M has a couple of questions. One concerns an experience she had for about nine months of 1990 where she felt that her spiritual body was separate or apart from her physical body. She could see as the observer in her spiritual body that it was observing the things that were happening to her physical body, was like a 3-year-old child having a lot of people’s negative emotions and difficulties thrown upon it, visited upon it, and she felt like the spiritual body was more an observer and was not in close contact. She would like to know if this is something that could be commented upon and what kind of comments you would make upon that, and then if perhaps there might be any relationship between what is happening to light workers, such as M, and what is happening in the world as far as the metaphysical evolution of our planet is concerned. Is there a comment you could make upon how our planet is evolving, and are there particular times that we experience certain changes in our vibratory rates that can be pinpointed, say, next January 11, is there some kind of time framework that has meaning for us. Can you comment at all upon the changes occurring on the planet and how they are occurring and when they occur?

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet in love and light of infinite Creator. We stop in only to greet the one known as M, to wish her laughter and light upon the pilgrimage. Shed all that is other people’s clothing of the mind and the heart and the spirit and there shall be new clothing of light in your spirit, but only if you ask. We encourage you to call to us, that all be made anew each day, to feel the fullness of joy which is the joy of the servant who serves well. We thank this instrument for allowing us to speak, for this instrument also has the longer message that [she] wish to express. Our joy and blessings upon each. We are Yadda. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for this blessing of calling to us for this wisdom which is not at all infallible, but seems wise only to those who have not yet come to where we are. But we assure you that we have very much further to go in our own development, and would not wish any word of ours to be a stumbling block for any who may listen. Therefore, discriminate in our source as in all sources, that your personal truth be remembered and recognized by you so that you may live the life that you hoped to live.

Let us speak about the visualizations of the child and the adult and the observer in the dreamlike state of being out of one’s own body, and seeing this child also, not only out of its mental body, but its physical one as well. Gaze at this child’s eyes, for this child is your spiritual self. Gaze in compassion on the hardships and the difficulties of being a young entity, for no matter how very hard one tries as a newborn soul, one cannot exert its will in order to make itself comfortable or warm.

Now, as you gaze at the observer, look at the observer and ask what relationship this observer has to the self. We would be going beyond our boundaries of free will were we to solve this riddle for you, but can only say to you that, indeed, you saw a symbol of that which was occurring in heaven, occurring, the making of hardship for the spiritual self because of the feelings and emotions of the physical self.

Each entity has many roles: the observer, the audience, the critic, the players, those who paint the scenery, those who work the lights. And all these parts of you are still all of you, so that all that any secret does is inevitably seen at last in the mirror of the self. When the physical third-density animal which carries an entity’s consciousness is not loved by the self or others, is not shown to be beautiful by the self or by others, there is a slowing down of the energies of the self. Consequently, the observer may note the entity upon the floor, very weak, very weary, very saddened, and completely at a loss as to what may be done better when one’s best has already been done. And as you gaze at that situation, and as each gazes at such situations, we ask each to ask forgiveness from the self, for within you there is that critic that will not give the self its rightful place as a wonderful instrument through which each is learning the laws and the ways of love.

If this spirit child casts itself in vision in an inner plane to some distance from its own physical selfhood, its own womb, it is expressing a hunger and a thirst for love. And is there not in each of us not only the spiritual child but the human third-density child—(or for us, various densities, but still children—that yearn for attention and love and respect and care.

It is most common that one who is seeking with utmost might, in the main, moves quickly to the heart to begin doing work in consciousness when this occurs and [for] an entity [who] has not yet balanced the energies that move below the heart chakra into it, there will be some blockage of energy and a mismatch between the energy of the spiritual self and the energies that are coming in because of the request of that spiritual self, because one needs to live that which one has learned. It is most often the case that the one who too quickly undertakes the higher spiritual, almost discarnate skills, of devotion, may well have been leaving behind a neglected body, an unloved body, and without the knowledge to do any other, the neglect of the spirit child within which was born in each entity when each entity first chose to seek the truth with all of his heart.

The experience of being outside of one’s own physical body is, in the strict sense of the available data on your plane, common. However, this vision was not given simply that you may see that there is a spiritual child and, indeed, a child, a simple human child, that was not given what it needed, that was hurt when it should not have been hurt, that was helpless to fight against or to balance the pain of living. And as long as this child remains within, the spiritual child has a great deal of difficulty growing because it is the child within that chooses not to love the self, not to love others, and not to love this that you call Earth.

So, in dealing with this clear memory we would encourage the swelling of compassion. Allow the upsurge of compassion for this child. No harm was meant, no evil or sin was committed, but only a simple unknowing, a simple ignorance of how very special, and how very helpless, the child within is.

We do not mean to suggest that those who have not become aware that there is an unhappy and grasping child within who constantly wishes reassurance should drop all that they do and pay attention to this child. The childhood of the body is now past. That child that was abused is no longer, for that which is occurring occurs now and for the first time.

Now, when a baby is born it is most important to nurture it, to feed it, to hold and jiggle it on the lap, so gently cradling it in the arms, sending it love, letting it feel the beat of your heart. So, without saying a word do you love that little child, and in general we would, in our opinion, advise each to see and recognize first that the human child must be balanced before spiritual work can be done safely. And secondly that the spiritual child that is, in Christian terminology, born anew through love of the Creator equally deserves nurturing, this protection. For when an entity is young even the smallest tree blown over upon it can hurt it, even the tiniest tripping, so many things can harm and hinder the spirit within from its growth.

So, in terms of those who realize the infancy of themselves as spiritual beings, to take that infant and cradle it in the heart, to protect it, to nurture it, to honor and respect and support it. For this child is more truly who you are than the entity which you see in the mirror, and it is in this density that this spiritual child makes its most important and its first choice, a choice for love or a choice for fear. Let the environment of your spiritual child be such that there is no fear, but only love and you shall have done your utmost to nurture your own spiritual evolution, not simply in this density but in the infinity of destinies that await the seeker.

As we leave this image it is well to thank the observer for the observer has seen what the eye could not see but what the heart can understand, and by [this] vision has given a picture, an image of the beauty of the perfect child within. Be maternal and fierce in your protectiveness. Do not offer these beautiful gifts that you have to those who do not ask. But simply move through your days honoring Christ consciousness, honoring love, and honoring that child within you which is the metaphysical being which is truly yourself.

We turn now to the question of psychic greeting and the movement from our first topic to the topic of psychic greeting is organic, in that the difficulties posed in the first question are some of the causes of a lack of protection in doing spiritual work. That is, that the lower energies, the energies of sexuality and survival, the energies of relationships with yourself, with other people one at a time, and your relationships with all the groups in your society, all of these things have been in many cases pushed aside, perhaps placed in boxes and tucked away in the attic of yourself. But these do not stay in the attic. These rags and bones climb back down the stairs and back down into the lower energies and recreate the blockage. These blockages are not to be overcome, they are not wrong, they are simply unbalanced, as if instead of standing on the fulcrum of a seesaw you were to stand to one side or to another and the whole side would go down.

Each energy expresses itself uniquely through each unique entity, so the balance in each ray for one is not necessarily the balance for another. The job of the seeker is constantly to attempt to keep those energy [inaudible] clear in whatever way the entity has learned. It is especially so in orange-ray difficulties, where not only does the entity have things about himself which he sincerely dislikes, but is being bombarded by others who also have a sincere dislike, distrust or fear of the entity.

The difficulty of doing profound and high reaching work in consciousness is always going to be apparent. For when there is true light generated, attention is drawn to that light, and there are those forces who wish to…

[Telephone rings. Pause.]

I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and light. Pardon us for the interruption.

When one has a great desire to be of service and wishes to work with powerful energies, [one] well may not know that it is not in balance. It may well feel that it is in balance, but that is the human cerebral, intellectual judgment, not the wisdom of the heart. So it is always well to ask the heart, “What is the work I must do upon myself this day to be in line with the will of the one infinite Creator?” And insofar as this question is not asked and higher energies are brought forth while the heart itself is constricted somewhat in its energy flow, there will be illness or nightmares or hallucinations or a conviction that a contact has been made that is indeed a negative one which is passing itself off as a positive one.

So, instead of moving quickly past those lower charkas, those who aspire to being holy among men must look first to the most common, mundane and everyday things for that is where holiness begins, that is where transcendence and courage begin. As you arise in the morning and when you look at yourself you think, “Oh, what a pretty face,” instead of, “Oh dear, I don’t want to look in the mirror.” It is that simple. It is a matter of opening your heart to yourself, to others, and to the society. It is easier to do each time that you fail, because each time that you perceive within yourself that you have failed and make the subjective judgment that may not at all be true, it nevertheless teaches you the way in which you [are] to go, the way in which you wish to live a righteous life. So there can be no mistakes. You cannot feel guilty. You cannot feel truly a failure in anything because all things whatsoever in the mundane world are also holy.

So, the first requirement of one who wishes to do higher work is to fall in love with the self. Not in a selfish way but in a way of recognizing that within that strange body that the consciousness carries about lives a wonderful, everlasting and perfect spark of infinite light. If you denigrate yourself to some extent you also repulse the light that is within you and tell it to back away from you because you cannot see it. So we stress to those who wish to do positive work in consciousness the valuing and the hallowing of mundane and earthly tasks, for all things are of service and nothing is to be thought better than another way of service.

It very often does happen that when an entity skips through the lower chakra work and moves directly into the invocation of names and the evocation of power, that one may contain far more wisdom than it can possibly express. Consequently, the entity will in some way express the discomfort that it has put upon itself because it asks of itself those things for which it does not have the power. It is always well then in all work to ask to give the highest and best of which you are capable in a stable manner. In a manner which can be held steady for an indefinite length of time.

In other words, it is not necessary to make a brand new self to breathe the Creator. The Creator is already with you and loves you already and does not need you to be more beautiful, but needs only the beauty which you now are at this moment. And most of the beauty is seen in terms of intention and desire. The intention to help, the desire to help, the desire to be closer to the one infinite Creator, and to know true love. These desires are precious and are treasures to be held close to you, for these are the desires of the young physical child within. When you open carelessly—by ignorance, usually, not by design—the energies overwhelm the self as it is, energies which cannot be held stably in the daily life, that cannot be brought back into the work, the ordeal and the joy of living. Then that entity is simply opening itself more and more to the possibility of difficulties occurring, whatever they may be. And in each case where this happens we ask each first to forgive the self for doing this, for the self did not know and was not aware, but was only attempting its very, very best. And that attempt is what is noted, not the degree of success or failure, but that the intention was pure and persistent and as full of joy and laughter as possible.

We will leave any further questions to the question and answer period. As to the date “1-11-1992,” it is to be noted simply that there is the master number of 11 which cannot be broken down, and which in its way indicates that it is a powerful time when everyone sees that one one. It is also to be noted that the eleventh day of each month in this coming year will be a master number. The reason for this is that if one adds together in the way of numerology the 11 and the 1992—we correct this instrument. It is to be noted that with the 1-11-19-92 there is a master number also, and one which is to be hallowed, not necessarily on this plane. As a matter of fact, probably not at all upon this plane, in terms of visual sensation or manifestation. But that there are many planes which interact within third density with your own.

See this master number, the 30 degree which this date represents, as a time of completion of certain things upon the spiritual level. Yes, of course, entities may help to rejoice in this energy, but it is an energy which falls like rain from heaven that shall fall whether one appreciates it or not. Whether one finds it good or unfortunate, it is simply that which vibrates in a certain way.

This day, then, may be seen to be a day for powerful or spiritual work and paradoxically for those who wish to relax the spirit, to regain the rest and the comfort that being with people who live spiritually can give you. Much is coming to an end in this particular portion of your race’s history. Much is beginning. The mood need never be one of grief, but always one of celebration. We ask each always to remember to respect what other people see, what other people believe, and what other people hold true, not attempting to correct them but simply supporting them in whatever they do, for each has an unique path. It would be well upon this particular day to be more mindful, perhaps, than usual and more aware of the power of choices made and gestures of love extended and broken nets mended upon that day.

We would, at this time, wish to transfer this contact to the one know as Jim, if this entity desires contact at this time. We thank this instrument and leave it in love and light. We are of the principle of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light. We would take this opportunity in speaking through this instrument to offer ourselves to further queries at this time. Is there a query to which we may speak?

I have a question [inaudible] from Susan [inaudible] her situation. First of all I would [inaudible].

[Side one of tape ends.]


(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We cannot answer this query for it is that which infringes upon the free will. We are, as always, sorry that we cannot speak in a way which seems to be of the immediate comfort for we know that you and many like you upon your planet are suffering from distortions of mind and body which cause pain and discomfort. And there is much desire to be able, if not to be free from such, then to treat such so that there is at least a modicum of comfort. The comfort that we have to offer is a comfort that is not of the mundane world, but that undergirding reality which supports all creation, that Thought of love of the one Creator that expresses itself in your illusion in a manner which is mysterious and elusive.

We are aware of the confusions and the frustrations that attend attempting to penetrate the mystery of your illusion and we can only commend your continued efforts in this regard. For by persisting in your seeking in the face of all the difficulties which you encounter, you bring yourself to the peak of the Creator, humbled in worship of the might and the majesty that can create a universe that contains the stars, the planets, all the galaxies revolving in their time and in their turn, along with all of the energies of your life pattern that move about you as do the planets move about the stars.

There are those experiences of difficulty which you face which seem at times overwhelming and which seem to be beyond any comprehension according to purpose or plan. We can only assure you that there is much purpose in the suffering within your illusion. For suffering done in service to others and in the name of the one Creator is a kind of tempering of the spirit that strengthens and crystallizes this means by which the Creator may be known and may shine through your being.

Is there another query to which we may attempt a response?

Yes, a couple more [inaudible]. I have observed in my eating, not preferences, but in what is easiest for me to eat in that I am not able to eat very much solid food. If I can make this choice for myself of what to eat it would be all liquid or partially liquid or whatever. I realize you can’t give me a diet, but, in general, gazing at someone with longstanding difficulties, could you confirm that the intelligent thing to do would be to eat even more sparingly, and even more sparingly until an equilibrium is reached?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We are aware that your intuitive capabilities allow you to discern those foodstuffs that are available to you that would be most easily assimilated by your body. And we would recommend that you utilize this intuitive capacity in the greatest degree during this time of difficulty for your digestive tract. We would recommend that there be a variety of foodstuffs, as great as possible, in whatever form, be it solid or liquid, that you ingest, in order that your body be given as much opportunity to take from those foodstuffs that which was offered and that which it needs.

The human body has a great deal of ability to utilize foods in the most appropriate manner, however, there is a certain variety that is necessary in order to allow the body to find those ingredients which are most helpful to it in whatever its given condition. Thus, we do not recommend one kind of diet that is liquid or solid, over the other. Rather, the blending of these in a fashion which feels to you to be appropriate according to the time and condition of your body.

Is there another query my sister?

Yes. I realize that I’m not the only channel who’s ever been told that my body is weak [inaudible] and that if I continue channeling it will shorten my life. I’m also aware that in each of the cases of which we’ve heard both channels chose to continue the work. I realize that there is much to be said for the wisdom of being, and not attempting to add to the productivity. But I find it impossible to grapple with intellectually, and consequently to move into my heart, with a feeling of real worth in just being, instead of doing.

I was thinking, for instance, this evening and tomorrow of going to do more exercise and yet I have heard Ra say before, “You do not need the pain, you only need the limitation,” which would suggest that I accept the limitation of being on my bed all the time. Yet it has only been since I have been on my bed all the time that my stomach troubles have become more threatening and I feel that there is a delicate balance there between the desire to live longer and the very way of living longer being an instrument which will lead to a shorter length anyway.

So, basically if you have an observations on that, in other words, exercise seems to be a fighting against my limitations. And, indeed, it does usually, if I am successful, enlarge my arena of possibility of action. If I do not attempt to go beyond my limitations at this point, I will be bedfast except for my walks, which may or may not shorten my life, simply because of the diseases or illnesses or whatever is, I think, the result of not exercising. Mainly the difficulty with the digestive tract. I can’t think my way through this. If you have any comments whatsoever I’d appreciate them.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Again we find ourselves in the position of not being able to give a specific response for the confusion which you express is that particular condition which is a product, or shall we say the precursor of the exercise of free will. We are aware of your confusion, we are aware of your concern, and we can only recommend that you follow that which you feel is most important to you at this time, whether or not it is that which has been recommended previously. Follow that which wells up within you as the greatest desire amongst all your desires. Follow it to its completion, observe again, choose again. Whatever wisdom has been shared with you previously will prove itself or not by your own experience.

Is there another query, my sister?

Only how could I better serve the Creator?

I am Q’uo. We do not find a better possible, for each here in this dwelling place attempts to serve in every way possible. We instead would recommend the compassion that is given to the self by the self in order that that vehicle that you offer to the Creator as your means of glorification of the Creator, namely your very self, might be nurtured in a manner that would allow it to bloom to its fullest extent as a flower in a field, providing the beauty and aroma to the Creator according to the nature of its beingness.

For all the work that you do in your life pattern is that which adds to the beauty and the fragrance that is yours as a flower in this field. The work itself is not that which is of importance, though you are aware that many have expressed gratitude at the work which you have accomplished. However, it is not the work that is important, it is the enhancing of your own beingness as you seek to serve that is important. Your work in this illusion is a means toward that end and we commend each for the great dedication and sincerity with which service to other selves and to the Creator is attempted. We suggest that you appreciate yourself. The acceptance of self by self is that which builds the firmest foundation for any other service that may be offered.

Is there another query my sister?

No. As I search my mind I see that any questions I would ask you would have to say that [inaudible] unable to answer because of free will so I just thank you for coming to [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister, for the dedication to service that your queries indicate. Is there another query at this time?

I do have one last query which I’d almost forgotten. I repeatedly get mail from people who explain to me that I am very unhealthy and that something within me, by my own decision, has caused me to remain unwell, and I’m holding onto it and if I let go of it I will become well. I don’t defend myself against people like this, there’s nothing to defend. On the other hand I don’t precisely know how to thank someone who has spent large amounts of time attempting to change me around so that I will be well, when in my own perception of myself, given my birth defects, my very, very bad sickness at the age of two, rheumatic fever when I was thirteen, all the things that have gone wrong with me since, I see myself as one of the most healthy, tough human beings in the world. I’ve survived all that. So my vision of myself is a very well, whole person. I do not know how to say this to people without causing them to feel that somehow they haven’t gotten across to me my own wrongness and the error of my ways. And I have no wish to quarrel with anyone. Is there a more skilful way to deal with this sort of attitude towards wellness than I have so far discovered?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. You may respond to each such entity as you have responded to us if you wish to go into the same amount of detail with each entity as you have at this time expressed. There is no need for the defense for each is as he or she is and each entity will in time discover that there are situations which confound and perplex each entity. That the old ways of approaching a problem with solution fail. That there is mystery all about and that there will be suffering, bringing forth the questions, “For what end?” and “How best to respond?”

Each shall face these challenges again and again, for your illusion is one of challenge. You are here to be challenged. It is challenging to live in a manner which does not directly partake of the immediacy of unity and seems to be cut off, each entity separate from the other. You may assure each that you are aware of the value of their suggestion, that you have valued that concept enough to have considered it carefully a number of times in your experience, and that you find that there is mystery and that you feel you share this mystery with all. And that sometimes there is the confusion that surpasses all efforts, and that this also is that which is to be treasured, accepted and worked with in the most loving and harmonious way possible.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, I truly am through now. Thank you so much, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I’d like to ask on M’s behalf that if physical people looked at her in a [inaudible] way, in a scary way, were in any way different from the metaphysical or dream type psychic greetings which come to many in the process of initiation, was there something special about these being actual physical people, or was it simply a matter of one person’s character or personality being such that that was the best [inaudible] of teaching [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. To those who work for the spreading of the light upon the surface of your planet, there shall be attracted those entities and energies which are desirous of controlling that light or, if necessary, to put that light out. Most of these entities are of what you would call the discarnate or unseen nature. However, they are able to work their efforts through a variety of means so that they might utilize incarnate entities with certain mental and emotional distortions that fit their purposes for a specific working. Thus, all is seen by such a negatively-orientated discarnate entity as a tool or target of opportunity that may be pursued at a specific time and in a certain way according to the desires of the negatively-orientated entity.

Thus, such entities may utilize other incarnate entities, the circumstances of a certain pattern of activities, the various distortions of the mind/body/spirit complex of the entity that is being greeted, and so forth. Thus, there is much interweaving of effort of such negatively-orientated entities, as there is the same kind of interweaving of effort by those entities of a positively nature which also seek to aid, as they are called, and to guide as is possible.

Is there another query, my sister?


I am Q’uo, and we thank you yet again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and as it appears that we have completed the queries for this session of working we would take this opportunity to thank each present for inviting our presence in this circle of seeking this afternoon, as you term it. We are most grateful to be able to blend our vibrations with yours and to walk with you yet a few steps further upon your journey of seeking. Your journey and our journey is one journey that does not partake, strictly speaking, of time or space, yet is that which always continues, for always does the One seek Itself through the many, and always do the many seek the One through every breath, word and step that is taken.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you at this time in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.