About L/L Research

Who is L/L Research?

A non-proselytizing, non-profit organization offering a variety of spiritually and community-oriented services. This organization is run by a small band of dedicated spiritual seekers working cohesively together on staff, along with support from many kindhearted volunteers from around the world. At the center of L/L Research’s service is the ministry of discovering and freely sharing information in order to aid in the spiritual evolution of humankind, particularly channeled information from Confederation sources about the Law of One.

You can find more on our About page.

What does “L/L Research” mean?

Named by Don and Carla when it was formed in 1970, “L/L” stands for “Love/Light” (or “Light/Love,” if you want). In the metaphysics of the Law of One, love/light is what they call intelligent energy—that “energy which heals, builds, removes, destroys, and transforms” all things. The architecting energy of the universe, it is the kinetic manifestation of intelligent infinity, the only energy that there ever was or will be. All other energies are derivative distortions thereof.

How did L/L Research get started?

In 1955, Don Elkins made a commitment to “put the puzzle pieces together.” For him this meant seeking the greater truth that left hints of itself in the form of paranormal occurrences, UFOs, and other phenomena that conventional science either couldn’t or wouldn’t investigate. This search eventually introduced him to the idea of making telepathic contact with beings from outside of this world via channeling, and he began experiments in this area in 1962, through which he met Carla Rueckert. In 1968, Carla joined Don in his research full time. In 1970 they formed (what they initially called) the “L/L Company,” soon to be changed to “L/L Research.” In 1974, Carla began channeling, moving the experiment forward significantly. In 1980, Jim McCarty joined the group and 23 days later, a seminal event in human history, as a tiny percentage of the planet would describe it, began: contact from Ra and the production of what would become the Law of One. Read more on our History & Origins page.

What do you humans do?

First and foremost we seek to empower the free will of spiritual seekers to discover themselves and all things as the One Creator. Toward that end we share the fruit of our service, we love people, connect with people, and connect people with each other.

And all sorts of things in support of that goal, including… maintaining and updating a library website at LLResearch.org where we freely share everything we’ve ever published; hosting a community website at Bring4th.org; conducting weekly public meditations with channeling along with semi-monthly channeling circles and publishing the resulting transcripts to the website; replying to virtually every seeker email sent to us in ministry to their questions, needs, and sharing; creating and self-publishing books from scratch to finish, including free PDFs, free e-books, printed books, Kindle books, and audiobooks; hosting and publishing a Law of One podcast; conducting or collaborating on at least three annual gatherings/workshops; sharing the Confederation material daily via social media platforms and through periodic newsletters; running an online store and shipping books for those interested in print versions; working with foreign publishers and licensing partners; working with a variety of volunteers in support of this mission; running a prison ministry to serve incarcerated seekers; and every other nuts ’n bolts aspect of running a 501c3 non-profit organization. Not to mention doing our fallible best to seek our own evolution, shine our love/light, be awesome to people, and not get into too much trouble.

You can read about our exploits in our bi-weekly “Blogworthy Report”.

How can I know more about the story of L/L Research?

We would suggest the book Tilting at Windmills along with the History & Origins section of the website. The former contains the transcripts of a seven-day interview with Carla and Jim designed to capture the biography of the organization, the personal biographies of its founders, and the story of the Ra contact specifically.

Why do you give away the work for free?

We have received abundant testimony from others about the transformative nature of this material, and we have experienced the same in our own lives. While it is not for everyone, it can have a truly enduring effect on the lives of people for whom it resonates. Stretching back to a policy first set by Don and Carla in the 70s, we feel that such a potent aid to the spiritual journey ought not be withheld for reasons of financial limitation. We’ve been blessed to be able to hold to that ethic and will do so as long as we draw breath.

How do you fund the organization?

Funding has always been a mix of donations and book sales. (Gatherings are a net financial negative, but we see these as a service.) Up until the launch of L/L’s first online store in 2008, funding for the organization was supplemented from the personal pockets of Carla and Jim. From then forward L/L Research has been increasingly self-reliant and community-supported, with the largest single source of revenue coming from donations. See our Yellow-Ray Information page for more information about L/L Research’s funding and finances.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributes! We couldn’t do this without you.

Does L/L Research offer official or authoritative interpretations of the Law of One?

Possessing some depth of humility in the face of a philosophy that is multiple quantum leaps beyond the limitations of our third-density mind complexes, we understand that Law of One study is a collective project. In other words, no, we do not claim any authoritative or official stance in interpreting the material that we share.

As humans stewarding this material, we do have decades of study and practice, and we naturally have our own interpretations and opinions that we occasionally share through various means. But we honor the unique light that each seeker can bring to the study of the Law of One. We learn from others about the Law of One as much as we offer our own interpretation.

Just as we ask for discernment when considering the words of the Confederation, we ask even more so when considering our human words and thoughts. As Carla liked to say, we are all bozos on the bus.

Would you consider advertising for this material? / Why don’t you advertise?

We have mixed and unfinalized feelings on the mixing of advertising and spiritual information. We’ve generally tended far more towards caution and abstaining from promotion, particularly in the form of advertising. The original L/L crew of the 80s and 90s did some bare bones advertisements which simply notified readers that, essentially, these books exist. Otherwise, L/L has not explored advertising in any meaningful way. We leave the door open to the possibility, but we are a dispassionate bunch.

That is unless Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is interested in promoting our material. In that case we would be a hard yes.

What does it mean when you say that L/L Research is “dispassionate”?

We have an abundance of passion for the mission, for service to others, and for our own spiritual evolution. By dispassion we mean that we have no objective to convert, evangelize, or proselytize others. Our goal is simply to make the material available. If people love it, great! If they don’t, great! We recognize that each must seek and find their own truth, and that the Law of One, though extraordinary to our eyes, is not the right fit for many if not most people. We always encourage others to exercise their own discernment in assessing their truth. Ra shares a similar orientation in the following passage:

It is impossible to help another being directly. It is only possible to make catalyst available in whatever form, the most important being the radiation of realization of oneness with the Creator from the self, less important being information such as we share with you.

We, ourselves, do not feel an urgency for this information to be widely disseminated. It is enough that we have made it available to three, four, or five. This is extremely ample reward, for if one of these obtains fourth-density understanding due to this catalyst then we shall have fulfilled the Law of One in the distortion of service.

We encourage a dispassionate attempt to share information without concern for numbers or quick growth among others. That you attempt to make this information available is, in your term, your service. The attempt, if it reaches one, reaches all.

We cannot offer shortcuts to enlightenment. Enlightenment is of the moment, is an opening to intelligent infinity. It can only be accomplished by the self, for the self. Another self cannot teach/learn enlightenment, but only teach/learn information, inspiration, or a sharing of love, of mystery, of the unknown that makes the other-self reach out and begin the seeking process that ends in a moment, but who can know when an entity will open the gate to the present?

Why is this work so little known?

Because people’s thresholds for awesome have not opened and expanded large enough to hold something of this magnitude.

Annnddd, let’s count the reasons: it is channeled information; it is sourced from discarnate planetary civilizations in higher dimensions; the material is dense and, especially in the case of Ra, the prose can be quite technical, clause heavy, and filled with jargon; no “proof” is offered beyond the innate strength and logical consistency of the material itself, its congruency with earth’s perennial philosophy, and its appeal to our highest ethics; L/L Research doesn’t market or advertise; much of the planet is still battling over cultural, ethnic, and religious differences; it calls one to the highest possible self-responsibility in the disarming vulnerability that all is the Creator and that there are, ultimately, no enemies or victims, not to mention no right or wrong; and, the big one, if you want to use the word, aliens. (For some reason, most people on this planet don’t have an established context for accepting words received through telepathic contact with beings from other planets and dimensions).

Also, even if all the above were not stumbling blocks, it is level of teaching that is still a few steps beyond what those in third density need to simply make the Choice to serve. It is geared more towards adepts, those burning with an uncommon strength for seeking the One Creator. And, though unknowable, it likely appeals mostly to wanderers. Though naturally many who feel they are not wanderers also appreciate the Law of One.

What is your stance on conspiracy theories?

Jim McCarty spoke to this question exceptionally well in the note accompanying Fragment 3 in The Law of One, Book V:

“[Conspiracy theory is generally] entirely unimportant and of a transient nature since knowing it adds nothing to one’s ability or desire to seek the truth and the nature of the evolutionary process, whether the information is true or not. In fact, knowing and continuing to seek this kind of information can become a major stumbling block to one’s spiritual journey because it removes one’s attention from the eternal truths which may serve anyone’s journey—at any time—and places it upon that which is only of fleeting interest and of little use spiritually. Concentrating on conspiracy theories and their participants tends to reinforce the illusion of separation and ignores the love that binds all things as One Being. If we had continued to pursue this particular line of questioning, or any other line of questioning of a transient nature, we would soon have lost the contact with those of Ra….”

He goes onto speak about conspiracy theory in the context of channeling specifically, but the dynamics Jim describes in the following paragraph are applicable to the spiritual path in general. The tuning we do everyday determines our compass settings and what will be our consequent experience:

“Pursuing information of this kind is like moving the dial on your radio so that you end up with another station altogether from the one with which you began. This change in desire for the kind of information that the group seeks from its contact is the signal to that contact that what it has to offer is no longer desired, and the Law of Free Will requires that only hints of this de-tuning process be given to the group so that all choices that the group makes are totally a product of its free will. When a group continues to seek the transient information, the positive contact gives hints here and there that such information is not of importance, but when the group persists in seeking this kind of information, the positive contact, in order to observe the free will of the group, must slowly withdraw and is then eventually replaced by a negative contact which is only too happy to give this kind of information, but with less desire for accuracy and with maximal desire to remove the group from the ranks of those who serve others.”

In reading the material on this site, you will likely find channeled information that speaks to the existence of hidden powers operating in our society, but it is not our intent or desire for these details to be the focus of the material shared. We believe the central focus of this information is the information and inspiration that speak to love, service, spiritual evolution, and the oneness of all.

In general, L/L Research does not support any use of our material that intends to promote fear, encourage separation, or energize conspiracy-oriented thinking. For more information, see the Interpretations and Use of the Law of One page.

What is the difference between The Ra Contact and The Law of One?

That is explained on The Ra Contact page.

Note that there is a distinction to be made between the actual Law of One and the books titled The Law of One. The latter contain the transcripts of a transmission from a humble messenger speaking about the former. Of the former, Ra says: “There is no possibility of a complete source of information of the Law of One in this density.” #26.4

For an introductory dive into consideration of the Law of One as the principle all-governing reality, visit the “About this Philosophy” section below.

How do you as an organization operate and make decisions generally?

We are fortunately small enough that when operational decisions need made for the organization, we operate by group consensus in a cohesive and disciplined focus on the mission. In every decision we make at the heart of L/L Research as directors, staff, and board, we are either pre-harmonized with each other because we are unified in shared mission and in knowledge/acceptance of each other; or we come into harmony through discussion and deliberation, leaning into each other’s wisdom, being sensitive to the needs of the mission and the readership, and sensing for what wants to come forth. We do virtually nothing outside of that harmonious consensus.

Though sometimes we fall short, we also strive to be in harmony and consensus with the circles outside of the L/L center in every relationship we have, especially in our collaborative relationship with volunteers with whom we honor a maximum autonomy in balance with the needs of the mission. We seek this harmony even with outside paid professionals – attorneys, CPAs, etc. – who have seemingly no direct part in the mission. It is our nature.

Harmony, as was emphasized repeatedly, is what enabled the Ra contact and decades of that sacred trust with the Confederation whose ideas we seek, as instruments, to channel into this world. It is at the base of what allows us to hold the light that we share.

What is the benefit of the material L/L Research makes available?

Who knows what heights or depths one may reach with the use of the conceptual and philosophical understandings of this material? Decades of testimony indicates broad patterns of self-discovery, healing, forgiveness, awakening/intensifying the service-orientation, transformation, heart-opening, and liberation from old restrictive forms. But only you can know what if any benefit that this work may bring to your path. As always, we encourage you to set it aside if you find no resonance, inspiration, or aid from our material. We wish to offer stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

What is your orientation with regard to the way you offer the material?

How we seek to hold the light is as important as the light we hold. Here are some principles to which we hew:

Dispassion – Dispassion is vital to our orientation. That includes turning down the power on the very text that we offer by reminding the seeker that they are the truth that they seek, that this is just a resource for their own self-discovery.

Like the Buddha’s parable of the raft, the Confederation’s teachings may be used to cross the river to the other shore self-realization, but once that shore is reached (however one determines such a thing), the raft may be discarded.

While we speak positively of this material because we love it, because it’s been immeasurably helpful in our own lives, because we’ve seen its impact on those who resonate, we don’t proselytize or evangelize. We don’t sensationalize or hype the material. We don’t suggest to anyone that they need it, or would be better, or would gain whiter teeth if they used this information.

That also includes not engaging in manipulative advertising – or really, any advertising – that would seek to foster consumership.

Respecting free will – We avoid dogmatism as best as possible. We respect the seeker’s sovereignty. We promote the discernment of the seeker and we encourage them to set aside this material if it is not a helpful fit for them at this time.

Authority – We disclaim our own authority in the spiritual sense. We cannot do the learning for anyone else. We have no final answers for anyone else, only freely given catalyst that may or may not be helpful.

Authenticity – This material places a premium on authenticity: on being and accepting who and what you truly are with increasingly less pretense. Indeed this philosophy suggests that being who you are is your greatest most profound service. We seek to be authentic, humble, and accessible, not being put on pedestals or treated as gurus or sources of ultimate wisdom; that includes enbracing our human folly in the spirit that “we are all bozos on the bus,” as Carla liked to say.

Membership – We avoid membership. We instead seek to offer tools and resources to individuals and groups that they may use as they see fit on their spiritual journeys.

Embodiment –However imperfectly, we strive to embody the principles we seek.

When holding something of spiritual power such as the Law of One is — because people’s lives are changed in the considerable meaning and guidance they find in this material — there are many ways to get it wrong. We cannot claim to be perfect in upholding this responsibility, but we continually strive to hold our position with honor, care, and open hearts.

Are you gurus, enlightened beings, or people who have figured it all out?

We have pretty much mastered Microsoft Word, and we do channel Confederation sources pretty well, but in no way, shape, or form should we be construed as anything but fellow brothers and sisters stumbling our own way through the dark in the seeking of truth. We work with our own forms of suffering on the daily. We stumble. We err. And we continue our own very long journey of learning.

In terms of the ministry of L/L Research, we provide tools for spiritual development to be tested in your own lives, and we seed thought to be contemplated in your own inquiry. In the spirit of gift, we channel, generate, and freely offer these resources in service to the spiritual seeker, and collectives thereof.

At the heart of those resources is the message that we help to anchor and relay from Confederation sources. As another portion of those resources, we also offer our own opinions, interpretations, and understandings of the material in the event that the fruit of our learning may benefit an other-self. But ultimately we consider ourselves students — students of a philosophy that attempts to elicit a mystery which is at once beyond anyone’s comprehension, ours included, and simultaneously lives within the innermost sanctum of each of our hearts. That mystery, the holy of holies, is our inalienable, unteachable connection to and oneness with the Creator.

Connecting with & Supporting L/L Research

How do I contact L/L Research?

Email is always the best method, please. Paragraph breaks are appreciated.

Or if snail mail’s your jam, you can write to: PO Box 5195, Louisville, KY, 40255-0195, USA.

Please know that we cannot always be speedy with a reply, but we will reply to you!

Tip: If you are interested in a given topic in the material, we’re happy to help. You could also consider running keyword searches on L/L’s material using our search engine (see magnifying glass in the upper-right corner).

How do I order books of this material?
How do I visit L/L Research?

The first portion of the journey begins in a South American jungle. If after ingesting the sacred cactus you are given a sign, then you may move onto the second portion, your journey to the Himalayas. Equipped with four days’ worth of food and supplies, you must use only your resonance and cunning to locate the high-altitude holy abode of L/L Research. Be sure to pack a seat cushion because we have limited seating in our disco cave.

Alternatively, you can attend one of our twice-monthly public meditations in Louisville, Kentucky that run on Saturdays from Sep–May in a medium-sized living room.

Or you can attend one of our workshop gatherings here, though space is very limited and they fill up very quickly. See our Events page for more information.

Please note: We are not set up like an ashram, nor do we have a visitor’s center or bunk beds. L/L is a tiny outfit that operates out of residential homes that achieves most of its work by seating monkeys (that’s us) in front of computers.

Can I connect to your meetings remotely? / Do you stream the channeling meditations?

We’re sorry to report that the meetings are open only for in-person visitation at this time.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?
Do you have membership?

No membership, only a loosely networked readership around the world who we seek to support with all our heart.

How do I support your work?

Big but still serious answer: Discover the self and all things as the Creator. Share love freely. Shine your light unstintingly. Be who you most truly are. Serve others. Heal yourself. This the planet needs.

And more specifically, you can donate, volunteer, help others in our online community (whether with study or with a listening ear), and pay forward the gifts you receive from this work.

Can I help with translating this material into other languages?

Most definitely. Translation advances our core mission. We love to see this work be made freely available in other languages that it may reach the interested seeker. Please visit our translation page for more info. (And move to the front of the line if you are fluent in Klingon or Dothraki.)

How can I secure the foreign-language rights?

Email us at the contact address. Please be aware that we will require a free pdf of the translated work to be made available sometime not long after the book’s publication, as sharing the material freely is a central aspect of L/L Research’s service.

Can I submit a question for your podcast?

Most indubitably. Just email us at the contact address and we will be happy to consider the question.

How do I subscribe to L/L’s newsletters?

You can subscribe with the click of a mouse and a typing of your email address by visiting our newsletters page.

Connecting with Others

What events do you hold?

See our Events page for a list of past and upcoming gatherings and workshops to get an idea for the types of events L/L Research holds.

How do I sign up for events?

Our Events page will have the means of registration once published. We announce L/L events via our social media platforms and websites, but the best way to ensure you receive the quickest announcement of a new event is to subscribe to our Gatherings Newsletter.

What are your events like?

The kind where can meet others with a similar passion and love for the Law of One from a diversity of backgrounds in the open heart of shared seeking. It is a very humble, very easy vibe where many report an experience of recharging the spiritual batteries and finding needed upliftment in a momentary taste of community. This is true even for the introverted and those who feel they are awkward in social situations, of which there are multitudes in our community. For many, it is the first opportunity to gather in person with others who find inspiration and meaning in the Law of One.

How do I connect with others online?
How do I find others in my area?

Readers of the Law of One tend to find themselves without others nearby to share in study and seeking. We are scattered far and wide. Toward that end we created a couple of resources to help people connect: Seeker Connector Map | Meet-Up Area

Do you know of any study groups in my area?

Maybe! We maintain a Directory of Study Groups. Look to see if one is nearby, or maybe be the seed to start your own!

How do I run keyword searches?

From any page, you can click on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner to access our search page. Check out our comprehensive search guidelines for information about how to use the search engine, including tips and tricks to improve your search and find what you are looking for.

Lawofone.info also offers an outstanding search engine for The Law of One.

Where should I start?

Anywhere! L/L Research’s flagship work, that which tends to the most impactful and powerfully transformative, is The Ra Contact.

Some slip into The Ra Contact as easy as if it were written just for them, while others struggle to penetrate Ra’s dense often technical syntax + the unique jargon. You might alternatively then consider:

The L/L Research Transcripts – Beginning for all intents and purposes in 1974 and continuing to the present day, these are the transcripts of the consciously channeled Confederation sources. They tend to be more accessible and poetic than Ra.

Pro Tip: Any session chosen at random or by your interest in the question will do. However, we would recommend anywhere from the 80s onward. Gems there are in the 70s, but the instruments then were still getting their bearings.

Living the Law of One 101: The Choice – In this book, Carla Rueckert simplified the Law of One to be as entry level as she could make it.

A Concept Guide – In this book, Gary Bean made comprehensive study and synthesis of most of the key terms in the Law of One, from Adept – Will.

A Wanderer’s Handbook – In this book, Carla wove together letters from readers with quotes from the Confederation and her own commentary to create a handbook for wanderers.

In what order should I read the books?

There is no right order. Most begin with The Ra Contact.

Which book is the best?

ALL of them, of course. ;-)

How do I locate translations?

In the upper-right corner of the screen, click on the icon of an “A” merging into a Japanese character. That will open the full catalogue of available translations. Click on any given language to access everything available in that language.

Also, if you open any page with content on the website for which translated versions are available, a similar icon will appear in the upper right corner that looks like an “A” circling into a Japanese character. Click that icon to open a drop-down menu of all the available translations for that book or transcript. (For example: The Ra Contact.)

Are the recent-most channelings the most important or relevant?

It’s funny that the most visited transcripts are the current ones. The Confederation’s message is an endlessly creative repackaging of the same basic princples of spiritual evolution. Their message would, in theory, be much the same 5,000 years ago as it is now. (Though they would tailor their message to the time-bound language and paradigm of their audience. For instance, metaphors of the internet and computers would make little sense to our Bronze Age ancestors.)

In fact, those transcripts that we personally tend to find most inspiring are those from the Michaelangelo of instruments, the one known as Carla who gave the Confederation the most eloquent voice we’ve heard. But her gift was not limited to linguistical capacity; Carla transmitted their essence and vibration almost palpably.

In short, the timestamp on the transcript is the thing of least importance.

Do you have a 1.5 hour virtual tour of the website available on YouTube?

That’s a very specific question, but it just so happens that you’re in luck.

About Channeling

Do you have resources for those interested in learning about channeling?
Who does L/L Research channel?

A group who identifies themselves as the Confederation of Planets in the Service to the One Infinite Creator. (Though we like to save ourselves time and just refer to them as “the Confederation.”)

From 1974 through about 1987, that was mostly consciously channeled sources like Hatonn (a fourth-density group) and Latwii (a fifth-density group), except for the 106 sessions of trance channeling with Ra (a sixth-density group) between 1981 – 1984. From around ‘87 onward, the source has predominantly been Q’uo. They identified themselves as a blending of Hatonn, Latwii, and Ra, with the middle in that list serving as the spokesperson.

What characterizes L/L Research channeling?

There’s always a je ne sais quoi element in a question like this, but insofar as these things can be identified, what characterizes L/L’s channeling are the principles we seek to embody and the time-tested protocols we hew closely to.

The former centers on those ethics and principles bound intimately with the positive path and the road of the adept, including, however imperfectly embodied: harmonious group cohesion, honest and clear communication, compassionate treatment of self and others, active engagement in the quest of spiritual seeking, practicing service to others, taking responsibility for own’s own consciousness, making really good lists, tipping well at restaurants, flossing, etc.

The latter includes first and foremost the twin practices of tuning and challenging. Then, staying carefully within bounds of inquiry that will yield information of an empowering spiritual and philosophical value to the positively oriented seeker. Also, conducting channeling with at least three people in order to gain a universal, outer planes contact (as distinct from inner planes personal guidance or one’s higher self).

We would note that the channeling experiment was first initiated by Don Elkins at the start of 1962, but it was really Carla Rueckert who, in 1974, discovered and built the protocols that define L/L Research’s channeling.

What are tuning and challenging?

After first learning to channel in 1974, Carla discovered she had an incredible aptitude for the art and embarked on a decades-long journey of practicing, refining, and improving her processes to become a better channel. Among the most meaningful refinements were those that focused on improving the balance and will of the instrument, including the ideas of tuning and challenging.

Much like a musical instrument must be tuned and maintained in order for it to play a song with accuracy and harmony, so it is with an instrument wishing to be a channel for information from sources outside of the self. Tuning may be seen to be a long-term process of maintaining one’s balance and dedication through spiritual practices, embodying one’s principles, conducting one’s self ethically, continuing to serve others, etc.. This would be akin to the everyday maintenance of a quality musical instrument.

More specifically, tuning is also a process done immediately prior to channeling that Carla developed, helping the instrument to enter a clear and balanced state of mind for the service they are about to engage in. This would be akin to the tuning of the musical instrument before it is played. (The support group also harmonizes together and tunes itself before the contact.)

Once an instrument is tuned and receptive to contact, Carla also found that challenging that contact was essential to ensure the integrity of the entity being channeled. This involves an initial process of self-discovery, coming to know unequivocally who you are, what you believe in and stand for, and what you love and would die for. For Carla, as a mystical Christian, this was Jesus Christ. For others, it might be unconditional love, service to others, or any spiritual ideal that reaches to the depths of one’s heart of service. Once an instrument has discovered this within themselves, it can be used to “challenge” the entity making contact with the instrument, three times, in order to establish a field of protection and intention for the instrument and the contact.

Through these practices, the instrument and the support group can ensure that they are tuning the figurative radio dial to receive the desired positive frequency or source of love and light and safeguard against negative sources of information.

These methods, and the theory behind them, are not shared universally by all experienced instruments. But we believe that these processes developed by Carla are a large reason for the consistent quality and focus of message of L/L Research’s channeling for almost fifty years.

Why do you channel?

Why does one seek mentorship or counsel from an elder or from someone more advanced in their field?

We do not put these sources on a pedestal, but we do value and treasure the information and inspiration that they have to offer. It is not on the basis of their perceived authority nor any claims about their origins and identity that we hold these sources in esteem; it is rather the overwhelmingly positive impact it has on our lives and its consistent deliverance of insight, inspiration, and illumination. It is also the way that it grows where we grow, meeting us at each new bend of the river and each new layer we discover within.

As we encourage all others, we do not abandon discernment, and we continue to test these received messages in the laboratory of our own life experience with careful discernment.

Is this information infallible or exclusive?

No and no. Though they share a perspective born of a slightly broader view than we in third density enjoy, it is still a perspective nonetheless. All perspectives have inherent bias unique to their position. Moreover, getting that perspective from there to here includes fallible humans serving as channels.

Regarding its exclusivity, Ra addressed that point with this statement in some of their first words through the group: “We hope to offer you a somewhat different slant upon the information which is always and ever the same.”

What is the difference between the two types of channeling in your archives?

Put simply, in trance channeling (such as the Ra contact was), the instrument (Carla in that case) was completely unconscious. From her perspective, it was as if she fell asleep. When she awoke some time later, she felt utterly spent, as if she had worked hard for a couple of days. And in that unconscious state, Carla was with those of Ra; her empty physical body, specifically the vocal chords, was then manipulated by Ra to form the words of their reply, thus the apt term “instrument.” Carla awoke with no knowledge of the information that came through her. It was only upon reading the transcript that she discovered what her body was used to say. This process, theoretically, allowed for information to be presented without direct influence of the instrument’s own biases and distortions.

In consciously channeling, the instrument is not only totally awake and aware, but has impact upon the message being received and transmitted. Though most who channel are a bit fuzzy about what came through while they were channeling, there is some level of recall.

Keep in mind that our definitions and perspective on channeling tend to be specific to the L/L Research’s own processes and body of material.

In conscious channeling, how does the instrument or channel affect the message?

In metaphor, it is as if the channel is a stained-glass window. The window allows light through, but due to the nature of the stained glass and the colors imbued into is makeup, the glass necessarily colors that light.

That unique spectrograph of color is constituted of the biases, experiences, knowledge base, vocabulary, worldview, and other gifts and limitations of the instrument. For instance, Carla was devotee of Jesus Christ, thus Q’uo channeled through her spoke a good deal about Jesus. Similar and different impact would be had by someone trained as an engineer or poet or philosopher or devotee of another religion.

The goal in conscious channeling is not to eliminate the human but to render the person as transparent as possible so that the light streaming through, colored as it is, offers an experience of beauty and illumination.

Are you training new channels?

We are not presently training new channels outside of our own practice channeling circle. If you want to learn more about our channeling processes, check out the Channeling Resources page.

How do I ask Q’uo a question?

You may submit a question at any time via email through our contact address. However, please know that we can neither guarantee that the question will be suitable for the contact or that the question will be asked if it is suitable. The first opportunity goes to those physically present in the circle, and then we may tap questions from readers abroad, of which there is an existing list.

We also prepared a helpful guide for formulating questions.

Has anyone else channeled Ra?

L/L Research owns the text and recorded audio of a particular conversation, but L/L Research does not own Ra. In theory, it is possible for another group to establish communication with Ra. When and if that were to happen, we would leap for joy and eagerly await the transcripts. However, we have yet to see anyone we believe to be channeling the Ra social memory complex that Don, Carla, and Jim received.

The Ra contact was only possible after decades of dedicated seeking and refining the desire to serve as a channel for information, and conducting it was not without significant risk. It was an undertaking of high magic that required incredible fastidiousness, care, and balance; incredible purity in the instrument’s heart and dedication; and a very unique and synergized blending and balance of energies between Carla, Don, and Jim—each embodying an archetypal quality of love, wisdom, and power, respectively.

Furthermore, according to Ra, the unique harmonics and circumstances that made the contact possible, as manifested by Carla, Don, and Jim, are quite uncommon:

Ra: “Under these [very specific and narrow] conditions we found your vibration. We observed your vibration. It will not be seen often. We do not wish to puff up the pride, but we shall not [negotiate or haggle] with the circumstances necessary for our particular contact.” #37.3

Where can I hear original recordings of L/L Research's channeling?

You can listen to the original cassette recordings of the Ra Contact (1981 - 1984) via this YouTube Playlist that merges the original audio with the Ra Contact text. (L/L’s YouTube channel is not monetized. Advertisements are non-optional.)

Of the much much larger Transcript Library, we presently have only a few sessions available for free download through our online store. Down the road we hope to make more of these available for download or streaming.

What is your favorite Q’uo or other consciously channeled passage?

What is your favorite rose in a rose garden?

What do you at L/L Research personally think of the Law of One and this philosophy?

Ultimately there are no words, but of those we can use, we would say that this is our source text. The humble words that the Confederation submits for our consideration in testimony to the real nature of the universe form for us a sacred space. Through decades of intensive, intimate experience with this system of metaphysics, we find an inexhaustible well of inspiration, illumination, guidance, and compass setting pointers. The messages are at once reminders of who and what we really are and postcards from home. None of us can overestimate the impact of this work on our lives, and the slightly better humans we’ve become because of it. But… that is just us, and you are just you. And whether or not this material is helpful to you, we sincerely wish you blessings upon your path.

Why are Confederation sources spelled the way they are?

In a communication between Carla and Ian (original web developer of the first LLResearch.org), Carla wrote:

There is no deeper reason for the spelling of either Latwii or Hatonn than my sense of how the name “sounded” or felt. Latwii sounds like LaTWEE. But the double-e looks a bit goofy compared to Latwii, which is equally easy to sound rightly. Latui is not bad phonetically. Same with Latwi. Somehow, the extra ‘I’ in popped a long time ago and felt right.

As to Hatonn, I originally spelled it Hatton, as that is a place and family name we see in these parts. However it looks like it is pronounced HATon, and the Confederation entity’s name is sounded HatON. To guide people to sound it that way I switched decades ago to Hatonn.“

From this one can extrapolate the cause behind the other spellings.

About You

Am I a wanderer?

This only you can know for sure. Some are born with this knowledge, even having bleed-through of memories of other lives in other worlds. Some just have a strong intuitive sense. Some awaken to this knowledge through various means, including hypnotic regression. Some are intrigued by the question but remain agnostic. And some love the material but find little interest in the question, or remain certain that they are not wanderers.

There’s no wrong way to approach the question. The journey to its answer is for you to undertake. While others may offer insight along that path, at the end of the day only you can know whether or not your soul did originate from elsewhere.

We tend to feel that if you are asking the question, and if you have resonance with this philosophy, there is a strong chance that your soul is, indeed, a wanderer. However, that does not confer an elevated status.

Is it helpful to know whether or not I am a wanderer?

It is generally not necessary to pin down the answer one way or another. In fact, in our experience, most people do not place emphasis on the answer, ourselves included. Wherever our soul came from, we’re all in the same boat here with difficulty and destiny in common. There are a couple of general ways that knowing one is a wanderer may be helpful:

  1. It underscores the reason for your incarnation here on planet Earth. The wanderer is defined by his or her desire to be of service. In feeling the suffering and the sorrow upon this planet and in hearing the cries for help sounding from every corner of Earth, the wanderer decided to make the sacrifice and take on a body in this illusion, forgetting who they are and risking becoming karmically involved.

Knowing that you are a wanderer simply connects you with the principal desire at the center of your heart. It is a reminder that the purpose of your incarnation is to be a lighthouse in this darkness. That of course does not necessarily translate into great outer service on the world stage. Rather it is a service of being, a service of simply radiating who you are, shining the love and the light of the one Creator through your essential vibration. This is perceived by and is helpful to others.

  1. It helps one to bring a certain order and context to the life that may have been previously unavailable. Many are able to finally make sense of themselves and the patterns of their life when they realize that they are a wanderer. This can be of tremendous aid in reducing doubt, fear, worry, and stress.
Do you have any resources for wanderers?

Well, the whole website is our gift of resource to wanderers, but more specifically you can visit our wanderer page for more focused considerations.

Can I share my story with you?

The question “Can I share my treasure with you?” would elicit the same response. The answer is a big yes! Please, we love to receive what we call “wanderer stories.” Most people stick to a handful of highlights in their journey, centered around their process of awakening, their key critical moments, and their discovery of the Law of One and its impact upon them. We treasure such stories and keep them safeguarded.

You may also consider sharing your story in our Wanderer Stories section of Bring4th.org.

Do you know the meaning of my mysterious and strange experience?

Ever since our crystal ball broke in an unfortunate bowling accident, we’re sorry to say that, no, we do not. We will do our best to receive your experience and offer any general principles or insight that we consider might be helpful in our own journeys, but ultimately our vision is as limited as anyone’s—we possess neither psychic ability nor the decryption code book that would help us decipher what happened on that particular night or in that particular episode. Each path often holds one or more unusual event(s) whose meaning is elusive if not outright inexplicable. In an infinite universe wondrous beyond conception, our small web of perceptions is sometimes pierced by the infinitely creative reality beyond.

Do you have any recommendations for meditation?

The Confederation was hesitant to offer specific recommendations for meditation (besides a quite persistent suggestion to just do it). Every individual is unique and will have success with various approaches to meditation. We recommend trying out different approaches and seeing what works best for you.

The key elements that we find most useful in this journey are patience, persistence, and regularity. Meditation/contemplation/prayer are the single-most recommended activities in the Confederation’s message. They encourage a daily ritual, of whatever length if possible. Indeed, we feel it is one of the most potent tools in your own hands for effecting your healing, self-discovery, and transformation.

How can I be of service to others?

A necessary and vital question for all embarked upon the path of service to others, it also has an infinitely unique answer for each person. We, as always, would offer general principles in the suggestion that the heart of your service is to be most truly, honestly, and compassionately who and what you are.

The Confederation suggests that your most fundamental and powerful service is your “radiation of realization of oneness with the Creator,” which is to say, the more you discover yourself and all things as the Creator, the brighter your light naturally and effortlessly shines, illuminating the way for others, offering a clarion beacon of hope, strength, resilience, and love.

Ra: “The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.” #17.30

Ra: “It is impossible to help another being directly. It is only possible to make catalyst available in whatever form, the most important being the radiation of realization of oneness with the Creator from the self, less important being information such as we share with you.” #17.2

In addition to this, you have some specific talent(s) or service(s) that you can offer. The Confederation reminds, however, that this is icing on the cake, as the being informs the doing.

Why should I believe L/L’s information?

We suggest a rigorous approach for identifying what is true for oneself, including gathering and weighing the available evidence, exercising discernment and healthy skepticism, studying expert sources if available, dialoguing with a community of peers, putting the principles into practice, consulting one’s inner guidance, tuning one’s ear for resonance, and taking the whole package into the silence of meditation. Truth-finding needs to take in more than just one’s sense that something feels right.

However, at the end of the day, you and only you can know what is true for you. That includes whether L/L Research’s offering is true for you. The Law of One is not a set of dogmatic beliefs which one is asked to accept. It is a testimony about the nature of reality, and a teaching from sisters and brothers a little further along the path. It may become your own framework and foundation of spiritual understanding, but ultimately it is no more than a resource to aid you in discovery of the self as the Creator. The truth is not in the text of these or any books. You are the truth that you seek.

We never wish to imply that you ought to adopt this information as your own truth against your own sense of resonance and other epistemological standards. We always encourage discernment and suggest that if all or any portion of this material does not resonate, that you leave it behind without a second thought.

How do I convince others about the truth of this information?

Simple answer: Don’t. Well, free will and all, you can and will do as you see fit. But our perception is that attempting to convince others is an exercise of fundamental disrespect for the other-self’s journey. Even if the Law of One were the pinnacle of philosophy on the planet, it is not for everyone. Who is to say but the other-self what the other-self needs at this juncture in their journey? We understand the impulse to share something that has had such a profound effect on you with your loved ones and the rest of the world, but we would encourage the consideration that it is better to be sensitive to the request/need for service, and to do so in the spirit of dropping seeds where appropriate.

What do you think about [insert other source] of information?

For a variety of reasons, we do our best to refrain from evaluating other sources, instead encouraging seekers to rely on their own discernment, with support from a community of peers and, if possible, other disinterested experts in a given field.

Do I need this information?

The purpose of studying L/L Research’s material is not to study the text, per se, but to study yourself. The Law of One is just one resource among others to help in that regard. For some few, it is one of the most powerful and illuminating resources they have ever encountered. Others find equally helpful resources elsewhere. The true teacher is found ultimately in life experience. The seeker must undertake the journey not to declare loyalty to a particular teaching, however useful a companion that teaching may be, but to consciously examine and accept the self - that self which is and always has been present, with or without a book - and to discover that which is beyond name and form.

We can only say the material for your understanding is the self: the mind/body/spirit complex. You have been given information upon healing, as you call this distortion. This information may be seen in a more general context as ways to understand the self.

The understanding, experiencing, accepting, and merging of self with self and with other-self and, finally, with the Creator, is the path to the heart of self. In each infinitesimal part of your self resides the One in all of Its power. Therefore, we can only encourage these lines of contemplation, always stating the prerequisite of meditation, contemplation, or prayer as a means of subjectively/objectively using or combining various understandings to enhance the seeking process. Without such a method of reversing the analytical process, one could not integrate into unity the many understandings gained in such seeking. #15.14

About the Philosophy

What is the Law of One?

The Law of One may refer to the collection of transcripts produced during contact with those of Ra, available to read for free.

It may also refer to the central concept discussed in those transcripts. Though beyond the limitations of language, the boundaries of conceptual understanding, and the specifications of any physics, the Law of One is a term that points to ultimate reality of our universe and its processes—the single governing Law of the infinite universe. It may be approximated in language by stating that in all the seemingly endless multiplicity or manyness, in truth, all things are one. Whether a star or a microbe, a first- or a seventh-density being, a resident of this or the next octave, there is only one being in all the infinite universes. That one being, the Creator, experiences itself in infinite forms, infinite entities, infinite situations—all of equal, sacred value—but remains ever one. And you are that.

Ra: You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One. #1.7

Who are wanderers?

In the cosmology of the Law of One, consciousness evolution unfolds through a series of hierarchically arranged densities or dimensions. Our current human experience is that of third density, and wanderers are simply those in a density higher than our own (fourth, fifth, or sixth) who want to help those in third density. They hear and feel the cries of sorrow and confusion emanating from our planet, but from their position in the higher density, they are very limited by free will in what they can do to serve.

If their desire to serve is of sufficient strength and purity, they may serve much more directly and with much greater chance of impact by being born as a human. The arrangement necessarily includes near total forgetting of who they are and what their mission is, thus they risk losing themselves and becoming karmically involved. Their hope is to awaken enough to remember that they are here to serve others.

That is the classic definition. It could be broadened to include Earth natives who have wandered outside the bounds of consensus reality by virtue of their spiritual seeking and the shift in their values.

Either way, any sense of elevated status at being a wanderer is to miss the point of the humble nature of the wanderer’s mission, which is first and foremost to be a beacon of loving-kindness and light.

What is the service of the wanderer?

Their service may take any number of particular forms or missions (mother, father, author, athlete, nurse, bricklayer, politician, chef, artist, Geek Squad tech, professional meditator-on-park-bench, etc.), but the wanderer’s primary mission is simply one of being—that is, being most authentically who they are. The more deeply that the wanderer, or indeed, anyone discovers and accepts who they are, the more that light effortlessly emanates from their being.

Ra: “The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self-knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence, or the heart, of the mind/body/spirit complex.” #17.30

What is a density?

A density is one of seven (or eight, depending on the perspective) dimensions, levels, or cycles of evolution in an octave of experience. It is called a “density” because each successive level is more densely packed with light. As with notes on a musical scale, seven densities are grouped together into an octave where the eighth density begins the first density of the next octave, this repeating infinitely.

Designed by the Logos, every density of experience offers its own set of lessons and parameters that must be learned and understood in order to cross the threshold and graduate from one density to the next. Each density completes its cycle according to the predetermined, clock-like rhythms of intelligent energy.

An alternative term for “density” may be “dimension,” as Ra seemed to use them somewhat interchangeably, but there may be subtle differences between the two terms.

What density are we in now?

The present madness that we experience is the third density. According to Confederation sources, third density is a very short density (relative to the others) of approximately 75,000 years (for our planet) designed for one overriding purpose: to make the Choice of how one will love and serve and seek the Creator. There are two paths: Service to Others and Service to Self. If this choice is successfully made in the course of the third-density experience, then come time, the entity may graduate (or “harvest,” as these sources call it) into the next density of evolution, the fourth density of “love and understanding.”

What is the harvest? / When and how will the planet transition to fourth density?

Confederation sources indicate that we are in the time of “harvest,” that is, the planet itself is gradually becoming a fourth density planet. When the process is completed, planet Earth will be home to a fourth-density positive human population that will evolve from our current third density experience.

When will this happen? Ra seems to indicate that its full manifestation is linked to the readiness and orientation of the third-density population. Were our present population unified in one direction of seeking and service right now, the new fourth-density earth would be born. However, due to our fragmentation, confusion, volatility, hostility, and disorientation, we are retarding the process. Thus, Ra can only guestimate a span of 100–700-year time frame with the clock beginning in the early 1940s. According to them, even this estimate “cannot be accurate due to the volatility of your peoples at this space/time.”

How will this happen? Like the previous question, this is a topic of much consideration and debate within the Law of One community. We don’t have definitive answers except to say that, per Confederation sources, as the vibrations change, so too will human bodies change through a process of evolution. Eventually, humans will incarnate as fully fourth-density beings with fourth-density bodies (which will hopefully be impervious to the universally dreaded experience of stubbing the toe).

We do feel certain that fourth density doesn’t so much happen to us as it happens through us. The more that we heal and open our hearts, the more space we make for the emergence of fourth density. And even more powerfully, the more that we connect and bond with each other in the open heart, the more we strengthen that grid that invites and holds the dawning of a reality of Love and Understanding.

What is fourth density?

From the horse’s mouth:

We ask you to consider as we speak that there are no words for positively describing fourth density. We can only explain what is not and approximate what is. Beyond fourth density our ability grows more limited still until we become without words.

That which fourth density is not: it is not of words, unless chosen. It is not of heavy chemical vehicles for body complex activities. It is not of disharmony within self. It is not of disharmony within peoples. It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

Approximations of positive statements: it is a plane of a type of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life; it is a plane wherein one is aware of the thoughts of other-selves; it is a plane where one is aware of the vibrations of other-selves; it is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density; it is a plane striving towards wisdom or light; it is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.

What is Service to Others?

A fundamental orientation of consciousness that seeks to love self and all others unconditionally, freely, and with recognition of the One Creator in all beings. It is a path built upon the respect for free will and the recognition of the sovereignty of all other beings. As such, those polarizing toward service to others seek to avoid infringement upon free will as best as possible. They instead seek to serve only insofar as it is requested or intuited to be needed/desired. This, Ra says, is the positive path, the path of that which is. It is one of harmony, acceptance, free-giving, and radiance.

What is Service to Self?

A fundamental orientation of consciousness that seeks to love the self and only the self. It is a path built upon the disregard for the free will of others and as such, those polarizing service to self will very intentionally infringe upon the free will of others for the purpose of gaining the other self’s power for the self. This is done through manipulation, deceit, control, and enslavement of the other-self’s will. Thus, instead of awaiting the request for service, those of this path call themselves to offering their brand of service, known otherwise as conquest. This, Ra says, is the negative path, the path of that which is not. It is one of disharmony, control, separation, domination, and absorption.

It is to be noted that both polarities offer a valid pathway to the Creator, and that, with sufficient discipline in will and faith, the power of the Law of One is available to students of both paths.

Service to self—and indeed all polarities—will be relinquished at the start of the sixth density as the STS entities rejoin their formerly estranged brothers and sisters.

Who is the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Creator?

There are many Confederations in our galaxy and the universe. The local chapter, if you will—who identify themselves to us as the Confederation of Planets In the Service of the Infinite Creator—is a group consisting of approximately fifty-three civilizations, comprised of approximately five hundred planetary consciousnesses, along with entities from Earth’s inner planes and graduates from Earth’s third density (at least at the time of the Ra contact).

Built on a service-to-others philosophy which is rooted in an understanding of the unity beyond polarity, it is a true confederation in that its members are not alike but are all allied in service according to the Law of One. In this arrangement or structure, all their resources and, indeed, their memories and lived experiences, are shared completely and unreservedly with one another for the mutual support and benefit of all.

With regard to third density, they have some duties and services, including offering various levels of protection, guidance, inspiration, comfort, strength, information, and performing occasional aerial acrobatics in our skies, etc. Being positively oriented or beyond polarity (i.e., not negative), they offer their service in exquisitely careful dance with the free will needs and limitations of those in third density.

What is a social memory complex?

A social memory complex generally forms in fourth density when the veil is released. Without the veil, each becomes transparent to each, fully aware of each other’s thoughts. In this environment, the individual’s memories, experiences, thoughts, etc., then become available to the whole—thus the “social memory” component. All the individuals in that society, however many there are, then become capable of acting together as one unified being while still retaining individuality. It is a “complex” simply because it consists of many parts, and also because Ra loved to identify many parts working together as a whole as forming a “complex.”

Who is Ra?

Ra is a race or group who were once just like humans on Earth. However, their earth was Venus, and they completed their third density millions of our years ago. They are presently at the sixth density of awareness, unified into a social memory complex as one being which once consisted (or still do?) of millions of individuals. Their mission with regard to us is to correct distortions given to the Law of One thanks to their past naiveté in working with earth, to teach/learn the Law of One, and to respond to the call for service.

If you can imagine that humanity learned how harmonize, evolved through successive stages of evolution together, formed a social memory complex, unified into one being, and then called themselves (we’d have to think of some one word to describe the collective mind), let’s say, Google, and then reached out to a third-density group of humans somewhere else in the cosmos and said, “I am Google. I speak now.” You might sorta get the gist.

Ra did, apparently, have a few historical interactions (on- and off-site) with the Egyptians in their sincere desire to be of service. In that effort they came as brothers/sisters but they up and got inadvertently deified, thus proving once again that higher-density beings cannot touch anything on planet Earth without breaking it. Also demonstrating why we humans cannot have nice things.

Does Ra really appear as a blue avian, or have they returned as such?

Ra says:

“We seek the Creator upon a level of shared experience to which you are not privy and rather than surrounding ourselves in light we have become light. Our understanding is that there is no other material except light.” #64.6

“We ourselves, when we chose a mission among your peoples, needed to study your peoples for had we arrived in no other form than our own, we would have been perceived as light.” #8.20

In the above two quotes, Ra gives some indication as to their native form, that being, light. Thus if the student of the material would find it helpful to visualize Ra, even though Ra would likely emphasize that it is not they but the Law of One which is of importance, then one would do well to visualize light in some form or another.

Elsewhere Ra indicated that when they made themselves visible to those we know of as the ancient Egyptians, Ra had a particular appearance:

“I am, with the social memory complex of which I am a part, one of those who voyaged outward from another planet within your own solar system, as this entity would call it. The planetary influence was that you call Venus. We are a race old in your measures. When we were at the sixth dimension our physical beings were what you would call golden. We were tall and somewhat delicate. Our physical body complex covering, which you call the integument, had a golden luster.

In this form we decided to come among your peoples. Your peoples at that time were much unlike us in physical appearance, as you might call it. We, thus, did not mix well with the population and were obviously other than they. Thus, our visit was relatively short, for we found ourselves in the hypocritical position of being acclaimed as other than your other-selves.“ #6.4

These are the most specific remarks regarding Ra’s visual appearance. Nowhere in the 106 sessions of the Ra contact did they indicate any specific association with the color blue or avian traits.

They are also clear that their other-than-human appearance caused the locals to see Ra as something categorically different. This was not Ra’s intention and it proved counterproductive to their humble mission of service, thus they needed to discontinue their onsite efforts.

What is the Veil of Forgetting?

Most technically, it is veil that is placed between the conscious and subconscious portions of the mind, partitioning the two and making the latter relatively more “mystery filled” to the former. With the veil in place, the entity loses conscious awareness of much including its past incarnations, its objectives and plans for the present incarnation, and its innate selfhood as the One Infinite Creator. The veil is a third-density phenomenon causing the self to operate in what Ra refers to as a metaphysical darkness with only the light of a “tiny candle.” It generates the illusion that we recognize as separation in all of its forms.

The entity may penetrate the veil to access subconsciously stored information in a great variety of ways (including meditation, dreamwork, regressive hypnosis, etc.), but it is only through disciplined will and faith that the entity may penetrate the veil to such an extent that it experiences the illumination of deep self-discovery, which is to say, discovery of the self as the Creator. The development of this will and faith is one of the most important byproducts, if not goals of, the veil.

The existence of the veil helps to elucidate much about our present environment and the great variety and depth of confusion and pain that springs therefrom.

Can you explain more about the tarot decks that were used?
What is the meaning of Adonai Vasu Barragus?
What is psychic greeting or psychic attack?

To paraphrase A Wanderer’s Handbook: a situation where a person attracts the attention of a negatively oriented discarnate entity by the strength and purity of their seeking for truth. To stand close to light requires the seeker to reflect that light purely. Any choice away from the seeker’s integrity will provide an opening through which the negative entity can enhance or intensify that disharmonious choice. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual distress may be experienced as a result.

The goal of the negative entity is to disrupt the light, distract the focus, and, in the most extreme cases, enslave or extinguish the light. However, in this dynamic, it is to be noted that the negative greeting can only enhance and intensify the pre-existing distortions within the self. If the person does not respond with fear but exercises love and forgiveness for self and others, and sees the negative greeting as doing a service for the self by highlighting the “chinks in the armor,” then the negative greeting can, like all catalyst, become an accelerant for spiritual evolution, in other words, a gift.

It is also to be noted that the seeker’s difficult experience may indeed be a result of or enhanced by psychic greeting originating from external sources, but it could very well be exclusively the workings of one’s own misunderstood subconscious.

Do you have any resources for navigating psychic greeting?
Why does Ra call people “mind/body/spirit complexes”?

Because Ra loves to describe parts threaded together into a whole as forming a “complex,” and because the mind/body/spirit became complex with the introduction of the veil (long story), and because…

Ra: “…mind, body, and spirit are inextricably intertwined and cannot continue, one without the other. Thus we refer to the mind/body/spirit complex rather than attempting to deal with them separately, for the work, shall we say, that you do during your experiences is done through the interaction of these three components, not through any one.” #30.2

What is catalyst?

One of the most empowering concepts in the Ra contact, catalyst is Ra’s term for an instigator which triggers or prompts or stimulates a response in us. We interpret and color the catalyst with variations on “bad” and “good,” but it is ultimately a neutral prompt designed to stimulate our evolution in correspondence to our capacity to use the catalyst for our growth.

Essentially, all life experience falls under the rubric of catalyst, from the sun on one’s skin to the pleasant or hard words of a friend to the marriage to or death of a spouse. In the concept of catalyst is the re-envisioning of life experience, including and especially the hardships, as providing the raw material for one’s spiritual evolution. In catalyst is the understanding that everything is productive towards one’s growth if consciously used, including loss, limitation, and suffering.

What is a distortion?

The sweet sound that the electric guitar makes. Also, and more in line with Ra’s intended meaning, and to try to keep this as simple as possible, it is any modification of perfect unity. The Creator distorts itself in order to experience the illusion of manyness, of separation—aka, the creation—so that It may know Itself.

In this light, the creation and all the entities in it, us included, are not other than the Creator or parts of the Creator, but rather are distortions of the One Creator. Everything that exists, everything that can be perceived as a “thing”—every entity, every force, every place, every time, every subtle and intangible energy, everything real and imagined—is a distortion of the One Creator.

Distortion, like catalyst, is a neutral term without positive or negative value. For a deeper dive, see “Distortion” in A Concept Guide.

What is a Logos?

In Ra’s cosmology, at the so-called beginning, “before” there was the creation, as we know it, there was infinity. Infinity was/is the creation.

The first thing or event to happen toward the design and birth of creation was that infinity “became aware” and determined that it could and would know Itself. This was, as Don dubbed it, the first distortion.

This First Distortion, also known as the Law of Free Will or the Law of Confusion, found focus.

This focus, named the Second Distortion, also known as the Law of Love, is the Logos.

The Logos may be fruitfully considered as the consciousness of the Creator. It is the primal architect that first conceives and designs the creation in its thought complexes and then sets about building said creation. The Logos does this by begetting the Third Distortion, Light, also known as the Law of Light. Light imbued with love becomes love/light, light/love, intelligent energy; and the creation is birthed, made of love/light using the potential of intelligent infinity.

The Logos achieves its plan by procreating hierarchical, fractal iterations of Itself—what Ra calls the sub-Logos in singular, sub-Logoi in plural. Ra indicates that there is one great Primal Logos which designed and gave birth to our octave or universe or creation (all synonymous terms). This then generates Itself into galactic Logoi, each one responsible for its own galaxy. The galactic Logos then generates Itself into sub-Logoi. Our sun is one such example of a sub-Logos.

This means that our local sun, the sub-Logos, is the local face of the Creator, the local architect responsible for designing and overseeing our solar system.

Ra names human being as sub-sub-Logos, as we are the offspring of the local sub-Logos. This is more than mere philosophy, for as we open and crystallize our indigo ray energy center, we discover the Logoic nature of the self, shining brightly in radiance to all.

For a deeper dive, see “Logos” in A Concept Guide.

What is intelligent infinity?

Words absolutely fizzle in contemplation of infinity, let alone infinity which is intelligent.

Intelligent infinity is… all that there is. It begins and ends in mystery. It is mystery. Or as Ra says, it is the “macrocosm of the mystery-clad being.”

In the cosmological story of creation, according to Confederation sources, intelligent infinity is that which existed, to use a temporal term that also dissipates in the face of infinity, before the First Distortion commenced the birth of the endless and infinite universe, the Creator’s game of knowing Itself.

With the advent of the First Distortion, intelligent infinity became a potential, the only potential from which intelligent energy (the kinetic side of intelligent infinity) could draw upon to build and destroy and move and transform Its creation.

Intelligent infinity is congruent with the “Law of One.” It is both source and destination. It is our truest, eternal nature—who we always have been and always will be before, after, and during the seeming elapse of time in the various illusions we will traverse.

While within the illusion, the seeker may make contact with intelligent infinity through the appropriately named “gateway to intelligent infinity” that exists at the indigo-ray energy center within the self. Through careful work in the disciplines of the personality, the self may even eventually unite with intelligent infinity—that is, find full and total union with the One Creator.

For a deeper dive, see “Intelligent Infinity” in A Concept Guide.

What is intelligent energy?

Oh, so much easier than the last one, though still a bit mind-boggling to try to wrap the head around.

Intelligent energy is energy which is possessed of the intelligence/awareness of infinity. It is in fact the kinetic side of infinity, infinity set into motion in the manifested creation. As Ra described, it is that “energy which heals, builds, removes, destroys, and transforms” all things. It is the only energy that there ever was or will be. All other energies are derivative distortions thereof, from gravity to nuclear to electromagnetic to psychic to sexual to vital.

It is also known as love/light, light/love in the Law of One, and may also be seen as the omnipresent subtle life force energy that appears in many traditions, including most notably as prana and chi.

For a deeper dive, see “Intelligent Energy” in A Concept Guide.

What is sexual energy transfer?

The best kind of energy transfer. Ra indicates that energy may transfer between two entities oppositely polarized in their feminine/masculine ratios in the course of sexual contact. This they say may be likened to a “circuit being closed.”

This energy is of a mutually strengthening nature, each party benefiting in some way. The masculine principle will release to the feminine that which it has in abundance: physical energy, thus revitalizing the feminine. The feminine principle will release that which it has in abundance: mental/emotional energy, thus inspiring the masculine.

In order for the transfer to occur, the hearts of each must be open. This happens most strongly and efficiently at the moment of orgasm. It is even stronger if both entities have orgasm, especially simultaneously, and it can be doubled and refined when dedicated to the Creator, but the transfer will still take place in the event of only one orgasm. However, even without orgasm…

Ra: “…a considerable amount of energy [is] transferred due to the potential difference which has been raised, as long as both entities are aware of this potential and release its strength to each other by desire of the will in a mental or mind complex dedication.” #84.13

Ra also indicates that in sexual energy transfer a whole careful system exists for opening the gateway to intelligent infinity, the “great key” to which is unconditional love.

Is the Law of One a religion?

How one defines the word religion, or attempts to put into a single category so vast and incomprehensibly nuanced a spectrum of interpretation and practice, sets the stage for consideration of this question. In the broadest sense, we see the Law of One primarily as a resource for the seeker—a system of thought, metaphysics, and methodology not of religion but of spirituality. We will speak to a few general and important distinctions between the two modes.

As it is conventionally practiced in its less liberal forms, religion tends to lean toward dispensation of dogma by clergy. In this environment, it is the religious adherent’s duty to accept this dogma as truth and follow the edicts of authority which rests not with the seeker but the church. This religiosity tends to encourage neither critical thought nor seeking the truth for one’s self. This may often be accompanied by a literal reading of the scripture which asserts its own validity and exclusivity in non-recognition of the validity of other paths.

Conversely, spirituality or spiritual philosophy tends to remind the seeker that the ultimate authority rests within. It understands that the seeker is upon a quest for self-realization, a path that only the self can walk for the self in never-ending inquiry. It encourages the use of whatever resource may avail the seeker in the recognition of the plurality of available paths and tools in the understanding that only the self can learn one’s own lessons.

Spiritual systems may provide various methods and resources for study of mind, body, and spirit, but there is no one definitive method of set of rituals or knowledge that yields heavenly reward—there is only that which is or is not of aid in discovering the self. The Law of One is more properly viewed as being a system of thought in the non-religious spiritual frame. It is a philosophy about knowing and accepting the self.

Both religion and spirituality can become restrictive, limiting, and even mixed and contradictory with negatively oriented philosophy. But in their highest purpose, religious and spiritual seeking are two ways of sharing in worship and viewing the world which both mine the same mystery. Both seek to offer a guiding hand or inspiration or map of that spiritual territory that only the seeker can walk and discover for themselves. In short, both “offer a pure path to the One Creator which is seen by the pure seeker.”