think I have taken enough of your time. It has given me great pleasure to come again among you, and I sincerely hope that each of you will decide definitely in your own mind what you want, and then get it. My most sincere blessings to each of you.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace, love and understanding.


[1] The original spelling of this name in these manuscripts is “Hatton.” It has been changed to “Hatonn” in order to be consistent with the spelling of this name in the rest of the material on this site from the same source. It is pronounced hat-ON.

[2] Goodbye.

[3] Love brothers.

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