Q’uo, can you please talk about the experience of losing a loved one, and how we can heal and find wholeness from that experience?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. It is such an honor for us to be with you tonight, and we thank you for inviting us to join your group.

Before we communicate and address the query for the evening, as always, we would ask the favor that you look upon our words as those which are offered in the hope of being a service that which do not come from an authority figure, so that you may feel free to discard any to do not serve you well. If you would do us this favor, you will help us to speak clearly and in the most knowledgeable way that we have available to us. Our knowledge comes from our experience of seeking and serving the One Creator in all beings. And in this gathering of information, we are privileged to be able to present somewhat of an overview for most of the queries of entities within the third density which are operating behind the veil of forgetting, which hides so much of the truth of the nature of your being and the reason for your being on the earth at this time within its third-density experience.

Each of you, and all of those who are dear to you, and all of the rest of the entities on this planet (for the most part), have come to try in every aspect of their being to discover more of the nature of their own being and its connection to the One Creator. Each entity before the incarnation is able to plan the experience to come with others of its spiritual family, as you may call it. These plans are most interlocked and harmonious in the desire to help each entity within the spiritual family to realize various aspects of their chakra system that allows them to express some feature of the One Creator that will allow the learning of identity, expression, and service in various ways. Each has a role to play in the overall experience that is shared with many other entities within the illusion. However, those within a certain spiritual family have roles that begin within the earthly family and many other associated types of groupings, such as the schools, the churches, the society, that will also aid in the realization of the choices that are made previous to the incarnation.

Each finds an unique way to proceed in the interrelationships so that there are goals that are hoped for and planned for that will manifest in some fashion at various times during the incarnation. The interaction between entities within the incarnation begins in what you would call a kind of sleep and forgetting, so that there is the subconscious memory of these plans and interactions and relationships that will allow the entity within the incarnation to be able to make certain commitments and realize certain experiences in relationship to other of the entities within the spiritual family. The bonding of the earthly family, then, becomes a kind of foundation upon which each incarnation shall proceed. In this bonding, there is the ability and desire to open the heart in loving acceptance, in most cases, so that there may be a mutual exchange of information and emotional reactions to the type of experience that each shares within the incarnation.

The overall goal, of course, for most third-density entities is the sharing of the lower energy centers—the red, the orange, and the yellow—in such a manner that there is the opportunity to open the heart center so that which you call unconditional love may be experienced by various members of the spiritual family and the earthly family. This type of opening of the heart begins at an early age so that there is the experience of loving acceptance that becomes the most notable feature of most of the entities within the earthly family. This type of opening to the heart of love then allows an energizing of individual precession through the illusion so that other goals may also be recognized and achieved upon the individual level. There are the opportunities to study certain areas of inquiry, to become able to proceed into the work-a-day world, shall we say, always remembering that there is this bond that binds each to the other, as the experiences continue to go through the educational system, the social system, and the working system of earning a living, shall we say.

This type of an experience is most common to the general population of the planet. And each type of earthly family, then, may be able to send its various members out into the world to explore new horizons that allow self-realization in an emotional way, in an intellectual way, and in a spiritual way, in varying degrees for each of the members of the family. These types of explorations—to expand the personality and the spiritual qualities of the personality—are hoped to produce a type of acceptance within each entity that will allow each to proceed with the group energies as the way of sharing the learnings within the outer experience of the entity that proceeds in its own path to find the meaning of the life experience, to be able to share it whenever possible with others in the spiritual family and the earthly family.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we hear your query. We feel your query is a matter of the opening of the heart—the heart center. The experience of losing a loved one on your Earth plane touches the heart deeply and is cause to help open heart—we correct this instrument—open the heart more as a result of the loss. For through such a loss will come many emotions including sadness and pain and grief. Also come through many emotions such as gladness for having had that loved one in one’s life, remembrance of the happy and wonderful times shared that also open the heart.

This shared experience throughout whatever length of the lifetime bring[s] much beauty into the heart and mind of the one that leaves the Earth plane and the ones that shared the life with them who are so-called left behind. But we wish to illustrate that there is an everlasting heart connection with all those who have gone to the higher plane above Earth and those who remain on the earth plane. That heart connection is everlasting. For all the times that the hearts were singing together in the earth experience—heart singing with joy at knowing one another, the laughter—send out vibrations into your time and space and into your own heart that reside forever.

These vibrations of love shared are the beauty of your earth experience and are never forgotten, always felt, and are everlasting. These vibrations of pure love shared remain with the entity who leaves and the entity who stays. And indeed, such vibrations flow outward toward all and enrich the earth-plane experience for all who dwell in Earth. Every moment of love shared between entities raises up the earth-plane existence higher, [and] indeed helps all who dwell in Earth. No moment of love is ever wasted; it is something of substance that lives on.

There is an upswelling at this time on your Earth plane of much love shared and much remembrance of love shared, as those who are leaving the earth plane depart, taking with them their love and leaving behind much love. Though the veil separates those who are experiencing this loss, there is an energy in earth that is benefiting from this love shared that is helping the earth; helping all who dwell in Earth right now. Even through the pain of the loss.

We are those of Q’uo, and we now pass the contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We offer this context of the planning of incarnations, of the purpose of life and death, of the effects of seeming loss and the love found therein as it ripples out to your planet and to the entire creation because such context can help an entity reeling with the sense of loss to find orientation, to stabilize the sense of immense pain felt when encountering such a loss within your illusion.

But as we offer this context, we encourage any entity grappling with this deepest of questions to not allow such context to cover up the experience of the loss and the pain and sorrow and grief that are felt. For these experiences are unique to your illusion, in which the veil of forgetting hinders your ability to perceive the larger truth: that any seeming death or loss upon your plane is simply a transformation and movement to another plane. That illusion is indeed part of a larger truth. Your veiled illusion is not an illusion in the sense that it is a lie or a deception or falsity. It is simply an illusion in the sense that it is a small part of a much larger truth.

And there is a purpose for your experiencing this very constricted view of the larger truth. You may engage this purpose by allowing all experience—both joy and sorrow, and particularly the deep sense of loss and pain that you may experience upon encountering the loss of one dear to you. We encourage entities who find themselves experiencing this catalyst to treat this grief and sorrow as friends coming to visit and asking for your attention. For they are friends who have a truth to speak to you. And though you may not understand what they are attempting to share with you at first, if you try and try and continue to listen to these friends, the truth that they speak may become clearer. And we believe that you will find the truth being offered to you—through this sense of loss and immense pain—is the truth of the unifying connection you shared with the one so dear to you.

Such connection within the illusion is your primary opportunity to experience the Creator and the love that flows forth from the Creator. Each connection you make through love is a window that allows the Creator’s light to shine ever brighter into your illusion.

We understand that from your perspective, death seems to close this window and hinder this connection. Yet in tending gently to your grief, with patience and acceptance, you may discover that this window never shuts; you only lose sight due to the drastic change in the configuration of your personal illusion. Yet the window will remain open so long as you continue to seek and have faith that the connection you shared is real and is significant, and that this connection is the Creator manifest in your illusion.

We understand the difficulty that the illusion of third density imposes in finding such perspective while in the midst of such intense catalyst. We do not wish to diminish such experiences by offering our words of hope. And we understand that such words may do little to soothe in a given moment. Yet we continue to offer more than words—our love and our light—for such pain in an individual creates a calling that reverberates throughout the creation. The sorrow you feel is as a beacon to us, the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, and we respond with the entirety of our being in offering you and all others who are calling our deepest love.

And it is our hope that any individual contributing to this calling upon your planet makes the conscious effort, through thought or prayer or meditation, to open themselves to this love and allow us the great honor of cultivating healing and wholeness as you seek it.

We are not simply here to share words and thoughts and philosophy, but to share our entire being. And we are enriched by the sharing, as you may be enriched.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim to share our final thoughts for this meeting. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am again with this instrument. The incarnations that you live upon your Earth plane are but brief moments in eternity that have within them the opportunity to share the love and the light of the One Creator with all about one, starting with those members that you have incarnated with, from the spiritual realms, from your true home, that have come with you to help you and to be helped by you, to seek and serve the One in all things. This is a grand journey each of you is upon. It is one which is planned to enhance the knowledge of the Creator, your knowledge, and the opening of the heart for each entity within the spiritual family incarnated within the earthly family. These experiences are treasures that will proceed with you as you leave the incarnation as well and reunite with those who have left before you. This is a process [which] has been going on for a great period of what you would call time, so that the lessons of love of others and service to others might be mastered to the degree that will allow the movement into the fourth density of love and understanding. This is a cooperative effort. And many times in this effort, there are the multiple types of emotions that are experienced to help bring learning more firmly into the heart, the mind, and the spirit.

Your emotional body is one which can help you to seat these lessons within, so that when you feel the sorrow of loss, that sorrow may find its balance in the love for the entity that is gone. The entity that is supposedly gone is back in its true spiritual home and has an ability to remain, shall we say, nearby or within the inner plains that interpenetrate your third-density illusion. There is the opportunity, from time to time, for the sharing of information and the vibrations of love that one may notice when thinking of the entity that is gone. Meditating upon these times and the entity that is gone oftentimes can result in a feeling of comfort and inspiration that comes from knowing there is no true death; there is only life eternal, the larger life that is realized when the third-density illusion is exited. This larger life is that which you truly exist in. See then yourselves in that true home, that you also have come from and shall return to when you drop the veil of forgetting and your third-density body to move into the light and return to the more rarefied and inspirational realms of experience where the One Creator is so obviously experienced by all therein existing.

Be comforted by the knowledge that the departed loved one is now basking in this infinite love and light at the location in time/space—or the heaven realms—that is the true home. You shall meet again. There is no end to life, there is only an end to illusion.

We thank each of you for being a part of this grand illusion, in which everyone has a role to play and which will provide to each the lessons desired, the ability to open the heart in unconditional love, and to make a mark upon the world shall we say, that is indelible, that this particular entity has been in this world and has danced the dance of sharing love, of being one, of inspiring with words and deeds, and the very being of the entity. That this is a portion of a shared experience that shall never disappear, never be forgotten, and always be with the ones that love together.

We are those of Q’uo. We will now take a leave of this instrument in this group, thanking you once again for inviting our presence. We are honored to have been with you this evening. We look forward to future shared experience. We leave you in the love in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those who Q’uo. Adonai, vasu borragus.