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L/L Research shares all of its information for free through this website and will always keep it free for the interested and serious seeker. However, the material is not in public domain. L/L Research reserves all rights to the material published on this website, including books, transcripts, audio, video, photos, and all other media or material on this site.

With proper attribution, interested readers are encouraged to:

  • share excerpts of and links to our work via social media, public forums, or other websites;
  • splice text or audio from our website into artistic works, whether musical, visual, or written;
  • share photos from our website as long as they are kept in their original form and not altered in any way;
  • examine, explore, write about, and quote from our work.

Any other use or reproduction of this material must obtain written permission from L/L Research.

Stipulations for Permission

We are open and liberal in granting permission to use and share this information. Please contact us if you wish to use or share this material and we will work with you to ensure that certain reasonable stipulations are met. Those stipulations include:

  • That your website or work be positively oriented with no intent to manipulate or deceive others.
  • Proper copyright and authorship credit be given, along with a link to
  • That you not publish (or make available) entire PDFs, books, or transcripts directly from your website or work, but rather share excerpts only, with links back to where the material may be read and downloaded from

Proper attribution

Title of Work ©Year of Creation by L/L Research (Louisville, KY) link to work, page number (if relevant)


Living the Law of One 101 ©2009 by L/L Research (Louisville, KY), pg 49–51

On Sharing Entire PDFs or Transcripts

There are several reasons we ask that entire transcripts, PDFs, and books not be copied and shared on a website or in a work other than our own, a few of which include:

  • At our effort and expense, both of which we are honored and grateful to invest, this material is written, produced, or channeled and made freely available to the interested seeker for individual study, not for mass re-publication or re-distribution on a site or in a work other than our own. Though L/L Research considers making the material freely available to the world its primary mission, the authors & instruments retain the honor/duty to serve as the sole source of entire PDFs, transcripts, and books in order to protect and preserve the integrity and utility of the material for seekers of this and future times.

  • From time to time, changes in the form of corrections may be made to the original PDFs or transcripts on the L/L site. We would like people to always be able to acquire the most current versions. If copies are made at a particular point in time and then shared from other sites, those updates are not available to those who may read or download the files.

  • With a link to the original transcripts or books, the seeker will have the opportunity of reading the originals, of becoming aware of the substantial library of associated Confederation information, and, if interested, of learning more about the context of this information, including something about the little organization itself.


If you have any questions at all, please contact us! We will be happy to help clarify any policy and work with you to make sure that any use of this material honors our copyright policy.

There exists a sole exception to the policy prohibiting publication of entire L/L Research books and transcripts to another website. That is Tobey Wheelock was uniquely granted permission to publish L/L’s material, specifically, the full text of the sessions with Ra, to his website.

Tobey has demonstrated not only a love for, but a total fidelity to this material over the course of many years. Through his website Tobey has created as clear and undistorted a presentation of our material as possible. We imagine it would make the Confederation’s metaphysical hearts sing as much as it does ours.

Additionally he, of his own initiative, undertook the years-long volunteer project of re-listening to the cassettes and producing the Relistened Version (an actual exact transcript). His was the first to innovate the session-question number nomenclature, making referencing the richly dense Law of One material significantly easier and more efficient. He was also the first to enter the material into a database, making it eminently searchable by keyword. Indeed the versatility and utility of the site makes it, in our opinion, the best study tool for our material.

All of the Law of One/Ra Contact content (any version of Q&As between the Questioner and Ra, and any material written by L/L Research) on Tobey’s website is copyrighted by L/L Research. Anything that doesn’t fit that definition is copyrighted by Tobey Wheelock, including the code of the website itself.

In recognition of Tobey’s outstanding work with this material, L/L Research granted a symbolic copyright to him on the Relistened and Lightly Edited versions, and the book The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One. However, permission to use any portion of the material can come only from L/L Research.

Thank You

Thank you so much for honoring our copyright policy. We give our work to the world for free on the principle that this information has the potential to bring healing and transformation to seekers and should therefore not be withheld for reasons of financial limitation.

We have personally felt the effects of this particular wavelength of love and light, and year and year we see what a profound impact it has upon seekers, many of whom report enduring and uplifting changes.

We encourage you to make full use of this site, and to share it through excerpts and links with whomever you meet and wherever you go! Understanding, of course, that service can only be offered insofar as it is requested. And that not everyone is going to find this material as amazing as do you and we.