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The L/L Research Transcripts

January 6, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Q’uo today our group question is about the shadow side. Could you give us a definition of the shadow side? And then help us to understand how we may understand the shadow within ourselves and how we might balance the shadow side.

January 20, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: From love and acceptance to control and manipulation, there is a spectrum of response to catalyst. What about our relationship to the planet? Where on that spectrum does our present global culture lie? What would relationship of love and acceptance toward our planet look like, and how might we more effectively manifest that?

February 3, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Ra describes their orientation in third density to those spiritually asleep as offering the comforts meant for sleep. While not attempting to simply mimic Ra’s example, this seems like a generally appropriate service-to-others attitude in third density. However, we currently find ourselves in a situation on Earth where those who are asleep could be causing great harm to the planet, potentially leading us all down a path of destruction. Can Q'uo offer suggestions for relating and serving those who seem to be in such a destructive sleep?

February 17, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Today, we’d like to discuss the nature of relationships formed prior to our incarnation. When we have agreements and lessons planned to learn from specific people, how do we find each other while within incarnation? How are our past lives related to these relationships? And what else can you share about the nature of pre-incarnational relationships?

March 3, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Some of us are experiencing an internal disharmony in following a calling to withdraw from more active participation in social issues and instead concentrate on our inner spiritual journeys. We recognize the value of doing inner work with less active engagement, but we sometimes perceive an increasing need for active work, sometimes even feeling guilty for not being more involved. Can you speak to this internal struggle and dissonance? What is its role as catalyst, and how can we work with it?

April 7, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Group question: Would you please give us guidance on how to interpret the messages provided by the catalyst we receive in the form of bodily ailments?

May 12, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Topics: The nature of the choice; the nature of distortion; the negative path; meditation and the tree of mind; thought forms.

May 26, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Overpopulation and soul incarnation; the thinning of the veil; the first three distortions and the mind, body, and spirit; effects of aging on the body; population reduction in fourth density.

September 1, 2018, Homecoming Meditation

Topics:: Being vulnerable; thought; trauma; gathering of positive groups; the nature of sexual energy.

September 15, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Topics: The purpose of sleep; visualization and aiding Gaia; past-life regression work; fear; establishing contact and community with other seekers.

October 6, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Topics: The formation of the social memory complex; forgiveness of self; the role of the planet in the social memory complex; technology and the transition to fourth density; the Christed One.

October 20, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Origins of the solar system; doing things for the self while on the service-to-others path; the role of conspiracy theories in the spiritual journey; how to act without perpetuating resistance.

November 3, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Topics: Seekers gathering in groups; storytelling and the spiritual path; what blocks the red-ray energy center; preincarnative choices and processing catalyst; how to utilize the free-flowing mind.

November 17, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Topics: The metaphysical impact of gratitude; the crystalized healer; sacrifice on the positive path; how the disciplines of the personality feed the indigo ray; the Law of Responsibility and spiritual gifts (experiences).

December 15, 2018, Saturday Meditation

Topics: What to do when others try to do us harm; the present state of Earth's energies and a seeming increasing intensity; polyamory and relationships; Andara crystals; the beginning steps of a social memory complex; seekers who prefer solitude rather than community.

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