"In the Now" - Episode 23

  • What does Ra mean when they say, "The proper role of the entity is in this density to experience all things desired..." and then suggest, "nothing shall be overcome"?
  • Are there really "no mistakes?" How do we reconcile that with the seeming mistakes in our lives?

"In the Now" - Episode 22

  • All about grace - what is it? How does it apply to the spiritual path? How is it relevant to the Law of One?

"In the Now" - Episode 21

  • What is negative wisdom and how does it differ from positive wisdom?
  • Our experiences and understanding of astral travel.
  • Is it possible to have a full range of emotions and still be filled with love?

"In the Now" - Episode 20

  • What is the role of the spiritual seeker in the political sphere?
  • What are some methods for staying focused on the Creator?

"In the Now" - Episode 19

  • What does it really mean for our responses to be unstudied, spontaneous, and honest?
  • How does the balancing process work? Is it instant or gradual?

"In the Now" - Episode 18

  • What is the energy of the chakras? And the vagueness of the term "energy".
  • The difference between visualization and silent meditation.
  • Is it possible to re-tune a corrupted channel, and how can we tell if a channel has been negatively influenced?

"In the Now" - Episode 17

  • What is the most effective meditation for increasing awareness of the Law of One?
  • How, when, and why to share the material with other people.
  • What are the implications of being a wanderer in regards to the free will of those around us?

"In the Now" - Episode 16

  • How does the personality shell relate to the true self?
  • What is the meaning of the cartouches on the cover of the Law of One books?

"In the Now" - Episode 15

  • What's the deal with harvest?
  • What is implied in the sequencing of mind, body, and spirit, in that order?

"In the Now" - Episode 14

  • Crystallization of the higher energy centers.
  • Why is there an emphasis on efficiency in the Law of One?