How to donate

About donations

We accept one-time and recurring donations. You can learn more about how we use donations on our financial page.

If interested, you can also donate via check or money order by sending a letter to:

L/L Research P.O. Box 5195 Louisville, Kentucky 40255-0195

Amazon Smile

A small online retailer called Amazon (maybe you've heard of them) offers a program for non-profits which allows customers to connect their account with a specific organization, then donating a small percentage of that customer's purchase directly to that non-profit. You can connect your account to L/L Research's (registered on Amazon as Rock Creek Research and Development Laboratories Inc).

The spirit of gift

Nearly everything you see on this site or our community website, along with many of the services L/L Research offers, is offered in the spirit of gift, that is, freely, and without expectation or necessity of return. This has been L/L’s policy from its founding and will remain so as long as we exist.

L/L Research, however, still has expenses. If you have found our work has been helpful, and if you are interested and able, please consider offering a donation to help us cover the cost of our services and operating expenses.

L/L Research is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

We thank so many of you who have been kind to us over the years, allowing us to continue being of service as an organization. Your giving ripples outward to a growing network of spiritual seekers around the world who find healing, transformation, and inspiration in this work.

A million thank you’s to all who help us serve love and light in this world.