"In the Now" - Episode 10

  • Is there bad synchronicity?
  • Interpreting catalyst as positive or negative.
  • Does living the Law of One mean that there is no need to fight against negativity?

"In the Now" - Episode 9

  • Is it appropriate to label things or people as service-to-others or service-to-self?
  • How the Law of One has helped us think about controversial issues in different ways.
  • Death and between incarnations.
  • How does an increase of 4th density energy relate to mental diseases?

"In the Now" - Episode 8

  • Are desire and intention more important than intelligence?
  • What are the spiritual implications of things like horror films?

"In the Now" - Episode 7

  • Does our reality put us on the negative path by default?
  • How is the role of faith different between the two paths?

"In the Now" - Episode 6

  • Is seeing love in everything is akin to appreciating the full-spectrum of art?
  • Does the veil act like a microscope for experience, and how does this help us?

"In the Now" - Episode 5

  • What is the difference between happiness and joy?
  • How can we know our intuition is flowing from a positive source?
  • How do we prepare for the next step of our spiritual journey?

"In the Now" - Episode 4

  • Are inanimate objects part of the Self and the Creator?
  • Does every action need balanced through karma, and how does karma work when there is mental illness?
  • Is it polarizing to be of service to others for the sole purpose of harvesting?

"In the Now" - Episode 3

  • How we at L/L Research are processing after Carla's passing.
  • What is a "crystalized entity"?
  • Is everything made of light?

"In the Now" - Episode 2

  • Understanding and processing anger.
  • Karma for negative entities.

"In the Now" - Episode 1

  • What does Ra mean when they say: "It is not for a being of polarity in the physical consciousness to pick and choose among attributes..."?
  • What does Q'uo mean when they say: "For each of you is the universe. You are looking out at a world that is actually interior. Such is the illusion created by flesh"?