(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each in love and in light. We are most honored to be asked to join your circle of seeking this day. We are aware that you have a number of questions for us, and we are most happy to address them to the best of our ability. We would, as always, remind you that we are not what you would call ultimate authorities. Therefore, we beg of you that you use your own personal discrimination in assessing the value of our words and thoughts. For each person who has sent in these questions, we assure you that we are akin to your brothers and sisters who seek with you the same Creator that is within each entity and within all things. And we have had a great deal of time, as you would call it, and experience on this journey, moving perhaps a bit further than have you upon it. And yet, we are not that type of being who gives you the ultimate answers. So, if you could do us the favor of using what is helpful to you and setting aside what is not, then we will be free to speak that which is within our hearts and minds and souls in answer to your queries.

At this time and for this purpose, we shall now transfer this contact to the one known as Austin, that he may begin the process of speaking to the queries offered to this group and to us. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We are honored and joyed by the opportunity to address your queries through this instrument and the instruments in this circle. For in offering ourselves, we also learn from you, and the opportunity to offer our light to you is more meaningful than simply offering information. And so as query and answer are evaluated, we encourage each who perceives these words to look to the vibrational quality of both question and answer.

At this time may we ask if there are any queries which we may address?

Q’uo, we have some questions from readers, but I’d first like to invite anyone in the circle?

Q’uo, there’s a series of questions that come from J1. Looks like on the theme of sexual energy transfer. And I will start with… J1 asks:

“When a sexual experience is shared between people through the internet, phone conversation, or in a video communication, is there still an exchange of energies as described by Ra and the Law of One books? Does any form of technology or distance hinder, block, or diminish this sacred energy exchange?”

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my brother. We may start to address this query by examining what you may call the metaphysical properties and principles of space/time and time/space. For in our understanding, the distance within your physical realm of space/time is, in essence, an illusion. Thus, such distance between two entities, in theory, should not hinder the exchange of energies, sexual or otherwise.

Yet we encourage you to consider the ways in which you seem bound by the laws of this illusion. There is a physics that, you are aware, nearly all entities within your realm upon your planet must adhere to. It is similar with this principle of the exchange of energies. Though the distance between two entities is illusory, the proximity and, most importantly, physical connection aid greatly in the ability of two entities to exchange energies, particularly sexual energy exchange.

However, while the physical closeness and intimate touch are of great aid, the technologies given as example do indeed help to bridge the gap and bring two entities closer to the efficiency of energy exchange that can be had when in literal close proximity. And as two or more entities continue to connect from a distance, each refining their desire and their will to share their energies, the distance between the two entities plays less of a role, and the exchange of energies may happen more and more easily and with more and more efficiency.

So while you may say there is great benefit in close proximity as opposed to a greater distance, this is not a full hindrance. And continued to practice and refinement of the desire between entities may offer similarly grand and meaningful exchange of the magical qualities of sexual energy in your realm.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Thank you, Q’uo. I imagine that’s pertinent to many in our illusion now in the experience of the pandemic.

Yes, another question from J1 is: “What is the cause of the emptiness that some people feel post-coital? Is there a spiritual component to feeling empty and, in some cases, apathetic?”

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my brother. In addressing a query which asks about an individual experience, it is difficult to diagnose, if you will, a specific cause of such a state. However, we may offer insight into potential sources of such catalyst and methods for determining for the self the source and how to balance this catalyst.

In general, entities sharing sexual energies with clear energetic pathways to the green ray chakra of universal love will experience an immense feeling of both giving and receiving upon the completion of the physical energy exchange. Thus, it would imply that a feeling of emptiness in such a state points to blockage within the entities energy system in some energy center preceding the green ray chakra.

The description of a loneliness and an emptiness may suggest that this blockage is within the orange ray chakra, that of personal identity. And the blockage that exists within this chakra then expressing itself as unworthy of receiving a positive exchange—having the initial sexual desire and being satisfied, the energy cannot express itself in a more spiritual sense because this very fundamental energy center is unable to receive these sexual energies.

For an entity who experiences this catalyst, we would suggest that attempting to explore this distortion, whether it is as we have described or otherwise, is beneficial prior to continuing to engage in sexual activities and attempting to offer or receive sexual energy transfer. For when an entity experiences such personal blockage and then attempts to exchange energy upon this level, the potential for this blockage to create further distortion within the self or within other self increases.

We suggest that this catalyst of blockage be explored in a sexual sense only with another entity who shares a meaningful spiritual connection of trust and love in all other aspects of life so that these entities may create a space where these distortions may be explored. Otherwise, for the individual entity experiencing blockage, looking inward in meditation and calling for the love and light of the Creator to offer them insight and healing is highly suggested.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, thank you, Q’uo. J1 asks: “Why has there been so much sexual violence throughout history, and what is the best way to heal from it?” And then adds: “I know unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness is critical. However, so many people are so far from and removed by this violence that the idea of forgiveness is insulting to them.”

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of the query, my brother. This particular query extends deep into the depths of distortion among your social complex. And indeed, those distortions are so deep and tangled that they may not be adequately addressed in a setting such as this. But we will offer what we can in an attempt to shed light on this greatest of distortions among your peoples.

If you examine closely in an individual scenario the origin of the impulse to commit sexual violence, you will often find that such an impulse is born itself from violent trauma, whether inflicted upon the perpetrator at an earlier age or absorbed generally from the collective consciousness of your people. The use of sexuality to impose control and harm upon another may seem [to] have its origins from your planet’s second-density evolution. One may look upon how the entities within your so-called animal kingdom behave and might perceive that force and harm originate from the so-called animal instinct within the human nature.

Yet from our perspective, this original impulse of control and harm through sexuality is only tenuously related to those animal instincts and, instead, was originally introduced as a simple aspect of free will among your peoples to explore the depths of the darkness offered by the veil of forgetting. And upon that initial impulse of an entity inspired to commit such acts, these impulses were able to be energized and triggered by both service-to-self-oriented entities hoping to impose certain distortions upon your social complex, and thought-forms born of the social complex itself finding a most efficient outlet to express control and domination through sexual activity.

This impulse, as you are well aware, has been energized to an intense magnitude and offers to your planet as a whole at this time one of the greatest catalysts that your social complex has to, you may say, contend with as it evolves further towards the fourth density.

We suggest that [healing] such an intense distortion among your peoples requires a similar amount of patience on behalf of those who are able to find it; though the expectation, placed upon what you would call a victim, of patience and forgiveness, if placed upon the entity from another self may tend to increase distortion and cause further harm.

And so, we suggest that as your society begins to become aware of its need to address the various distortions within your social complex, that individuals, whether those who have experienced and have been a victim of sexual violence or those who care for such individuals, or even perpetrators, as you would call them, who have turned towards the light of the Creator’s love and recognize the harm that they have caused.

Such healing as needs to take place will take place through such individuals who dedicate themselves in an intense way within their lifetimes to bringing healing through many avenues, but, perhaps most importantly, extending those harmed by sexual violence their patience and love; and creating spaces carefully curated in which those with such wounds may express themselves freely and be received with total acceptance, and offered a light touch of encouragement and love as they are able to find their ability to heal the self of all wounds.

For a casual seeker, not yet ready to dedicate their lives to this healing, we do suggest a deference to those with experience and have demonstrated within their lifetime the dedication needed to approach this type of healing responsibly and with care.

We find that we have exercised this instrument adequately and now wish to transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo. And we greet this circle through this instrument who has some uncertainty about his fidelity to be able to transmit our words. But we encourage the proceeding, for practice is practice. And even if, as the instrument would call it, missteps are made or the transmission is limited, it offers the instrument and the circle a learning experience.

We thank the instrument for the fastidiousness of the challenge and the repeated attempts toward the centering of the attention in a chemically fatigued and excited body complex. At this time, we would offer ourselves to any questions that may reside in the circle. We are those of Q’uo.

I’ve got some here, so long as there’s none in the other… the rest of the circle?

I have one myself. I’m curious about how the positive path can relate to the feelings of joy or fulfillment from companionship. Ra said that it is to be noted that “an adept is one which has freed itself more and more from the constraints of the thoughts, opinions, and bonds of other selves, whether this is done for service to others or service to self, it is a necessary part of the awakening of the adept.” 1 So then, would a positive adept rely only on the self for joy and fulfillment? Or is there more nuance to this statement in how a positive entity relates to their companions?

We are those of Q’uo, and we appreciate this complex and nuanced and rich question about the ultimate independence of the self as [its own] source of catalyst, experience, and the resulting fruit of joy or sorrow; and the relationship of such a self with other seeming selves, whether in free exchange or in some degree of entrapment, enslavement, bonding, or codependence, as this instrument might describe it.

Indeed, the positive entity, having yet to discover its true power, authority, and agency, may be reliant upon other selves—their opinions, their evaluations of the self, their beliefs about the nature of reality—as a secondary source of understanding the self’s own reality. And it is… we give this instrument the image of being upon the waters which are outside of the control or direction of the self. To be so reliant or dependent upon the thoughts, bonds, and opinions of other selves is to be in, shall we say, waters outside of the self’s own being. This may bring one a great and infinite variety of experiences, from the proximate sense of sunshine in the light of approval of others, to the darkened and imprisoned and cast away sense of disapproval in the light of others’ eyes, but so long as one is upon those waters of the other selves’ thoughts and experiences, one is so moved therein.

Now, the independence toward which your question points, and the connection between the independence and the joy of companionship, is a line of inquiry that can be explored further with significant fruit; for joy is sourced or located most truly in the individual and finite self’s connection with the all self, the infinite self. It is there in that mysterious communion, connected through the bridge of faith and a one-pointed will surrendered to the One, that joy does not necessarily result, but already exists—not as a byproduct, but as a facet or aspect of the nature of the self. The true beingness is, by definition, one of joy. The deeper the realization of the self as the Creator, the deeper the discovery of who and what the self truly is, the greater the depth [of the] visceral lived, felt, embodied experience of joy that self will enjoy and become a transparent vessel for.

The surrendered finite self plugged into the all-self becomes a conduit of joy—the joy of existence, the joy of participating with the Creator in the creation of this magnificent experience of the Creator knowing Itself. And that joy is not reserved for the self alone in isolation, though the self may know boundless joy without contact with others; that joy yearns to be shared and yearns to be unlocked in the contact with other selves; for the self recognizes, upon the positive path, the Creator not only as the self, but as other selves, and as the creation about one.

Thus, does the self gaze outwardly and see infinite sources of joy, whatever their mental states or various distortions thereby. And this self may, regardless of the thoughts, opinions, bonds of other selves, remain in the state of joy and share this state of joy, even and including when experiencing the sorrows inherent to the third-density experience—the depravations and sufferings and hardships that your entities know [well].

Nonetheless, such an entity from such an altitude can see the Creator moving about in all other selves, and enter into companionship with others, whereby that self-sourced joy is both shared and even intensified and increased, depending upon the dance with the other self, to the degree that the other self is operating from an open heart and its energy system capable of a free and mutual exchange of energy in teach/ learn, in speaking/listening, in sexual energy, as the case may be. So that joy can not only be shared but reciprocated and lifted higher and higher into new and more beautiful and bountiful expression of the One experiencing the One.

Joy has an infinite landscape upon which to play and express in exquisite depth and variety. And this instrument asks that we conclude, at least for the moment, this thought and ask if there is a follow up or another query at this time.

Thank you, Q’uo. That was very beautiful.

We have one from A, who asks: “Please talk about how our beliefs create reality. How important are our beliefs? Are there any beliefs that generally could serve for our and the universe’s well being?”

We are those known to you as Q’uo. And we finish answering this instrument’s challenge, as he spoke prior to our response [to that challenge], and do indeed affirm that we come in the name of unconditional love. And we would reply to A’s question, the one known as, and affirm to our brother that, indeed, beliefs are rightly assigned a classification of importance.

Beliefs are the programming of the self’s perception of the self’s experience of the self and other self, of the self’s experience of reality itself. Indeed, without belief… and we caveat that word in the indication that, while the term belief will suffice, it is not completely adequate to the task… we continue by resuming our response that, indeed, without belief, there would be only awareness of the all.

It is the beliefs that shape a unique experience into existence to be distorted further by associated and consequent beliefs. For example, if one believes that they are not worthy of love, they will have a corresponding experience, particularly if that belief is deeply rooted and unconscious to the conscious mind. Such an entity will relate to others according to this belief and attract to themselves further experiences mirroring to them this belief which may then precipitate the opportunity for additional or associated beliefs, and on and on, this cascade of processes may transpire.

Indeed, on the preincarnational level, the self will program for specific beliefs about the identity of the self. For example, “I will believe” says the entity on the pre-incarnational level, “that I will…” We correct this instrument. “…That anger is an appropriate response to situations which cannot be controlled.” Or, “I,” says the entity preincarnationally, “will carry confused beliefs about my gender orientation or about my exercise of personal power or about my place and society,” and so forth. And these are codes of instruction that, as we have said, will shape the entity’s experience and generate the catalyst that will help the entity to learn its intended lessons.

And to move forward into the question about helpful or positive beliefs, we would again affirm the fruit of this line of inquiry by indicating that, indeed, beliefs are not created equal and may, shall we say, move an entity along in various directions. Beliefs may isolate and limit and deny and negate the self insofar as they are unexamined and believed to be true and left to their operations in the shadows. Conversely, beliefs may liberate the self from belief itself. Or beliefs may prompt one to the care and serving of others to the expansion and free-giving of self.

Indeed, as beliefs move upward in the chakras, and the self believes that it is appropriate and right to freely give love without expectation of return, such a belief then helps to activate, open, and crystallize, eventually, the heart chakra. Eventually, the scattered and often tangled beliefs that form blockages, open and organize and synthesize into a unified self that is increasingly one-pointed, which reaches the apex of belief, which moves beyond belief into the gnosis or lived experience that the self is infinite, that all is infinite, that all is the Creator, and the various other expressions that give pointers to the state where the individual self, full of its beliefs and stories, is dissolved and or made transparent to the One.

And we would conclude this question with the instrument’s awareness of having channeled at length, and ask if there is a short or brief query before we transfer this contact to the one known as Jim.

I’ve got a relatively short one from J2, who asks: “Upon their death, do pets go through anything like a life review, where they get to experience the joy they brought to their people?”

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you for this query at this time. The process which those of the advanced second-density move through upon the cessation of their orange-ray complex physical vehicle is different than that which the mind/body/spirit complex of the yellow ray moves through.

The evolutionary lessons for the second-density entities are, shall we say, less complex, more rapid, and have to do with the awakening of the spirit complex, and the growing awareness of the second-density entity as an individual entity. As it moves through the gateway of its own death, there is indeed some assimilation of experience of the just lived incarnation and a moving forward with the momentum and upon the trajectory set by its lived experience and its choices therein. But we give this instrument the sense that it lacks the planning and coordination that the third-density entity experiences.

And we would ask for a repeat of that portion of the query about sharing love with the owner.

J2 asked: “Within that life review, they get to experience the joy they brought to their people?”

We are those of Q’uo and appreciate the repetition of that portion of the query. And, indeed, we can affirm the rightness of this supposition by stating that in the inner planes of the second density, the recently deceased second-density entity may experience and see, as it were, the love shared and the bond experienced with its second… we correct this instrument… with its third-density companions. It is a treasured portion of the second-density entity’s experience, and it will have significant effect, not only on the second density entity’s awakening to individual identity, but its future course, both through the conclusion of second density and into third density.

We thank the one known as Austin for sharing these questions from other readers. And at this time, we would transfer the contact to the one known as Jim with gratitude to this instrument and to the circle. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am once again with this instrument. We are aware that there are queries that are to be asked of this instrument, and we feel that this instrument is ready to proceed. We would ask then for the first query.

Yes. Q’uo, we have a dear friend who today is moving into hospice care and is looking in her immediate future to a transition into the larger life. I would just ask if there are any words of support that you could give this entity and/or any words of support you could give those of us who have established relationship with an entity who is about to embark on transition.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister, and the great degree of love and concern in which it is asked. We are aware that transitions from your third-density illusion into the life between lives is a kind of venturing forth into the unknown, for the most part, for all concerned.

The journey of the life experience is one which has included many who have loved and been loved by this entity called L. This love is that feature of this illusion that is most desirable. For to open the heart in unconditional love to those about one, and to feel that love returned, is a situation in which the purpose of the incarnation for all has been achieved.

To love is to know that each is one with the other, whether the other is within the incarnation or has transitioned through to the light that remains ever the destination for the one making the transition. The light is that which is the gateway to the true home within what you would call the heaven realms or the inner planes. This is where each entity within the third density comes from in order to partake in the opportunity of opening the heart in unconditional love and choosing a path of service to others that exemplifies this choice.

There are those within the spiritual family of such an entity on both sides of the illusion. Those within the third density illusion - the immediate family, the friends, and coworkers - are those who have most likely been involved with this entity many times before this particular incarnation and have shared with this entity many experiences of seeking and serving the one in all. These experiences are a kind of bond that cannot be broken.

These loving experiences from past and previous incarnations, along with the present incarnation, are those which connect heart to heart, soul to soul. And though the transition seems to remove one entity from the illusion and the family about it, it reconnects this entity with other members of that same family, so that eventually all will realize that the life now seeming to end is but a brief paragraph in a great story of creation.

It is a story that all share. It is a story that all experience. It is a story that will never end, even though the life seems to end in this illusion. It goes on and on and on. And all eventually will be reunited in the true life and the true home that exists on the other side of the veil of forgetting which will be penetrated by the light of the love of the entity leaving the incarnation.

We suggest to all involved in this experience that though there will be sorrow at the absence of the one known as L, there shall also be rejoicing in the knowledge that she goes to her true home. And then one day soon, all shall join her there. Where there is no illusion. Where all is known and seen as the One Creator - the living love that has created the universe and all that is within it.

We bless the one known as L, her friends, and family, and encourage them to rejoice at her life and to experience the love that they have felt from her and for her as that bond wish shall exist forever. 2

Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, I have one from Kelly, who writes: “Some families have both service-to-self and service-to-other members. While it is well to think we are all one, should service-to-other entities keep a relationship with a service-to-self family member who is willing to cause harm to other selves? Should service-to-others entities keep a relationship with a service-to-self family member when this relationship results to ongoing struggle between the subjugation and rejection of subjugation? I suppose there must be a metaphysical reason for both service-to-other and service-to-self being born in the same family unit.”

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. This is a situation in which there is no clear distinction between the service-to-self and service-to-other entities as regards the family of origin. It must be remembered that this is an illusion in which we all live as individual mind/body/spirit complexes which have come to learn certain lessons. And these lessons oftentimes seem to be quite damaging in the short run for some of the members of the family unit. The damage that is done is when there is no understanding or compassion that is shared in a concrete sense from one member to another, and instead, there is that which seeks harm and damage, be it of the mind, the body, or the spirit of another member of the family. This provides a great challenge for the positively oriented entity. For to remain in such a relationship is to encourage further harm from the entity that seems to be bent on offering only harm and seems to be of a negative nature.

In such a situation, it is often that the one who is the service-to-others entity must make a choice as to how to experience the relationship with the seeming negative entity. The service-to-others entity who has made the choice of positive polarity knows that, at the base of all being, are all one. However, this unity may be expressed in a way in which there are challenges that are too great to continue - being so damaging as to distort the incarnational patterns.

In such a situation, it would be our recommendation, which we suggest be considered carefully, that there would be a mutual agreement that each should go its own way and sever the ties that not only bind, but tend to break the service-to-others entity. It is further recommended that the service-to-others entity meditate within its private times to see the nature of the service-to-others 3 family member as being that which needs to be severed, while remaining in love with the entity at the level of the soul where the entity is the Creator without negative polarity interfering with the relationship between the two.

As this type of an experience is had and evolves into the separation of the two, it is hoped that only the negative entity shall see the situation as true separation. It is hoped that the positive entity can see that, though there shall no longer be the physical presence of one with the other, that in truth, both are still united in the nature of a unified creation, so that there may be a free expression of each entities polarity without affecting the other.

Is there a further query, my brother?

I have one. I unfortunately don’t have the name of the seeker. They write: “When an individual is in a vegetative state due to an accident or injury, what is the condition of their soul or their being? Is it unable to leave the vessel until physical death? And what can we do to assist such a person’s soul?”

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of your query, my brother. When the life pattern for such an entity brings it to the point that its consciousness is no longer functioning in the third-density reality, then it is that there is the possibility of choice being made at the level of the soul for the third-density entity that is in what you would call the vegetative state. Sometimes, there is a crisis point in such an entity’s life in which the challenges of continuing the incarnation are considered to perhaps be too great to undertake, that there needs to be a time during which the soul of the entity has the opportunity to either enhance and inspire the dedication of the entity in the vegetative state to continue its life pattern, or to allow the entity to leave the incarnation so that it may heal and review that which has been most challenging and which has caused its current condition of being unconscious or in the vegetative state.

Entities within this entity’s circle of friends and family may aid such progress or decision-making by meditating and sending their love, light, and healing energies to surround and imbue the unconscious entity so that it knows that, should a desire to remain within the incarnation, there are those about it who would be more than willing to help the entity make an attempt to deal with the challenges that have caused its current situation. This type of meditation is that which is most helpful in that it allows the one who is unconscious to be imbued with an energizing force that it can translate into an enhanced desire to remain within the incarnation.

However, if this unconscious entity has a strong enough will to leave the incarnation, and does so, it is suggested that those friends and family around it wish it well as they meditate and send their blessings, their love, and their hoped-for enhancement of the next incarnation for the unconscious entity.

In each instance, the friends and family may provide a kind of support that can be used by the free will exercised by the unconscious entity, and help it to make the most salubrious choice, shall we say, in the overall sense of the life pattern and its continuation into the next life in third density.

Is there a final query at this time?

Q’uo, there’s a query from our friend T, who asks: “Why is it inherently difficult when the threshold is crossed between days 9 through 10 in the 18-day adept cycle described by Ra?” 4

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of your query, my brother. The adept cycle is one which is closely associated with the various instreamings of cosmic energy that are surrounding and imbuing Planet Earth at this time. It is a cycle which has certain resonances or periods of expression of this energy that are greater than other times. It is as though the long-distance runner has a period or place in the run at which there are liquids and foods offered to help it continue the race.

The instreamings from the various locations throughout the galaxy that comprise the cycle of the adept are in what you call a resonating or modulating mode of the sine wave which takes advantage of various portions of the instreamings and utilizes them in the mind, the body, and the spirit. There are certain times when some of these offerings of this cosmic instreaming energy are blended one with another in a rhythmic pattern, so that the adept may be more or less effective, depending upon the blending of these energies.

These energies tend to repeat, more or less, in the same pattern with slight variations, so that there is a continuing balance that may be maintained, even though the energies instreaming from the galaxy are of a somewhat enhanced power or expression of energy depending upon the resolution of your sun, the moon, and the various planetary entities within your solar system.

This is a very intricate and complex expression of energies that do work together and aid the adept in being able to express its energies in an useful matter depending upon the period of the cycle.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, thanking each for inviting our presence. You have been an inspiration to us as you venture out into new territory, shall we say, that is more intense in your study of the channeling process. We applaud your efforts and would note that each has done a fine job, shall we say, of making the opening within the mind/body/spirit complex to receive the words and concepts which we project to you through the opening of your beingness and the exercising of your channels.

You have done a yeoman’s job this day. We leave each in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Ra: “It is also to be noted that an adept is one which has freed itself more and more from the constraints of the thoughts, opinions, and bonds of other-selves. Whether this is done for service to others or service to self, it is a necessary part of the awakening of the adept. This freedom is seen by those not free as what you would call evil or black. The magic is recognized; the nature is often not.” #80.10 

  2. L is Laura, she who for the past year has been responsible for producing a transcript of L/L’s channeled sessions from the audio recordings. Before that service, Laura volunteered as a correspondent for the prison ministry for three years. Laura is a radiant soul whose energetic imprint will live on in the full-hearted service she gave to L/L and the readership. 

  3. It seems likely that Q’uo intended to say “service-to-self” here. 

  4. Ra: “The mind/body/spirit complex is born under a series of influences, both lunar, planetary, cosmic, and in some cases, karmic. The moment of the birthing into this illusion begins the cycles we have mentioned. The spiritual, or adept’s, cycle is an eighteen-day cycle and operates with the qualities of the sine wave. Thus there are a few excellent days on the positive side of the curve, that being the first nine days of the cycle—precisely the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth—when workings are most appropriately undertaken, given that the entity is still without total conscious control of its mind/body/spirit distortion/reality. The most interesting portion of this information, like that of each cycle, is the noting of the critical point wherein, passing from the ninth to the tenth and from the eighteenth to the first days, the adept will experience some difficulty, especially when there is a transition occurring in another cycle at the same time. At the nadir of each cycle the adept will be at its least powerful but will not be open to difficulties in nearly the degree that it experiences at critical times.” #64.10