26 December, 2009

Saturday meditation

Jim: The question this evening has to do with emotions. We recognize love and fear as being polar opposites and we’re wondering if all the other emotions, such as jealousy, anger, doubt, greed, gluttony and so forth are some sort of a mixture of fear with love and if there is positive use that we can make of these supposedly negative emotions. Is there some benefit we can get from working with these emotions? What spiritual principles can we use to look at the various emotions that we come across in our daily lives?

19 December, 2009

Saturday meditation

Our question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with the seeker, as the seeker attempts to become the magician and change his or her consciousness at will over a period of time in incarnation and maintain the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance in so doing. Ra suggested that looking at the path of the seeker as [that of] the magician, it was correct to see it as the ability to create changes in consciousness at will. And this places a burden upon the seeker, upon the magician. We’re guessing that burden is the responsibility to use the increased consciousness in a service-to-others fashion. Could you tell us if this is correct? And could you talk to us about the balance that is either achieved or not achieved which, when not achieved, may result in some need for counseling, therapy to reachieve or reacquire that balance? Could you talk to us about balance, creating changes in consciousness at will, and what this means to the seeker?

28 November, 2009

Saturday meditation

Question from J: The question this evening has to do with the process of seeking. As the seeker tries to integrate everything that it is attempting to learn from previous lives and from this life, Ra said the seeker becomes more and more of that which it lives, more and more as it is. And as it is, [it] is the one infinite Creator. We are wondering if, as we become the one Creator, do we give up our identity? Is this something that we will miss as we become the one Creator? And as we live more and more as the Creator, it seems to have more to do with being than with doing. Could Q’uo speak to us about how the seeker progresses along the line of evolution, the upward spiraling line of evolution to become the Creator? What is gained? What is lost? And how is it done?

21 November, 2009

Saturday meditation

Jim: The question this evening (from S) is: “In our culture the acquisition and use of power by women is often discouraged from childhood onward. Would you please speak to us on the most appropriate use of one’s power, in both the protection and defense of the self and in service to others in general, but more specifically as it applies to women who are seeking to live the Law of One?”

20 October, 2009

Tuesday meditation

M writes: “I was a Navy Seal for 24 years and now have been working as a security contractor for the last six years in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other hot spots throughout the world. I had an experience where I had the overwhelming sensation to send out the thought of love while in a situation where I intuitively knew my group was going to be attacked by rocket. The attack was thwarted. After that moment, over the next several years, I began to use the thought energy of love in order to thwart many more attacks and keep the groups I was protecting safe. My question is, how can the information about using the thought energy of love be shared with others so that they can contribute to changing the paradigm of war?”

17 October, 2009

Saturday meditation

Jim: The question this evening, Q’uo, concerns how we become more a part of the life in which we find ourselves. Ra suggested that for a seeker wishing to do this there were three things that were important. One was to know the self. The second was to accept the self. And the third was to become the Creator. Could you briefly touch upon knowing ourselves and accepting ourselves in regards to how we then become the Creator? What does it mean to become the Creator?

13 October, 2009

Tuesday meditation

Jim: The question tonight is, “Work has been a source of great catalyst to me for the last few years. It seems that since I’ve been at this job, person after person has tried to get me fired. In addition, right after I’d had a big heart-chakra opening last November or December the level of catalyst rose hugely. How much of this is caused by external forces versus self-catalyst and karma? What spiritual principles may I think about in considering this issue?”

26 September, 2009

Saturday meditation

Jim: The question from G this evening, Q’uo, is: “We believe it is a common experience among seekers to dramatize and to frame the choices they face in terms of temptation. Does the self create temptations in order to promote and test its growth? If so, does the temptation operate as a means of crystallizing previous learning and moving the entity forward into new learning, the temptation repeating, if not successfully met? Or is temptation simply a means of removing the focus from the heart of the path?”

22 September, 2009

Special meditation

Jim: The question this evening from J is, “How can I enter into contact with my higher self and get daily guidance from it with such clarity that I would be able to clearly identify that I am receiving guidance from my higher self and not from my imagination or from any other sources? What spiritual principles may I use to aid me in receiving guidance?”

12 September, 2009

Saturday meditation

The question this evening is: In offering wisdom or love or attempting to be of service to others, we understand that it is possible to infringe upon another’s free will if they’re not ready to receive this kind of information. We are interested in knowing if this creates a fifth-chakra imbalance and if so, how does one balance this?