Morris and I have been doing an earth healing meditation every morning for at least a year now. In my visualization, I always travel to the middle of the earth to do Reiki on Mother Gaia and then back out of the planet sending light and love as I go. I noticed yesterday that the intensity of light in the planet was much brighter than what I usually “see.” I attribute that to all the light that is being directed now with these meditations. – Linda

I want to express my gratitude to all at LL Research for organizing this beautiful meditation for word peace.

Our non-profit, Musical Ambassadors of Peace, has programs in Gaza, teaching music to children to help with the stress and trauma of being in a war zone. Bombs are, unfortunately, not new to these children but the intensity has increased to horrendous levels. Of course these programs are currently on hold. I receive reports regularly about the situation and have been struggling with how best to serve the light in this situation. I know it is important to keep my own frequency high. I have been doing my own meditations and sending of love and light but I am finding that this group meditation feels more powerful, somehow our group joining together has also helped me tap into the power of those all around the world who are holding the light for this conflict to resolve. Peace will prevail. – Kristina

I thank L/L and everyone for the opportunity to participate in this event, it is profound and moving for me. I am so happy to be doing this to support humanity toward peace. With love & and light – Cathy

As I sit alone in my space I know that I am not alone. The love I send is a drop of water that enters this/our collective river and flows to distant shores. Somehow, in my heart and spirit, I can feel us all, and I can feel those who are suffering and lost in this conflict. May we be some part of a bright light shining love into the darkest of places; and into the hearts of everyone involved. Thank you all for allowing me to join you each day. – Tom

Thank you for this opportunity. I felt strongly compelled to bring together the energies of like-minded individuals for the important purpose of avoiding World War III and relieving suffering in some way. I feel we can do this by working together as a social memory complex. So, I have hosted a meditation each day at 11 a.m. Central time/noon Eastern time on our Zoom meditation channel. We have had 4-6 people for each meditation, including participants in Kentucky, Indiana, Arizona, and India. It has been very powerful. I do feel the group energy. I feel strongly that I am not doing this alone. I know in my mind and feel in my heart that you are all doing this at the same time. It is a very strong call being sent to the Confederation and our Higher Selves in the form of light. I do feel a sense of the planet actually lightening.

As far as visualizing, I follow the example of the Power of 8 meditations and envision the result we desire. I see people changing their minds. I see people backing away from violence. I see people living together in peace. I envision a bubble of light around the whole earth. Afterwards, we do share our thoughts on this meditation, and without exception, everyone sees it as being very powerful. Everyone loves it.

There have been comments that we should continue to do this on a regular basis for the health of the entire world and I feel that together, as a large group, we are far more powerful than we realize and I would be happy to do this in future. I feel this is my purpose, to do this, to bring people together and guide them in this way. So again, thanks for the opportunity. – Greg

Thank you for organizing this. I have not made a group call yet. But this is what I got in my most recent meditation.

Request Peace for Israel and Hamas I call forward my Guides I call forward my Higher Self I request protection balance and alignment with my Higher Self- Accepted I request through my Higher Self healing for this region of the Earth - for the best and Highest Good of all involved.

The Request is being heard by the land. The land is clearing a distortion of power and separation. The tone- ohm is an echo- on the top and in the upper inner planes of the earth. It is a distortion in which the Earth herself is clearing through the people. This has been seen as a pre incarnative choice. There is a calling from underneath the Earth - the earth seeks balance and harmony and the disillusionment in the region has created distortions of power and ownership. These must play out now as more souls work to be harvested. Ohm is heard again- this feels like cool desolate peace. Ohm is reverberating over the land and inside the land. Request for peace. Request to relieve the unnecessary suffering. The earth will quake in this region soon. All is well. Compassion and Love is flowing from the center of the earth. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

I thank my Guides and my Higher Self for the connection, protection and Love shared.

It is with humble gratitude that we stand in service to others. Namaste. – Anonymous

Thank you for the group meditation for peace in the Middle East / world. Just that. Thank you for the group meditation for peace in the Middle East / world. It is worth a try and it cannot possibly be a hindrance. – Enrique

I am thankful for L/L Research for creating such sacred space to come together as one, to share and to raise love, in such challenging times in Middle East. We feel each others’ pain and our heart aches. It aches because We are not separate from each other and from divine love, we never been. Coming together to raise the frequency of love and harmony is what Mother Earth needs right now! We have and carry that power to manifest the world we wish to see, the world that filled with loving compassionate energy that everyone love each other wholeheartedly and unconditionally! 💗 💖🙏 – Parvaneh

This group peace visualisation has been powerful for me, I just wanted to share that I ask, and thank, the one infinite creator for sending all the highest agents of love and light to Gaza and I imagine all sorts of magnificent beings of light, including angels, ascended Masters, our higher selves and all sorts of other beautiful beings from the higher realms (who serve Christ consciousness) descending to our 3D realm in an epic scene holding an incredible grid of light around those trauma-stricken areas of such dark human tragedy, holding the frequency of love, forgiveness, compassion and peace. It’s amazing to witness in my mind and I feel a tingling in my whole body when I see it. I then take that love/light frequency to everyone and everywhere it’s needed including the whole planet and myself and my loved ones.

I will continue to do this sort of prayer every day, but I love knowing that we’re all doing it together. | Joined in our hearts. | Thank you from the bottom of mine. – Pia, from Yandoit Hills in Central Victoria, Australia

It is a wonderful opportunity to share this time of love and peaceful energy with so many others. I find myself focusing on visualizing all the other-selves on this planet who are currently in conflict or are victims of those in conflict instead hugging, laughing and joyously shaking hands with each other as the realization of our oneness spreads and blankets the planet. Thank you for organizing this. My love and light to each who are participating. – Fox

Blessings and Love in the Light and Peace of the One Creator! Thank you for this powerful platform within which to amplify our intent to create peace in our precious world!

I am deeply moved by the magnitude of Love Light that the Law of Squares enables within our groups and our collective vibration.

This opportunity for service clearly opens out the way for us to come together as needs must any Social Memory Complex in the making, to generate above and beyond all of our magnificent differences, a sublime and pervasive peace within which to formulate our forward movement as a species.

It is an honor and a privilege to love and serve other selves in this very personal and heartwarming way.

Thank you to our beloved family at LL Research for your tireless efforts to reach out and extend warmth and welcome to our communities and those family members who have yet to find their way home.

May we always be there with open hearts and outstretched arms awaiting those seekers who even now are making the choice to be of service to others, who will seek us out to encourage them along the path back to the heart of our Creator. – Kathy

I’m so delighted to be participating in this healing. At the beginning of the Ukraine conflict, it came to me in meditation to visualize the entire earth healthy, peaceful, in God’s Divine Love. That we are all part of that Divine Love. Love heals.

It came to me to surround the earth with blue healing light. I have been using this visualization, consciously, whenever I think about Ukraine/Russia, or Israel/Hamas.

We are all here on this earth, in whatever incarnation our soul’s need. We might as well just get on with our jobs. At this point, all our extraneous thought processes must be harnessed for the good of all beings on the earth along with the earth itself. We must insist metaphysically on peace, love, harmonious joy.

Your mental group meditations help to strengthen our thought, as we feel the strength and joy in return. All good. In meditation each of us will be lead to visualize peace, love, healing in our own way and this power of thought CAN heighten our collective current lifetimes and that metaphysical presence will

automatically heal bringing our 3rd density consciousness into 4th and 5th consciousness where the need for war and destruction will become useless.

Thank you for this wonderful work. I am honored to participate. – Judy from Newton NH

Thoughts to share with others participating in the group peace visualization: Thank you. Consider continuing to do lead/initiate something like this after the 10 days are up, either daily or periodically (frequent periods) in some form or the other. This to me has been felt as the most powerful group ‘distance’ work I ever participated in. – Maria

Having shed many heart-felt tears the past few weeks I am very thankful that we are all together, reminded that we are all one, and united with our vessels of love as we face the growing world-wide challenges. Thanks to Jim, Luis, L/L Research and all of you. All is well! – Eric

In the meditation I imagine love, light and healing energies pouring down into the war zone like torrents into an arid land and eagerly absorbed; darkness transformed into light and suffering people healed and woken up from the nightmare; soldiers abandoning weapons and battle fields to go home, massive protesters filling up all the streets shouting “We want peace! We want peace!! We want peace!!!” … And peace comes and abides. Then transformed people begin to meditate and pray for world peace, and the spiral continues.“ – Lily 😀💚🙏

I applaud your efforts concerning a collective Peace Meditation. We each have a unique form of linkage with Intelligent Infinity. Yet Ra and others extoll collective effort nonetheless.

For myself I concur with FMW (1887-1985): the sensation I have when I sense the Presence, is that of being in the Presence of Infinite Power. ‘Stoic’ in and of Itself, as it were, yet It can hear… and It can respond.

May our efforts accomplish amelioration of suffering; amen. – Lee

First of all, thank you. For all that you do. For giving out….I don’t wanna say guidelines because I know that you respect free will, but these little nudges and ideas for service to others. And then for checking up on us to see how we’re doing and how we are feeling.

Even though it took you three emails to get the time frame right, it just shows that you are so advanced in spiritual ways that you don’t conform to 3D concepts such as time ;) (sorry, I had to, but it’s teasing in order to give praise and appreciation)

[Note from L/L: We have a mutual relationship of poking fun with this humorous being. The previous statement was hilarious.]

I don’t have any magical things to report apart from immense gratitude, sense of unity and urgency. Like, I am in utmost awe and humility to be able to participate in such a thing and to finally be able to know, deep in my heart, that I am helping and making a difference. – Sheyla

I am grateful and full of joy to read from you once again, and I would like to offer the following thoughts about my experiences gathered thus far in the peace visualization exercise.

According to Thoth’s Emerald Tablets, there was a powerful battleship buried below the Sphinx in Egypt, and in an energy work I did together with a healer on Oct. 28th, it was transformed, in our shared vision, into a ship radiating an incredible kind of wonderful light, bright white and with a hint of purple in its appearance, and full of compassion and all-encompassing love. Within the inner planes, it now hovers above the Sphinx—once an instrument of war, but now stripped of its weaponry and instead a harbinger of peace, itself a testimony to the transformative power of love.

During the peace visualization exercise, I travel to this ship and energize its sending of loving light so it encompasses all and everyone in Israel and Gaza and its surrounding countries, feeling how this incredible light gently flows everywhere, and offers healing and an opening of the heart towards infinity and universal love to everyone.

Then, I visualize how I hug all the people in Israel and Gaza, no matter which frequency of the Creator they have chosen to represent at this time, sincerely sending them love and wishing them well, and praying that separation and hatred may be transformed into love, unity, and understanding, by love. Upon doing this, I feel how my own heart opens up, feel how my green ray vibrates joyfully and so full of love for my fellow human beings, and perhaps, in these situations, I am offered just a glimpse of what it must be like to dwell in fourth density positive, being so full of love for the Creator, the entire Creation and all there is in it and every single entity, and radiating this love outwards.

I sincerely thank you for having sparked this wonderful activity routine. – Nico

Only 1 word came to me loud and clear on my contemplative walk this afternoon which included the 10 minute Peace meditation:“Needed” – Michelle

Feeling gratitude for this opportunity to be of service to others. Our efforts are being seen and our prayers heard. Let’s rejoice altoghether in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. Remember, to channel Love/Light is our honor/duty. Blessed we are, and shall all of our brothers and sisters be seen and heard for who they truly are. Let’s unite ourselves with our other-selves and every little thing is gonna be alright. We can do this. Let us be the peacemakers of planet Earth. Let us be the Light.

Lots of gratitude, much Love and lots of peace to share, to everyone who is reading. You are loved. You are Love. Share it. – Maite

I am so grateful not only to have this opportunity to be of service to others, but to do it alongside all of you. I’m currently going through a difficult time in my life with my health and have been feeling a bit lost, but to be able to feel connected to all of you through this practice and meditate together in service to others has gotten me out of my head and into my heart, giving me a sense of belonging and reminding me of my purpose. Meditating with like-minded seekers feels sacred and really special! I would love for this to be something we do more often as a community if possible. Giving you all a virtual hug :) – Paige

On October 8 I was guided to do Brian Scott’s St. Germain Violet Flame Meditation (found on YT) for 90 days, hoping that others would join. This invitation from L/L Research is perfect. Together embodying the spirit of Love and Peace as a gentle flame of comfort in the desert of that region that is so dear and sacred to us, brings hope to hearts and peace to our minds. Thank you for the Call to join together. – Janet

Thank you for you ask me to join in L/L Research on a ten-day program of a daily PRAYER FOR PEACE. I just saw this eamil today and have sent my love and light to people who suffering in the war. Hope we can help them. – Jiangli

Thank you so much for this initiative and we welcome this with open hearts. We have been doing such meditations in India for some time now and are glad to know that many more are eager to pray for world peace!

Many of our group members have been doing it ona regular basis. We have also shared a video on our channel in English and Hindi so many more poeple can join in. – Ginni

What a thrill to be invited to combine in meditation with this community. I am convinced that group meditation; one pointed is extremely powerful and note Ra’s confirmation of this in several sessions. Imagine then how wonderful to be presented with a way to do ‘something’ to support our planet and to assist our brothers and sisters of 4th density in loving Orion but not accepting their service.

I have tried to visualize the location of the conflict zone from my normal meditation place and position. I face that position inviting higher energy to pass from my 7th Chakra gesturing to invite it to enter my heart. I protect by wall of light and commence my meditation. I like Harry Potter very much and the image of the Petronius as a light horse/being is invited to gather energy from each of my centers to eventually emerge from my indigo centre. It struggles to be born as I would imagine the images I have seen of a real horse being born. The shoulders, the hind legs. When it is free it looks back at me; its creator and we acknowledge the magic of it. I ask it to ride the sky to Gaza and imagine the land it looks down upon in its single mission.

When it arrives I imagine it gathering with all of the other members of our community to join each other’s light messages and forms looking down on the sorrow of mothers unable to protect their children. Of fathers torn between fighting and rationalizing love to their children. Of more modern settings who cannot reconcile a feeling of deserving to feel safe and looking to find someone to blame for not being able to accept the love in the moment. Easy for me to say from where I sit in Australia. Such a lucky country. But my horse sees it all.

I ask my horse to acknowledge the strength of the community who join it there and then we look up and visualize the earth from above and think now of the 4th density beings who serve the Confederation in protection of our plane. Now I see our community’s strength more vividly like a web of light surrounding the earth. I feel we offer respite. Our community has two sides the down and the up. Finally I remind my guides to join me and influence what they can and conclude that they already are but in that moment we are working together in service. I ask my horse to find the planetary energy epicenter which represents the nearest portal to help our planet to offset the burden it is taking on in this conflict and dive into it. – Murray

We had scheduled to do the meditation in the Love & Light Unity Meditation Group on Sunday, and it was a wonderful meditation (probably one of the most peaceful in a while haha)! Thank you LL crew!!! You are the best! Thank you for your beautiful service! - Parsa

I felt tremendous gratitude and love when I received your email about prayer for peace. Thank you for taking the lead and finding us a way to positively respond to devastating events facing us today! This has unexpectedly turned out to be a healing exercise for me personally.

My grief and rage came in equal measures when I first saw the footage of the attacks. I wanted to weep, scream, and punish. I wasn’t able to include the perpetrators in my prayers. I had such a tension within me that I cried and cried. Ra said the appropriate response is always love. I refused and resisted. After a few times, I finally came to terms with it. I know in my heart what love/light would do.

I wrapped Gaia with a pink bow with a big heart all around it, sending healing and blessing to the hurt and light to the darkness. - Leah

I am very grateful to be joined in this purpose with everyone.

I am not very sensitive to subtle energies; nor do I have (at least conscious) experiences on the astral plane; nor am I a good visualizer. Much of my conduct of this exercise is in the faith that my call is heard, and my intention received, and that the space I hold together with Trish in our home is used as a conduit for love/light energies, and that my heart is connected with all others similarly meditating, visualizing, and praying.

On an inner level, I get aromatic whiffs of the energy of many other fields blending together into a loose-knit whole offering a focused lens through which Love may enter and illuminate the illusion. And I get a distant sense of how incomprehensibly immense Love and Light are, and how little of it we understand and are able to use. But I also sense that in tuning our hearts and coming together, we become instruments of this infinite energy which restores the vision to unity.

And when I practice sensing into the personal experiences of those in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank… I dip my toes into a well of sorrow that reaches downward and outward farther than my eyes see or heart can sense. – Gary