Connect with Others

“Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find.” #83.17

These resources are intended to help like-minded seekers connect, whether to study the Law of One or simply to come together in the open heart with others who are drawn to L/L’s unique material. We hear often from wanderers and seekers that they feel isolated. It seems as though many are spread out across the world, making it difficult to connect with others on a spiritual level. We hope to provide a way to bring interested seekers together, both in-person and online, so that we may support and strengthen one another on our individual and collective spiritual journeys.

Social Media

As part of L/L Research’s mission to make the Confederation philosophy available to the interested spiritual seeker, we operate several active social media accounts. Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we daily share inspirational quotes from Ra, Q’uo, and company. Through YouTube we offer a small but gradually growing video library. And through Patreon and the Gatherings Newsletters we share organization-centric news and updates. Follow us in any way you’d like to receive a dose of insight and inspiration.

Much of L/L Research’s service is a fruit of labor-of-love gifts. From our old and new archive websites, to our community website, to transcription, translation, and the channeling service itself, the volunteer efforts of bright and beaming hearts have been integral to our mission from its inception.

We have a steady stream of projects whose needs exceed the capacity of our in-house staff. If your heart finds resonance with this mission, and if you would like to lend us your time and talent, or if you have a proposal of your own in mind, please contact us. Thank you for your consideration!


We have been meditating twice a day for world peace and for the safe and easy birthing of Gaia’s fourth-density self for some time now, and the group that joins us has grown to include thousands of meditators, prayers, visualizers and fellow travelers, who meet together in the room of silence and intention.

We greatly appreciate every person’s joining this group, and if you have not yet started taking just a minute or so with us, we invite you to join us in this service to Mother Earth.

Watercolor of Earth in space