Ra’s Loved Universal Brothers and Sisters

Mumbai and online

We are a Group of humble children of One Infinite Creator spanning across India and the world who have an online study group for reading and translating The Ra Material into Hindi. The reading/translating is facilitated by Ginni Aneja and PA (Project Activation). The translated videos are uploaded on www.youtube.com/ginnianeja for a larger audience to learn from.

We strive to live up to the teachings in the Ra Material in our daily lives and always look forward to be of service to our fellow brothers and sisters by seeking out opportunities of teach/learn, learn/teach.

With this service-to-others ideology in mind, we have also formed State-wise/City-wise groups so that people living closer to each other can become a social memory complex and reach out to each other as and when needed, help spread the light, and plan in-person meetings, useful in sharing knowledge and do Contact Meditations as and when possible.

Further, we also conduct online daily meditations with a purpose of sending Healing to Mother Earth and helping all of humanity in a smooth ascension/harvest.

Our quest is still incomplete and our journey I believe has just begun.

10 AUGUST 2023 UPDATE: Unfortunately, our Telegram has been hacked and spammed. We were forced to change the links and have decided to screen every entry, so if you wish to join the group kindly send a message on t.me/ginnianeja.


Kanishk Mahadev aka P.A. (Project Activation) and Ginni Aneja





Taichung LoO/RC Study Group

#100, Sec. 1, Huizhong Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan

We have had various groups in Taiwan for 15 or more years. This particular group has been gathering twice a month since 2020. We just finished Session 11 in the Law of One books (as of 2021 Jan). As of 2021, regular members are around 10 so far.


Terry Hsu