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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 1, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today, Q’uo, has to do with information that you gave some time ago concerning the end of third density and the beginning of fourth density. We’re wondering if there is any reason for us to be afraid of anything that’s going to occur then. Everything that we know is going to come to an end, as we know it, in third density. An entirely new fourth-density vibration is coming in, entirely new ways of looking at things, of doing and being. Is there any reason for fear?

January 9, 2006, Special Meditation

Group question: We’ve been gathering here this weekend to get information and inspiration to help the harvest on this planet. Specifically we would like to know how this group can be most helpful to direct the harvest and to increase the harvest as much as possible. Could you get some information to us on that topic?

January 15, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today, Q’uo, has to do with letting go. Most of the folks talking around the circle today seem to be in a rather harmonious place on their journey. Things are relatively solid and moving forward in a positive manner. But we know that change is always on the horizon. The spiritual seeker can depend upon change. And what we have learned over the years is that letting go is the way for change to happen most easily within us. We’ve discovered a couple of ways of letting go. If we’re a little hesitant of letting go, if we hold on for a while, we finally come to the point where we have to let go. “Let go or die!” That works but it is hard to do it that way. It seems to be much more easily accomplished if we can let go in a conscious fashion and do it at our own pace. We were wondering if you could talk to us about these two types of letting go as a part of the spiritual seeker’s journey. Is one more helpful or efficient than the other?

January 16, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from K: I would like to thank you for your presence and assistance. I would appreciate it if you would comment on the intentions my soul chose in coming into this incarnation. At this point in my life I wonder what I’m doing here. I feel I may be a sixth-density wanderer, but whether I am or not, I would appreciate any comments you might have, looking at my situation and offering me any information that might be right or helpful to me.

January 20, 2006, Special Meditation

Question chosen by PLW poll: Q’uo, so much of the new age rhetoric that I’ve been hearing on the internet the past few months is very similar to dialog we shared ten years ago on our on-line spiritual study groups. They talk of ascension, dimensional shifts, earth awakening, the arrival of the Aquarian Age, and so forth. There is clearly a cycle to all this and different waves of people appear to be initiated into the ideas annually. I can remember a decade when spiritual brothers and sisters were “ascending” and leaving our study groups to go back into the world and take on new tasks. Please talk about the different waves of ascension and the why and how of the way it affects us all so differently. I am fascinated at the different time-lines to this. I have a sense that ascension of some kind has been taking place since the beginning of time. Please offer any comments that you might have about this.

January 23, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from P: Q’uo, I continually live with the feeling that I’m missing something critical in the understanding of what my purpose is for having incarnated on Earth. Because of this unease, my life is one of constant questioning, searching for answers and explanations, and an overall lack of peace and wellbeing. Because I don’t have a sense of purpose or even feel that I belong here—alive, living on Earth—I feel I’ve not learned key lessons properly in regards to right activity, right companionship, right home, knowing my true identity, and loving myself. I feel I am a woman-child, locked in my own world with myself and by myself. I sense that I’m not dealing with or conscious of how to scatter the ashes of the past and walk through the threshold of the future joyfully in order for the maturation and harvest to unfold. Please offer guidance and assistance as you look at my situation and offer thoughts and spiritual principles you feel will help me on my individual path to self-realization. Thank you.

February 5, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Tim: The question today, Q’uo, has to do with distractions. It seems as though whenever anybody who wants to seek in a spiritual sense what we loosely call the truth, there are always some distractions that come around and test us as to whether or not we can keep our focus. We were wondering what the best approach is to using the distractions as a catalyst for growth, whether the distraction might be, as [discussed] in our circle of talking, barking dogs, or a poem that wants to come out, or a computer that won’t work, or just things that pop up to take our attention from where we really want it to be. Are distractions a negative aspect of our seeking? Are they a positive aspect because they test us and make us stronger? What is the best way for us to deal with distractions when we are trying to focus in this specifically spiritual sense?

February 6, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from E: (Jim reading E’s question.) “Carl Jung’s book, Personality Types, which was published in 1929, and Kathryn Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers’ subsequent development of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality preferences of Extraversion or Introversion, Sensing or iNtuition, Thinking or Feeling, and Judging or Perceiving are used to describe sixteen different personality types. I believe that the sixteen MBTI personality types are indicative of the personality shells referred to by Q’uo in prior meditations. Can you confirm this? Would you offer any comments that you feel might be helpful in this issue?”

February 7, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from E: (Jim reading E’s question.) “Edgar Cayce said that most modern astrologers use the wrong zodiac and should be using one based on the “Persian calendar.” The use of the sidereal zodiac, which accounts for precession of the stars as espoused by Cyril Fagan and Donald Bradley, results in rotating the planets about 24 degrees clockwise in the horoscope chart or eight-tenths of a sign backwards when compared to the use of the tropical zodiac. For example, my Sun sign is Pisces in the tropical zodiac, yet falls back into the sign of Aquarius in a horoscope based on the sidereal zodiac. I believe that my Sun sign is Aquarius. I also believe that the use of the Fagan/Bradley sidereal zodiac is more accurate than that of the tropical zodiac to determine the placement of the “planets,” which also include our Sun and Moon, in the signs and houses of a natal horoscope. Can you confirm this?”

February 12, 2006, Special Meditation

Group question: How does working with the archetypes to become them help us in the development of the magical personality?

February 26, 2006, Special Meditation

Question chosen by PLW poll: Many, many people speak often of Atlantis and Lemuria as the supreme ancient advanced civilizations that existed on Earth. I believe that there was a world that existed before them as well. Can you give us any insight to the tribes that existed on Earth before Atlantis and Lemuria?

February 26, 2006, Special Meditation

Group question: Q’uo, today we would like to focus on some experiences that B has had recently. He’s had some very meaningful metaphysical experiences like seeing a city of light in the sky that really does seem to exist, having a contact with Titans and entities from the past that he has relationships to, and feeling his heart open in ways it has never opened before. Now he’s wondering how he can communicate this, how he can get access to this in a way that he can understand, in a way that is not intellectual, which was his previous way of understanding. We need to get some information about how to get a language of the heart that is understandable to B and that allows him to share what he’s feeling with himself and with others.

March 5, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today, Q’uo, concerns the transition that we call death from the third density, either to the next density or to the afterlife. We are wondering if you could tell us something about how this affects the people around the one who are going through the death transition. They are the most affected here in our world. Could you tell us how this affects the people that are left behind, the friends and the family? How can people be inspired to support each other and the person who is going through the death transition? And then, for the person going through the death transition, tell us something about how that works. How does this person look back—or does this person look back—at the world that is being left behind? [Does the person] look forward to the world to come? Could you relate this in terms of both space/time and time/space, in terms of what the person going through the death transition experiences?

March 18, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from A and R: (Read by Jim.) The first question is: A experiences visitations by a person who is not visible but whose footsteps he can hear. Can you please offer any comments and thoughts you feel might be helpful to learn more about this experience?

March 19, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with the general idea of “ascension,” or transitioning into fourth density and we’re wondering what role the Holy Spirit plays. Is it something that comes into us and inspirits us and helps us along on this transition? Is it the same thing as the higher self? Is this transition something into which we’re moving or is it moving towards us? Just how does this work? We’re wondering what Q’uo could tell us that would give us a little more clarity on this whole concept of moving from third density to fourth density, how it happens, who helps, and how it works.

March 21, 2006, Special Meditation

Question chosen by PLW poll: In a previous meditation, there was mention of souls from Mars who were unable to finish their third-density cycle there because of the destruction of their environment and who are now acting as stewards of this planet. Could you tell us about how many there are, when did they come here, and what are the majority of them doing today?

March 28, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from T: Q’uo, there is an increasingly popular global trend happening right now. Young people are tending to spend their time playing online games with one another. Some or most of these children may even have the dual-activated bodies of which Ra spoke in the Law of One material. Thus, it seems to me that most of the online gaming is a distraction and a waste of time for children of that nature or any individual, really. My first question is this: What is the influence of online games to this world, especially to young people?

April 1, 2006, Special Meditation

Jim: Our first question today has as its focus the role of the spirit guides in the ascension process. We would like for Q’uo to tell us what this role is.

April 2, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Jim: The first question is from A. It reads, “I am soon to be a high school teacher. I had some classroom experience about a year ago and found the emotional environment nearly overwhelming. Many students want to test the boundaries on an authority figure, which is normal behavior for teenagers. However, so many students doing it all at once is difficult. How can I best maintain my strength over a sustained period?”

April 14, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from J: Could you offer a word to those whose energetic profile matches service-to-self entities, who have strongly developed lower and upper chakras and a muted heart chakra, and who are working to effect their positive polarization now on this planet.

April 16, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Jim: (Reading question.) “Q’uo, many New Age seekers and fundamentalist Christians believe there will soon be a rapture or ascension in which the true believers or chosen people will be whisked away by UFOs or angels, leaving the rest of humanity to suffer the tribulations of these last days. I don’t believe that any true Christian or service-to-other seeker would want to leave Earth before their fellow seekers could leave too. Could you speak to the difference between this idea of a rapture or ascension and the [Confederation channeling’s concept of a] graduation to fourth density that follows the death of the third-density physical body? What spiritual principles could help us think about these possibilities?”

April 18, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from J: In the Law of One series, Ra mentioned several people: Jesus of Nazareth, Edgar Cayce, Taras Bulba, Genghis Khan, and Rasputin. I found out there’s a common trait of these entities, that is, regardless of their polarity, they all learned their ability via the remembering process. This remembering process seems to have a accelerating effect on these entities’ learning and growing process. Is my thinking correct?

May 7, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: “I would like to ask the Q’uo for your thoughts on the spiritual principles involved in the process of disease and in the process of healing disease both in ourselves and in our serving as conduits for the healing of other selves, such as in Reiki healing.”

May 28, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Question from A: (Read by Jim.) Our question today is this: “You’ve mentioned before that the harvest of this particular sub-logos, planet Earth, is not typical. You’ve said that other sub-logoi have had considerably less difficulty at their times of harvest. Would you consider our sub-logos’ use of combined free will, together with strong veiling, to be an inefficient combination? Can you compare that to the harvest of third density on Venus? Both Mars and Maldek had warlike societies. We were wondering what the third density was like on Venus and what major factors and catalysts went into their societies to bring them to a service-to-others choice. They must’ve done something right. So could Q’uo speak to the harvest that is now happening on planet Earth and perhaps contrast it with the harvests on Mars, Maldek and Venus?”

July 7, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from A: What guidance can you offer for my spiritual seeking? What spiritual principles would you recommend that I take thought on in my development?

August 25, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from J: My main question has to do with knowing and understanding more about what I am and why I am here. Am I on course in fulfilling my highest potential as a wanderer and as a soul? My greatest desire is being of service to others. Please offer me any thoughts.

September 3, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today is, what work is necessary to be done by the seeker upon the chakras or the energy centers in order to facilitate the raising of the kundalini and of what value to the seeker is this raising of the kundalini?

September 17, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this week, Q’uo, has to do with the state of the world as perceived by those of us who are in it. We were wondering if you could give an idea, just in general, of the types of energies that are available now for people who wish to grow and how people who are able to open their heart in some degree can accept these energies and what you could expect in your daily life, your pattern of growth, the amount of catalyst, the ability to deal with it, and then contrast that perhaps to people who are having difficulty opening their heart, maybe not being able to do that at all, and the types of experiences they might expect from being unable to open their hearts to these energies. Could you tell us about the energies and how people are able to experience them with harmony and without harmony?

September 26, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from M: In this situation in which I find myself, I can see a fundamental pattern. I see some fear and resistance around becoming more determined! I fear to trust in the use of my own talents in music, business and other things. Therefore, I remain in a threshold zone, repeating experiences until I destroy this deep fear. By experiencing this situation of the lack of a job, the feelings of uncertainty and hazard, and the load of the responsibility to support and provide for my family, how can I process this experience to transform the inner chains I still have as fear and pride?

October 1, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Question from J: (Read by Jim.) The first question today is from J. It is this: “Exactly what is the central sun of our galaxy around which all the stars revolve? P considers it to be a super-dense mass equivalent to thousands of our suns. It is constantly emitting powerful, omnidirectional rays, punctuated by periodic mega-bursts that flow out to all parts of the galaxy.”

October 8, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this week has to do with balancing our energy centers and continuing on the path of seeking when it seems difficult. When we feel despair, doubt and darkness, it feels like there is really no good reason to continue. Is there some way that the spiritual seeker can even out these high spots and low spots? Is there something that is a signpost of when we’re seeking in the right direction? Or should we just wing it and take it as it comes and do the best that we can with seeking and balancing? What could Q’uo tell us in the way of spiritual principles to which we should be attending as we try to balance our energy centers?

November 12, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Question from M: Ever since 9/11, I’ve been concerned that this planet may be heading towards a catastrophic war. I feel a sense of failure, helplessness and hopelessness. I feel myself heading towards complete despair. I’m beginning to question whether all is well with the birthing of fourth-density Earth. Has the planetary experiment gone awry? If so, what spiritual principles are involved in transmuting despair into hope and doubt into encouragement?

November 16, 2006, Special Meditation

Question from W: I believe that my child is an indigo child. Can you confirm this for me?

November 19, 2006, Saturday Meditation

Group question: (Read by Jim.) The question this week has to do with the conflict between what we project as a personality in our daily round of activities and our soul essence that moves with us through various incarnations and really has the basic plan for evolution in mind. Frequently, our personality seems to be at odds with this deeper self that knows what we need to do. When we are in catalyst situations in our daily round of activities and we’d like to punch somebody out, there’s this little voice that says, “That’s probably not a good idea.”

We were wondering if Q’uo could give us some information on how we can deal with our personality. Because it is our personalities that we would use to deal with it. Do we need to refine our personalities? Do we need to get rid of our personalities? Do we need to balance our personalities? How can we most skillfully deal with what seems to be a conflict between the personality that wants to do certain things in this illusion and the deeper soul-self that really knows what we ought to be about and what we ought not to be about.

December 10, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question today has to do with discrimination. How or what is the root cause of the prejudice that various groups of people have against other groups, whether it be because of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, the place where they live? Whatever the reason, everywhere around the world there are groups of people that discriminate against other people because they are different. Q’uo, could you give us some idea about what really are the roots of this type of discrimination and disempowerment of other people by majority groups? And what can we do about it as individuals?

December 17, 2006, Sunday Meditation

Group question: The question this week, Q’uo, has to do with being and learning. We’re wondering just how teaching actually occurs as the result of our desire to teach and our attempting to teach certain subjects or topics. Much occurs by the very nature of our being, of who we are and how we are. Could you speak to the topic of how teaching and learning really occur?

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