Tilting at Windmills

In 1948 a desire awoke in Don Elkins to move beyond the boundaries of the known in order to grasp the greater human purpose in context of the universe itself. Seven years later Elkins dedicated his life to a long-term investigation with a single objective: to find and fit together the puzzle pieces that would disclose this picture. This is his story. This is his partners’ story. This is the biography of L/L Research. Those who slowly and steadily, year after year made a labor of love to build a massive library of channeled philosophy, who gave away the fruit of their labors for the benefit of others similarly seeking, and who reached profoundly into the deep unknown to achieve the Ra contact, resulting in their extraordinary offering to others known as the Law of One material.

Tilting at Windmills contains the transcripts of a seven-day interview conducted by Gary L. Bean with the then two surviving original members of L/L Research: Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty. It includes exploration of the Ra contact, the life story of L/L Research, personal biography of its three founding members, and examination of spiritual principles and philosophy. Along with abundant endnotes, headers, mirrored margins, exquisite indentation, line and paragraph spacing, complementary typefaces, and other absolutely splendid formatting.

By far the most vivid and even extravagant opportunities for piercing the veil are a result of interaction of polarized entities: those of like mind which together seek shall more surely find. - The Law of One