From January 15, 1981, through March 15, 1984, three dedicated seekers of truth received spoken communication from those who identified themselves as Ra, humble messengers of the Law of One. Over the course of 106 sessions they explored the Law of One and the mystery of the creation through the rigorous and elegant metaphysics of spiritual evolution, service, healing, and transformation. The Ra Contact is L/L Research’s most popular and impactful offering.

These sessions feature channeling from sources who identify themselves as members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. Unlike the Ra sessions, these sources are channeled in the conscious state. They include Q’uo, Hatonn, Latwii and others. The content is metaphysical and spiritual in nature. The format is often Q&A, where the source responds to questions from the group.

A library of over 1,700 transcripts, here you will find the vast majority of L/L Research’s channeling, a service that continues to the present day.

Over the years, L/L Research has conducted several different series of channeling intensives designed to teach and train new instruments. Here you can find transcripts from those intensives, resources for studying the L/L Research''s channeling methodology, and transcripts from practice channeling circles.