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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TRANSCRIPT: This tuned telepathic channeling was originally published as The Law of One, Books I to V, by Don Elkins, James Allen McCarty and Carla L. Rueckert. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities always make a point of saying, please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

The Law of One, Book V, Session 84, Fragment 43

April 14, 1982

Jim: The first portion of Session 84 is mostly nuts and bolts maintenance of the instrument. Her primary exercise each day was one hour of brisk walking, and when her feet began to suffer injury we tried alternating two different kinds of shoes hoping that each would aid one portion of the injury without aggravating another portion.

Don also asked Ra about information concerning earth changes which Andrija Puharich had received from one of his sources. Instead of responding directly to the query and risking infringing upon the free will of Dr. Puharich, Ra chose to speak to the subject of earth changes as representative of one of two choices that a person may make in the search for truth.

Between that response and the last question and answer that you see was a portion of information concerning a person’s encounter with a UFO which Ra asked us to keep private. The question and answer that you do see is in reference to this same UFO contact and reveals the general way in which many face-to-face encounters between our third-density population and extraterrestrial entities occur. What is actually remembered by the third-density entity is a product of its expectations and what its subconscious mind fashions as an acceptable story that will allow the entity to continue functioning without losing its mental balance. This is the nature of the positive contact in which the third-density entity is being awakened to seek more clearly the nature of not only the UFO encounter but the life pattern as well. Negative contacts, however, utilize the concepts of fear and doom to further separate and confuse the Earth population.

Carla: My poor feet! Rheumatoid disease is notorious for its depredations upon one’s extremities, and perhaps my hands, feet and neck have suffered the worst from its progression. Thirteen operations on my hands and six on my feet have staved off total dysfunction, but the old digits are not what they once were. During these sessions, they suffered far more than normal, because when I was in trance, I did not move at all. Those of Ra did not know how to make my body move very well, and so whatever aches and pains I had became rapidly very hard to bear. It was easy for me to be discouraged. I can remember asking the Creator, with some asperity, what It had in mind when it gave me these gifts! How inconvenient! Especially in terms of this contact, which we all knew was special, I tended to feel that I had let down the side by these sore joints’ taking time away from the sessions in length. Feeling unworthy in the first place, I felt sheepish that I was, by these distortions, lessening the content of each working. At this latter day, however, I have ceased to rail against whatever comes my way. I am just glad to be here. And if I can still channel, fine. But I think all of us have one main job, and that is just to be who we are, living in an open-hearted love of the Creator and His creation.

Ra’s zinger of an answer to Puharich’s question about coming earth changes is worth pondering in depth. The answer concerning the person’s remembrance of a close encounter of the third kind, being on board a craft, is also pithy. We really have a great deal to do with how we experience events of an archetypal nature, and this bleeds through into the everyday. So much of what we receive from the world is set by what we give to it. Ra’s comments are provocative in suggesting how we can view that ineffable thing called sanity.

Session 84, April 14, 1982

Questioner: What disease in particular were you speaking of and what would be its cause?

Ra: I am Ra. One disease, as you call this distortion, is that of the arthritis and the lupus erythematosus. The cause of this complex of distortions is, at base, pre-incarnative. We refrain from determining the other distortion potential at this space/time due to our desire to maintain the free will of this group. Affirmations may yet cause this difficulty to resolve itself. Therefore, we simply encourage the general care with the diet with the instructions about allergy, as you call this quite complex distortion of the mind and body complexes.

Questioner: Could you make any suggestions about the instrument’s feet or how they got in the bad shape that they are in, and if alternating the shoes would help?

Ra: I am Ra. The distortion referred to above; that is, the complex of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus acts in such a way as to cause various portions of the body complex to become distorted in the way in which the instrument’s pedal appendages are now distorted.

We may suggest care in resumption of the exercise but determination as well. The alternation of footwear shall prove efficacious. The undergarment for the feet which you call the anklet should be of a softer and finer material than is now being used and should, if possible, conform more to the outline of those appendages upon which it is placed. This should provide a more efficient aid to the cushioning of these appendages.

We may further suggest that the same immersion in the waters which is helpful to the general distortion is, in general, helpful to this specific distortion as well. However, the injury which has been sustained in the metatarsal region of the right pedal appendage should be further treated for some period of your space/time by the prudent application of the ice to the arch of the right foot for brief periods followed always by immersion in the warm water.

Questioner: I am sure that we are getting into a problem area with the first distortion here with a difficulty with a bit of transient material, but I have questions from a couple of people that I would like to ask. The first one especially is of no lasting value. Andrija Puharich asks about the coming physical changes, specifically this summer. Is there anything that we could relay to him about that?

Ra: I am Ra. We may confirm the good intention of the source of this entity’s puzzles and suggest that it is a grand choice that each may make to, by desire, collect the details of the day or, by desire, seek the keys to unknowing.

Questioner: I can’t help but be interested in the fact that this other entity to whom we were previously referring reported being taken on board a craft. Could you tell me something about that?

Ra: I am Ra. The nature of contact is such that in order for the deep portion of the trunk of the tree of mind affected to be able to accept the contact, some symbology which may rise to the conscious mind is necessary as a framework for the explanation of the fruits of the contact. In such cases the entity’s own expectations fashion the tale which shall be most acceptable to that entity, and in the dream state, or a trance state in which visions may be produced, this seeming memory is fed into the higher levels of the so-called subconscious and the lower levels of the conscious. From this point the story may surface as any memory and cause the instrument to function without losing balance or sanity.

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