The day before fall, a season ends, a new one begins. Our question is the same. We had a season of a threesome together here for a time. It seems, if we look in subjective terms, that there might have been a failure in the effort that the three of us put forth in this forming of a group to be of service for the life pattern. But, we would like to know from you at this time how you would look at a situation such as ours where three people come together with the desire to be of service to others and may have certain goals in mind of a specific nature that would allow them to consciously define for themselves the effort as being a success. First of all could you comment upon that type of a definition of a success, and could you also comment upon how we can move from this point where we are working more individually, with K moving on her own to study those things of herself that are necessary for her to continue on her journey, and how we remaining here, Carla and I, work on our own to do that which is ours to do.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle of Q’uo. We greet you through this instrument in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We see you as you call to us with a sorrow of life upon your hearts, with the heavy burdens of living upon your back, with the stress and the confusion and the turmoil and the great inner travail of growth to which you have committed yourselves spiritually, causing you ever to feel uncomfortable. We see within this group those who would prefer to be uncomfortable and seek the truth, and we can only share with you our blessings to you as you search for that truth as you share with us the blessing of allowing us to speak with you in an attempt to be of some service, always knowing that our opinions are but as nothing compared to the overarching mystery and truth which we in poor, tattered [inaudible], dance and strut upon our stages, miming and acting and singing and dancing and telling pretty stories, and doing anything we can think of to alert people who are ready to awaken to a new search for truth, that faculty of awareness of the mystery that lies between, around, above, beneath and beyond all things, the mystery that is in fact you, each of you and each of us.

We are aware that you wish to know at this time what some of the dynamics are which cause completely sincere seekers of the truth who wish to band together to be of service sometimes [to] work and sometimes not, in the critical subjective evaluations of each of you. We can begin by asking each of you to gaze at the moment of commitment to this task. Much emphasis has been placed upon promises given and commitments made. But we ask each of you, in all earnestness, when each of you first said, “I commit myself to a life of service in this particular way called L and L,” was there some special, permanent, unusual commitment, a commitment that took you from your humanity and made you into some entity with no capacity to do anything but keep that commitment? We ask you to look at this question very carefully. Can you not see, my friends, the absolute dedication of yourselves at that moment to the task of a lifetime, but the absolute ignorance, in that moment of dedication, of what sacrifices would have to be made to create a common path of service.

We of the Confederation in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, make such commitments and are able to keep them, because we are able to see, in a way that you are not, the harmonics of interpersonal relationships. We are able to see if there are tone clusters that can never be resolved. We are able to see if there is that within a twosome, a threesome, a foursome or a social memory complex that will hold, that will keep its centre, that will not fly apart. My friends, each of you is a third-density student, regardless of what you were before you incarnated upon this planet. As you came into this world you accepted darkness, spiritual blindness, and an unknowing so deep that it beggars the imagination. The only tools that you have, and the only tools that you do have now or will ever have within this incarnation, are the spiritual biases with which you came into this incarnation, and which have been worked upon within this incarnation. You do have comrades along the way, but that service that you wish so much to give is being given. It is simply that there are some harmonious threesomes or foursomes in a third density and there are many who are not harmonious, as this instrument would say, to the bone, and so must deal with each other and find it very educational, shall we say, to learn to deal with each other, trusting entirely in the good wishes of each other, having no fears that any will be rejected and simply continuing to do that which feels appropriate, knowing that as the work did not begin because of an event which you have called contact with the one known as Ra, so it did not end with the ending of that contact. Your service did not begin with your birth and it shall not cease with your death.

What you have achieved is something we wish you to gaze upon now. There are many levels of achievement in learning to live together in peace. Each of you has been learning lessons of respect, of charity when one cannot understand yet one must accept, of the strengthening power of being firm in friendship against adversity and in being loyal against discomfort. Please see these beauties. For these blossoms, though painfully born and raised in some season of drought, are beautiful to the Creator. This threesome has accomplished much. It has brought into physical expression words which each intended would be of service not necessarily to them alone but to any who might read them. But the main service we ask you to look at is that which you have felt less than excellent about, and that is functioning as a trinity in this world of darkness and moonlight that you call life.

See yourselves in compassion at this moment. See with compassion the pain within you. All the pain about these relationships, see it and bless it for it has taught each of you much. Gaze at the unquenchable spirit of hope that’s shown when all else was dark at so many times within these relationships. Gaze at the courage that in blind faith you exhibited each, and working towards an ever higher goal of harmony together. Look at the adaptations and the flexibilities which troubled each of you in that you could not be flexible enough. Gaze and see what each entity is, who he is, and to deny that would be a far greater harm to you than to attempt to behave in such a way that there was apparent harmony. See this not as failure but as an honest effort, cheerfully and wholeheartedly given, with but a single mind between the three. And see that there are three pilgrims upon this path that shall always be safe places for each other. Within this incarnation, within this experience, within this illusion, the harmonics of the three gathered here today were extremely powerful, yet there was not the complete loosening of fear. There was always the feeling of some separation and this was because it was necessary. These feelings of separation among those who seek to be one cannot be seen in terms of failure. It must be seen simply that it takes an enormous spiritual courage to attempt to offer a life to the Creator, especially one in the context of other entities. Always each has his own ways to be of service to the infinite One, and for many that path of service suffices and more than suffices for it is a sacrifice of a life in love. So that it matters not that which you do, but the spirit in which you do that which you do.

We ask you to take these heavy loads of things you feel left undone away from your shoulders. You do not need to carry them. Those were constructions you placed upon yourself. You planned to go backpacking and you chose a high mountain. And though the flowers of the meadows were beautiful in their alpine bloom, the air grew thinner, the temperature colder and the rocks, crevasses and cliffs ever more difficult to climb. There was not, within this threesome, that harmony which is a gift and which comes from before incarnation, that enabled each of the three to carry the other two. No, my friends, there were different lessons for each of you to learn. For becoming a social memory complex is not becoming an entire society made up of mates who are able to pull well together. In fourth density the situation which you observe at this moment continues to be observable, but the archetypical mind and the realizations of your mind and other minds are open to you in a far greater way than they are in the third density. Within fourth density, my friends, you still would be the one known as K, the one known as Jim and the one known as Carla. You still would have the same harmonics. The same ways of expressing and of not expressing. The same choices and the same disagreements as well as agreements. The difference is that these things would not distress you because you would see them as perfect, and you would see yourself as being able to harmonize in this way and in that, if not in all the other ways. You would see those opportunities that now, in third density, you have a tendency to lump in with all of those things which you feel you have not done correctly. Yet indeed, my friends, there has been great learning between the three that sit here.

Each has been trustworthy, each has given, and each has suffered. Feel this, respect this and honor this. Things that you do not see are always at work in you, and if you wish to glorify that mystery that is within you then as these things work within you they work in such a way as to open the heart, to clear the eyes and the voice and the ears, to sensitize the heart to the wisdom it may feel but not explain. We ask you not to see any portion of this experience as beginning, middle or end. You did not begin, you are not ending. You have worked together before, you shall work together again. You have given the best of yourselves, you have done so before and you will in the future. You are comrades along the way.

Now I ask you to look in a slightly different way at the concept of being of service. The way entities feel that they are of service is the ways in which the counting may be done. The number of words offered as spiritual inspiration, the number of jobs completed so that others may see the published works that have been created. The gazing at the past and the gazing at the future for what can be done better to serve the Creator. What new things can be added to the pile and the quantity of things offered. My friends, we do not say to you that this is not only illusionary, but fruitless; that is not so. When one attempts to be of service to the infinite Creator, one is of service to the infinite Creator. That is in the eternal now. What we would ask each of you, and especially this instrument to consider, is where the service begins and where the service resides when something of quantity is not upon the centre stage in the limelight. Are these words of service or is it the personality and the determination of an entity to open itself to contact in the right manner for service? If these words were not here, would that careful tuning and intensity of seeking still be helpful? Yes my friends, it would indeed. It would not be something that could be shown to the world, but many, many things have been shown to your world, and many, many complexities have arisen as entities attempt and strive more and more to study the truth, so that the truth becomes more and more detailed, more and more complex, more and more studied. Do you truly see the greatest service that you offer adding to that pile of words, no matter how well intentioned or inspired?

Perhaps we can move to a slightly less quantitative kind of evaluation of service when we say to you what have you given of yourself? You have given the stewardship of time. You have spent time in seeking. You have spent that precious coin which can never be got again. Of the moments of service, of upliftment, of inspiration and above all in offering, in hoping, in begging in all of one’s heart to be of service in any way which the infinite Creator intends for you. Yes, you are still working with thoughts of quantity. You are still saying, “I gave this much time,” and so you know in a way that this too is hollow. Yet is it not closer to an honest evaluation of the self to say, “I gave of my being, I was not doing something else, I was doing this,” and as you say that of yourself, to yourself, the Creator within smiles. And in that joyful smile the universe is suddenly infinite and you have transformed time into eternity.

But to move to the true value that you have been to each other, as well as the Creator and others for whom you intended the service, we ask you to look at who you are, what you have sacrificed to be with each other, what you have attempted with the best heart possible to you to offer. Soft words that have been spoken when harsh words filled the mouth and the mind. Trust that came from the heart while the mind was holding back saying, “I am afraid.” You have been courageous with each other. You have trusted. You have gone beyond that which you thought you could do. My friends, each has grown. Each a teacher to each. Let the benediction of your love for each other, that you have had such difficulty in expressing, fill your heart. Pause in this moment and feel this great love that you share.


I am Q’uo. Remember this feeling, and this love, and this moment. You have been good and kind and caring, and you have struggled. But beneath it all you have been three wounded soldiers in arms, soldiers for peace, soldiers for love. Soldiers become wounded and sometimes die, whether they fight in hate or whether they fight by refusing the hate. Each of you has had wounds and the group has had its casualties [as] the war of love that is endemic to this illusion carries on. Look and see and rejoice that you have never stopped attempting to love and support and care, each for the other, and in the name of the Creator for service to others.

Was this wagon that you hitched yourself to a bit bulky? Sometimes, in a desire to do so much, entities move faster than their deepest selves can walk. So unhitch yourselves from this yoke. Let the wagon go, you have pulled it long enough. And come always together as new entities, new souls, newly dedicated as if at the very first of meetings. For each of you is new this day and will be new tomorrow, and the service that each of you does will be different yesterday, today and tomorrow. Do not write long sentences with periods as you describe this portion of your life that you have walked together in a certain way. But rejoice that you have had companionship and as you walk into your future, let the knowledge of a companionship that has been tried in the fire and has remained lovely be your strength and your armament. You have been soldiers. You shall continue to be so. Let those deep feelings within guide you to each new day and each new field of battle in which love and fear strive. And as you are unafraid, know with certainty that you are old soldiers, and that you can and will persevere. Not as you think the Creator has in mind for you, but as you receive from the Creator those opportunities which spring up day by day. You are in no way diminished by this time that you have had together, though you may have, as this instrument has, called [yourself] a failure. You have not failed. You have begun to attempt to become a social memory complex and you will continue in each relationship, and in the relationship within yourself, to be more and more harmonious as a comrade in arms. But remember always the great and sturdy team that you were and are in your honest and single-hearted desire for the truth, the desire to know the love of the infinite One, and to offer all that you are and all that you ever will be to that service.

Go forward from this meeting saying not farewell, for you are only moving into the part of the path in which you may not see each other so often You are all still working together.

We would ask you lastly to think about the implications of becoming a social memory complex. We have said one does not learn to become a social memory complex by the mating of individuals alone. Just as important is the relationship that you have with all others. Whether you experience that relationship as positive or negative, successful or failing, you are attempting to learn the mind that is yourself but not yourself, that mind that is hidden from you by the illusion of separation. And rest back in the knowledge that in addition to all guidance that is unseen, each of you has learned that there is a—we correct this instrument—totally trustworthy entity in each other. Someone with whom it is safe to speak of things that are painful. Someone who you know will not harm you in any way that is intended. Someone that you know will not be petty or mean. Someone whom you can trust to give its best not only on your behalf but in any concern that you might have.

These things do not take place simply in what you call marriage. That which you have attempted is almost completely impossible within the third density. That you have attempted this forming of the family of spiritual entities stands in its intentions golden and perfect, and we ask you never to doubt that that which you have done was truly beautiful and without blemish. Let all else fall away, and remember only this, that three entities loved the Creator and worked and prayed and gave of time and energy and will to the absolute limit of possibility in the attempt to serve. Know that that intention and that perseverance of attempt are the truths that will remain, are the truths which you have chosen to work on in this incarnation. And as you each have moved closer to some idea of what love is to you, for it is to each entity a different lesson, know that no work that you have done has been in vain. For you have under adverse circumstances loved and been loved, and that is the lesson of this density.

We shall meet again. The illusion which you call time will speed very quickly and we shall be with you. We bless each of you with our love and our admiration. We are aware that there is sorrow, but we ask you not to hold that to yourself, but to release it little by little, until all things between each are positive and free. For each has done nobly. So in the end we shall not say farewell to you but we shall say hello. Hello to each, you are new this moment, and we look forward to experiencing that new self that you are becoming in what you call the future. Our joy in meeting that which is becoming you is very, very great. And our deepest respect to that which you carry from the old self to the new is also very great, for you have chosen wisely. You have not released your faith into despair. You have not given up. You have not condemned yourself as being without the ability to serve.

[Side one of tape ends.]

Hello, my friends. We shall meet again and we greatly look—we correct this instrument—and we greatly look forward to this delightful prospect. Meanwhile, we are with you and if you wish us to be with you in a way that comforts and quiets you, you have only to ask. We will of course not speak with you, for we would not interfere with your free will. But you may feel our love and our blessing and our support, just as you know the blessing and love and support of your friends in this room. You may have this at any time, you may have this at all times, you have only to ask.

We are those of the principle of Q’uo. Go always with the Creator. Be always the Creator to your friends and allow your friends to be Creator to you. This is the meaning of “adonai vasu borragus.”

We leave you drifting from your ear’s hearing, but never from your consciousness, in that one great original Thought—love. And in all the areas of manifestation—life. And in these two things we leave you with the sum and the substance of the one infinite Creator. As you feel yourselves move towards eternity, as time has less and less grasp upon you, we ask always, simply, that you meet your experiences, unafraid and with love. With love and with light. We are those of the principle of Q’uo, and with love of the morning when the sun shall shine upon all of our souls again. And that sun that is the kingdom of love and understanding. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.