This is a list of Law of One study groups around the world. With the exception of our own, none of the groups listed here are overseen by or are extensions of L/L Research. All are independently founded and operated. Some we know, some we don’t.

While we cannot vet all the study groups, we ask each listed here to:

  1. Be service-to-others oriented
  2. Be available for contact
  3. Go beyond textual study in order to blend communal energies in care for one another
  4. Position the Law of One or the Confederation philosophy generally at the center of their study, though they may incorporate other material
  5. Be awesome. And humble.

If you would like to see your group added to or removed from this list, please let us know. And if you would like to find others in your area to form a group with, you can visit our Seeker Connector Map.

As Confederation sources remind us, our light is doubled when we come together, and the product of that is doubled again and again with the addition of each new seeker. The magic of the Creator within us becomes much stronger when we work together in harmony.

May you thus empower each other to study not only the Law of One text on the pages, but to discover the Law of One within yourselves, and to see all as the Creator.

(You can explore community- and L/L Research-generated resources for Law of One study on our Ra Contact page.)