Our Gaia Meditations are held daily at around 6:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time (Click here to see our local time), and usually last between 5 and 15 minutes. For those interested in linking up with us for the meditation from their own location, the exact time is less important than the intention to join in spirit. Though factors of space and time come into play for we denizens of the relative world, metaphysically we inhabit a non-local universe, and our intentions are ultimately of a metaphysical nature.

Q’uo, from a channeling transcript dated September 16, 2001.

We would recommend to each entity that within the meditative state one see the ruptures in this planet’s beingness. Perhaps you can locate them geographically within your mind, seeing them as dark and hurting, in pain and confusion. And then, begin to bring the light and the love of the one Creator into the image. See that rupture of hurt and pain lightened by this love of the one Creator, shining forth through the eyes of all. Focus upon the injury, the hurt, and the pain until it is also as bright as the noonday sun. … It is those within all cultures and religions, who have the deep desire to truly serve the one Creator in all, that may see beyond and behind the illusion of separation, to that which binds all entities into one.

We have been meditating twice a day for world peace and for the safe and easy birthing of Gaia’s fourth-density self for some time now, and the group that joins us has grown to include thousands of meditators, prayers, visualizers and fellow travelers, who meet together in the room of silence and intention. We greatly appreciate every person’s joining this group, and if you have not yet started taking just a minute or so with us, we invite you to join us in this service to Mother Earth.

How might you want to approach these meditations? Jim and I are focusing on affirming that we are part of one group being, one body of humankind on planet Earth. We are trying to see those who are acting in terrorism and war as part of our self. We are seeing that we are all connected. Thus, the image becomes the self, hurting the self. This leads to a deeper understanding of our true unity as the people of Earth, which opens our springs of forgiveness and compassion.

Jim has an opening ritual for the meditations, which, here at L/L Research, are wholly devoted to peace and Gaia, unlike our morning offerings, which include many other things besides prayers for Gaia and peace. It runs as follows:

“Always seeking, seeing and serving the Creator in all.” “Always seeking, seeing and serving the Creator in all.” “Always seeking, seeing and serving the Creator in all.”

“Opening my mind, my body, my spirit, my heart, my soul and my entire being to the infinite love, light and healing energy of the one Creator.”

“Feeling the infinite love, light and healing energy of the one Creator moving through me, moving to Mother Earth, to heal Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in fourth density.”

“May every soul in pain on Earth tonight feel infinite love, light and healing energy.”

“May there be peace and love in the hearts of the men and women on Earth tonight.”

Visuals are also a good resource for those who wish to join in this meditation. You could envision yourself as a conduit for the Creator’s infinite supply of light and love, or a crystal instrument of the spirit, vibrating for the Earth. In a powerful way, as incarnate beings of Earth, we are knit of these meadows and forests, rivers and oceans, winds and storms which are the living being of our Mother Earth.

You might envision a net or web of love, a golden seine that catches all the globe up in its skirts. I have seen this image myself sometimes in visions, with angels weaving ever more threads of light into the strands surrounding the planet.

Autumn Skye, Light Work

Artwork by Autumn Skye

You could also see this as the “Christ-consciousness grid” that Drunvalo Melchizidek writes about enhancing at this time. Another image you might like to use is one of myriad wanderers arriving on Earth, from the cover of our book A Wanderer’s Handbook. You can simply see Gaia in labor and giving birth, and hold her hand. These are some suggestions. Please feel free to create your own way of working on this. If this is resonating with you, please join us in meditation each morning and evening, whenever you are able. The more we can open our hearts and bless the love flowing through us to the Earth, the more quickly she will be able to heal her distress, and her peoples’ as well. I think as we work on opening our own hearts and helping the love energy have a free flow through them, we are doing significant and substantial work upon our world as well as upon ourselves. “As above, so below.” To work on the heart of the self is to work on the heart of the planetary being (that is, all of us, all the souls of third density together) and the heart of the planet itself. That is an easy mental affirmation to create: “Earth, I love and thank you!”

These days are excellent times for doing what we came to do, for being a witness and channel for the love and light of the infinite Creator. Join us in unity, power and peace when you can. In becoming more and more our whole selves, known to ourselves and beloved, we prepare ourselves to do the work we came to do. May we serve together with joy and thankfulness. This is one of those times when a few people can make a big difference!