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L/L Research Transcripts

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TRANSCRIPT: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions of the weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories and L/L Research. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities always make a point of saying, please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

CAVEAT: This transcript is being published by L/L Research in a not yet final form. It has, however, been edited and any obvious errors have been corrected. When it is in a final form, this caveat will be removed.

Intensive Meditation

November 12, 1981

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet all you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most (inaudible) this afternoon as the new instruments continue their quest for the specific (inaudible) to your peoples as channeling. In all such channeling efforts (inaudible) may we say that the one certainty is (inaudible) is making as clear as possible (inaudible) language (inaudible) a message [of] which each entity upon your planet is intimately aware, though this awareness may not yet be on the conscious level, for as you know, my friends, each entity is, and each entity has within, its Creator, the means of knowing that Creator and expressing that Creator and, indeed, each entity does so each day of its life, for no matter what expression of any entity within any reality, the expression is of the Creator, for it is the nature of the Creator to wish to experience Its own being in as many ways and varieties of experience as possible. In this way the entire creation is enriched by the knowledge of itself.

When you seek service as an instrument—a vocal channel for the one Creator—you’re attempting to condense or crystallize the experience, knowledge, beingness of the one Creator into what your peoples understand as words which form concepts upon the written page, more easily understood at one level when read (inaudible) but, my friends, we hope you will also realize that the crystallization of the concepts also distorts (inaudible) in some way for there are no words which can fully express the beingness of the one Creator which resides within each (inaudible) your beingness.

Yet we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service to the One Infinite Creator continually seek new instruments through which to speak for it is our understanding that this is a most efficient method of imparting some small part of the love and the light of the one Creator to those entities who wish to hear such words for inspiration. (Inaudible) also remind those who wish to serve as instruments that this is not necessarily the most efficient way, and certainly not the only (inaudible). We suggest the adding of this technique/method of seeking to one’s fully developed repertoire of techniques and methods of seeking that which (inaudible) as one such technique and one such source of information. We feel that our (inaudible) words might then be most useful to each of those gathered in this room and also most useful to those who might come in contact with this message.

We would at this time exercise the instrument known as D, if he would relax, as always, and refrain from analysis. Speak the words (inaudible). We shall transfer this contact and speak our thoughts through the one known as D. I (inaudible).

(D channeling)


(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. We are once again with this instrument. We are aware of the distractions which the one known as D has experienced within his consciousness at this time. We assure the one known as D that his progress has been most pleasing to us and we shall continue to make our initial vibrations known to the one known as D at any time in what you call your future in which he might request our presence.

We shall at this time make our initial vibrations known to the one known as (inaudible) and shall transfer our contact to this new instrument. Speak (inaudible). We shall now transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)


(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am once again with this instrument. We have had some difficulty making our (inaudible) vibrations known to the one known as (inaudible) by which our (inaudible) and attempt to speak a few rules through (inaudible) channel if she will relax. We shall now transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)


(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am once again with this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer our (inaudible) attempt to answer questions which each of those present (inaudible) minds. Are there any questions at this time?

Questioner: (Inaudible).

I am Hatonn. My brother, in this regard we feel that our best response (inaudible) to point in (inaudible) direction which you are already pointing (inaudible). We of Hatonn have advised meditation for each entity has heard our words for many years (inaudible). We have advised meditation (inaudible) and though it seems a simple activity (inaudible) the fineness, shall we say, (inaudible) of this activity (inaudible) meditation. In the meditative state all is possible. The tuning of the meditative state is accomplished through the desire of the one (inaudible). The desire, whatever it might be, may be more easily manifest in the state of meditation, for in this state you are reaffirming your connection with the one Creator and are in fact (inaudible) retracing the steps that you have made from your conscious (inaudible). As you retrace this and enter the state of being (inaudible) you will find opening before you any avenue (inaudible) which you seek. Therefore, it is your desire which shall tune the state of meditation and shall determine how you shall use that state and the energy (inaudible) available in that state.

We can also add to this suggestion of following desire with meditation a more specific use of the state of meditation since each in this group is familiar with the work of the group which is in contact with our brothers and sister of the density of unity, those known to you as Ra. In these communications are given several exercises which are also quite useful to the entity wishing to fine-tune the centers of energy which are known to your peoples as the chakra system. The general concept which is used is that of the balancing and by utilizing the exercises which have been made available through the work of this group and the one known as Ra the balancing process might be undertaken and refined at a future time, shall we say.

We feel that at this time these three suggestions are the most aid (inaudible) without infringement upon you free will (inaudible). May we answer you further, my brother?

Questioner: (Inaudible).

We are also quite grateful to you as well. May we answer (inaudible)?

Questioner: Yes (inaudible). Does the act of meditation … or can the act of meditation help improve one’s memory of previous lives? And I know that different entities of the Confederation specialize in different things. Would there be an entity who (inaudible) perhaps be more helpful if called upon than another (inaudible)?

I am Hatonn, and, my sister, we must say (inaudible) the entities of the Federation are always honored to join any meditation and any entity might (inaudible) vibrations which (inaudible) be used by the one (inaudible) meditation for whatever purpose the one using it would choose. We would suggest that the meditative state can indeed be used for the recalling of previous experiences of (inaudible) this life but what you would call previous lives as well, but the use of the meditative state for this purpose is more difficult than the use of what your peoples call the hypnotic state, for in the meditative state the one who meditates is engaged in an activity of solitude and would need in effect to be quite adept at use of the meditative energy to also practice the role of what your peoples call the hypnotist who guides (inaudible) true experiences to be recalled.

This is a most difficult feat for in the meditative state you are activating the, shall we say, grossly unused portion of your mind (inaudible) being the subconscious and in so doing are also of necessity deactivating the conscious (inaudible) portion. This aids in meditation but the conscious portion of your mind or some mind is necessary to serve as a guide, shall we say, through your subconscious so that your journey might be (inaudible) comfortably accomplished. Therefore, we affirm the possibility that mediation might be of aid in the recalling of previous experiences in this or another life but might not be as successfully used as other …

(Tape ends.)

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