November 26, 1991

Tuesday Meditation

Q'uo: The relationship between the healer and the one to be healed, indeed, is that which taps into the unity that connects all things. For as the one to be healed seeks the healing energies, the entity is attempting to bring into a more harmonious state of balance some portion or portions of its mind/body/spirit complex that are currently in such a state of disharmony, that they have begun to impinge upon the entity's ability to learn or continue to incarnational pattern. The one to be healed, then, in seeking the offices of the healer, offers itself to the One Creator, that moves through the healer in whatever modality is utilized, and brings the two into a harmony for the moment of healing, shall we say–that moment in which the one to be healed accepts a new configuration of attitude in the metaphysical beingness from which the manifested third-density physical vehicle depends.

November 17, 1991

Sunday meditation

This Sunday’s meditation has to do with the practice of astrology. And we’re wondering if it is a helpful thing to look more deeply into the practice of astrology, to get more of an idea of the patterns and the rhythms, the opportunities and the lack of opportunities that present themselves on our path, or if it’s just as well to content ourselves with a passing knowledge of astrology. In other words, do you think astrology can be used in the seeker’s daily life and, if so, how?

October 17, 1991

Thursday Meditation

Question: We would like to know the conditions of a metaphysical nature that bring about the necessity for healing in a person. We would also like to know, considering there are so many different ways to attempt to heal, so many different kinds of healing, is there one way that is better for certain people, certain attitudes, certain diseases or conditions, or is there one energy that is available through many different modalities of healing? And what can a person who seeks healing do to aid the healing process? What kind of attitude is most helpful? If there’s assistance, for example, from the natural environment? Could we receive healing energy from gardens, fountains, streams, mountains? What in general is the most helpful component in the healing process between the healer and the one to be healed?

September 28, 1991

Special meditation

M has a couple of questions. One concerns an experience she had for about nine months of 1990 where she felt that her spiritual body was separate or apart from her physical body. She could see as the observer in her spiritual body that it was observing the things that were happening to her physical body, was like a 3-year-old child having a lot of people’s negative emotions and difficulties thrown upon it, visited upon it, and she felt like the spiritual body was more an observer and was not in close contact. She would like to know if this is something that could be commented upon and what kind of comments you would make upon that, and then if perhaps there might be any relationship between what is happening to light workers, such as M, and what is happening in the world as far as the metaphysical evolution of our planet is concerned. Is there a comment you could make upon how our planet is evolving, and are there particular times that we experience certain changes in our vibratory rates that can be pinpointed, say, next January 11, is there some kind of time framework that has meaning for us. Can you comment at all upon the changes occurring on the planet and how they are occurring and when they occur?

September 22, 1991

Sunday meditation

The day before fall, a season ends, a new one begins. Our question is the same. We had a season of a threesome together here for a time. It seems, if we look in subjective terms, that there might have been a failure in the effort that the three of us put forth in this forming of a group to be of service for the life pattern. But, we would like to know from you at this time how you would look at a situation such as ours where three people come together with the desire to be of service to others and may have certain goals in mind of a specific nature that would allow them to consciously define for themselves the effort as being a success. First of all could you comment upon that type of a definition of a success, and could you also comment upon how we can move from this point where we are working more individually, with K moving on her own to study those things of herself that are necessary for her to continue on her journey, and how we remaining here, Carla and I, work on our own to do that which is ours to do.

July 21, 1991

Sunday meditation

Questions were asked about how any seeker of truth might use various ways or techniques to know the Creator. So what we would like to know is what techniques to use, what any being may use to mirror the supreme presence of the Creator within his or her consciousness and how does this mirroring of the Creator within the individual consciousness aid us in our service to others, or how is it a part of that service to others that is really the determining factor for the harvest? Elaborate upon the techniques that beings may use to connect with or to mirror the supreme presence.

July 19, 1991

Friday meditation

We’ll be looking at the question today of how does one look at and interact with people, especially friends and family that you are closely associated with, that you have disagreements with and perhaps even a dislike with and for. I would hate to leave all those prepositions at the end of a phrase, but I don’t know where else to put them, so, I guess that’ll do it.

July 12, 1991

Intensive meditation

The question we will deal with this morning has to do with anger. Where does anger come from? How can we use it and how can we heal from it? There is a feeling of being out of control that people who are sensitive to other people’s feelings fear. There’s the fear of the injury that would be caused by the anger. There’s the fear of the actual feeling of the anger, the feeling of not being able to control it, that there would be some damage done. There’s the great unknown of where does it come from within ourselves. Is there a value to anger? Can we use it constructively after the anger has passed? How can we use it to heal up whatever wounds were caused before or during the anger?

July 7, 1991

Sunday meditation

This is a continuation of the session from last week in which we were discussing the query of how to proceed on the path of, shall we say, perfecting the self: working to the point where we’re able to accept the self and the distortion—whatever feeling one has—whether it be anger, jealousy, depression, covetousness, greediness, laziness, overachieving... We’ll stop there, and proceed into the area of a certain attitude or perception that Q’uo talked about last week, where we see the world around us as a blessing, as a means by which we learn what we need to learn. How do we now proceed when we’ve begun to accept ourselves and the distortions that we feel? What is the next step in order that we can more easily and fully achieve the balancing of all of these distortions, so that the light moves through us in a way that allows us to radiate it to others, rather than hold it in the distorted form in one particular energy center?

June 30, 1991

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with the concept of how we deal with our emotions such as fear and anger, jealousy, feeling unworthy, feeling inept, any negative feeling that we have that has been with us for quite awhile and we’ve been working with. We’re wondering if, according to what Q’uo and Aaron had to say to us, that the most appropriate way of dealing with these negative emotions is to be able to accept the self and the emotion that we have when we have them so that there is no longer any feeding into the emotion by holding on to it longer, hoping that eventually, by being able to accept ourselves and the emotions when we have them, that there will be a falling away of these negative emotions. Is this the most skillful or appropriate way of dealing with negative emotions so that we are able to be more harmonious and more productive and feel more whole and complete in our small selves in this illusion?

June 2, 1991

Sunday meditation

The question this afternoon has to do with the concept of “Not my will but Thy will be done.” When a seeker wishes to know what the will of the Creator is for him or her, how does a seeker prepare for receiving that information? How do you know when you are doing the will of the Creator? How do you meditate upon that concept? How do you get from “Not my will but Thy will” to actually discovering what the will of the Creator is?

May 26, 1991

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with how one can use the heart chakra, the opening of the heart chakra, as a springboard to the acceptance of self that is a process usually found or engaged in the indigo-ray center. How can one, by learning more compassion and understanding, begin to accept the self in a way in which the self has previously not been accepted?

April 21, 1991

Sunday meditation

The question this afternoon has to do with the general qualities as a light center that the area occupied by N would have as a center for individuals and for individuals that are seeking to work out their own ways of learning and of being of service to others by what they learn. What kinds of energies are necessary for such a center? How are these energies being expressed there now with the opposition that has occurred in this area and how can people who wish to partake in the center help as individuals in producing the light that might be of service to others? And how can the center, as a grouping of individuals, be of the most service to those whom they would wish to serve?

April 12, 1991

Intensive meditation

The question is from S, who asks, “Could you tell me the difference between space/time and time/space? This was a question that was covered in the Law of One but I would love to hear Q’uo talk about time/space for I still do not understand it very well even from an abstract point of view. When entities live in time/space, what is their life like? We move freely in space but move slowly in time. Do entities in time/space move freely in time and slowly in space? We do not control our movement in time. Do they not control their movement on space?”

April 7, 1991

Sunday meditation

The question this afternoon has to do with possibility that the Earth energy, the level of vibration in general, seems to have intensified in the last six months to a year. We are wondering if this general level of tension, anxiety, more intense experience of catalyst that many people are reporting, is a result of some cyclical rhythm that the planet itself might be undergoing. Do we move through different levels of vibration as we near the end of this density, and if so could you describe their effect upon us, and in particular this level of energy increase that has been reported of the late six months to a year?