Note to the Reader

When Don, Carla and I were having these sessions with Ra back in the early ’80s we knew that we were living the best days of our lives. We knew that this work was the primary reason that we were on this Earth. We could hardly believe our good luck to be involved with extraterrestrial entities who spoke so eloquently, so precisely, and so profoundly about the nature of creation, how we all evolve through it, the meaning of life, and how love, light, and unity are the basic building blocks of all things. Quite simply, Ra spoke the language of our hearts and our souls, and we vibrated in harmony with everything that they had to say.

Over the years we have found that there is a small community of seekers of truth who also have this powerful sympathetic vibration with Ra’s information. If you are one of these people, welcome to our family. Even if we never meet, it’s good to know that you are here. In our shared service to the One Infinite Creator we are always together, no matter what the appearance of our physical realities may seem to be. So we send our love and light to you and ask that you share your love and light with everyone that you meet in all present and future life experiences. — Jim McCarty

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