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So often those in the midst of spiritual change do attempt to use the intellect. It is a natural and a common resource. After all, the mind is consulted continuously, is working continuously, and when it is faced with the subtle nuances of that which is deeper than words, it finds itself uncharacteristically boggled…There is that feeling of being out of control, and intellectually speaking, this feeling is accurate. For there is little that the brain can do to promote peacefulness of heart or that wonderful feeling of grace. …Here is where the heart may become an ever more helpful and useful resource, for while the mind is an excellent tool for the outer world of decisions within the outer world, it is within the heart and the deeper emotions that spiritual change shall take place. And, therefore, it is to the heart that the seeker may reliably and trustfully come; sometimes for comfort, sometimes for encouragement, and sometimes simply for a place to be held and comforted and loved.

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