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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TRANSCRIPT: This tuned telepathic channeling was originally published as The Law of One, Books I to V, by Don Elkins, James Allen McCarty and Carla L. Rueckert. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities always make a point of saying, please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

The Law of One, Book V, Session 68, Fragment 39

August 18, 1981

Jim: In seeking advice from Ra on caring for Carla’s condition and in scheduling sessions we again found that Ra constantly guarded our free will by providing loosely formed guidelines that offered us direction but which required that we continually exercise our ability and duty to make the decisions ourselves. Thus was the contact a function of our free will by the fact that information was given only in response to questions, that the kind of information was determined by the nature of our seeking being formed into such and such a question, and by the actual scheduling or timing of sessions. So it is necessary for each seeker of truth to decide what to seek, how to seek, and when to seek. Not everyone speaks so directly to Ra, but everyone speaks with the one Creator in one form or another. If the seeking is strong enough any portion of the Creator can teach you all that you wish to know. It is the seeking that determines the finding.

The last two questions and answers refer to a most unusual phenomenon which we discovered was a possibility in Session 68; that is, the misplacement of the mind/body/spirit complex of the instrument, under certain unprotected conditions, by the fifth-density negative entity which monitored our Ra sessions. This possibility was unusual enough, but to add to its extraordinary nature is the fact that Don and Carla wrote about an identical situation in The Crucifixion Of Esmerelda Sweetwater thirteen years earlier. The ending of the book was not seen as was the remainder of the book, and it had to be written in the usual way. Now this all makes sense to us, for it seems that the ending of that book was a symbolic description of Don’s death in November of 1984.

Carla: Have you ever been put on the spot by someone asking how you were? Usually, the civil greeting “how are you?” is a meaningless murmur indicating respect and awareness of presence, rather than a true request for information. The last thing wanted is a laundry list of woes and ailments. So I was not accustomed to being so in touch with myself that I could tell my exact condition. When one is in pain all the time, as I have been for a long time now, the stimulus eventually becomes dulled and ignored simply because it is telling one nothing useful. When one has done all one can, one is far better off simply getting on with the life which is offered. This may sound extreme, but I know just how many chronic-pain patients there are out there, quietly dealing with life, usually very well indeed. So the last thing I would wish is to be constantly checking to see my energy level. My reaction, at that time, and at this one, is “Ya gotta be kidding!” I cannot remember ever having physical energy. Mental, emotional, spiritual energy oh YES! Tons of that I have, and a heart full of joy to be here, whatever my limitations. But I run on nerve alone, in my own perception. So this concern, while genuine and necessary, was a challenge to me. I really wanted to do sessions so much, also, which biased my response.

The matter of The Crucifixion Of Esmerelda Sweetwater playing itself out in real life is to me a fascinating example of the liquidity and permeability of the supposed boundaries of space and time. We saw that story as if it were a movie running in our heads. We wrote it never knowing it had to do with us in the future. It was most unsettling when the more tragic parts of the book played themselves out with horrid accuracy. Life humbles one again and again, bringing us all to our knees and revealing self to self in utter fidelity. As always when I think on Don’s death, I am warmed by the perfection of his opening to love and his nobility, as I am chilled by his absence from my side. One can do little except offer it all up to the Creator in thanksgiving and praise.

Session 68, August 18, 1981

Questioner: Could you first please give me an indication of the instrument’s condition?

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument’s physical energies are depleted completely. The remainder is as previously stated.

Questioner: With the physical energies completely depleted should I continue with the session? I’m not sure exactly what that means?

Ra: I am Ra. We have available transferred energy which is due to the service offered by two of this group and, therefore, we are able to continue. Were it not for this transferred energy, the instrument whose will is strong would have depleted its vital energies by willing the available resources. Thus if there is no transfer of energy, and if the instrument seems depleted to the extent it now is, it is well to refrain from using the instrument. If there is energy transferred, this service may be accepted without damage to the distortion of normal vital energy.

We may note that the physical energy has been exhausted, not due to the distortion toward pain, although this is great at this space/time, but primarily due to the cumulative effects of continual experience of this distortion.

Questioner: Would you recommend a greater rest period between the end of this work period and the next work period? Would that help the instrument?

Ra: I am Ra. We might suggest, as always, that the support group watch the instrument with care and make the decision based upon observation. It is not within our capacity to specifically recommend a future decision. We would note that our previous recommendation of one working on alternate diurnal periods did not take into account the fragility of the instrument and thus we would ask your forgiveness for this suggestion.

At this nexus our distortion is towards a flexible scheduling of workings based upon, as we said, the support group’s decisions concerning the instrument. We would again note that there is a fine line between the care of the instrument for continued use which we find acceptable and the proper understanding, if you will excuse this misnomer, of the entire group’s need to work in service.

Thus if the instrument’s condition is truly marginal, by all means let more rest occur between workings. However, if there is desire for the working and the instrument is at all able in your careful opinion, it is, shall we say, a well done action for this group to work. We cannot be more precise, for this contact is a function of your free will.

Questioner: We have been speaking almost precisely of a portion of the Esmerelda Sweetwater book which we wrote having to do with the character Trostrick’s misplacement of the space girl’s mind/body/spirit complex. What is the significance of that work which we did with respect to our lives? It has been confusing to me for some time as to how it meshes in. Can you tell me that?

Ra: I am Ra. We scan each and find we may speak.

Questioner: Would you please do so now?

Ra: I am Ra. We confirm the following which is already, shall we say, supposed or hypothesized.

When the commitment was made between two of this group to work for the betterment of the planetary sphere, this commitment activated a possibility/probability vortex of some strength. The experience of generating this volume was unusual in that it was visualized as if watching the moving picture.

Time had become available in its present-moment form. The scenario of the volume went smoothly until the ending of the volume. You could not end the volume, and the ending was not visualized as the entire body of the material but was written or authored.

This is due to the action of free will in all of the creation. However, the volume contains a view of significant events, both symbolically and specifically, which you saw under the influence of the magnetic attraction which was released when the commitment was made and full memory of the dedication of this, what you may call, mission restored.

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